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Fuss-free redemption, just have to email ifly to book the date and timeslot! Even though is 45s for 1 skydive, it is more than sufficient. Its really fun, worth a try!

lynn · 17/03/2021

My daughter had a fantastic iFly experience. The instructors were patient and clear during the briefing session. The whole experience was seamless and staff were friendly. Highly recommended. We only wish the flight was longer. She has asked to go again very soon! :)

Mei Mei · 14/03/2021

Used SRV for 2 Skydives Flight Package on a super off-peak timing at a cheaper price of $69. If don't want your long hair to get entangled into a spiral twist, do tie it up and tuck into your helmet. Locker is $2 but can also leave your bags on the benches at the restricted waiting area. Each flight is only 45 seconds. On my 2nd skydive, instructor assisted me up and down around the wind tunnel...exhilarating experience

Tan · 13/03/2021

A thrilling experience that we had at the iFly today. It was off peak so there wasn't any queue at all. However, all good things come to an end and too soon the 45 seconds flight was all over. Must go again some day!

· 11/03/2021

Booking through Klook was seamless and the experience was fun. Do note that you will still need to reserve your timing with Ifly after purchasing through Klook.

Kheng Huat · 11/03/2021

What a great experience! Celebrated my boyfriend birthday ! Staff was really friendly and very experienced at IFly ! Did you know you can fly at almost any age ? Simply have to declare if you have any injuries , the professionals will be able to assist you! Best to let them know in advance ! Book your slots today !

Xin Yi · 07/03/2021

Nice experience for a first timer and for people who like to get a feel of how skydive will feel like in it most basic form. Just that each flight is only 45secs. It will be over before you know it.

Wan Yee · 07/03/2021

Highly recommended to take 2 skydives as 1 dives is really short time you may like it after first dives. Is a very good experience and enjoyable fly. Thanks for our instructor to give us a clear guide and brief.

LAY GOON · 05/03/2021

A wonderful first time experience. Redemption was easy. Each flight less than a minute. Took 2 flights. First flight was a teaser. Instructor will take you higher up in the 2nd flight. Total experience around 1-1.5 hours including waiting, briefing, getting dressed up.

Kai ling · 28/02/2021

Been there on my birthday. Surreal experience! Closet skydive experience one can get, I strongly suggest everyone to visit this amazing place to experience the flying!! Instructors are amazingly kind enough to make experience smoother!! Kudos to iFly!! Keep flying the world.

Sharat · 23/02/2021

Wanted to try out this experience for a while and finally had the chance to do so. It was definitely extremely fun and exhilarating. Hope to be back for more indoor skydiving!

Ian · 22/02/2021

Best Valentine’s gift! My boyfriend and I both purchased the single flight SRV package via Klook but it was such a blast that we topped up the $30 for another flight. The wind tunnel is unlike any experience. All the instructors are friendly so rest assured you’ll have fun! Remember to arrive one hour early to go through briefing and to suit up. We were late but their staff Huda kindly rescheduled us for a later flight. Appreciate it immensely!

Nicole · 17/02/2021

Fun activity, only 1 try of flying (5-10mins) instead of the usual 2 when paid normal price. I was slightly late but the service was great, they rescheduled my time. ?

venice · 10/02/2021

I went for the $150 trial training package, paying only $50 because of SRV. It was 6 flights, 45 seconds each. So pretty worth the experience. The coach was professional and friendly. Highly recommend you come off-peak hours.

Yin Sheng · 06/02/2021

I booked the teaser package for the freefall experience. You may find my experience useful if you are not the sporty type. You sign an indemnity with the friendly reception staff. You get taken into a room where you sit through Shen Qingshan's 10-min brief. The coach you fly with then shows you 5 different hand gestures and the moves for entering, exiting, stabilising, bouncing off sides. I didn't do the mock poses on the masseuse bed like in the pictures. The next area is further upstairs. You get zipped up in a onesie and floated in a tube like Zordon. For the entire duration, you keep your limbs curled back and your chin up. The position feels very unnatural and takes getting used to. The grip of the accessories on your face also is not very comfortable at all. You walk out with some spit on your face. Your coach says things that make you feel good about yourself. You get an opportunity for selfies. The cert checks off 3 items, but you actually do more in the tube. There is rotation, which didn't feel very good. There is flying up and down, which was the highlight. There is also being guided forward and crashing into the wall. I felt prepared for every situation encountered thanks to the brief. The verdict is, even for non-athletic people, notwithstanding some minor discomforts, the teaser is worth signing up, and 45 seconds may be all you need.

