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Very beautiful architecture, truly the building that witnesses the history of Singapore for the last century or so. Exhibition content is good and you can easily spend 4 hours there. Staff are extremely helpful.

Jia Jiun · 15/03/2021


A wonderful place. Not only the exhibits but the Supreme Court building itself. Very well maintained!!

Atul · 10/03/2021

One of the must-do activities in Singapore. The Gallery holds many famous artworks within Singapore and Southeast Asia. I'm quite surprised to see many famous Vietnamese paintings are shown here. Due to the size of the Gallery, highly recommend you to spend around 4-5 hours to be able to go thru all galleries and exhibitions.

HA · 04/03/2021

My tour was guided by Emily. understand more about the history of city hall ans former supreme court. Went to inmates walkway from the holding cell to the court. Fantastic tour.

Fung · 25/02/2021

Nice experience, a lot of great paintings from talented artists. Great view from the Level 6 of City Hall Building

Mary Kris Aisa · 18/02/2021

I was able to use it smoothly

I was able to use it smoothly just by showing the QR code at the ticket counter. I think that the time and effort is the same as purchasing from the official website. So I'm happy to get 45% off.

KKday Member · 18/02/2021

Highly recommend going to the national gallery! Beautiful pieces and friendly staff. After the gallery had closed we went up to their rooftop bar (smoke & mirrors) which has a stunning view of marina bay sands. It was a great way to end our day.

Jayani · 17/02/2021

The latest jewel in Singapore's art crown, the National Gallery Singapore is a visual arts institution housing an unparalleled collection of modern Singapore and Southeast Asian art

Le Duy · 29/12/2020

The gallery is not very big, and I didn’t realise part of it is free to the public anyway. The permanent exhibitions in the old court buildings are more fascinating (especially from a regional or colonial history perspective) than the newer temporary exhibitions (we went to a Covid response one which didn’t seem very well curated. It was quite random and mostly all student submissions). The rooftop area is quite cool, would like to try the restaurants.

Victoria · 28/12/2020

Good selection of archives and well mapped out museum. Surprisingly busy to go on a weekday but entry was very smooth and swift, scan and go, highly recommend getting your tickets in advance!!!

Kitty · 21/12/2020

overall it's good experience to visit but I am more keen in history. I like history of Singapore with major mile stone yearwise.

Hitendra · 11/12/2020

Great experience! Recommend to have at spare at least 3 hours for full experience.

Lee · 11/12/2020

Nice guided tour to keep the children entertained and occupied during their visit. They had an enjoyable and fun experience.

Li Ting · 05/12/2020

very nice gallery, i could spend the whole day here. great view at level 5 deck

Zhi Xuan · 03/12/2020

Spend the afternoon in National Art Gallery SG. It's full of history seeing how Singaporean artists influenced by so many cultures around the region and how it developed into modern art. Highly recommended.

Judith Mae · 08/11/2020


It's a good visit now, no crowds. The rooftop deck has a good view of the Skyline.

Winson · 05/11/2020

The national gallery museum of Singapore is enormous. It's five floors big, plus a rooftop garden deck that shows the entire skyline of the city in all of its glory. Must go. Each floor has around 2-3 exhibitions split between two wings, and can be exhausting to look at so many spectacular art pieces. But it is essential to visit this place if you are around. I can't recommend it more, and Klook makes it stupendously easy to book tickets.

Dhananjay · 04/10/2020


Really good day out - interesting exhibits, and fabulous buildings. Staff at each exhibit were lovely

Michelle · 07/09/2020

If you are staying in Singapore, I think is worth to visit. Very interesting for me was also architecture of thw building inside? and don't miss out rooftop garden, fabulous views, you can even see Marina Bay Sands.

Aleksandra Monika · 26/07/2020

This is one of my go-to places every time I'm in Singapore. It's best to go on weekday mornings since there's way less visitors. Restaurants housed in the gallery are also nice (Asia's number 1 restaurant for 2020 is housed here!)

Joana Paula · 12/05/2020

Best gallery to visit. But we don't have enough time to explore whole gallery bcs with tights scheduled. Next time if i going to Singapore i will visiting again.

NURUL FATIHAH · 11/03/2020

i've spent 3 hours there, enjoying the broad collection of art and current exhibition. what i love the most is the one at Court house, all the paintings was amazing especially from the South East Asia collection.

Novitri · 27/02/2020

Value back

It is cheaper than buying tickets on site. It displays a lot of Singapore's local art and history. I prefer the building itself and the venue design.

宛潔 呂 · 19/02/2020

Contains a lot of collection for the South East Asian arts. I could spend a whole day here! The building itself is a spectacular piece of artwork as well.

Peggy Pui Kai · 07/02/2020

Very interesting gallery of art, I definitely recommend you! 5 floor of amazing exhibits!

