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The whole journey from start to end was smooth & seamless. Staff was attentive. Time capsule was superb & very informative & engaging! The night views are amazing and it’s really high at the peak! Like riding a futuristic space elevator. The movement of the flyer is barely noticeable which provides a very pleasant ride experience!

Saiizan · 16/03/2021

An pretty cool awesome experience to witness magnificent structures around the marina bay area at bird Eye view. The time capsule exhibit is a rather interesting and enriching experience where you see use of technology and learn the history of Singapore

Eric · 16/03/2021

Fuss free redemption, friendly staffs. Safe distancing and all other measures are in place. First time entering time capsule, interesting history of sg.

Sally · 15/03/2021

I went to Singapore Flyer in late Dec 2020. The ticket redemption was fast. There many many people and waited in long queue. The view was breathtaking and I took photos of the evening view. I recommend visiting the Singapore Flyer.

Chong Chua · 15/03/2021

I went in late Dec 2020. The ticket redemption was fast and hassle free. Waited quite long in the queue as there were many people. The view was scenic. I recommend to visit the Singapore Flyer in the evening.

Yik Noy · 15/03/2021

Went in late Dec 2020 evening. It was easy to redeem the voucher. However, the queue was very long. The evening view was amazing and breathtaking. Worthwhile to view this attraction!

Ying Ling · 15/03/2021

time capsule is great. It was short, but the story line is understandable even for a 4 year old.singapore flyer was great as well. 30 mins ride. There is a queue but it was brief, hence have to go time capsules then it will directed us straight to flyer, while waiting, we get to take family photo. which was ok when we saw on screen,but upon printed out, it was "bleargh".When given feedback about it, and ask if we can just refund it or something if its ok, the guy raise his voice and was rude, speaking from a distance and was unprofessional, snapping his fingers and body language was totally off.Throwing the photo we wanted to show him on a chair. Till the point i have to put him in his place to tell him he was rude and it was not ok for him to raise his voice! We didnt get to take a nice family photo then, but it was ok. So guys, before you print your photo, take a good look at it. the offer was quite good though, buy 2 6r photo got 2 free for the price of $50. Otherwise, everything went well. We had gelato after and sat by the river to enjoy the scenery with the kids.

Razlinah · 15/03/2021

My family (three of us) went to the Singapore Flyer at 12.30pm today and was told that there was an event which the site will be reopen to public after 2pm. so we went off to Suntec and came back around 6pm. it was crowded and the waiting time was more than 30mins to enter the attraction. I would say the ride is worth the wait at the very hour where we could get to see the sun set. There were disney music played inside the cabinet. All of us were glad to come on this day during the school holiday. Will visit again when there is promotion.

WAN LING · 14/03/2021

We really enjoyed the time capsule bringing us back to old era of Singapore. Luckily it was not raining and we were able to see the sight of Singapore. Since my son on wheelchair, we are given priority to cut long lines. The cabin for us actually stopped for us for my son's wheelchair to be chauffeured in. Thanks to the person working there to assist me with the wheelchair. Overall excellent experience.

Asrio · 14/03/2021

Great experience for the kids. Have your meals before going. Food court is closed.

Eugene Kwee Ann · 14/03/2021

The trip was fun and enjoyable. I have been there twice with my friend and family.

Kalyn · 14/03/2021

It a good place for family and friends to visit experience

Lim · 13/03/2021

It was a good experience especially for family with children. The children love and enjoy very to go the big wheel. In addition, the time capsule is very exciting with many new experience. Good to take a time break and sit back to enjoy the scenery in city of Singapore

Bee Yen · 13/03/2021

It was amazing experience to be inside the capsule of flyer. i could that the bird eye view of 360 degree around the central city of the island. It was good scenery all over around my corner. Good experience to try!

Carlton · 13/03/2021

Such a great experience, huzzle free, friendly staff and very safe..

Haide · 13/03/2021

beautiful view of the scenery and the city, highly recommend

Shirlyn · 13/03/2021

Good experience to explore Sg Flyer ☺ Singapore Flyer, Asia's largest observation wheel. Stay cool and comfortable as you marvel at the breathtaking views of Marina Bay from ...

Siew Meei · 12/03/2021

Had an enriching fun passage via a time travel ?? history. Flyer ride was just US to enjoy our island scenery ! Will plan flyer ride again to see the evening sights

Patsy · 12/03/2021

Return a third time with my primary school classmate. Will pick one more in the evening or at night.

Chew · 12/03/2021

We read on the website that on weekend evenings the expected wait time would be up to 2 hours. I was disappointed when I visited that there was no option to book a time or be given a queue number when we reached the place at 7pm. Fortunately we took the chance and went for dinner and came back at 8pm and had no waiting time at all. One TV in our capsule wasn't functioning and we missed out some interesting information. Other than that, it was a great experience - just 7 pax in a capsule, staff disinfected the capsule each time passengers got out at the end of a ride and the views were stunning. Photos of the views are a little iffy because the windown panes (from outside) are dusty and spotty.

Srividya · 12/03/2021

Went to Singapore Flyer using SRV. I would find the infinity space inside The Time Capsule should not give a miss. The staffs at the attraction are friendly and nice. The view up at flyer are amazing. I would recommend to at least ride it once.

SOPHIA · 12/03/2021

fun time with family!!! even though it started raining ard 3+-4+, we came back to queue again for the night view!

Iris · 09/03/2021

loved the night view!! the rider is quite fast compared to when it first started.. but still enjoyable!! enjoyed my time with my family!!

Iris · 09/03/2021

it's eally worth it to get the package for Flyer + time capsule for the whole family using SRV.

Yip · 08/03/2021

No queue and not crowded for a Friday evening. Have a great view. Highly recommended.

