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One for the books! Should have tried bungee jumping instead! But will definitely be back for that!

Ansherina · 16/11/2020

Very fun experience in Macau, will definitely be back!

Yiu Ting Steven · 25/09/2020

It was really a exciting experience Although very windy upside and outside The view of Macau is very pretty with a beautiful sky Those staff were funny too Moreover the orange tee looks quite eye catching

ka kei candice · 16/08/2020

Exciting activity. Great to test your fear. Cool that we’ve got free tshirt included with the ticket and also free photos even if it’s e-copy :) super recommended ;)

Merian leslie · 07/08/2020

I went in late afternoon hoping to catch the sunset but weather wasn't good. Otherwise everything was okay. Could be better if they allow to bring handphone along with us so that can take more photos. Photography skills of staff should be improve.

Zi Hui · 17/03/2020


Super fun, easy to get tickets, the coach is very kind to help take pictures, very pleasant trip.

Lu Chun-Hsien · 28/01/2020

Better booked in Klook for this activity because ita more cheaper here than in macau tower ticket booth.

Kimberly · 25/01/2020

Good journey to see the city from high!

CHIAHSIANG · 24/01/2020

Fun and safe walk outside Macao Tower. Next time consider to have bungy jump tour!

CHIAHSIANG · 24/01/2020

Must try if in Macao. New experience. Cheap n nice view from top

ismail · 20/01/2020

It was a smooth experience very warm welcoming with the staff of Macau Tower

Harris · 15/01/2020

Great experience , my 7yo joined us . Next time might choose to take off with the bungee jump

Pei Wah · 14/01/2020

View was breathe taking. Experience was superb. Got free t-shirt and a certificate of participation.

Mark Lloyd · 05/01/2020

One of the best Adventurous Trip I have experienced! Worth the time and efforts for the spectacular view and fun posing.

WaiLing · 04/01/2020

awesome experience. although the price is a little big pricy, but I think is worth to explore.

MENG KUN · 02/01/2020

A wonderful thrilling experience. Definitely value for money. It takes about 20 minutes to loop around the Macau Tower. Tour guides get great photos of you posing off the edge.

Stacey Gillian · 02/01/2020

Must try in macau. I love the view. You can also try taking daring photos while doing the sky walk. They have an official photographer but you can bring your own phone to take pictures. Very chill compared to bungee jumping.

Cathleen · 27/12/2019

Exciting and fun experience for the whole family! My son had great fun even at such height.

Chin Yung · 27/12/2019

Very good experience of adventure and nice view. Recommend to try this activity at tallest building.

Man Lui · 25/12/2019

My wife did the walk and she love it, really good experience, windy and you could view the Macau without glass blocking.

Ming Fai · 24/12/2019

Softcopy Photos are inclusive in this package. Request for longer / looser rope (if you're brave enough) so that you can lean outwards more for nicer angle of photos! :)

Ellen · 18/12/2019

Very nice experience. Best part was the service which was given. By the owner.

DHIRAJ · 16/12/2019

Worth for the try when you go to Macau Tower especially for the amazing view at night. It was a good experience.

Su Yee · 15/12/2019

must try this activity in macau! it was a Breathtaking view and feeling ? we want to try it again. skywalk is our highlights in macau ?

christen mae · 12/12/2019

Very nice experience! It’s easy to avail and there’s no line.

Emmanuel Andro · 12/12/2019

Breathtaking experience, definitely I will be back when I'm in Macau.

PHILIP MICHAEL · 09/12/2019

I’ve been booking tours and activities with KLOOK, and so far, i haven’t experienced really big issues in every country that I go to. And as for this one, it was a very hassle-free activity for me. Like the other activities I booked with them, I just showed my voucher (saved in my phone) and I am ready to go. That quick! Macau Tower Skywall was heck of a fun!!! I want to do it again! I was with my friends when I did this and we enjoyed so much! Its definitely worth it. And I am very happy that I booked the activity with Klook for a much lower price. It was very cold when we did it and that just added so much thrill to it. Hahaha. Our pictures were captured by our guide and he’s very professional. It was scary what we did when we were outside walking but still we enjoyed.

Richard · 09/12/2019

An amazing experience from start to finish. It was worth the nerves at the beginning. The views were breathtaking and I would highly recommend this tour.

