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Availed pre-loaded Singapore Travel Card (NETS FlashPay) thru Philippine mail delivery. Very convenient, no need to pick card anywhere else. :)

Anjennette · 04/10/2020

Good buy during promotion and the card will be extremely handy to have while in Singapore. Unfortunately the redemption centre in orchard is still closed and hence am still unable to redeem. Hope dfs store will open before my voucher validity expire in a months time.

SUT PENG · 23/09/2020

NETS Tap & Simply Go :) Very Nice Country to visit.

SITI NOR BAITY · 13/07/2020

Collection of cards at DFS Orchard was fast and easy. Useful card for travel in SG.

ENG CHYE · 29/06/2020

Collection of cards at Orchard DFS was very easy. Will definitely buy again.

ENG CHYE · 29/06/2020

Easy to redeem cards at DFS Orchard Road. Will definitely buy again.

ENG CHYE · 29/06/2020

Convenient location to redeem the cards! Located just at DFS Orchard, staff is friendly. Will come back to redeem again once then circuit breaker ends!!

MELISSA · 30/04/2020

Collected and staff was aware of the procedure. Quick and easy redemption. Good to use for bus and transportation

Tan · 28/03/2020

easy collection from klook office within 5minutes walk from chinatown mrt station. The flashpay card other than use for transport you also can use it for making purchase and topping them up at mrt station

daniel · 13/03/2020

a must-have when travelling to Singapore to be able to roam around via bus or train. you can also use the remaining balance to purchase anything on stores and vendo machines which accepts the card as payment. cards are pre-loaded and you can check the remaining balance via an app. thank you Klook for a hassle-free transaction.

April Grace · 08/03/2020

a must-have when travelling to Singapore to be able to roam around via bus or train. you can also use the remaining balance to purchase anything on stores and vendo machines which accepts the card as payment. cards are pre-loaded and you can check the remaining balance via an app. thank you Klook for a hassle-free transaction.

April Grace · 08/03/2020

The Singapore Travel Card (NETS FlashPay) is a great tool if you want to tour around Singapore by just using MRT. It is reloadable and can also be used to pay in 7 eleven or any other stores that accept the said card. After using, you can keep it to be a souvenir because the design is so cute. When you go back to Singapore, you can still use it if not past the validity.

MA MELANIE · 08/03/2020

Must buy if you want to travel around in Singapore! Collection location is central and easy to find! Will buy again! Thank you!

MELISSA · 29/02/2020

Flashpay cArd is practically usable everywhere in Singapore. Transport, food, supermarket! Recommended purchase!

MELISSA · 29/02/2020

exploring singapore using nets card is very advantageous... we have our card delivered in our office with loads already... u can reload it at the airport and any convenience store in sigapore like 7/11 with minimal charge. its very helpful for us travelers ?

anabel · 27/02/2020

Easy way to travel singapore. But you must schedule it earlier than your flight.

Mary Anne · 26/02/2020

very convenient fast delivery... so it its hassle free when we go to the singapore cause we have klook card that we used at mrt and bus... the card can also used at convenience store... highly recommended for those who will stay 4 to 5 days.. you can choose yhe 7 15 30 dollars... and you can top up to any mrt statio if kulang..

GRACE · 24/02/2020

This is a very must when travelling to sg!!!! Enjoy easy and hassle free transportation plus very eay to useee no need to line up and mrt and bus is easy access too purchase this earlier before your flight to singapore

Maria Mercedes · 23/02/2020

A very convenient way to roam around singapore! 30 SGD is enough for a 2 day tour for us. Just make sure before you go to the airport to in cash the card in the ticketing office below the escalator going to the airport. This much better than buying the card there cause you could keep the card as a souvenir and it’s hassle free cause you could deliver the card at your home prior your vacation, how convenient is that!

