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When during the winter time... and we manage to see the dolphins. Had a pleasant trip

Jasmine · 05/12/2020

Had a lovely time, well organized tour. Even saw the dolphins!

YUAN YUAN · 05/11/2020

Very recommended tour for everyone including kids and seniors. Safe, detailed, informative and pleasant trip to watch the Chinese White Dolphins. They are so cute.

Wai Sum · 31/10/2020

Highly recommended. Fantastic experience for both kids and adults, tourists and locals to see and learn about the wild animals. Good boat ride too. We were lucky to see at least five dolphins out of the not-too-many in HK. The dolphins also looked bigger in real life than the pictures!

Yan Ying · 19/10/2020

it was fantastic trip ever. we saw one dolphin. he stayed with us the whole time we were there. our children loved it

Thanh HUONG · 16/03/2020

unique and fun half day experience and close to lautau island

CHRISTINE · 05/03/2020

The ride was cool, and the scenery of the mountains and the HK Macau Bridge were awesome but the dolphin sightings were sporadic and not frequent, was hoping for more appearances

Hao Xiong · 16/01/2020

Didn't catch much sightings of the dolphins for this trip and we were told the reason was that there was an uncommon amount of big, plastic rubbish on the sea which may be the reason the dolphins don't come out. Otherwise the guide was good and our needs were mostly taken care of. :)

Tan · 04/01/2020

An absolutely amazing experience to see the beautiful dolphins in the wild one my family and I will never forget the Klook voucher was very easy to use

Kylie · 28/12/2019

very fun. i am local HK people and i think this is also great experience for not just tourists but local people!!!

TAK HOU GORDON · 27/12/2019

An amazing day out. Saw so many dolphins. They’re so lovely and amazing. The ladies who took us were telling us about the dolphins and how to help them survive. A really important cause. Ease to book and attend. Would definitely recommend.

Anu · 21/12/2019

experience was very serene ♡ our tour guide was super friendly!

Michaela Francesca · 20/12/2019

An incredible experience, we were lucky enough to see half of the known pink dolphin colony on our trip. It was truly unforgettable, and our guide Thea was very knowledgeable about the dolphins, their habitat, and the threats that man poses to this beautiful species. Well worth the money. I'd go again!

Leonie · 16/12/2019

Saw several dolphins. Ticket was really pricey though.

Andrea · 13/12/2019

Very good tour! Pick up was smooth and we kept to schedule. The boat was actually very nice and comfortable with drinks and biscuits available on board. We saw about five or six dolphins so we ended up back in TST early rather than spending a lot of time on the water. This was fine with us as we were satisfied with what we had seen. My only criticism is that there were a lot of children on our tour - two of them were lovely and well behaved but the other six ran around screaming even though everybody (children and adults alike) had been told that noise would keep the dolphins away. I think that if the parents aren’t doing their job to control the kids, the tour guides should step in and make sure the children are told they have to sit down and be quiet as it ruins it for everyone else. There is only a light hand rail between the water and safety and I wouldn’t have been surprised if someone had fallen in because they were just running around like monkeys. If you or your kids aren’t interested in sitting quietly for a little while so others can enjoy the experience then this tour isn’t for you.

Marlo · 09/12/2019

I am a really bad pic taking skill but you should see that you definitely will see dolphin. They are so interesting and we all love it. we were very fortunate and saw at least 20 plus dolphin. a must see.

Tsz Yeung · 02/12/2019

Worth the money! Everything went smoothly. Totally recommended. We definitely saw the dolphins

Nor Halina · 04/11/2019

We had the most wonderful experience seeing 10 different dolphins ? and a baby. Maybe it’s because we went mid week and there wasn’t other boats around. Our kids were absolutely stoked and we felt so lucky. We wish we could do more for these seriously endangered animals.

Justin · 31/10/2019

Had a great time! Saw a bunch of dolphins! We were very happy.

Christopher Lok Him · 24/10/2019

Was on a spacious big boat. Spotted many pink dolphins, really an amazing experience to see them in the wild.

