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Easy redemption. Just present the klook confirmation. Cheaper to book via klook than onsite. Kids have fun & great view from the top!

Nordiana · 16/03/2021

Worth an experience , simply amazing and must try activity for families visiting Sentosa

Murtuza · 16/03/2021

Used SRV for Mega Zip. Locker is $5 or can bring your bag along that doesn't fall off easily, like small backpack, waist pouch or sling bag over your shoulder. Had a beautiful view overlooking the beach and the sea on the zip line. Then take a stroll on the boardwalk with nice scenery back to the counter at the beach. Very friendly staff and an enjoyable experience.

Tan · 14/03/2021

Awesome experience. Highly recommended. we really enjoy this activity. It was so easy to redeem. And the queue was not so long. Recommend to go around sunset time to enjoy the view. Staff are very friendly and accommodating.

Jarolette Jane · 14/03/2021

The staff are very friendly & helpful! They make sure to guide you throughly. Will come back again to do more activities over there ❤❤ Thank you to the staff for the great photo taking ?

Syahidah · 13/03/2021

Staffs are well trained. After donning the harness, the ground staff will check that its correct. When you are strapped to the ride and ready, confirmation checks will be done separately by 2 staffs. The ride down is short, but one that you will never forget. It will be good if you have someone at the beach to video your journey down.

Trieno · 12/03/2021

AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Train your courage and specially good for couples :) Even though it was wet after the rain, the obstacle course is not that slippery. I was fearful at first but the staffs were very reassuring.

CHIA YUEH · 09/03/2021

It was a total fun fun fun! One ride is definitely not enough. Next time ill be back again to book for two! And to try out thier mega jump heh ☺️

Indah Fajarwati · 02/03/2021

Awesome ride, nice experience, beautiful view & friendly staffs. Would love to do it again in the future even though the ride was fast & the journey was short. Worth trying it!

Azrul Azlifie · 28/01/2021

Sweet and simple thrill ride, well organised activity by the team. Loved it! From the buggy ride start to the climbing up. It was an experience of a lifetime for both shy of height me and wife. Thank you!

Muhammad Sulaimi · 22/01/2021

A buggy will bring you up from the ticketing area to the gear setup area. Once ready, choose your desired level from 3 different levels of difficulty (you can only choose to do 1, no repeats or trying other levels when you are finished with one). Been here before but kids still love the thrill of attempting the obstacles & going down the Zipline.

celest · 09/01/2021

Super exciting and unforgettable! Zip Climb Jump is the MUST combo. All three items are fabulous. Climb and Jump is quite challenging, especially if you are afraid of height. Zip is the most wonderful one, the view is gorgeous.

WAI KWAN · 03/01/2021

Redemption was done easily at the mega adventure counter. After redemption, you need to have your weight taken and sign indemnity form using their iPads. Then you need to put your belongings in their lockers. Their lockers are somewhat faulty but their staff is very helpful. Then you line up to wait for buggy ride to go to the top. Once there, their experienced staff will start to gear you up and then direct you to the respective levels of the tower. Fantastic experience. Exhilarating

JASMINE · 28/12/2020

Nice experience and the kids love and enjoyed themselves. For today 26/12/2020 waiting time abit longer as school holidays. And my kids was lucky after the ride is raining heavily...

Norizah · 26/12/2020

Super fun, especially if you are going with family and friends. One should try this at least once in their lifetime. The staff at the tower are really fit and they take safety very seriously. You can buy special handphone pouch or bring your own as everything needs to be hands free. Lockers are available at the base at a fee.

Maimunah · 25/12/2020

a MUST-go activity @ Sentosa! from waiting to trying out the Mega Zip, the staff service was very good- friendly, approachable and especially the staff at the 4th level tower were very patient for me to figure out how to use my handphone for the recording of the Zip ??? sign for more than 1 ride if you can as I realised that I wanted to go for more after overcoming my fear of heights hehehe and also bring along your gopro if you have it, as it will be able to capture better recording of the whole process ?

LEE LING · 19/12/2020

Thankfully caught the last entry before 6:45. Because we went late, there was a shorter queue - 20min. Normal afternoon wait would be 40min. Kids can ride with an adult. Super fun but felt very secure too despite the heights. Super fun loving staff there too! Highly recommend once in a life kind of experience.

