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A great experience last 2019. We will come back once traveling is safe.

DHAZLE · 06/03/2021

Amazing experience ? Next time we visit Taipei will surely book a day tour ?

Ma Katrina · 02/03/2021

The highlight of the trip was the elevator ride... how often can you have the chance to ride an elevator that once held the Guinness world record for fastest ascent. I think the experience would have been better if we went there during the night.

Siew Hoon · 01/03/2021

extremely easy to redeem, and much worth to purchase through klook! visited during evening and the view was amazing. highly recommended to all those who wants to visit during the weekdays to avoid the crowd. might defeat the purpose if it was raining though, so do check before purchasing the tickets.

Wan Jing · 01/03/2021

Thanks Klook! Its very convenient. I purchased the ticket through Klook when I was outside walking into the mall. I get instant confirmation and exchanged for physical ticket. The staff allowed me to enter 30 minutes earlier since not so many people during this pandemic. I went there just before sunset so that I can enjoy both day and night view of Taipei City! There is no time limit. Dont forget to go to outdoor observatory deck. It was a great experience!

Ahmad Raiminor · 15/01/2021

Easy and no fuzz

easy to purchase, suitable for Taiwan Residents only (Taiwan nationals, ARC holders also). will recommend to others

Min Shen Chang · 28/12/2020

Spectacular view at the observatory deck! We visited this tower at night after our visit to Elephant mountain or Xiangshan. Plenty of people milling around and brightly lit and colorful. At the bottom of the tall tower is a multi-level shopping mall. The mall gathered most of the expensive high end brands in clothing, jewelry, leather goods, and restaurants in the upper 5 floors. Down below, the basement level is the more interesting floor with a food court, various restaurants, gift stores, and an international grocery store.

Abegail · 07/12/2020

Enjoyed the visit!

Very important to check the weather report!

Britta Tsao · 22/11/2020

Very convenient purchasing through Klook with almost no wait time. The staff had everything ready upon exchanging the e-ticket at the front desk. On the way to the elevator, be sure to let the staff know if you don't want to take and purchase pictures so you can speed through the line to the elevator. Be sure to allow around 10 min to line up to take the elevator down. Overall, lots of great views and a wonderful experience!

John · 29/09/2020

A special offer that none can resist. Its half the price! Had a great time bring our daughter there for the first time and it was also the first time for myself and my wife. The whole process was smooth with the booking, redeeming the voucher and the observatory. Do go a bit early to avoid the crowd.

Khor · 22/09/2020

It was convenient to pick up my ticket from a ticket booth at the lobby. When I was outside the mall, it looked like clouds were swirling around Taipei 101, so I was worried about being able to see anything, but after I ascended, the clouds cleared. I spent 3 hours up there walking rounds looking, taking photos & videos, and looking at the exhibits and things on sale. Don't miss the tuned mass damper in the interior (have to walk to another floor).

Ghee Hie · 13/09/2020

love it

It’s the best place to spend time with.

Primprimm Pumsuwan · 28/08/2020

I went at night and saw the sunset from the observatory. Due to the coronavirus, the observatory was very empty, making my visit a good purchase. Only about 10 or so other visitors were at the observatory with me, so there were more employees than visitors. I was able to get really nice views and photos. Employees were also eager to help (perhaps out of boredom. Haha).

Ngai Kay Rachel · 23/05/2020

This place is worth a visit.. If you don't have time to go up tge Elephant mountain, then you can just visit Taipei 101.. We were allowed to enter earlier than the scheduled time.. Just don't miss visiting the outside observatory deck as we almost did.. ?

Cynthia · 19/03/2020


Cheaper and convenient!

Miro SNG · 14/03/2020

Good value

Everything was as described, very easy to book and to redeem, and good value. The observatory was nice, although the visibility wasn't great. Overall a pleasant experience, just try to time book it on a day with good visibility.

Gleb Diorditsa · 11/03/2020

Ride the fastest elevator in the world! From 5F to 89F in just 37 seconds! We were able to view the stunning sunset from the observatory area at 89F. Get it here in Klook so you can save much money. Thanks Klook!

Jackson · 05/03/2020

because of covid-19, no long queue, no waiting, and i was able to reach level 88 within 10 minutes time. the view was mesmerising, i love visiting world’s tallest building, and this is my fourth tower after KL tower, tokyo skytree & eiffel tower. major love!

OMAR QAYYUM · 29/02/2020

Our Taipei 101 experience is so nice, we are escorted with very nice staff and only thin crowd. We booked normal ticket but there was no one booked at first lot 9am so we got like priority pass. The observatory deck atmosphere fresh and full of sunshine. A very satisfying experience.