Kai Teng · 05/10/2019

wow, it was incredible! we saw 4 pink beautiful creatures on that day. we are very lucky. the boat was clean too! very nice experience!

Anthoni · 01/10/2019

Very nice trip. The guide was really good, was explaining about dolphins in bus and we have spotted 12-13 dolphins.

Sabana · 16/09/2019

Just brilliant. Very well organised and I’d recommend catching the coach from the Kowloon Hotel. Vincent our guide gave us lots of information on the coach and then we joined a very smart boat that took us into the bay. After 50 minutes we saw lots of dolphins that were just incredible for our children. Very efficient and professional trip and we were back in Kowloon for 1pm. Highly recommended for families.

Jonathan · 29/08/2019

What an amazing experience getting to see the beautiful dolphins. I didn't even realise this was something you can do in Hong Kong. I strongly recommend this experience.

Amy · 24/07/2019

Great way to support the survival of these beauties. We saw 4 adults feeding and what a sight it was! The blush pink popping up and down from the blue water was amazing. The crew are so informative about all aspects of the dolphins. A once in a lifetime experience.

Alysha · 28/06/2019

Happen to spot a dolphin family with a baby dolphin!! It was a very memorable experience. Overall the tour went very smoothly.

Shanmuga Vadivu · 23/06/2019

Don't let the serenity of the start of the trip fool you. The captain and crew work hard to locate the pink dolphins. Once we found a small pod, we spent a good hour watching them. Such beautiful animals!

Aadithya · 29/04/2019

Saw lots of dolphins, was really nice! And have some educational information.

Samuel · 25/04/2019

Great experience and we did saw a few dolphins less then an hour. But the bad things is that we choose Chinese tour guide end up the route guide speak to us in English

Yap · 04/04/2019

An absolutely amazing experience. The guides are knowledgeable and very passionate about helping the dolphins.

Tyran · 27/03/2019

Wonderful experience. The tour guide was very knowledgeable regarding pink dolphins. We were lucky on our trip and saw many pink dolphins.

Fiona · 15/03/2019

Get out of the city and onto the water and enjoy a fabulous half day trip watching the Chinese white dolphin- AKA pink dolphins. The tour is responsibly led and easy to do. We spent over an hour watching the pink dolphins. It's not to be missed!

Brandi Maurine · 14/02/2019

On time start for the day. staff were there to sign up at the meeting poiny from early. the expanation about the entire activity was good. nice boat . well equiped with tea coffee, biscuits water, clean washrooms. thete are 3 decks on the boat. lower deck are the washrooms, middle deck are nice comfortable sitting area and also acess to the open bow area, top deck is also nice with partial sunroof and also the boatman. nice sailing passing by the airport n looking at planes taking off from close by. pass through the sea bridge to china and macau as well with nice close views. once we reached the viewing area of the pink dolphins, we immediately spooted 2~3 different dolphins. had nice 5~6 sightings. you can also see the big buddha high up in the mountains . ask the boatman to point it out for you. returned in time back to TST by 1300 hrs. overall nice experince. thanks

pritam · 04/02/2019

Pick up at Kowloon Hotel went smoothly, as did the bus ride to Tung Chung. Our guides conducted the briefing on the 30-minute bus ride in English and Japanese. We sighted at least 5 different dolphins, both adults and babies. The boat captain would steer the boat towards the dolphins to let photographers get their shots, but you'll need a good camera with a long zoom to capture decent shots. Boat was clean and comfortable, with sufficient space for everyone.

Richard · 14/01/2019

Agency representative, the guide, was at the meeting point ahead of time, and he was holding a picture of a pink dolphin. Left for the coach bay round the corner by 8.55am. Had a relatively close up experience with the pink dolphin, about 100m apart. The hospitable guide would direct you to possible sighting as best as they could, and they pretty accurate majority of the time. Extremely lucky to have more than 10 sightings of the dolphin. Arrived back at the pier at 12.30pm. The coach made stops at Tung Chung Shopping Centre and back at the initial pick up point. A very worthwhile journey.