Pearlyn · 07/03/2021

different views visit during day or night...nice experience...

KHOO · 07/03/2021

Good visual effect to learn about history of Singapore. My child enjoyed the tour. The testament of our development are displayed by the ride on the Singapore flyer. Smooth transition: Enter Time capsule from level 1 and proceed straight to flyer after exiting time capsule at level 2.

Hock Peng · 07/03/2021

Good visual effect to learn about history of Singapore at the time capsule follow by a ride on the flyer to see how Singapore have developed. This is a testament of our achievement, good rediscovery site! smooth and right sequence: Entry to time capsule from level 1, exit time capsule at level 2 and go on straight to the flyer entrance to join the queue.

Hock Peng · 07/03/2021

very good experience and I will recommenced to my family membets and friends.

Song Ying · 06/03/2021

An enjoyable experience in the night. Able to see various places of interest such as the F1 track, marine bay sands and the esplanade

Zhixuan · 06/03/2021

Very good experience and I will be recommending to family members and friends.

Ah Gee · 06/03/2021

Good experience with the time capsule And the singapore flyer night view is amazing

Pei Wen · 06/03/2021

Going on weekday afternoon, lesser people, queue is faster with a whole cabin to ourselves. Very pleasant trip. Wheelchair friendly too. They stop the flyer when wheelchair is lighting. Family friendly ☺️.

Leow · 06/03/2021

using spore discovery voucher to visit the places, worth it and very gd view and great experience for us

GAIK SAN · 05/03/2021

Went with my parents using the SRV. People were all friendly and we enjoyed both the time capsule and flyer. After the time capsule, waited about 20 minutes to get a capsule of our own on the flyer. It was spacious and we caught both the evening and night view.

Clara · 05/03/2021

First time on Singapore flyer. An interesting experience. I went at night so I could only see the night life of Singapore. The time capsule is nice. The VR experience with technology is cool. Singapore history shown very modernly.

Ziqing Tracy · 05/03/2021

Hello everyone! Its my first time going up the Singapore Flyer. I am thrilled with the height it can go and it has an eagle eye's view from South of Singapore. Gorgeous horizon view and definitely worth it! I would recommend it to everyone,especially for first timer!

Muhammad · 05/03/2021

Very enjoy and nice view from high?? Recommended use Klook APP purchase ticket ,can redeem SRV.

CHONG · 04/03/2021

Seamless booking. Haven’t been taking the ride for a long time. Nice to take the ride again

Patricia · 04/03/2021

My girlfriend and I had a wonderful experience high up in the Flyer at night over the weekend. It was our first time on the Flyer and it was really amazing to see all the beautiful night lights of Singapore at a distance. Worth to go for this iconic Flyer!

Kuok Keong · 03/03/2021

A great way to spend family time. Kids really enjoyed it

Bhavesh Kishore Desai · 02/03/2021

An excellent experience on the Singapore Flyer, thanks to Klook! Fast and fuss free experience, remember to come early to avoid the crowd!


Got the senior citizen bundle deal comprising entry to time capsule exhibit and the Singapore Flyer. Went there around 5pm during the weekend and the number of visitors are reasonable. Is a good experience and this is redeemable using the SRV vouchers. Easy to use, just have to scan the QR code on the e-Ticket.

ai ngoh · 22/02/2021

Fuss free ticket purchase and the place is easy to locate. Staffs were friendly and very helpful in assisting customers to their needs. The attraction is well built and suitable for all. During this covid period, sufficient measures were in place to ensure strict adherence to the protocol. Well done and i will recommend anyone to go and experience this wonderful place at least once in your lifetime.

Ting Fung · 19/02/2021

My first time up on the Singapore Flyer. I was all by myself in one cabin as big as a bus. It was a very good experience. So much so that I would want to go back again at least once more in the day time and another in the evening.

Chew · 19/02/2021

Thanks to CNY promo, Singapore Flyer + Time Capsule ticket turned out cheaper than just Singapore Flyer ticket. Was great to revisit Singapore Flyer, and it is now even more enjoyable because of safe management measures that control number of people per cabin and keep the crowds apart. The view is as great as always! We went on a Saturday evening, was not too crowded surprisingly. Time Capsule was... alright. More suitable for tourists or foreigners not as familiar with Singapore's history. Tip: you can do the Flyer first before doing Time Capsule, if you choose to. We did this as we wanted to catch the view while it was bright, and see a bit of sunset too.

Wei Seng · 19/02/2021

Went on 1st day of CNY around 5pm, queued for about 2hrs to get to the flyer at nearly 7pm.. But IMO its the best timing as we get to see the day and night scenery within a ride.. Air con just nice for me but abit too cold for my elderly parents liking. Standby a jacket would good. Time capsule exhibition took us abt 30mins to explore SG history in an interactive way.

Effe · 18/02/2021

We love to go on the Singapore Flyer every year as it's just simply amazing to be able to board the capsule and be taken up 168m above Singapore and have a 360 degrees unblocked eagle view on the city skylines, as well as the breathing view of the sea at such an affordable price!!! Will definitely come back for the night view again when the next holiday comes along!

Kok Leong · 15/02/2021

Super recommended and Very good experience, very easy to claim the QR code direct from klook! Come early as Queue is much faster. We came around 2pm when we came out around 3:00pm the queue was already long

Aaron Paul · 14/02/2021

Fuss free to get tickets on Klook. And I do not need to print out anything, just let the staff scan the QR code on my phone. I redeemed the SRV so I paid very little for the tickets. Time capsule needs only a $2 top up on the SG flyer ticket price. Interesting interactive exhibition.

Joyce · 07/02/2021

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