Uyen Phuong · 27/02/2020

little Q for redemption. need to show passport and printed klook voucher for easy redemption. staff will print tickets for us but when reach the gantry to enter hsr platform, we cannot tap and go in. need look for the staff to open the gate for us. only negative point here. others if purchase on the spot are given a card which they can tap in and out. it is still cheaper to buy on klook comparing to purchasing at site

Munish · 26/02/2020

We booked a ticket for 13.30 but we were there earlier and the staff let us in without any problem. We had a normal ticket and we went up from the ticketing area to the top within 5 minutes. 0 quere! The top view is amazing, you also can go to the outside area. Staff were very friendly.

Mikolaj · 22/02/2020

Learned a lot from this place. Taipei 101 is a must on every Taiwan visit. It boasts of nice view of the Taipei city lights. Surely, the experience is one of a kind! Best to go during evening too while queues are shorter and the scenes are spectacular.

Paula Jean A · 18/02/2020

No need to fall in line and get an actual ticket. The QR code is your entry to Taipei 101. Observatory is very spacious. We stayed there for about 3 hrs and watched the sunset. Very convenient pass from Klook!

Arielle Krizzia · 17/02/2020

awesome!!!! we got the buy 1 get 1 free ticket so it saved us lots of money! the view wad fantastic and there were lots of lovely souvenirs from the store too! definitely recommend coming to see the view at night !

Katie Wing Yee · 17/02/2020

it is a great experience for us to visit the Tallest Building! sad to say the 91st floor that time is close due to the weather. But anyways still thankful and experienced to see the view of Taipei! thanks klook!

Sharif Alyssa · 14/02/2020

Easy to redeem. And we got this on Buy1 Free1 deal! So worth it! We booked for 5pm slot, but we’re bit late by 15mins. But the staffs are so polite and allowed us to walk through the gate. We saw the sky turned dark and all the city lights turn on beautifully. ^^ There are several shops on the observatory. The price is fair but I guess the shop on the ticketing booth floor has more variety. You can walked up the stairs (no elevator) to view the outside, but the wind might be too strong.

Faten Laila · 14/02/2020

Easy to redeem although the assistant had to check with her manager/in the back office regarding our Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer which left me a bit uneasy for a few moments. The view from the tower was a bit hazy but nice, there are also plenty of other things to see and do inside and lots of shops too.

Jonathan · 14/02/2020


I bought them 5 mins before the selected time slot, stack disocunt codes it will be even cheaper than buying at counter. the free gift also make it even more value for money! 3 packets of instant earl grey milk tea per ticket.


Nice view ??

No need to get in line, just show the voucher and you’re good to go. The view of Taipei is amazing esp at night. After the tour, you can get a box of 3:15 tea packets at the souvenir shop.

Jemaira Ricaro · 11/02/2020

This is a must see when it's your first time to visit Taiwan! The Taipei 101 in itself has a lot to offer, and the observatory is where you should go if you appreciate high places and admiring a city's scenery from above. The view is amazing and the photos dont do justice! Wait time to ride the elevator could be a bit long but it's worth it! At least get to expeirence it once, it could be one of the memorable highlights of your trip!

Heidi · 07/02/2020

Great Experience

With the voucher, we did not need to line up for tickets to go to the elevator. Granted, there's still a long line there, at least we did not need an extra lining up session. Despite the small area of the tower, there's still a lot of things to see, so take your time roaming around the area. Unfortunately, we chanced upon a cloudy day during our schedule, so there's not much sights to see, but we still enjoyed roaming around the tower. The free milk tea packets were also delicious! Just claim them at the souvenir shop :) Overall a great experience :)

Elaiza Berame · 07/02/2020

A breathtaking experience! No words can describe the experience. The elevator going to 89th floor is extremely amazing. in just 25 seconds, you will able to reach the 89th floor where you can see in 360 degrees the whole Taipei. An activity you should never miss when touring in Taipei.

Marvin · 07/02/2020

Very easy to use. No hassle at all. Once purchased all you have to do is line up for the elevator which will bring you up to the observatory and show your QR code. And get ready for fun to explore Taipei 101 observatory. There are a lot of instagram worthy pictures to shoot.