A · 01/02/2021

I bought the tickets from Klook and sent an email to Ifly to require the time slot about 1 week before my flight date. They replied on the next day to confirm the date and time. The day we fly is my daughter birthday, she is 7 so she have free 1 printed photo from Ifly. And we purchased 1 digital photos + video ($27) reasonable price. It was smooth transaction with klook. We had a great experience at Ifly ?

Bui · 28/01/2021

We had a blast! Booking through Klook was super easy with clear step instructions. Just follow through and don’t forget to read everything because you need it for the next step which is to email to iFly. The reply from iFly was fast and everything was clear cut and smoothly done. On the day itself, front desk staffs were friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Same goes to the instructor; gave easy to understand instructions and you’ll feel very safe with him in the tunnel during flight. Overall, we enjoyed it so much we even went for a 2nd round! I advise you to go for off-peak or super off-peak because we had all the staff and place to ourselves haha no rush and in no hurry!

Nadiah · 27/01/2021

Very fun filled experience, experienced and professional staffs. Klook purchases are smooth and easy to redeem. Excellent experience, will definitely come back again

Peiwen · 25/01/2021

Seems that only Klook has this special super off peak promotion. Read up the reviews to better manage our expectations. Our instructor Shawn was very patient and really to the point when giving us tips. We had fun in the tunnel and wished it could be longer than the 45 seconds. Prior to us, we saw military personnel using the Tunnel for training as well. Our kids enjoyed themselves and requested for second dives which was possible as it wasn’t a busy day. Overall a good family outing made possible by the SRV or it will be very costly to do so. Will advise the 2 dive options for all.

KH · 18/01/2021

Email in and they will reply within 2 working days. It’s easy to book. Place was easy to find and the activity was fun. A lot of buffer time waiting, as training didn’t exactly take 1 hr long. Flight is only 45 seconds and you need to top up for additional flight. A certificate is given after the flight haha.

Kai Yu · 16/01/2021

Great fun. The kids had a wonderful time. it went quick though. Wish they would do a longer fly time from 45sec to double that.

Christina · 06/01/2021

It was an awesome experience. To feel we float around. Must try for all. They will provide suit and other accessories and there will be a small breefing before the actual flight. As them to shoot up at the end its the main highlight. You will receive a certificate also at the end.

Narayanan · 06/01/2021

Very good experience. Can be enjoyed by kids too. However the duration of flight is too short

Surajit · 05/01/2021

The experience was smooth and fun. Went with my family and got a free photo on my birthday. Not necessary to rent a locker, pretty safe. Wear your own Shoes! Did not know have to wear shoes as not stated anywhere, had to pay for shoes at $4 / pair/person. Everything else was provided, people with spectacles could request special goggles, however, it is really tight. Buy 2 flights with SRV, for sure worth!

Phua · 03/01/2021

instructor was helpful and although it was quite shocking at some point as we flew quite high, instructor will hold on to you. it was a fun and exciting experience.

Caan Pinn Jacinta · 30/12/2020

Initial planned date was fully booked, but the staff was very friendly and helped to book for a later open date. Entry process was fast and easy, with confirmation of identity before giving a wristband as a scanning ticket. Explanation of the process involved was quick and concise, and the activity itself was quite exciting. Two Skydives is recommended, as one doesn't feel enough.

Ian · 30/12/2020

Very Fun experience...really enjoyed it. Easy to redeem with voucher, very prompt response to email sent to IFly. Value for money...would love to do it again!!

Catherine Yea Meng · 28/12/2020

Definitely once in a life time experience in iFly. Go for 2 skydives as 1 skydives is definitely not enough.

Si Hui · 28/12/2020

Great fun for the wife and kids trying the feeling of skydiving for first time! Check-in process was smooth and easy, leaving us time to prep and take many photos! Would definitely return again during non-peak period to be away from the crowd.

Nicholas · 25/12/2020

Smooth and easy check-in experience. The overall package was really fun, and the coaches are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Would recommend it and would love to go back to ifly Singapore again.

Yap Yue Ling · 25/12/2020

After confirmed booking with Klook, remember to send an email to ifly for your require time slot. If they never get back to you do ring to them for confirmation before you head down. When you reached the location, do your check in and they will arrange a briefing before the flight ensure the whole process is safe. There is a instructor to guide and fly with you. A memorable flight.

Chai Heng · 21/12/2020

Fun & awesome! Didn't know if you go to ifly on your birthday, there is a complimentary photo printed for you. Need to ask the counter The timing a little short. It would he nice if can be longer

Chermaine · 21/12/2020

I had great fun. Instructions were easy to understand. It was exciting to fly up higher during the second flight. The first flight was more of familiarisation. Minimum 2 flights recommended.

