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The dolpins are really beautiful! its really worth it. especially if u bringing the kids along. would definitely for the the 1 hour session next time.

Soo Ying · 15/03/2021

love it! we really enjoy playing with dolphin Nikko, cute and intelligent!

cheryl · 15/03/2021

It was an awesome experience. Easy redemption of klook vouchers. Lockers provided. Best time ever with Pelangi Dolphin ❤️ A memorable fun and full of laughter. Thank you to dolphin encounter and klook. Photo collections are little ex but it’s worth it.

Bharathi · 15/03/2021

awesome! very good experience. very easy to redeem. just that time too short. will be great if can be an hour rather than 30 mins

Siok Wah · 14/03/2021

awesome! very good experience. very easy to redeem. just that time too short. will be great if can be an hour rather than 30 mins

Siok Wah · 14/03/2021

Great experience especially for the little one! Fuss free and indeed entertaining. The only pity is that we can’t bring in our phone to capture the moment. The professional photos taken by them were way too expensive.

Yan Ting · 13/03/2021

Going as a family but book separately, had a great experience with my family.

MIAO PING · 12/03/2021

Had a great and special encounter with the highly intelligent and gentle dolphins. Worth going

MIAO PING · 12/03/2021

Dolphin (weishi) encounter is really an enjoyable program without getting wet. It’s very suitable for toddlers below 4 years of age to get up close with these wonderful sea mammals. Will definitely attend again next for the dolphin discovery. The trainers are also very friendly to talk to and learn about from them.

Goh · 03/03/2021

my kid really enjoyed the session and learned a lot about dolphins life.. good good good

YINGSHUN · 01/03/2021

Very fun activity! Got to interact with the dolphins, touch them without getting wet. Instructor prepared the mat for us to either lay down or sit down.

cindy xin yi · 01/03/2021

Went here with my mum as she loves dolphin very much. The interaction with dolphin really great. The only drawback is the photo is very expensive. But consider this as a lifetime experience, hence I bought all the photos 200+sgd which is more expensive than the entrance fee

Karin · 18/02/2021

I loved every single minute of this activity. Something to cross off the bucket list.

Darren · 14/02/2021

Very very good. Will go again

KA MAN · 16/11/2020

Dolphin adventure is much more fun than observer if you can swim. Observer cannot take photo. If you just accompany your kids & have no interest to play, then it will be fine.

Chi Ming · 16/07/2020

Highly recommended activity. My children like it very much & it should be the most memorable activity in our trip in Singapore.

Chi Ming · 16/07/2020

Such an interactive and superb session with those adorable dolphins!

LING LING · 17/05/2020

Very easy and convenient to redeem. Highly recommended as it was a once in a lifetime experience.

Laith · 04/02/2020

Had a lot of fun with the dolphins! The instructor was so funny and nice! Nice experience.

Ho Yeng · 02/02/2020

We loved our dolphin Shui is so much fun knowing the dolphin and interacting with him. Trainer was very much informed and it was amazing to watch Shui Shui follow the instructions.

Sudha · 01/02/2020

the resort is highly recommendable. ideal for the whole family. would definitely come back!

Sheryll Faith · 30/01/2020

Our family loved this experience! It was super memorable! We brought our toddlers and they fully enjoyed it. They learned about the dolphins up close and got to touch and interact with them. The children were exhilarated! They didn’t want to leave. The facilities are clean and nice. Photos turned out fabulous! Worth trying. Great summer activity! For older kids, swimming with the dolphin is highly recommended too.

mona · 29/01/2020

very nice experience.. worth the money spent .. will recommend to people who like to interact with animals / fish

Akhilesh Kumar · 29/01/2020

staff were amazing and the dolphins were so much fun.

SHANE EMMANUEL · 25/01/2020

It was great fun to interact with the Dolphins. The trainers are experts there. It should be a part of ones Bucket list. Only drawback was that the time allotted for swimming with the Dolphins was too less and it was over in a jiffy.

