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Very good and enjoyed. Will recommend to friends to come here again. Really like, super cute. Very detail and good maintainability

Tam · 05/02/2021

Overall good place but a bit small, 30-45 minutes are more than enough to explore completely

Neeraj · 13/12/2020

It was an out of the world experience for us and kids loved it. First time ever and amazing. A must visit place

Goldee · 18/11/2020

Nice room, nice staff ??? should come to try once lived "spoony"

Trang · 20/06/2020

We arrived at the upside down house and at first the staff were helpful but did not explain the best places to take the photos and felt it was very much for a younger age range and not for adults. My friend and I were the only ones in the upside down house and could have had more fun if the staff had got involved with photo taking. Felt they just could not be bothered with 2 people. I would not go if you have to travel too far. I was looking for somewhere to go before our flights but this is one I would not recommend it looked fun and information on trip advisor but we left disappointed after about half an hour. Lighting for some photos are not good.

Lorraine · 07/03/2020

Had a lot of fun experiencing the upside down world in Da Nang! 9 rooms in total to fool people and make them look twice at what’s going on ha. Would recommend if you want to kill a few hours and get some good pictures at the same time.

Matthew · 23/02/2020

It ’s really hot without air-conditioning, but it ’s so expensive to get a sweat, but the tickets are cheap and close to home. It ’s a little awkward that there are no guests taking pictures and no music.

hsiaotung · 10/02/2020

The price is good enough for Zhongyiying to make funny faces. You can play well. There are 12 rooms to choose from.

Chun Man · 08/02/2020

Wouldn’t recommend. Very small. Dirty. Many broken accessories.

Ryan · 03/02/2020

Booking through Klook is quicker and cheaper than the original price. There are many topics for every creative person. Also quite interesting

Thi Thuy Hang · 30/01/2020

It was nice experience I have a great time. Its hard finding the location bit i managed it you only need a taxi

sunshine day lou · 28/01/2020

Not enough time to go, no refund, it should be special, go again next time

SIU WAI CARMAN · 28/01/2020

Closer than expected Nice receptionist It's a pity when booking a ticket. Wrong booking. Wrong booking. 6 people, although only 3 people (sad)

worathach · 19/01/2020

Very good service. Easy to use. You just need to dirty your phone. The price is cheaper than buying directly

Duc Trung · 18/01/2020

fortunately, we have some photo freaks in our group. so they can have fun. those who only take "necesarry" photos will do this experience in less than one hour.

Philip Budi · 11/01/2020

This is classic and not many people to queue. A good place for taking pictures. Nice.

Ka Chung · 10/01/2020

The place is OK. Some scenes are in need for a repair but overall it's an OK place to spend up to an hour of your time. Nothing to make me want to go back a second time though. Staff are helpful.

SAKDA · 03/01/2020

Interesting place but smaller than I thought it would be. Good for interesting photos on a rainy day but we were only there for less than 30 min.

Ngoc giau · 03/01/2020

Nice indoor activities. The scenes are pretty. There are good coffee shops nearby.

Chi on · 29/12/2019

Small place but its a fun place. My kids love arts so they appreciated the place so much.

honeybelle · 25/12/2019

I thought it wasn't too attractive to actually go to the shop until I found it very interesting.

Kam Ho · 22/12/2019

Little kids like this very much, coming here for free to take pictures backwards

Nguyen Le · 14/12/2019

Best suitable for family Younger children can enjoy this.

Nattiya · 14/12/2019

Small place but fun. Some worn and broken pieces here and there but not that noticeable in photos. The staff was helpful in helping us take photos. They can't accept credit card, so I bought ticket from Klook with credit card and instantly get the voucher as entrance ticket for convenience.

Kar Kun · 11/12/2019

fun. exciting. should go with your group to have strange poisonous shoots.

BAO TRUNG · 08/12/2019

Great place to take photos, the staffs are friendly & can help us to take photos. However ,the place is much more smaller than expected. We left the place in less than an hour.

seah · 04/12/2019

great place to take photos if you are a couple or in a group. friendly staff. take a good camera/phone

Mitul · 17/11/2019

Very cheap and convenient, very recommend

Kwun Ching · 01/11/2019

Very cheap and convenient, very recommend

Kwun Ching · 01/11/2019

Very cheap and convenient, very recommend

Kwun Ching · 01/11/2019

Nice. But very hot. There had few air-conditioning but is only 1 is on.

Yee Tsung · 10/10/2019

We had a good time. It's great for IG photos. We are grown ups and had a good time. The staff even took photos for us.

Scott · 08/10/2019

Was a little surprised when the taxi pulled up to the location as the building exterior was very unassuming. However, we had an all-round great time taking photos of all the different room types.

Sze Yin Lydia · 04/09/2019

Had fun in 90' and 180' upside down rooms. Took time while getting a perfect upside down shot.

Sudarshan · 29/08/2019

Great experience! Worth a trip. Will try again the next time. Great value for money

Yan Hong Alex · 12/08/2019

Went there in weekend and only our family. Facilitates are old and not enough air condition. Overall is ok to spend an hour or so.

Sai Kwan terence · 01/08/2019

Good experience and nice photo. Recommended for tourists

Trong Mai Thanh · 22/07/2019

Easy to redeem! Thank you klook

Chi ho · 28/06/2019

It was quite fun. The place is small and I wish they had air-conditioning.

Hoi Ying · 01/06/2019

It’s really a little ex but with staff helping you to take photos it’s quite worth the buck !

Kelvin · 15/05/2019

Thought provoking!. But all are similar. Small place. Expensive.

Ramasamy · 03/05/2019

the upside down world is good for kids. there is only 2 level but is divided into 9 different setting. quite an interesting and fun experience.

Ting Ying Charmaine · 25/04/2019

ok to spend a few hours. great with a number of friends or family.

Cho Yeung · 06/04/2019

It was perfect day to spend some time in there, because it was raining cat and dog, lucky we booked the same day to visit and it was a lot of fun to see the pictures.

Chiu · 28/03/2019

nice settings but staff there didn't show guidance to us of how to take pictures. kind of difficult to adjust the angle from just looking at demonstration picture.

Chui Ling · 06/03/2019

very good, very exciting, good experience, and very special.

WaiFo · 16/02/2019

experience is great. you come to know the world from different angle all together.. must visit place with friends & family..

Arvind · 13/01/2019

Definitely worth it! It was raining in Da Nang for that week and this indoor activity was awesome. There were 9 decorated upside down rooms, lots of fun! Each room provides some samples so we could follow. The staff were kind and very helpful thay they helped us in posing and taking photos! Recommended!

Yan Lam · 30/12/2018

Not so interesting. Better to spend the money elsewhere in danang

Wan Keng · 19/12/2018

It was such a cute place. a girl followed us and took pictures for us! it would have been hard to do it alone as there is only 2 of us. the girl gave us ideas on what poses to do. she was very friendly! i highly recommend this place for a unique experience!

Tian S · 14/11/2018

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