Catherine · 06/02/2020

Pretty night lights

It was fun and pretty seeing Taipei from high up. The elevator is super fast, going ground to the observatory deck in 37 sec

Tristan Yuan · 06/02/2020

Taipei 101 one of the talkest building in the world. You can view all here. Its very picturesque viewing above. One of the best things to do in Taipei. The scenery of the top of the building also attracts your eyes during viewing down and above. Its worth a penny to experience this building. I highly recommend to booked this ticket ahead of time. This adventure would really brings happiness and joy. All i can say its high and above viewing experience. It is also easy to redempt the ticket and convinient because you will not have to line up during redemption just go directly to the entrance. And way to go

Raul John Jr · 05/02/2020

It was very convenient to purchase ticket ahead. The line for entrance was already long enough so imagine if you had to line up just to purchase tickets. Anyway, the view up above was really nice. Don’t forget to visit the ouside viewing deck!!!

Jessa Marie · 05/02/2020

Instant Confirmation

Despite worrying of bad weather, we bought the ticket online on the same day we visited Taipei 101. The confirmation was instant and we entered by just showing the QR code received via Apps or Email. The scanning was fast and we entered smoothly.

Chung Yoke Foong · 03/02/2020

Taipei 101 is a nice experience and has some great fun facts. Klook made it very convenient to book a ticket. We still need to queue for about an hour or so to go up the tower. Visit our instagram page: the.curious.minds

MARIA ISABELA · 02/02/2020

I thought this observatory experience would be like most where you just go to the top to take pictures, but this experience was pretty cool. My favorite part was being able to see the wind damper as this is not commonly open to the public in taller buildings. The queue was a little long, but that’s to be expected. It’s worth the experience.

Kendra · 02/02/2020

Although having the klook ticket meant we didn’t have to line up to buy the ticket at the counter, we still had to queue for quite a while to go upstairs. It was a packed elevator ride up but the queue was long enough for us to get our picture taken and we bought it for memories sake afterwards. We tried the tea upstairs too and it was an amazing experience, the way they taught us about the tea and let us try the different mountain teas (we bought 3 tea in the end, it was so good and expensive at the same time ?). Spent a good 4 hours there if not more

Li May · 31/01/2020

Observatory entrance is located on the 5th floor. In just 37 seconds, you can get to the 89th floor using the world's fastest elevator. At daytime, enjoy the breathtaking views of the city as well as the mountainous part of the land of the milk tea. During night time, enjoy the Taipei city lights. You can also relax on the observatory deck at 91st floor.

Lorelie · 30/01/2020

So easy booking tickets for Taipei 101 with Klook. Instant confirmation and instructions very clear. Added voucher to apple wallet. Scanned on arrival. Quick efficient and great discount for the tower.

Tayfun · 28/01/2020

Klook is very reliable Application when it comes for traveling. I will recommend this because its very convenient to go to Taipei 101 without falling in line... you just show to the security the barcode that you purchased and u just wait around 10-15 minutes for the elevator ride. Once u reach in the up u can see the view of Vietnam. U can go also to outdoor observatory for you to see more.

Cloyd · 26/01/2020

When u booked this in Klook its very convenient for you to get the ticket on the building. Just show the barcode then thats it. One of the highlights is the elevator going up. One of the fastest elevator ride.

Cloyd · 26/01/2020

Must visit place in Taipei as it is the tallest building in Taiwan, offering the best view of the city. Recommended to go for sunset and night view of the city. The design of the building is truly fascinating

Eu Gene · 25/01/2020

Got the deal for buy 1 free 1 so it was worth it. Was very cloudy when we went so some views were obstructed. Was abit confused on where to redeem the tickets and was later directed to go directly to the line at the entrance to scan the qr code.

Shi Minh · 23/01/2020

easy and quick claiming of tickets.. very convenient and the views are very amazing from the top. The elevator is indeed and very amazing experience and just 45 seconds you are now at the 89 flr. Really the ticket is worth a while..Just try it when you are in taipei..thanks klook...

Glory · 20/01/2020

Towering above the city like the gigantic bamboo stalk it was designed to resemble, Taipei 101 is impossible to miss. At 508m, Taipei 101 held the title of 'world's tallest building' for a number of years. Until 2011, it also held the title of the world's tallest green building.

Darel Jem · 20/01/2020

Easy and quick claiming of tickets no lines for claiming using the voucher. Very convenient. The views are amazing from the top. The elevator is Indeed an amazing experience, it shows you how fast you are going. Really the ticket is worth the price.

MARIE CRIS · 19/01/2020

Choose the early time 9AM opening for you to be sure that it wasn't too crowded when you get up. There was some souvenir also at the top wasn't cheap at all. The observation deck was convenient also when you have some senior citizen as they provided several seats for every post columns.

Ray Jayson · 19/01/2020

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