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it's a good place for kids to learn the life cycle of the butterfly. there were many preserved insects for a close look. prepare mosquito repellent before entering!

Jun · 17/03/2021

I like the place. my kids learn life circle of butterfly.

YEN MOI · 16/03/2021

Super fun butterfly park that you can bring families to go with. To learn about butterfleis and interact with this cute gentle creatures. there is also bird feeding which is cute and fun. Bring along your kids to enjoy!

Sheng Yang · 15/03/2021

all are fine except some exhibits do not have creature inside. cleanliness are not ok though they start working in the morning. the area for the creatures need to have upgrades for them to live in properly.

vicknesh · 11/03/2021

Very interesting and amazing place to explore.. would be even better if they have more live specimens..

Muhamad Aizuddin · 11/03/2021

Nice place to visit..its just a 30 min visit but full of educational experience..recommended for children.?

NOR AZIZAH · 11/03/2021

the fossil section is more interesting than the live section

Han Kai · 10/03/2021

This is our first time going to butterfly park which we have quite a fun experience because is a hot and cold location. Hot having fun and explanation how butterflies life cycle story. Cold inside insect kingdom enjoy the cold air after sweat a lot.

Lei Ming · 05/03/2021

a little expensive, kids only enjoyed the bird feeding, small place. employee was pretty cute and engaging at the bird feeding section.

Yen Ming · 04/03/2021

Brought my son, he loved it! we get to feed the birds as well, it was a nice experience.

Nur Hidayah · 03/03/2021

A good experience to the Butterfly Park & Insert Kingdom. We have gain knowledge from there. and took photographs with few huge parrots. The most interesting is the butterfly release. Staff there caught a butterfly and put into a folded paper. We made a wish by holding the paper then release the butterfly and let it to made my wish comes true, amazing !

Yoke Foong · 02/03/2021

I enjoyed our time at the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom! Especially the birds enclosure, with the parrots and the peacocks. The butterfly release was very fun and memorable too, as we made wishes when we released the Butterflies

Hannah · 01/03/2021

good place to bring children along to experience the wonder of butterflies , parrots and gaint lizard.

Woo · 27/02/2021

Bought the $44 package which includes drinks and corncups. We get to feed birds also. Expecting to meet a green iguana but they said they used have but still get to meet the rhino iguana. The staff there are friendly and always talking to us about the animals and their behaviours. And the butterfly areas there many beautiful butterflies.

Yasran Aishah · 21/02/2021

My 4 years old son enjoy butterfly park and insect kingdom trip. A very small area about 1hrs spending inside the park. Visit this place once will do is a out door for the butterflies and parrots and indoor for the insects...

Yindi · 18/02/2021

Meh experience. Was expecting many types of butterflies flying around but no, only one kind of butterfly. Many types of butterflies and insects Got insects. Parrots there too. Staff managing parrots and the world's biggest pigeons is quite friendly.

EE WUN · 13/02/2021

Easy to redeem. no queuing in the morning. My children are busy looking at the butterflies. There are a lot of butterflies and beautiful parrots. There is also a muesum. We bought some ? magnets too.

Jia Hui · 06/02/2021

interesting place to see the pupa to butterfly stages of the butterfly life cycle. though rather small place it is good for insect lovers. there is also macaw feeding if you are interested. good wide range of static display of pinned forest insects .

Wei Lune Timothy · 05/01/2021

Although place is small but has a few interesting place for kids such as parrot feeding, butterflies and insect kingdom. Nice collection of butterfly and beetle specimen too! Good for family outing.

Boon Ho · 04/01/2021

apart from butterflies there are insects and we also bumped into a monitor lizard on the stairs ? it's quite small though I had actually hoped for more varieties and more butterflies hence the 4 stars.

Eugene · 03/01/2021

The butterfly area was nice and quaint but spacious enough for a crowd of 10-20 people. Releasing the butterflies was a pleasant experience with a small area for some education about butterflies and moths. My kids had a great time! The aviary was alright while the insect exhibit part lacked maintenance which was a shame.

Sharon · 02/01/2021

We had a great time there.. good deal.. ?????

JULIANA · 31/12/2020

my first time booking with klook... booking was so smooth and easy. we have so much fun.. place is interesting for kids learning..

siti norain · 31/12/2020

Not much to see here. But still worth coming. I personally love seeing the butterflies up close and personal. Even saw the chrysalis and the new butterflies. After that saw the parrots and fed them (need to purchase at the entry counter or online). And then some insects at Insect World. After which is all air-conditioned with educational tour on butterflies and moths and insects. So pretty much a less than an hour thingy, if you wish to plan this into your itinerary at Sentosa.

Sophia · 31/12/2020

Need more maintenance inside the Park. Overall still fun as the staff on those interaction booth are friendly.