Tzarrah · 21/02/2020

I really love this card . It was shipped before our trip. Thank you ninja van. Easy to use, your just going to load this one in 711 minimum of 10sgd so you dont have a many coins in your pocket. You will just going to tap it if your going to pay. By the way when i purchased it, it was already loaded a 7SGD . Easy to use on mrt, 711, valu$. I also use if for buying chocolates in Valu$. Thank you very much ❤️❤️❤️

Jemelyn · 19/02/2020

ever reliable travel card for mrt, convenience store and food. easy to use- just tap it when you need to use it. you can easily add a top up to mrt station minimum of 10sgd and to convenoence store with a minimal service fee. This card is pre loaded with 7 sgd that you can use upon receipt of the card. Hussle free! Thanks klook!

Ace · 17/02/2020

This is a recommended buy especially when you come visit SG. This made our travel hussle-free. You just need to load and tap on every mrt station. You can use this to buy food and stuff as well on convenience store like 7-11. Top ups can also be made on 7-11 and mrt stations which is very convenient. The only thing I dont like is that, when you do a refund you need at least three working days from the day you load the card which is not stated upon purchase.

Angela Mae · 17/02/2020

If you are at T4 you have to actually take the bus to T2 and take Skytrain to go to T3 to claim this. But everything went well because the airport staff in SG is very accommodating and speaks english so we were not lost.

Dang · 15/02/2020

This is highly recommended as we always use MRT during our trips. The MRT system is very efficient and less costly compared to other modes of transportation. Most attractions are also minutes away from the nearest station. So, this is really a must have. ?

jessyl · 14/02/2020

Bought 2 cards with pick up at Kuala Lumpur airport. Everything went smoothly, got the order before flight to Singapore and used the cards right after landing at Changi airport, without wasting any time. A+ for service.

andrei · 06/02/2020

THANKS KLOOK. bought the 7$ value card. use it free and easy with mrt. can use to buy food also

Siti Fadhilah · 06/02/2020

Good thing i choose it to deliver at our doorstep. A hassle free vacation. Very convenient to use on buses and mrt. Highly recommended for those who will travel to Singapore. I can use this card until year 2024..

LILIBETH · 03/02/2020

easy to redeem. just show the vouchers and you can go. very convenient.. klook make our travel easy.. #Klookit #Bookedit

RITZ MICHELLO · 03/02/2020

It was a fast transaction! We booked it in klook and it arrived right at our doorstep on time before our flight! We are still using it now as of this writing. It was easy to use because you just need to refill or put money on the card in any convenient store here. Loved our purchase!

ABEGAIL ANNE · 02/02/2020

Its so easy and can be used almost everywhere in Singapore! We used up all our credits in the card by the evening since we went up to Sentosa island by the express train but reloading the card was super easy, we just do it at any nearest 7 eleven.

HUSNA AL NAJAH · 30/01/2020

This one is a must! My dad, my bro and I was able to roam around Singapore super easy and smooth given that they have really developed transportation mode!

Flordileza · 28/01/2020

Great to have this one with my trip. Everything was done within a tap. You can pay for bus, MRT and in many convenient stores.

THANH LIEM · 27/01/2020

Purchased this card and it was delivered a week before my flight. Very convenient. You can use it when your riding MRT, buses, etc. It is highly recommended to get this card.

Jiwani Crystal · 27/01/2020

The card arrived ahead of time, and is generally accepted in most transportation options. Great value, although it is non-refundable, best for multi-trip use so you get value for your money. Recommended for those who don't want to buy the card upon arrival.

Benjz Gerard · 26/01/2020

It was easy to redeem at the pick up point. It was easy to top up it with the machine. And having this card with you makes your visit in Singapore hassle-free. We even used the last penny in our card to pay our meal in Mcdo in the airport before we leave SG.

Ma Janeva · 24/01/2020

Super easy to use and convenient. Loading was also easy via the ticketing machines in all mrt stations. The down side is not all establishments that accept the nets flashpay allow this particular card to be used.

Flaryll Faye · 22/01/2020

Hassle free trip. Easy to use and the fare is much lower than standard tickets from ticketing machines.

Vinny · 20/01/2020

With the help of Singapore Travel Card (NETS FlashPay), we can travel around the city with no hassle at all. We have experienced using this on trains and buses, even on convenient stores! We have reloaded the card easily by going to 7-11. Thanks Klook!

