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Very interesting , a great place for parents to bring their kids and they can explore the fun exhibition,can download the app for a more realistic photos and let the artworks be alive

xinyu · 16/03/2021

It was more fun than expected and highly recommend to download the app for the AR effect . Best to go during off peak hours to have more privacy to take photos

Huijun Joanne · 16/03/2021

Most illusive art installations with augmented reality integrated with mobile application for Trick Eye Museum

Yachinta Maria · 15/03/2021

It what's a wonderful experience whereby I'm able to fully utilize my mobile different animation different pictures and interact with all the sculptures.

Denish · 14/03/2021

This place is not huge, but it has more than 80 paintings and installations. Initially we thought we could complete it within an hour. But with the AR app that we were advised to download for the special effects, it took us more than 2 hours to complete the whole place. The AR app also consume battery power because it needs internet connection. So be prepared with a power bank or another phone. The AR photos and videos taken look interactive between us and the paintings as if they were real and alive. Highly recommended especially for families.

Tony · 13/03/2021

Easy to redeemed. Good experience! Kids are enjoy the photo taking... Good deals in Klook...

Yi Lin · 09/03/2021

enjoy the trip very much. with the XR museum app the effect is so different, more interesting and fun when you take photo using this apps. you get to see the sound and surround effect. pls download XR museum apps first before your visit .

Eunice · 08/03/2021

loved every minute of it but getting there needs more information

George · 08/03/2021

A place that I would recommend going, in the event that you are aren't able to think of anywhere to go, in Singapore for the weekend. This is because this tiny place packs a Mighty Punch.. Though it may appear small, having only a total of 6 zones, it is more about the Quality here, more than anything else for that matter. If you want to breeze through this place, you can Do it easily in less than an hour but you would miss the rich insights that this place offers. Comb the place comfortably, you can get a rich experience and enjoy total immersion into virtual reality, takes roughly 2 hours plus, end of the day, you can say that youve been there and done that. This venue versus madam tussuads wins pants-down.. There is really that bit extra here, you can feel it if you visit this place....

ENLIE · 06/03/2021

Very good experience . Recommended place to go with family.

Ah Gee · 02/03/2021

Everything was great! Will be back soon thanks :):):)

Ong · 01/03/2021

Awesome visit - had a good time taking lots of nice photos and playing with the cool effects using the app. Not much of a crowd as we visited on a weekday. Definitely a fun and interesting way to spend the day!

Chern Kuan · 26/02/2021

Wonderful experience at the Trick eye Museum, love the cool effects with the app and the plenty of opportunities to take crazy photos. Go on a weekday to avoid the crowd and have the whole place to yourself!

Su Yi · 26/02/2021

The trick eye museum features many 3D artwork for interactive optical illusions. We downloaded the XR Museum app and it made the photos and videos animated. The characters came alive and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experiences.

Jasmine · 24/02/2021

Very ecstatic place to be , looks very small but surprisingly big. Lots of amazing things to discover. Pictures looks awesome, its not like the normal typical museum, very unique and amusing. Bring you family friends or partner here! U will have a lot of fun , super friendly staff too!

puteri · 17/02/2021


An enjoyable trip for the family. Surprisingly you have added superimposed objects which doubled up our photo-taking.

TAN · 13/02/2021

it our first time here we enjoy alot and the kids have lot of fun if have the chance we will come back again

jordan · 07/02/2021

We all enjoyed the museum. It's very cleverly done and a lot of fun - even our hard to impress 19 year old enjoyed engaging with the exhibits. It wouldn't be an activity we do regularly but definitely somewhere we would take out of town visitors.

Samantha · 01/02/2021


I was soo happy and very sress releave the paintings really

Esterlita · 31/01/2021

Simply loved the photos when taken with trick eye apps! Without doubt, this activity would be well enjoyed by people of any ages!

Mee Kien · 30/01/2021

We really had a great time..when we 1st reach trick eye muzeum we thought it was just a simple place with decorated walls and pictures..but we were wrong..with the app that we were told to install everything was taking was so fun and real. And the place look small but actually it was quite spacious.

Norlizah Binte · 29/01/2021

Enjoyed our time at Trick Eye Sentosa, took many pictures and videos using their XR Museum app. Thanks Klook for easy access and redemption.

Boon Hor · 27/01/2021

Very nice experience specially if u have young kids they will enjoy a lot. The augmented reality has made this real fun and the videos shot with AR is so good to watch. Several people asked me after seeing the videos whata it.

Surajit · 15/01/2021


Very Good

Lovella · 13/01/2021

fun place to spend time with family or friends.. Great experience

Dimpal · 10/01/2021

first time here and first experience with AR. children enjoyed very much although a bit tiring for need to “act”. haha good place to have family interaction and bonding

Hui Fen · 22/12/2020

Redemption is fast and hassle free. We had a fun time posing and taking photos.

Li · 19/12/2020


It’s very nice and happy

elaya · 14/12/2020

very fun and nice trip you must download the XR Museum apps to take pic inorder to capture the effects. order thru klook is fast and easy and reliable?

Lim · 12/12/2020

Had fun!! Recommended to bring family. Make sure to download XR museum app so that you are able to video or take pics in 3D!