Kim · 03/12/2019

What an amazing experience, we did the tower last year but this time we did the sky walk..... it cost £53 on Klook or £78 if paid on the door. There was no waiting around, they scanned our Klook pass and within 15 mins we were harnessed up and walking around the tallest observation tower in the world... the first 5 minutes were the super scary, but as the walk goes on you get braver and braver. Please don’t miss this one in a lifetime experience

Tyler · 03/12/2019

It’s an amazing experience. Highly recommend. I’m afraid of height but it’s worth trying. It’s about 30 mins. So it’s definitely long enough for the money paid. Go for it.

King Tung · 28/11/2019

It was my first time experience...I was really scared for skywalk even though the staff is helpful. Before I had fear of height but now i fell i am too strong.

Hirak Jyoti · 14/11/2019


Pushes yourself to the limits. I'll definitely do it again.

Patrick Reyes · 11/11/2019

One of the best activities I experienced in Macau. It was really fun. ???

Rizza · 02/11/2019

A bit pricey but worth it. It’s exhilarating and terrifying at the same time to be walking so far away from the ground with only a harness to ensure your safety ^^ The staff is friendly and very reassuring.

Gianna Paula · 30/10/2019

Great Experience! Especially when travelling with friends or family. The staffs are welcoming and accommodating. One of the must-try activity when you visit Macau.

Mae Flor · 20/10/2019

This was a great experience for the whole family. Next best thing to Bungee Jump! Must do when you are in Macau. A pity that there is no package for 2 adults and 2 kids. We had to buy a family package that comes with 2 adults and 1 kid and top up with another kid ticket.

BengHwee · 15/10/2019

good experience

Skywalk experience, photo shooting service, easier with E-Ticket

Nitcha Muang-in · 13/10/2019

This place is really great!! I asked the staff if they have a freebie for a birthday celebrant, he says no but he gave me a free drink after my skywalk experience ?. I'm very thrilled to see the beauty of Macau from here.

MARJORIE JEAN · 08/10/2019

When you are not dare to risk your life for the bungy jump, Skywalking is indeed your good choice in Macao Tower! The walk consist of taking a few pictures with some posing. We need a lot of courage to do the pose, for instance we need to lean backward and let go our hands for a better picture (which most of us cannot do it due to the fear of falling down). If you could let go the hand, the pictures are very beautiful!!!

BOON KHANG · 04/10/2019

This was a life changing activity they will help you overcome your fear of heights haha but to be honest it was kinda scary at first but if their tools is worth trusting and of course the crew or staff who's pushing you to to overcome your fears and assisting you kindly. Cheers!

Bianca Angelita · 02/10/2019

Extremely helpful staff!! Not much scary... if u camt do bungee surely give this one a try! its great!

SUMATI SHYAM · 11/09/2019

There are 2 parts in it. 1. Skytower observation Deck - It is 4 those who dont want to do any action activities and just enjoy city view. Level 58. 2. Level 61. It is for those who want to do. a. Skytower walk. b. skytower climb. c. bungee jumping. all super safe and super cool. they have locker system to keep ur belngings. mobile is allowed but in their mobile cover only.

DHARA · 07/09/2019

Crazy Activity , Well Trained Instructors Enjoy alot, Easy Access. Very easy to use klook bookings

Sagar · 14/08/2019

Amazing and worthwhile. We were extremely unlucky that it started raining just as we entered the tower, so had wait about an hour. Obviously this is not a complaint, there was nothing anyone can do about the rain, but a warning to allow extra time in your schedule!!

Mark Antony · 13/08/2019

Staff was super helpful and reassuring! I started to ge scared as we walked around and they made me feel better. They took amanzing photos and I can’t recommend it enough! Great customer service and great experience!!!

JASMINE · 11/07/2019

Worth every penny! Must experience this at least one in your life. More than the shirt, snacks, thumbdrive, photos & cert, the experience really says it all.

Kristle · 07/05/2019

Awesome, must try, feels scary initially but is not at all.. so, go do it when you have a chance

Deepak Suresh · 04/05/2019

Great experience. One of the activities that must try when visiting Macau. Overview of the whole Macau. Another claustrophobic adventure.

Ashraf · 11/04/2019

Super duper exciting! I’m done it alone and I’m glad the two person assisted me is a filipino so I’m more comfortable! It’s my first time trying this and it’s worth it..

Doriane · 19/03/2019

It was a pleasant experience doing the skywalk for the first time at Macau Tower! It was hassle-free, and was given free t-shirt. Too lucky to make it before the heavy rain in the evening . Overall, it was an awesome experience. I will definitely will be back, may be try the bungee jump next time ?

Amrrit Jia Tong · 24/01/2019

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  • Family and friends can watch your hair-raising Skywalk from the security of the observation deck!