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The bad review is due to the Klook experience. Beware- The park is not actually open on Monday but Klook still sells the ticket on Mondays. I foolishly trusted their schedule and booked only to find out that my Klook booking is not valid. It’s been six days and there’s still no resolution on a refund as they are ‘waiting on the operator’. Klook and this VR place need to seriously talk and keep their schedules matched.

Stephanie · 21/02/2021

Nice place to go. Like it very much!! A must go place especially for youth.

Chen Choy · 09/12/2020

Excellent experience! There are so many VR machines and activities in the venue. I can spent at least half day for this amazing area.

Siu Hong · 12/02/2020

The Taal eruption caused our flight to Macau on 1/12 get cancelled and Klook was really prompt to assist us on getting everything fixed and refunded. Thanks to service provider as well for understanding.

MELODY · 12/02/2020

i can't go because of the closure of pier. but no reply regarding my refund request

Louisa · 10/02/2020

Very convenient to use. Many games. Not bad. Up to the world standard

Kwok Hin · 31/01/2020

Many games to choose from. The best one I think is as shown in the photo, like taking a roller coaster. Recommended

Kwok Hin · 31/01/2020

I was amazed to see the place , so many VE exams and activities to enjoy . The price is nothing compare to fun and games . So much variety of activities . I had so much fun there . One of best thing for family to do as they have kids rides and activities also to play there .

Mehvish · 25/01/2020

it is great fun. the helpers are helpful. we went there twice.

Lai Ching · 05/01/2020

a hightech experience out of this world games! really an unforgettable experience..we’ll surely recommend to my friends☺️

paula antonia · 02/01/2020

Great fun for family with kids of all ages. The free games zone is also a relief from some of the expensive games. Prepare to spend more for the credits as the games can be expensive and addictive.

Soh · 30/12/2019

The activities there are fun. My kids had a blast.

Lai Ping · 29/12/2019

Great experience at the Legends Heroes Park. There’s a lot of variety in the VR games, but I thought Payday 2 was the best out of them all!

Sean · 28/12/2019

it is a very funny and exciting VR playing park

Chun Hung · 26/12/2019

Very interesting and many games.

Hing Cheung Kenneth · 25/12/2019

It’s really fun for game lover!!! They offer wide range of variety VR games, car racing, sport, roller coaster... they also have some games not required points which are good as well. We spent 3 hours there.

Hiu Yi · 25/12/2019

amazing place for children and adults to play it has many vr activities

Palak · 22/12/2019

Please note the place is divided into 2 areas of the building. Level 1 and 2 from each other hand. Level 2 park has better VR games and rides. 2500 points per person is not enough, but very good that they allow points pooling within the same group. My girl enjoyed the most out of the parents' points in the waistbands, as we adults only watched the 4D show. Thank you for the flexibility and co-operations.

SAW · 15/12/2019

fun but easy to get dizziness

Hsin Yi · 08/12/2019

Definitely a must to book via KLOOK as the buy 1 get 1 is really worth and awesome deal. But plan your choices as the balance credits in the individual bands cannot be combined. The kids had great fun over the 2 levels of choices.

Sally · 01/12/2019

It was fantastic VR game for the young and most of the games are great. Redemption of the tickets were easy and there are 2 places to play the games. Both locations are quite far apart and we didn’t manage to use up all the points because we redeemed just 5 minutes before the registration booth close at 8pm and the shops close at 9pm.

Yam Hui · 01/12/2019

Very fun activity especially for those who just want to pass the time and are in studio city. The games are enjoyable. There werent many people so you get to play the games you want with no long lines. However, we were limited on time so we werent able to use all our points. This is a fun activity with a group.

Lesgard John · 29/11/2019

great place for kids to have VR fun. the one for one deal made their day.

Chan · 29/11/2019

this is a good place for kids to hang out and play. this package is so worth it. there is a 'free zone' where kids can play without using any gaming points.

Jamie Anne · 27/11/2019

Recommendable for kids and young at heart. 2,500 points will already give you at least 3 rides/games.

Catherine · 26/11/2019

went on a weekday afternoon, there were no queues for all the games. There are 2 sections 1F and 2nd Floor. We spent more time on 2F. Thanks to klook offer buy 1 get 1 free, you get 2 person tickets with 2500 points each. There is also a free zone with the usual arcade games. We spent 2 hours there.

