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nicely decorated, kids love them! We have learnt that 1 cacao tree can only produce 500g of pure chocolate, that is very scarce indeed!

Pak Suet Elsa · 27/12/2020

Stuff were nice to explain and introduce the chocolate history and production. However, it was too small to finish in a hour.

Shuk Ling · 12/12/2020

have to give this up because I didnt plan my itinerary and lack of interest from my children (who are suppose to love chocolate). sudden heavy rain have dampened everyone's mood. I personally was looking forward to it. too bad.

Wei Ken · 26/11/2020

Small museum and cozy museum where you could chocolates disguised as different things.

Mary Iris · 20/11/2020

Interesting experience indeed as I am a chocolate lover. It was really fun to look at the different chocolate exhibits that we are beautifully made and we managed to learn different types of chocolates. I loved the chocolate tasting. We are unable to buy souvenirs as it was a bit pricy. All in all, it was really entertaining.

Regene Joy · 29/10/2020

Although it is not a very big exhibition, the exhibits are impressive and the services are great. The chocolate taste nice too. Good experience for kids.

So Kan · 27/10/2020

The staff is very serious and introduced a lot of knowledge regarding to chocolate. Also, although the exhibition is small, it is inspiring

· 26/10/2020

GOOD TO TRY fun activity to relax we went here after eating lunch - so it served as our dessert :) the museum alone is very amazing the workshop is fun and relaxing great for kids and kids at heart


Very glad I purchased this after I booked tickets for the Ngong Ping 360 cable car on Klook. It's one of the newer establishments in the area, located just two minutes away from the cable car station and a couple of seconds from the bus terminal. The museum guide was fluent in both Cantonese and English and had a brilliant sense of humor. We could tell he really loved chocolate and knew a great deal about it. Best part was the chocolate tasting, which is also included in the admission ticket. Kids might enjoy the workshop that allows them to paint edible glitter onto chocolate for an additional price.

Ngo Yin Jovita · 11/10/2020

Interesting chocolate art displays but the exhibition is too small, we finished in less than 20 minutes. Nothing interactive except for the chocolate tasting activity. Chocolate always tastes good anyway. It's not value-for-money to me.

Puay Lin · 09/09/2020

it is very nice, but the photo shooting area could be bigger and the chocolate tasting is definitely good

Anthony · 27/06/2020

Something different to do for sure but Wasn’t worth the money, I was disappointed. I thought we’d do more than paint edible glitter onto chocolate. The staff were lovely, but even the children on another table got way bigger chocolate than us.

Danielle Ciara · 22/06/2020

Very nice one . The product show is vivid although small . The workshop is interesting and the staff is patient and professional . Worth to go and buy the chocolate .

Chun ping · 14/06/2020

So cool. I didn’t realise that everything was made from chocolate. The painting was good and it was cool that you could upgrade if we wanted

Taylor · 23/04/2020

nothing special to see. the normal chocolates we see in a store.

SHAYNE ANNE · 25/02/2020

We went to Ngong Ping around the time when the cable cars were not operating, so we had to go by bus. It rained when we went there. We almost did not go to the Art of Chocolate. Good thing we didn't skip it! Enjoyed the displays. The staff was friendly. When we visited, we did not buy the package with the chocolate design, but the staff offered it to us for free. It was my favorite part, that and chocolate-tasting.

Uclid Tesalonika · 16/02/2020

Mind blown by the craftsmanship of each chocolate creation in imitation of an object. It is not a must go but it’s good to stop by and appreciate

Yee Yan Bessie · 01/02/2020

I enjoyed it so much since all chocolate creations were so awesome

ANGELICA · 21/01/2020

awesome experience. nice staff and price worth it yummy chocolates

Hasmie Nazlah · 13/01/2020

not much activity in the store for adults except picture for life sizes chocolate sculpture like fruits, gown etc. but kids will enjoy the chocolate decorating activity. nonetheless, it is worth he visit if you are already in tung chung area.

Ruby Angelica · 12/01/2020

We enjoyed this activity very much as it was very interactive especially when it comes to the 2D chocolate workshop. My daughter whi's very artsy loved designing her chocolate. Plus the free tasting was good from the first up until the last kind on the tray that none of it was left.

April Ann · 09/01/2020

It was a really great experience and I had a great time with my family. The entrance fee was really cheap on klook


Enjoy the masterpiece of the chocolate master. All pieces are made by chocolate. The chocolate workshop is quite fun. You could taste different kinds of chocolate which is more bitter or sweeter and make your own chocolate! (but can't be eat). The fly in the ointment is the destination of the museum is quite far away from the city. You have to take long journey buses to reach the place.

Wang Wai · 03/01/2020

I love chocolates! I was amazed by how they did every single piece on that museum. The staff was very accommodating and friendly. Free chocolates! ?

MELVIN · 31/12/2019

Interesting experience, appreciated the chocolate tasting but then chocolate decoration was a bit too boring since the supplies and kinds of chocolate to pick from were limited for Klook users. Chocolate exhibits were beautifully made and fun to look at but the place was very small. The chocolates are really delicious. Would still recommend for you to try.

Jessica · 31/12/2019

Chocolates were amazing when best explained. Thanks klook!!!

Myla · 26/12/2019

It’s great experience to have free try of chocolate. Staff is patient in explaining about the difference of raw chocolate and the commercials chocolate. Kid did make a great chocolate art work! It’s fun?

Lai Yan · 22/12/2019

Very real the chocolate art work! A cool place for photo shooting?