Shalabh · 20/01/2020

amazing experience for kids to swim with dolphin. Dont just watch the dolphins.. swim with them.

ANCHIT · 17/01/2020

it was awesome activity with one of the intelligent animal in the world

Avinash · 05/01/2020

Wonderful experience the whole family enjoyed it and the coaches and the dolphins were superb

Dalal · 03/01/2020

Great experience! They do need to clean up the moss in the pool as they make it very slippery and dangerous.

Banta · 03/01/2020

This is a very good activity where kids can enjoy touching dolphin up close; though be aware that there is an age limit. We had a great time learning about dolphins and seeing them doing tricks.

Alwin Wing Yat · 01/01/2020

dolphins are super cute and staff are friendly too!

Ming Ting · 01/01/2020

For very young kids, dolphin observer is a good start for them to know this sea animals, but the kids really want to jump into the water and get closer to dolphin rather than stay outside the water.

Sze Hang Daisy · 29/12/2019

My 5 year old daughter loves dolphins and this experience is remarkable. We have 30mins interaction with dolphins and staff are patient to lead us in every steps. Next time, my kid grows older and she likes to swim with dolphin.

Sze Hang Daisy · 29/12/2019

its a must try activity in singapore! Experience the full package and u will have the most unforgetable memories ever

Abdul Haadi · 29/12/2019

Didn't say the height limited is 110cm. The information given is not enough. Good experience but we don't have to pay that much if they told us the height limits.

Jin · 29/12/2019

A very amazing experience but they offer very costly pictures

vivek · 28/12/2019

Excellent activity for couples and families. Strongly recommend to try it at least once in your life!

Guo Wei Alvin · 28/12/2019

An amazing experience one my girls 17 and 11 will never forget the voucher was very easy to use will definitely use Klook again

Kylie · 28/12/2019

Kids love the time spent with the dolphin, Niko. Best to do the Dolphin Adventure, very memorable. The dolphin adventure packge includes the waterpark entrance which was worth it.

Eugene Wai Kee · 27/12/2019

it's a very good experience to interact with dolphins! Though it's quite expensive, it's worth to try if you love dolphins and would be an unforgettable experience for the kids. No photo taking is allowed so please be noted to spend ~SGD198 to retrieve the digital photo copies.

CHIN WAH · 26/12/2019

Perfect experience don’t miss it. The only thing is the time is too short

Shuk Yee cindy · 26/12/2019

great experience with dolphins. Instructor was friendly and helpful in explaining all dolphin related queries. no cameras are allowed in dolphin island, you have to purchase pictures that will cost you 200sgd.

Aaron · 13/12/2019

Experience with the dolphins was indescribable. They were friendly and tamed. Each has their own different personality. Trainers were helpful and great with the dolphins too. It was memorable.

Debbie · 12/12/2019

beautiful experience.. should take this ticket from klook always..

Niladri · 10/11/2019

A very good and unforgettable experience, first time to connect and touch the dolphin, must try , have different interactions with dolphin , love it

PoYi · 01/11/2019

Have a great time with family members, a day trip at there, worth for it & will definitely come here again to enjoy & spend whole day here. Recommend for those dolphin lovers yeahh

Muhamad · 31/10/2019

Fantastic experience with amazing creatures! They are so clever and friendly. One of the best attractions ever! Only backside is the price for photos (expensive).

KSENIYA · 27/03/2019

Wonderful time full of everlasting memories. It would have been nice if the photographer had taken a video.

Stefan · 20/09/2018

The redemption of ticket is so easy. The activity is superb. Enjoyed a lot while interacting with dolphins. The photos are too expensive, they are charging 200$ for 75 photos.

Hemanth Kumar · 28/08/2018

This is my favorite adventure. We had so much fun with Sihat. I would highly recommend families to experience this rare opportunity to interact with the dolphins. The trainers were so great. Thanks Klook for making this possible and convenient. There was no queue.

MARIE GABRIELLE · 10/07/2018

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