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Not worth to try ! Less food choices. Buffet seafood without steak !

WAI LUN ALAN · 19/03/2021

Nice place, will come again. Good for family gathering·

Cindy · 23/02/2021

The oysters are good! It’s great value for money!

KAM YING · 21/02/2021

Sent 2 messages related to the cancellation of the buffet as per confirmation with hotel cafe back in Dec. Still pending for yr reply and reply !!! Pls revert ASAP!!! Klook service is very bad !!

kit har clare erica · 01/01/2021

Good service but salad bar was limited and no choices

Ming · 09/12/2020

I like the food there. It is cheap and have good service. I had a great time with my friend there. I am so full and so happy after the meal. I would like to have another similar meal in Klook very soon.

HO YIN MATTHEW · 05/12/2020

The food is only so and so not much choice, the bread is nice, not much dessert, only ice cream

WAI KWONG PETER · 03/12/2020

the price is fair with the buffet. it has oyster with this price. but it is quite little choice for the buffet. the staff are quite helpful and nice. i think i will go again next year.

ka bo · 03/12/2020

The seafood platter was delicious. Portion is reasonably large, and freshly served as well. Among the all-you-can-eat menu, the duck breast dish was the most outstanding one, followed by pizza. Movenpick ice cream is a must. Six flavours were offered. Quite densely seated given the Klook B1G1 discount.

Kwong Hei · 27/11/2020

there are not many selection on cooked food, salad has more selections. dessert only has movenpick ice cream however there are many different kinds of ice cream selections. beer is all you can drink, seafood plate is very good, lobster, shrimp, oysters, clam, rtc, many kinds

SZE TING · 25/11/2020

Really worthy with this price

Kei Ling Farrah · 25/11/2020

The seafood platter was worth the price, the oysters and crab legs are very fresh. There are quite some selection for hot food and salad. But the portion could increases.

Hiu Wai Jennifer · 22/11/2020

there are better options. though lobster would be available but it was not. service was below standard. oysters were good though, the movenpick ice cream was a delight but would prefer to be in individual pack for hygiene reason.

Ka Lok · 22/11/2020

Excellent food choice and fresh seafood.

wing Sze · 19/11/2020

good food, it will be great if more choice on dimsum list

Man Yi · 16/11/2020

great variety of good, good deal!

Tsz Kwan · 12/11/2020

An absolute bargain , what more do you expect for a $290 dinner buffet.

chung yin · 11/11/2020

Klook buy one get one free. The food is quite good. The service is good too.

KAM WAH · 08/11/2020

the food was less variety than other hotel but it provides good seafood and the buffet is valued for money.

CHUN KIT · 08/11/2020

Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

· 28/10/2020

we had a perfect table allocation for a couple like us. The food is good and the service is super amazing. they surprised us with dessert with the nice plating happy anniversary. it was a wonderful night indeed.

jennifer · 27/10/2020

The seafood platter tastes good but there is not enough choice for main courses. It would be better if it includes dessert.

Shuk Ting · 26/10/2020


MING YIN · 22/10/2020

Although the choice of food is less and not really good , in fact, all staffs are friendly and very attentive.

Ting Ho Henry · 13/10/2020

Reserved table for 4 for celebrating family member’s birthday. Restaurant is good enough to provide us a cake. Appreciated! Spacious area. We can order hot food by filling out the order paper. Cold dishes can be obtained by ourselves. Waiters are hard working and polite. Can’t ask for more at this price. My family loves the seafood serving so much. Good place to spend a night with beloved ones.

Yun ping · 06/10/2020

While there isn't much variety of food, the crab, sashimi and movenpick worth the price.

Tin yan Serene · 03/10/2020

The seafood platter at the beginning was beautifully presented. The glass of bubbles went nice with the seafood. Grills were available a la carte and you can make unlimited orders. However the movenpick icecream needs improvement. It seemed to have been frozen for a prolonged period of time and it was rock hard.

Wang ho · 02/10/2020

Nice food! Good price and good services! Highly recommended.

Cheuk Hei · 29/09/2020

Yummy food with good price ! Very happy

Wai Sze Valerie · 27/09/2020

The price is good and the location of the hotel is convenient. 5-10 mins walk from MTR. Food quality is average

Kin Fai · 21/09/2020

Nice food! Good price! Good services! Highly recommend!

Cheuk Hei · 11/07/2020

There is not much food variety but with the prices, the value is really good already as it already include some buffet necessitates like oyster, sushi, steak, some seafood, desert, etc. If they can add a bit more type of desert that would be better. The dinning area actually not big, so atmosphere is only average. Still recommend to go with the value....

Chit Ying · 07/07/2020

overall a very nice dinning experience here. the restaurant has helped me the prepare the high chair for the baby, and also assigned us to the table at thr corner in which we can enjoy some more privacy. food quality is ok. even though the variety of food choices are not that wide range. thing to improve: they might refill certain popular seafoods dishes even faster so that we dont need to line up and wait for the refill.

Kan Chun · 05/07/2020

Service is quite good. Variety of food is not too much but foods are quite fresh. Variety of drinks is lack either.

KAR LAI JENNIFER · 02/07/2020

The food variety could be improved

WENWEN · 21/06/2020

Delicious, very reasonable price

Man Yiu · 12/06/2020

Great value for what you get. Staff was friendly. Tables were a bit crowded though, but overall enjoyable experience.

Vivian · 11/01/2020

Reservations was so cool no hassle just show your booking.

Vergelito · 12/12/2019

cleaning environment and good services

KAMLUNG · 04/11/2019

Very good. Cheap and good cost. The price many types. You must try it.

KA MING · 14/10/2019

back for the 3rd time. lunch ice cream is lesser than dinner. understandable but wish I get more flavours.

POLLY · 02/10/2019

Buffet with many food. Love it

Wan Sang Vincent · 18/09/2019

Although there wasn't a a large variety of food and beverages, the overall quality was relatively high taking into account the discounted price of just HKD300/ppl in Klook. Particularly oysters were supplied unlimitedly and I supposed the hotel did quite well in keeping the oysters in good and hygienic conditions (at least I didn't feel unwell afterwards). Another appreciable thing was the hotel offered a great deal of flavors for Movenpick! Worth trying!

Man Hon · 16/09/2019

great value for money. staff is polite. the manager was efficient. would return

POLLY · 09/09/2019

bought last minute and was able to use immediately. good food

POLLY · 08/09/2019

Excellent buffet lunch with a wide variety of selection, easy to redeem and would definitely come again if I have time !

CANWU · 15/08/2019

The food selection is enough for buffet lunch, but it is better to have more options. The food refill is fast and the quality is high !

CHUN YAU · 15/08/2019

The lunch buffet is inexpensive. $178 per person and there is a variety of food to choose in lunch buffet. Food generally are good and ice cream is superior (movenpick). I’ll recommend people to try the buffet at momo cafe.

Wing Yan · 14/08/2019

many kinds of food and desserts with a fair price. Nice experience

Ming Kei · 14/08/2019

they have movenpick ice cream. noodles broth is alright. average lamb kurma. iced tea was okay. not bad for the price.

POLLY · 08/06/2019

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