WAN YEE · 19/12/2020

It was a very thrilling experience. The instructor had a very assuring presence and I felt comfortable flying in the tunnel. My favourite part was when we floated up in the tunnel, as it felt like a roller coaster. Fun!

Fabian · 18/12/2020

Really a must try experience to all who are adventure lover especially in this covid year. The experience is great plus the staffs are friendly and they are following good protocols for the safety of the flyers. They provided face-shield as well. Really enjoyed definitely will try again. ?

Rachel · 15/12/2020

It was so fun to join this activity . The instructor was friendly and very humorous. My only regret is I didn't manage to get a nice shot for the picture ?

Li Hui · 15/12/2020

After purchasing the tickets from Klook, had to send an email to iFly to book my slot 3 days in advance. They relied the next day to confirm the date and timing for my session. Getting there via Sentosa Monorail, just alight at the Beach Station and it’s right on the right. Before the actual activity, we had to watch some short intro and instructional videos. The instructor came to gave us some simple briefings for what to expect and how to keep the balance while inside the wind tunnel. There after we wer given protective suits/helmets/goggles and face shields to put on. I brought my 2 girls, age 10 and 13 to try. The 10yrs old one was panicking a little during her first try and kept looking down. That action keeps bringing her out of balance. So the key is to hold your chin up all the time! But the nice instructor was inside to help and guide. The second try the instructor would hold on to her and bring her flying all the way up, which was very exciting and fun! My other girl had a little of a problem with the suit during the 1st try, as the Velcro inside the suit was tangled around her arm, which hindered her from moving her arms, so make sure to check you wore your suit properly before heading for your “fly session”. Photos were taken and could be purchased at a reasonable price (3 pics were at ard $33). All in all, it was a smooth and fun experience and I would definitely go again.

Huei Wen · 10/12/2020

The instructor is friendly and guide. The flight is abt 45s-60s which r short though.. Prefer to get 2 flights in 1 package or purchase direct $20 for additional at there.

Ting Yu Stephanie · 09/12/2020

The instructor Joshua was friendly and clear in his instructions. The flight was amazing. Had 2 flights per pax. My family enjoyed it very much. We will do it again. They allowed top up of flights right after you fly, subject to availability.

WAN YEE · 09/12/2020

1 flight is not enough. We booked 1 flight but there was promotion and 2nd flight $20 top up only. Recommend u bring someone not flying to video you as phones not allowed inside the waiting chamber. They also charge for photos.

Elaine · 05/12/2020

A super fun afternoon activity in sentosa! Instructor was very good in guiding and informative as well. Buying from Klook is definitely much cheaper and very easy to redeem too.

Jierui Joanne · 28/11/2020

Excellent experience

With overseas travelling impossible in the near future, this is one of the more unique local experiences.

Quan Zhou · 28/11/2020

Easybto use voucher. Purchase voucher from Klook & email IFly to secure desired day & time slot. 2 flights are perfect. 1 flight would have been too few. 1st flight, instructor let participant have a feel of flying. 2nd flight, instructor takes participant really high in flight.

Brina · 26/11/2020

Probably less frightening than a real sky dive but still quite a fun experience nevertheless, though over too soon before you know what you're doing at all! Pay for the extra flight and ask to go higher, it's worth it! Kudos to staff who were organised, polite and professional. Station= Beach.

Audrey Suyieng · 24/11/2020

Amazing experience of sky diving. For that moment, i believe i can fly! Definitely once is never enough, will be going back again for more thrills for flight in mid air. Booking through Klook is surely more worthwhile and hassle-free. Klook has been my best attractions booking site for all my local and overseas travels.

chee siong · 03/11/2020

At first we thought it thought it will not be as great as the actual sky dive. I would say that we were wrong. loved this activity to understand the basics of Sky Diving and also enjoy 2 times. The Instructors were so nice and accommodative to our request. Overall super fun

Jiten · 17/09/2020

super fun, superrr memorable experience! can't imagine i'm flying super high! i will definitely go back , thank you klook! we enjoyed so much !

glen · 01/04/2020

Ifly Singapore

The ticket booking process is convenient and quick to go to the counter to make an appointment. You can directly scan the e-voucher to participate in the activity. Simple and clear course content explanation and the coach ’s actual drill can fly for the second time. You fly high and very special experience

CHIENHUNG Lin · 05/02/2020

Value back

It is recommended to use it during off-peak hours. Our family of three directly packed a game and had a great time!

Guest · 01/02/2020

Suitable for people who dare not really skydiving!

The coach is very kind so that we can relax and play freely. Next time we have the opportunity to challenge a higher level, we will perform very well after we play the coach.

Yi-Chen Huang · 21/01/2020

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