Siti Rufqah · 10/12/2020

Fun n Interesting

redemption of tickets were easy. my kids 4 n 8 enjoyed themselves very much.

· 27/11/2020

My family loves to come here to have our crazy pics taken. We love the exhibits, we love to pose or act out according to the exhibits. Will come again once school holiday starts.

Haryani · 19/11/2020

Quite a fun day taking photos and posing with the many themes. The place is not that big but there is ample settings to spend almost two hours. Reminder to fully charge all your phones and clear your storage space before doing the activity because the app which adds a lot of interesting effects, can consume a lot of battery and all kinds of videos will use up your storage quickly.

Kwee Tian Kenneth · 24/10/2020

great fun day out

I had a really good time at Trick Eye . the only problem was my mates weren't interested so I went solo. it doesn't work as well without someone there to help u take pix but I had a tripod and made the best of it anyway. I would def recommend this place .

Tim Davis · 06/10/2020

thank you to the friendly staff that manage to let me in despite not making a reservation, definitely not disappointed, as this is the 1st visit and the experience was enhanced by using the special AR camera trick eye app to take moving pictures . Even though the location was a quite a walk from the Waterfront Monorail station, Visitor advisable to walk from Vivo City via the boardwalk

Nurul Najam · 20/09/2020

it was fun and enjoyAble event for my whole was smooth and hasslefree booking thru klook..

mazlean · 06/09/2020

Interesting place to take pictures and it's suitable for all ages. Visitors can download an app at the museum for better experience..

ailen · 24/08/2020

Great experience!! Download their app at the entrance for added effects . No time limit , so one can click as many pics or video recordings as preferred. Suitable for all ages.

Steffi · 17/03/2020

The trick eye museum is alot of fun although it is a bit smaller compared to other trick eye museums (Bali for example). But unlike Bali, you take the pics yourself so you can really take your time and pose as much or as little as you like! Due to covid-19 it was quite empty so we were able to take as many pics as we liked. If you download their app you can have special effects when you take photos of the different illusions.

Jackson · 15/03/2020

One of the most interesting and fun place to visit in Sentosa island. It was a pure delight to experience this. If you love clicking havung fun while clicking pics, this is a must visit. You need atleast 2-3 hours to enjoy this place. This stayed with us.

Pritesh · 02/03/2020

Trick Eye Museum Review It’s essential to make plans in advance when travelling with a family. This trip was to entertain and make the holiday a memorable one for the kids as well. So the visit to Sentosa Island was done with a double destatination outing by visiting both the S.E.A Aquarium as well as the Trick Eye Museum. When you get to the venue, the outside has already free trick eye painted walls and statues to take pictures with. Collect your tickets at the main gate and I had asked if my child’s stroller can be used and was informed there is a stroller parking. At first I was hesitant however at the end of the visit it was still there. First entrance, we thought it was small however there was multiple paintings / statues / artwork to pose with. Just be patient with the other spectators as using the Trick Eye App can take long to load to get the extra effects on the photos/ videos you take throughout the visit. With the little children be mindful that there’s a lot of statues / objects you can sit on so take precaution to look after your child throughout the visit. Using the Trick Eye app I was able to capture some fun effects that made the picture more lively and fun. It was great that it was air-conditioned and not many spectators when we visit so it made the visit pleasant. Staff were great in guiding or helping out if you had any questions during certain photos. Also the venue was clean and tidy when it comes to lying down on the floor or sitting on objects which is a bonus. Will come visit again when I get the chance as it was a fun time to take silly photos.

MEIHANG · 01/03/2020

My family and I had such a great time at the Trick eye museum! It was so much fun, staff members are so lovely and always willing to help you out snapping a photo or answering any doubts. They got this app you can download and see how things move and it’s so easy to get creative with it!! Dedo download it ?

Maria Juliana · 28/02/2020

Had fun with this attraction. You can download the app that make your picture so realistic. Me and my family really enjoyed the experience.

Shalle · 27/02/2020

better to go there at least 2-4pax. Get your camera prepare for lots of photo-taking! It's FUN!!

Pei Pei · 23/02/2020

very good attraction , you must download trick eye app to enjoy clicking photos and videos

Dheeraj · 03/02/2020

Definitely worth it buying this ticket. Two tickets for a price of one?? Definitely a steal. The attraction itself is also something that I would recommend, especially for those with kids or kids at heart.

HERB HOWARD · 29/01/2020

Luggage tag is a plus for S$1 additional. The trick is when you download the app. Not that much but the price is pk when you book it with klook. Easy redemption of the physical ticket. Instant confirmation.

Maristella · 15/01/2020

It was lots of fun! Thought it was bigger! Also thought that it was tricking your eye in real time! You have to use a camera to experience this event!

sandra · 10/01/2020

it was small compared to the other trick eye museums weveebeen to but the AR app we downloaded made it more enjoyable

Jann Michelle · 05/01/2020

There was an application that you download in your phone to take pictures with effects but the app kept on crashing in between use so it was pretty tiring to use because the kids don’t stay long to pose in between frames. The walls were nice but not that spectacular. But it was a great experience for the kids and adults as well.

Ma Salvie · 03/01/2020

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  • Make sure your camera batteries are charged in this self-proclaimed ‘please touch!' museum!
  • Don’t forget to make a reservation here before visiting to guarantee your entry!