Anna · 05/02/2020

This post supreme court building that turns into art gallery will please your art sense. Explore every corner and level of it. You will not get bored.


If you are an art lover and enjoy learning art, I would highly prioritize National Gallery over other Museums in Singapore. I spent 3 hours in the gallery and it wasn't even enough to cover the place because they house over thousands of artwork! At least it gave me a reason to come back to Singapore. I was also lucky when I came there was a free English tour provided by the gallery. I was able to join two tours. The Art make sense when explained. Filipino art is very well-loved. They actually house couple of pieces you will not see in our very own National Museum such as Lee Aguinaldo, Fernando Amorsolo, etc. It will absolutely make you very proud! I would also suggest to check the National Gallery website for tour schedules. When I come back, I will definitely spend two days!

Carla Shane · 01/02/2020

It was easy to redeem and we really enjoyed this museum. From its interesting arts, unique architecture and accommodating museum personnel, I highly recommend this place.

KATHERINE ANNE · 30/01/2020

Just show the booking info from Klook to the counter and redeem your ticket, good place to avoid the heat out there in Singapore and enjoy the modern decorations and whole bunch of artworks.

Cheng Yi · 28/01/2020

It was one of the best experiences in Singapore...the place was great...the card was great and easy to get...make sure you join the was very informative:)

Julia · 27/01/2020

It was one of the best experiences in Singapore...the place was great...the card was great and easy to get...make sure you join the was very informative:)

Julia · 27/01/2020

It was one of the best experiences in Singapore...the place was great...the card was great and easy to get...make sure you join the was very informative:)

Julia · 27/01/2020


It was a good experience

Pinky Marie Milar · 22/01/2020

there were couple of places were closed due to new installation however art gallery had a lot to see and only took me just over an hour non stop walking.

Dong Keun · 08/01/2020

The great thing about Klook is that they have a different and shorter line to redeem the actual tickets! The ticket is so worth it as the are so many artworks and exhibitions to see!

Danielle Rain · 07/01/2020

There are so many paintings and art pieces in the gallery. It's better to plan ahead to spend enough time there. Klook vouchers are very easy to redeem always. Architecture of the museum is very beautiful.

Ann · 05/01/2020

Klook voucher was really easy to redeem at the ticket counter. There are so many paintings and art pieces from South Asia.. please plan ahead to spend enough time there. The museum building is beautiful to walk around.

Ann · 05/01/2020

Great experience overall, quite a big place, make sure to join the guided tour to learn more about the art and architecture. Register at the lowest floor

Jesmen · 05/01/2020

The gallery is breathtaking. The architecture and all the art are beautiful. If there is anything I will go back for in Sinagpore, this would be it.

JPriyanka · 05/01/2020

Absolutely beautiful! Not just the pieces on exhibit but the actual facade & interior of the building itself. Do yourself a favor and don't skip out on this place!

Ma Bianca Celina · 03/01/2020

The gallery was very beautiful. The exhibits were fascinating to see and the building itself looked like art as well. Alot around 2-3 hours if you really want to see all the exhibits. Good food at the café was a plus!

Reya Dalea · 02/01/2020

Great museum with lots of exhibits showing Southeast Asian art and history. Came on a weekend afternoon but place did not feel crowded at all. Took 3 hours looking through all the amazing galleries.

Jianghao · 30/12/2019

National Gallery SG is the best museum in Singapore. The architectural design is classical, magnificent and remarkable. We spent nearly half a day browsing so many masterpieces, which are an inspiring and unforgettable experience!!!

WAI YIN WINNIE · 29/12/2019

Super easy and hassle-free process to redeem musuem tickets.

Mary Jane · 29/12/2019

A well spent christmas day in the national gallery. Dont forget to bring jackets as some of the areas ate cold ?. We are delighted to see some paintings from the famous painters back home.

Jane Smile · 29/12/2019

The National Gallery has something for everyone. The building itself is a marvel. The exhibits will teach you a thing or two about the intersection of art, culture and history. Four hours well-spent!

Amaris Grace · 28/12/2019

It was a breeze to collect the tickets, just present the QR code to the customer service at the counter, she will pass a physical ticket as well as a sticker. You could also pay an extra or just top up if there's a special exhibition.

Isabella · 28/12/2019

It was a breeze to collect the tickets, just present the QR code to the customer service at the counter, she will pass a physical ticket as well as a sticker. You could also pay an extra or just top up if there's a special exhibition.

Isabella · 28/12/2019

Great visit. A lot of artworks from different cultures and countries give us a diverse learning experience. The building itself is also beautifully constructed if you enjoy architecture

Lady Abigail · 27/12/2019

I am proud of myself to make the plan for visiting national gallery Singapore. There are a lot of beautiful paintings for exhibition. I found there many famous paintings produced by young people and they are awesome too.

li ping · 25/12/2019

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