Lai Yan · 22/12/2019

It’s just a small room but the chocolates are delicious. An activity for the entire family.

melissa · 15/12/2019

The staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable! It’s tiny, but the sculptures are worth a stop in! Definitely do the chocolate tasting.

Caitlyn · 09/12/2019

Kind staffs and amazing display of chocolates, not to mention the chocolates ate delicious, too!

Bernadette Anne · 07/12/2019

yummy chocolates. great to experience and see real life figures made in chocolates.

Irish Yoshabel · 07/12/2019

Klook offers a number of package options for this activity and each of it is a great deal to avail. The instructions and inclusions were correct as advertised, and the perks of having no ticket queue line plus the discounted price overall is already a win-win! ♡ It is recommended to buy in Klook for this activity because not only it saves you on pricey admission but also its other additions. The experience was great, you get to see artworks made by chocolates, have a workshop where you make and color your chocolate, and taste different kinds of chocolates. Totally worth it!

Richelle · 23/11/2019

The experience was so educational. The host, Mr. Steve was so accommodating and very knowledgeable about chocolates. I am really glad that I availed the chocolate tasting and that I have learned the difference. Now I know that I should have also availed of the hands-on. I will really recommend this.

JOHN LA VERNE · 20/11/2019

The experience was unforgetable because it was an actual chocolate preparation. My kids truly enjoyed the experience and ofcourse the taste of the chocolates

Ana Leah · 09/11/2019

It was a nice experience. Worth the money imo. The chocolate tasting was interesting and delicious ofc. The exhibition itself was pretty short but still impressive. Painting your very own chocolate piece was fun.

Thu · 14/10/2019

We totally loooovvveeeee this museum but hey dont expect much! This is a very very small museum but the thing we love here is that their chocolates taste great.. Worth dropping by when you're in Ngong Ping.. ❤️❤️❤️

Winelyn · 29/09/2019

Best part of the day honestly, good service, chocolates and a simple chill workshop. There was even a promo for the choco goodies they had when we went, our first souvenir purchase and we never regret. Good for a group but can be calming by yourself.

Iona · 22/09/2019

Awesome experience! All chocolates were divine, especially the very unique ruby chocolate. The artworks were also intricate considering they're all made of chocolate. The workshop was fun as I have never tried to paint on chocolate before. Truly a one of a kind experience.

Justine · 08/09/2019

We enjoyed creating our own chocolates. The entire place smelled nice and the creations are cute. It’s a small plave you would only need an hour. We purchased chocolates too, the dark chocolate one is especially yummy. If you have a bad back tale note that the stool you’ll be using to create your chocolate design isn’t ergonomic though.

Angela Kristine · 01/09/2019

This experience is simply awesome! you get to visit what seems to be a chocolate museum and be amazed by what you can see inside. It is also great to taste different types of chocolate and even one that is just exclusive to this place! If you have someone with you, or your kid, do not miss the chocolate workshop which is very fun! see the pictures I posted for your reference. This is a great deal and you surely won't regret taking advantage of this.

CARLO MAGNO · 27/08/2019

It was fun and very informative activity. Highly recommended specially for kids. Staff are very friendly and helpful, they even offered to leave our heavy bags before going to Big Buddha. Chocolate free tasting are awesome . My daughter enjoyed the workshop and will definitely come back again. Thank you ???

Jonabel · 07/08/2019

It was a great experience! The chocolates were nice and i like how it melts in your mouth! You get information as well from different type of chocolates though the collection shouldnt be touch, it takes so much control not to. :)

Dionne Christine C · 27/07/2019

This was really fun. I admit that there was not a lot of displays but it was still interesting. If you book this you should try the workshop. I think that is what made this so fun. The tasting was good, though there was not too much chocolate. The ladies working in that area were great and really helpful. I think this would be perfect for crafters. Also you get a small gift for visiting.

Cassandra · 27/07/2019

10 stars for this! Staff are all friendly and accommodating! It was a short experience but very entertaining and informative. I went here alone but I was treated like a family by all the staff. I will definitely come back here when I visit again. The chocolate workshop is also fun, plus you get to bring home the chocolate you designed!

MARK EARL ANGELO · 19/07/2019

Amazing experience to be at th art of chocolate! our guide is so nice on teching us on how to make chocolate and giving us knowledge about chocolate.. This is thumbs up even ms kelly since weve met in the event thru klook and saw her in Hongkong! ???.. thanks klook!

Lovely Kathleen · 12/07/2019

I'm ecstatic to say the best chocolate I ever had. One of the most memorable one yet. Made of its finest and purest cocoa, these products are the best and not to mention its wonderful design of pure genius. I will most definitely come back to experience the chocolate making workshop next time. Tip: enjoy and savor every chocolate bit. Date: July 10, 2019

ERVIN · 11/07/2019

Ms. Kelly Mak was very hospitable and accommodating to us. We met her last time here in ph in klook festival and saw her again in the chocolate art museum. We are very comfortable talking with her and she and his business partner gave us a discount in their chocolates. Worth a tine to be in the museum. Will come back soon

precious faith · 03/07/2019

For the love of art and chocolates, you should not miss to visit this place at Ngong Ping. For sure, you'll be amazed of the chocolate artworks at the museum and even experience to taste the varieties of chocolates from bitter to the sweetest. It was indeed a great experience at Chocolate Art Museum at Hong Kong ?

CATHERINE · 24/06/2019

This so-called museum is terrible. Someone at the Peak Galleria in Hong Kong rented some temporary space to a Ukrainian chocolatiere, and he set up a sad little display of sculptures in chocolate and marzipan? The place smelled bad, the staff were unenthusiastic, there wasn't much explanation, and the museum was decidedly short in duration.

Robert H ·

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