Zheng Xiong · 07/01/2019

Fabtastic treat! Unusual Hong Kong sight seeing. Be prepared with cold and windy weather

Rinita Dini · 31/12/2018

nice experience- so blessed to have nice weather to watch the pink dolphins and within distance of the cruise !

Yuen Kong · 27/12/2018

tour guide was very experienced and knowledgeable about dolphins. the ship was well maintained and clean, was glad that the tour group size was just nice and there was enough space for everyone. the light refreshments provided were lovely as well. managed to see quite a few dolphins!

Ru Ying · 27/12/2018

We were lucky to see lots of dolphins swimming close to our boat. the staff gives us good informations and the cruise pass the mega bridge HK - Zhuhai

Matthieu · 24/12/2018

Tour guide Vincent has done a good job, his explanation is very detail. He has good language skills and informative introduction on the environment and the dolphins. Good experience, will recommend friends to join.

Chi lan Edna · 22/12/2018

Transport arrived on time, the whole travel was very informative. The boat ride while waiting for the pink dolphins was really enjoyable. To our surprise we were able to see them. Big plus! The whole trip, the guide was able to explain how to take care of these wonderful creatures

jenny · 19/11/2018

Second time on this tour and it did not disappoint! Hk Dolphinwatch are extremely knowledgeable about the plight of the pink dolphins in Hong Kong, and we managed to spot a few babies in the water today.

Florence · 11/11/2018

Well-worth trip, highly recommended. The staff shared information about the dolphins and what have been done to protect the dolphins. We learned and understand more about dolphins after the trip. We spotted 8 dolphins and a calve.

Florence Ya Hui · 10/11/2018

It was a Sunday thus quite a number of people but it’s still alright. Managed to see quite a number of wild dolphins and saw them do a leap/flip! It was amazing. Weather was good too!

Iris Yinyi · 03/11/2018

My husband and I absolutely enjoyed our tour to see the pink dolphins. Thea, the guide, is a Marine Biologist, and as a result, she is very knowledgable about the marine life in the area and is a great proponent for preserving the environment. The tour brought awareness about the dire situation that the dolphins are in, and I only wish more would know about it so that there are more efforts in keeping these wonderful dolphins safe. This is a rare once in a lifetime opportunity that we're grateful we were able to partake in.

Robert · 31/10/2018

No. 1 for my kids! This tour is definitely not for business/money making purposes but for the preservation of pink dolphins. We have activity as it is not only entertainjng but mostly educational. Now my daughter wants to email the Highest government official of Hongkong to give importance to this endangered dolphin as there were not much actions in terms of preservation given to them. We saw 8 adult dolphins and 1 baby (approx 9 mos who have been the first one survived in the last 5yrs). I wish this organization handling this tour that their efforts in preserving pink dolphins will be successful.

Helen · 25/10/2018

The tour was well organized and everything as scheduled. The guides explained a lot about the dolphins, very informative. We were lucky and saw a bunch of dolphins swimming and jumping. The boat drives slow enough to be no danger to the dolphins, which is a different case with speed boats. So if you care for the animals, please choose this tour and not a speed boat.

Sabine · 09/10/2018

This is the best trip I ever have for dolphin viewing. Because of the rare number of dolphin in this area, I don’t expect for seeing more then 10 in this trip. With the experience of the Guide and captain of the boat, they give us a great view for this trip. Thank you

Ka Po · 30/07/2018

I am very satisfied with Klook in arranging this tour. The tour guide was puctual. The shuttle bus was very comfortable and the yacht is very nice. The weather was so good yesterday that I could see dophin. There was one in pink, one in light grey and another one in white. Although I was so slow that I could not take the pictures of the dophin, I did see at least three dophin.

Nga Ying · 05/07/2018

I think that I very very lucky to see pink dolphin.. They are really pink and really close with the boat. What a wonderful time to enjoy. Thanks Klook

raden roro · 05/06/2018

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