Lea Janine · 20/01/2020

We had our NETS Flashpay cards delivered to our home address in the Philippines. It was so convenient and we immediately used it in going out of the airport (by MRT) without adding value to it yet since it has a stored value of SGD7. We mostly took the bus (as our hotel is near one) in our DIY tour of Singapore. Very convenient and inexpensive way of travelling since the buses come on time and are highly reliable.

MA CLARISSA · 18/01/2020

Awesome experience! Convenient and easy to use. Was able to use it right when I arrived at SG. I was also able to use it when purchasing at 7/11 stores. Looking forward to using the same card when I return here in SG. Recommended!

Eleja Thereze · 18/01/2020

I have requested to deliver this item within 5days, Klook doesn’t fail me, they immediately shipped the item and helped me to check this with their partner courier. Great customer service experience.

Gerald · 11/01/2020

Recommend for those who have plan traveling to Singapore. It was delivered to me 2 days after I placed my order online, it was so hassle free. Klook Travel Card is very useful when traveling to SG. Also this card can be one of our souvenirs in Singapore..

Janice · 06/01/2020

This card is a must have for everyone who wants to visit Singapore. Not only for the MRT or buses, you can also use this card in some restaurants and convenience store. It's very useful. Thanks Klook!

Reno Arga · 06/01/2020

I knew we will be needing this card. It was my fault I was not able to order at once while in the Philippines so it will ve delivered at my doorsteps. I wasted time in picking it up since i had a hard time finding their place. But all in all, the card was a convenient means to pay for bus and/or MRT ride. No need to count coins or line up at the machine to purchase ticket. i will definitely recommend to my friends and love ones to have this card if they are planning to travel to Singapore.

Luche Grace Lambojo · 05/01/2020

I bought it last minute when leaving Thailand for Singapore on Klook. The redemption counter is near Railway Link entrance. The redemption procedure was smooth and easy. Staff were friendly and helpful. You can download the NETS Flashpay APP to check your card balance and transaction record.

haidong · 02/01/2020

This travel card made our vacation much easier. We could spend around, especially at most places without having to worry about carrying too much cash. We could also easily navigate around singapore without having to dig into our purses to look for coins for each bus trips. Do get this card, everyone. It makes your life easier.


It's easy to redeem and the Singapore CBD office is easy to find. But, I think if can, maybe it's better to move the redemption location to airport because tourist might need it directly to take mrt or bus when arrive at Singapore and choose Singapore as redemption location.

Mustafa · 18/12/2019

Convenience. I can use the card whenever I’m riding MRT or buses. It can take me anywhere as long as I have credits in the card

Nasrul Faiz · 15/12/2019

I was expecting I’d get it a day or 2 before my travel date but it came early. Hassle free! ☺️ Can be used not only on MRT and Bus rides but also at any stores accepting nets like seven eleven. I get to keep it as a souvenir as well. Thanks klook! #EasyTravelsAtSG ☺️☺️☺️

Yvette Janine · 12/12/2019

The card was delivered to our doorstep via express courier before our flight. Having a travel card upon arrival is very convinient. It is easy to reload as well. As you will see a lot of reloading machine on train stations. You can also use the card to purchase from convinient stores.

lovely treshia · 12/12/2019

Product information

Additional Information
  • NETS FlashPay cards (worth SGD5) are non-refundable
  • The card comes with a pre-loaded stored value. You can top up the card at the following locations listed below
  • The balance of your card will be reflected upon deduction of fares at the gantries. It can also be checked via top up machines
  • Stored value is refundable at all TransitLink ticket offices located at MRT stations or bus interchanges
  • Top Up Locations:
  • 7-Eleven stores (except at Shell stations)
  • Buzz Pods
  • Cheers
  • FairPrice Xpress
  • TransitLink ticket office
  • NETS self service stations
  • NETS top up machines
  • NETS FlashPay Reader App
  • Add Value Machine Plus (AVM+)
  • General Ticketing Machines (GTMs)
  • Local bank ATMs (DBS, POSB, OCBC, and UOB)
  • NETS Customer Service Center