Cyrus · 19/12/2020

Megazip operating hours is from 2pm to 7pm. so i thought i can reach there at 2pm, but when i reached around 2.10pm, super long Q. one big group of teenagers Queueing up for all Mega advantage. but i was there only for zipline. and then, at the gear up area, it was not according to first come first serve, the staff there just gear up anyone who is near them. thus we were there early but in the end, Q behine many others who came much later then us. the zipline lasted 3min but the whole queueing and gearing up there, waited around 1hr 45min. it was very fun though

CELYN · 18/12/2020

Though it was a long queue on a Friday morning, everyone was patient and understanding. Staff also tried their best to provide great service, answering many queries from visitors and remain friendly and helpful. All these elevated our experience in ziplining dwn the hill to a man-made island. Oh we went down twice ?

Mohammed Ali · 11/12/2020

It is my 2nd time taking this and I really enjoyed it even though it was drizzling. They took pretty pictures too which we ended up buying them. We were the last people to do the zipline because the thunderstorm is nearing! The queue was unforgiving because there were only 2 buggies and safe distancing. We reached at 1.30pm and we only reached the counter at 2.45pm and had to wait for another 30 - 45 mins for the buggy.

Hafizah Binte Abd · 10/12/2020

very friendly guides, who helped us with the harness and briefed us on the procedures. there are 3 levels of climb and they are quite fun. the jump and the zip were great add ons. we would come back again!

Cheng Hao · 07/12/2020

The staffs are super friendly and helpful. They allow us to play MegaClimb and MegaJump first and save MegaZip for later because we need to go for another booking in between. The prepping is professional and quick. MegaClimb level 1 is good for first timer! MegaZip is woohoo!

Kim Khuyen · 19/11/2020

Much cheaper purchasing from Klook, including phone pouch as well! Phone pouch was $10 that's really expensive! Mega climb was super hard, can't believe we are still alive.... But megazip was super fun!!

Seung Yeon · 18/11/2020

Very fun and challenging! Exhilirating and exciting from start till end. Will definitely go again. Highly recommended.

Luke Teng · 15/11/2020

Highly recommended. We did climb, jump and fly. Due to covid, there was no queue at all. The last fly to the little island in front of the beach is amazing. There is complimentary water station at climb Station. Very thoughtful. Staffs are friendly too

Jia Jiun · 15/11/2020

Megaclimb was an unforgettable experience. Had to overcome my fear of just having the harness and wire as protection. Obstacle course was quite challenging and had to keep trying in order to maintain the balance. Megazip and jump was exhilarating. Wind was blowing quite strongly and sun was blinding. Would be better going in the evening to see the scenery.

Audrey Goh Xue Zhen · 26/10/2020

If you love to feel adrenaline rush, go for it. Chose 2 levels of obstacles to concur, take a leap from 15m high and Zip to the beautiful island over there high trees. Remember to choose the package with phone pouch.

TIN KHINE KHINE · 17/10/2020

Very easy to redeem. We enjoy the activities. But sad thing when we go there the level 3 climb is not available. A lot of people go for the zipline. The staff are very accommodating.

Jarolette Jane · 14/10/2020

Took us 2 hours to queue to get registered (heard that it was International Schools holiday term). Had queued at the counter by the Siloso beach, and waited for the buggy to bring us up. It was another ~30mins wait after wearing the harness before we head to the Mega adventure area. Got the climb jump zip package. It was quite worth it (if minus the queuing time). Staff are friendly and fun. Check with the staff first, but I think if you walk up the slope yourself (not wait for the buggy) at the bottom, you might be able to save some time. That's provided you don't have to use their lockers. If you zip down to the beach, you would have to walk all the way up again to get your stuff from the locker.

Siru · 13/10/2020

Really great deal, save more than 20%. Actual cost if u purchase at sentosa is $75! Really fun activity which u should do it with your friends or family. Zipline experience was great! Friendly and very nice instructor to assist you.

Jun Ting Thomas · 02/10/2020

My brother and I took the Zip Climb Jump package. It's so much cheaper on Klook than on the actual site. On top of that I made full use of Klook promos and credits and it was very worth it. The obstacle course is fun and challenging in general and the zipline was really enjoyable. We spend a couple hours in all. Scared participants may hold back the line though. However do cheer for each other because having a good time is all about team spirit even if they may be strangers to you. Fun for kids and adults.