CHRISTINA · 29/12/2020

We could have the opportunity to know more about insects. Seeing many butterflies closely. Also to feed the parrots

Chei Guan · 27/12/2020

good learning for the kids... in particularly on the life cycle for butterfly... ?

CHEE SIANG · 26/12/2020

Big and beautiful butterflies. Parrots are beautiful as well. World's largest pigeons roaming about Nice place to visit.

Shi Yun · 25/12/2020

It's fast and fuss free purchase using the Rediscover voucher, all within 5min as I bought on the spot at the counter. Great place for family for a fun and educational visit!

Geok Pheng Jan · 22/12/2020

Booking the slot was a breeze and it’s easy to use the SRV. However, place seemed run down and not well-maintained, especially the Insect Kingdom area. Nevertheless, watching the butterflies was nice! Those with kids, I would highly recommend going for the butterfly release or the parrot feeding stations. The stick insect station was cool too! The staff in the park were friendly and willing to share their knowledge. Overall, a nice experience. :)

Faizul · 17/12/2020

It was nice but a bit boring for adults. My son enjoyed the animals and butterflies but not much butterflies when we were there. Nothing much to see actually. Just for only no need to come back.

Teresa Mamolo · 14/12/2020

Make sure u get ur tix before queuing. Expect to wait but staff were friendly and approachable. Other animals as well, exhibition was extensive also. Good for kids.

Jon · 11/12/2020

A small park located in Sentosa. Admission was easy and the place was not crowded on weekday. Parking space is nearby. The bird feeding session was good, with a friendly staff stationed there. Generally will not spend more than 1 hour there. Butterflies were limited. But there are exhibits of fossils, and insects too.

JOLENE WEI LING · 04/12/2020

Friendly and knowledgeable keepers. Old park but interesting experience. Has both outdoor and indoor section

Cheng · 04/12/2020

Lovely small area to explore. Friendly staff and they are really willing to share their knowledge with us when we asked questions. Insects-wise, there weren't much live ones. Mainly specimens throughout the indoor areas.

Jovin · 29/11/2020

Great place.

Nice place. However, it’s small and rather old.

Stephanie Ang · 05/11/2020

Not much to explorer just a little butterflies on that day we visited and really quite a small place. However, most importantly my 4 years old son happy and enjoyed it. Thanks to Klook for giving us a huge discount for a big family like us.

Chin Yee · 01/11/2020

The cheapest platform you get the ticket! Is a small place but is very informative for the children. Staff inside the park are friendly and willing to share their expertise.

Yien san · 31/10/2020

cp high

It is a worth buying trip, the scenery is beautiful, suitable for parents and children to go together! It is recommended to book early, and go during the off-season or low crowds. You can save a lot of time to run other trips.

Yu-Chun Shao · 08/10/2020

Small area with lovely butterflies and and some birds. Overall felt over price due to the size of the place and lack of activities in there. Can consider visiting if you are a butterfly lover, but the butterfly area in the Singapore zoo is much better. There is a bird area with parrot feeding at an extra fee. The insect are mostly just display specimens and not living insects. Staff there are helpful and gives insightful information about the butterflies and birds.

Kevin · 03/04/2020

Iguana was the main attraction. various types of butterflies.

PAMELA · 02/03/2020

This had lots to offer. Totally an unexpected place. A must visit for not just an experience but amso for knowledge and some bit of adventure. Here, we loved watching some exotic butterflies, never seen before, all stages from caterpillar to butterfly. The person out there had knowledge to share and was pretty friendly. As you walk in you woukd be surprised to see the iguana and Macaws and what is amazing is you can click pics with macaws on your hands and shoulders by paying a few dollara extra. All this is worth it. Infact, we were lucky to hear a cuckatoo bird talk to us. We exchanged hellos. We loved it. Highly recommend it.

Pritesh · 02/03/2020

Butterfly Park Insect Kingdom

There are butterflies flying, and parrots can be put on the body to take pictures. Most of the insects are specimens, and less live insects, which are suitable for children to visit.

訓成 劉 · 02/02/2020

Like the environment and parrots. Thousand of different butterflies and bugs inside

Esat Bayram Burak · 27/01/2020

Nice garden with butterflies, iguana, birds and exotic plants. You can go if passing through Singapore.

PAVEL · 19/01/2020

It's actually not just a butterfly park! You can see many other animals in this little kingdom. :)

Edgarlyn Blesilda · 18/01/2020

good experience there saw many things to watch such as butterflies insect and other animals

harpreet singh · 11/01/2020

very beautiful I must recommend this one butterflies insects birds and many more :)

viplove · 11/01/2020

Great interaction for children and adults alike. Very well presented premises. It is even a good place to visit when it’s raining.

Jerome · 05/01/2020

We had a great time at butterfly park saw so many beautiful butterflies they were all around you. There are other stuffs aswell like parrots, insects. It’s a small park but worth visiting.

Sara · 04/01/2020

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