Wai Ping · 22/11/2019

Very interesting and fun place inside studio city in Macau! My parents and I love the place and my most favorite activity was the light saber arcade. So cool!

lexter · 22/11/2019

Fun experience with VR games! Not many people when we visited on a Sunday morning just before lunch. Friendly staff. Just make sure to check the times for the holographic concerts as we had to come back later in the day. Good deal with Klook.

Hiu Yan Julianne · 22/11/2019

Easy to redeem and fun to play, big VR require more point which would require top up quickly if you want to try all of them, there are another floor with tons of addition VR games, including free game zone as well.

YU HANG · 18/11/2019

Easy to redeem. Not much people there, as only around 10 visitor during our visit. 1st time test the VR, not bad at all. Not dare to test the extreme VR. Certain VR need group play to enjoy the fun, but the visitor too less, cant enjoy much for that kind of games.

Chia Teng · 13/11/2019

Nice and enjoy the game. It is a lot cheaper you buy at here. Thanks to KLOOK.

WEI HONG · 11/11/2019

Great experience! Would bring friends there again!

min · 11/11/2019

Good experience. Easy to claim plus VR games are really good. Miust try

Rafael · 11/11/2019

Great place for kids and adults. But make sure you have enough time to play. Don’t miss free zone.

Pui Gi Gigi · 10/11/2019

Other tickets must buy one day in advance. This buy one get one free offer is super cool! You can try lot of AR games in a much cheaper price. Must go!

chun nga · 08/11/2019

Very worth compare buy at counter. Must buy 24 hours upfront

Say Wah · 23/10/2019

Games are wonderful. Strongly advice you to do some simple search on the credit needed for each game. The 4D VR games are great, especially the one with bumblebee alike. There was an upper level on trial service during my visit, simpler games but my family had great time in it.

YUK LIN JENNIFER · 20/10/2019

very fun! especially the ridea where you are spinning

Endrich Eisner · 14/10/2019

Very Great fun. Easy access and flexible. Many other games on level 2. Not crowded and queue is short.

Moon Wai Eileen · 12/10/2019

Very fun and excited game! Only the time is so short...

Hoi Tung · 25/09/2019

Cheaper when booking with Klook which is great. We went on Sat 1pm and it was quiet. The larger vr rides are 800 points so 2000 points wristband can be used very quickly. We had to top up 1000 points for another 100MOP. Overall great fun!

wing moi · 22/09/2019

Cheaper ticket to get in Klook. It is so fun and I spent my afternoon there to play, there are different kind of VR games and they are really interesting. Some are just like playing roller coaster, I have tried "flying jet","Gyro 360°". It is an amazing experience to me.

Wen Ki · 12/09/2019

Very interesting place ,many funny place to play and it has many restaurants ,you don’t need to be worried with your lunch

Ying hung · 22/08/2019

Its fun to have vr games and the concert is good in sound quality The Vr torot is very exciting and we have a good time there haha

Po yi · 13/08/2019

Very good experience ! Definitely will go again next time !

Olivia · 11/08/2019

Instant ticket redemption, also get credit card promotion discount, great!

Tze Mei · 04/08/2019

Good for kids, cheaper than buying tickets there.

wai man · 28/07/2019

When you redeem the ticket, they will give you a paper bracelet with QR code that you will use to scan to play any games. The hologram concert will be the immediate concert available upon redemption so if you want to watch a specific concert better check the schedule first before redeeming your tickets. The games are not that long, for our 2 games + hologram concert, it took us only a bit over 30 minutes to finish. The concert is around 20 minutes and we tried the Robot VR which is around 3 minutes. I tried Beat Saber which is around 5 minutes or more since you'll be playing 2 songs and you can watch tutorial if it is your first time while they went to Race Room AVG which is less than the time for Beat Saber. The whole park is just a small but it was not that crowded when we got there, we redeemed on a Saturday, around 5PM. There was not much of a queue. The experience was great and I kind of feel like we should have bought the 8 games package.

JOHN WILLIAM · 28/07/2019

Just better deal in using Klook. Original price is $240 for 2 games only and $300 for 3 games etc. It was quite empty on thie Tuesday we are visiting.

Yuet Shan · 18/07/2019

My kids really enjoyed here... they had fun. many to choose to play .. i enjoyed watching them so happy ... they like to go back to play again and again ... but their tickets were just limited ? but anyways they still enjoyed it

Rhea · 12/07/2019

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