Hajjah Nur Atikah · 24/09/2020

Fun-filled activities that engage both the young and the not-so-young too! MegaZip was definitely the highlight of all the Megas - would return again!

Rabiatuladawiyah · 10/09/2020

The package of zip, jump and climb is much cheaper than buying onsite. We just decided to join this game and purchased the package in Klook while we are queuing. Please check the height and weight requirement before signing up and if you are bringing your kiddo whom never try any games as such, so recommend you show them the video. There were some kids cry and screamed when playing the mega climb where they are facing the high obstacle and ended up they gave up returned back at the very early stage. In total there are 3 levels for the climb.. Level 4 is 80 steps high and for mega jump (30 kg min) and to join for mega zip( 30kg min). Overall, my boys 10&11 enjoyed it. Just stucked too long cos some kids in front of them were scared and not able to move forward at certain obstacles (mega climb). For parents that not joining the activity, you can buy the buggy ride $5 per pax so that you can watch up the kids playing time and when they do the mega zip (450m), they land at the other place where they need to walk back to ticketing counter ; the buggy can send the parents back to ticketing counter.

sook teng · 10/08/2020

Great experience from start to finish. I felt very safe and taken care of during the entire time. Definitely enjoyed and will do it again

Adrian Clarc · 29/03/2020

The Mega Adventure is really fun! The staff there are nice, friendly and helpful. Everyone who like adventure stuff should go.

Jittanan · 23/03/2020

We initially only wanted the zipline but the price was cheaper buying on klook for all three activities compared to the official website. All three activities was fun and exciting!

Janice Qiao Jia · 06/03/2020

Thrilling fun activity that is a lot cheaper here than buying onsite! Great team providing a fun experience. It was really good(: spent about 2hours in total doing all 3 activities and waiting time would add up to an additional hour

Jia Wen Sheena · 24/02/2020

Must activities in Sentosa. It was totally worth a deal having to experience all three of them!!! Should go to the highest level of Megaclimb where you can enjoy height. Megajump is quick but fun. Megazip is the highlight. Really enjoyed the scenery of Siloso Beach!!

Jae Eun · 17/02/2020

Best offbeat experience. MegaClimb of 2 levels, magaJump & Zip Lining. One of the activities full of adrenaline rush and would move you out of your comfort zone. MegaClimb is all about balancing on ropes, planks.. Zip Lining is long enough to enjoy the lush green and beach view. Phone Pouch secured the phone & made it handy. Snap is available only for Zip Lining .

Manas · 16/02/2020

It's much cheaper to buy in klook here when compared with that at store. The games are exciting and we enjoyed them much!

Wing Yip · 13/02/2020

Amazing experience...must try adventure in Singapore...quiet challenging...loved the zip lining the most

Anuska · 11/02/2020

Great place for adventure junkies. Mega climb will test your fitness levels. Mega jump was easy. Mega zip was exhilarating.

Nikhil · 17/01/2020

megaadventure is an adrenaline rushing is thru klook was really cheap and hassle free.mega zip was really gud when u zip from top

Suseekar · 16/01/2020

Great saving buying from Klook, staff were professional and ensure double check on safety by two different staff. Great bonding activities with friends???????????

Eng Joo Eric · 13/01/2020

Great saving buying from Klook. Good bonding activities with family!!?????

Eng Joo Eric · 12/01/2020

Great bonding activity with the boys...on line tickets made it so easy..thanks Klook!

Jose Marcelino Jonas · 12/01/2020

The counter is a bit difficult to find. Queuing for getting the wrist ticket and starting from climb to jump and zip at last.

Ka Ching · 08/01/2020

If you go to Sentosa, you can’t miss the climb jump zip ! It is fantastic!

MING SUM · 31/12/2019

Love the zipline, very fun across the water reaching the beach area.

Eugene Wai Kee · 27/12/2019

Best experience for my children, nephews and nieces! Easy to redeem thru mobile (save the earth for not printing).

ROZIDA · 20/12/2019

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Insider Tips:
  • We recommend wearing sports attire and closed-toe shoes
  • For personal belongings, lockers are available for rent starting from SGD5 depending on the size and amount of bags