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I had so much fun here. One of the best experience I had. I wish to go back here once the covid 19 pandemic is over. I hope we all stay safe

Jamil · 28/03/2021

Super worth the price and very cheap for a 3-pass ticket. I spent a day in Gardens by the bay. There are so many attractions so i decided to allot a whole day for this activity. I went there at lunch time, thankfully there were only a few people because it was a weekday, so i was able to capture amazing photos. Around pre-evening, there are already so many people falling in line for the OCBC Skyway. Since they are only allowing a number of people on the top, the line is so slow. Good thing i already booked my ticket here in klook, so i managed to go up. The view at night is so amazing. There is also a light show where people just sit on the ground and watch. This is my favorite activity.

Louize Ayrah · 11/01/2021

We’re excited to check the museum, ride the river cruise, visit the gardens by the bay and walk on skyway. Thank you Klook for combining these activities, such a great experience. Highly recommended for first timer, and for those who want to enjoy it again.

Marvin · 23/08/2020

Most people I know would not recommend this as they say Cloud Forest and Flower Dome are just a waste of money. Good thing I did not listen to them. Specially in Skytree Groove, they are amazing! Do not miss the OCBC Skywalk! Highly recommended to do it at night, you’ll love the dancing lights! Though I only hate that I have to go around Marina Bay to Merlion to Helix back to Marina Bay in full circle because I have to get the tix at Red Dot Museum.

Angela Joy · 15/08/2020

Heights! It was windy when we were there ut we got in just in time for the light show. Everything was oh so beautiful! Line was quite long but since we got our tickets ahead, everything was a breeze. Only waited for about 10 mins before being able to go up the skyway. Overall anazing!

Catherine Joyce · 28/05/2020

It’s my second time going to Gardens by the Bay and I always liked how relaxing this place is. Also, it’s my first time going up to OCBC Skyway and the view from up there was awesome and everything looks so magical!

Gemille · 07/05/2020

I really wasn't expecting to be as impressed with this attraction as I felt! I LOVED my day here. This was my favorite day in Singapore by far. There were many cafes and restaurants nearby (I recommend Satay By The Bay!) so I spent the entire day here taking pictures, exploring the different gardens/areas, and watching the light show in the evening which was the definite highlight.

Hayley · 25/03/2020

A great experience! (Note that if there is a risk of lightning they will stop access with no refunds) we made good time and saw the sun go down while on the skyway. So much things to do and see, unfortunately we arrived a bit too late to make it to all attractions because the last entry is 8pm however what we saw was amazing and would highly recommend. They have food inside but a bit dearer than usual (even mcdonalds) also a great show with classical music (final performance 8:45)

Daniella · 25/03/2020

This is by far the best package although it doesn’t include the floral fantasy (which is sold out at the moment) and supertree grove. I really enjoyed my second time visit especially in the flower dome where all plants are present even a sakura tree was there!!!! The dome was cold inside because of the pipes with water below the plants which we actually thought the place was airconditioned! Amazing, even the cloud forest was spectacular! Singapore always exceeds your expectations! Due to the covid-19 lines were not really that long! Thank you klook for the affordable and hassle free tickets! Much love ?

Jenilee Hannah · 20/03/2020

Beautiful place! The museum you pick up the tickets is about a 10 minute walk to GBTB; we took the route through the Sands. Arriving around 17:00 was ideal, because we enjoyed the dinner while the sun was up, then went up to the skyway after sunset to view Garden Rhapsody.

Nicole Christine · 13/03/2020

The place is spectacular especially the Cloud Forest. Hats off to Singapore for creating such an awesome place where you can see different types of plants from different countries. Not just that it’s educational but it gives message to us people that we should take care our environment. You can see it there how much the country really value our mother Earth. Worth a penny!

Arjilyn · 12/03/2020

The best attraction when visiting Garden By The Bay. The combined package of accessing Cloud Forest, Flower Dome and OCBC Skyway by Klook with reasonable price. The place is massive, we went around late afternoon and managed to cover all until the SuperTree Grove light show at 7:45pm.

Aaron Ian · 11/03/2020

Before going to Singapore We thought Universal studios will be the highlight of our trip but instead this one turns out to be the highlight of our trip probably because it's our first time to visit this attraction. We enjoyed our visit so much that we regret not going earlier so we can spend more time at the attractions. Not too much crowd which is good for taking pictures. This attraction is very relaxing you'll see a lot of greens, wide variety of flora put together in a beautiful landscape. Outdoors, the landscape was equally good and there are a number of beautiful art installation. We enjoyed the garden Rhapsody played at super tree Grove area. I suggest though that klook includes shuttle, and Floral fantasy, a new attraction of Gardens by the Bay in the package options.

Lito · 05/03/2020

Had a really great time touring around the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome. The lights and music show at the Super Trees was the highlight! Sadly, we were not able to use our ticket for the OCBC Skyway since it closes at 8PM and we finished touring the Gardend at around 8:30PM. Make sure to have a whole afternoon dedicated to this whole place since it’s so big, you can’t finish it in just 2 hours. Starting at around 2PM would be fine. I also found the ticket price on Klook to be cheaper than the ones in the gates. But what made is kind of a hassle is the process of getting the physical ticket from the Red Dot Museum, since it’s a long walk from the Gardens. I hope Klook would be able to integrate with the Gardens by the Bay a system or process that would enable guests to just use their mobile phones as a ticket, not being a requirement anymore to get the physical ones. But overall, it was really a great experience for all of us! I would recommend this tour to everyone!

Jesser Gale · 04/03/2020

This was indeed a must visit place. This place was much beyond our expectations. One needs at least six to seven hours to enjoy this pleasant experience. There are three large areas that takes time if also wish to click pics. Such a pleasing experience for the five senses.

Pritesh · 02/03/2020

The domes are amazing!!! If you love nature, you’ll certainly appreciate these attractions. Best to come here late afternoon so you can stay until evening and watch the lights show at the Supertree grove.

Fritzie Anne · 01/03/2020

Recommended attraction to visit while in Singapore. Ticket prices are cheaper if purchased by klook and easy to redeem at red dot design museum. I purchased the ticket with the OCBC skyway. You get access to the cloud Forest, flower door, the supertree grove, and OCBC sky way. The light show was amazing. I would definitely go back again.

Sheena Karen · 01/03/2020

It is a must visit place in Singapore. It’s a long queue but worth it. There’s only limited time I think it’s 15mins minute but enough time to explore and take pictures. picBy using Klook we haven’t encountered any problem in reedeming the ticket.

Angeline · 01/03/2020

The activity requires at least 6 hours to fully enjoy the attractions. Note that all the admissions end at 8pm. We didn't make the cut for the OCBC skyway though but the good thing is that the ticket can be used for some days and so we are just planning to go back tomorrow. It was a sight a must see in Singapore and this is an activity you shouldn't miss!

Zarah Joy · 01/03/2020

The view was awesome!Highly recommended for tourist like me,since there are a lot of beautiful scenery to be found.It looks scary at first but the foundation is strong.I suggest to book here at klook.

Dawn Leslie · 29/02/2020

The skyway tickets were sold out for the day at the ticket counter. We were allowed as we had online voucher from Klook. Our slot was at 8.20, so we could stay on the skybridge to watch the light show.

Rajagopalan · 29/02/2020

The highlight for me was definitely the supertrees, skyway and light show, a must see if you’re in Singapore! I found the flower dome and cloud forest to be not as good as expected, however, it was still a great and unique experience, definitely recommend!

Rebecca · 28/02/2020

klook did it again with a great deal to Gardens by the Bay. We picked our tickets up from the Red Dot Design Museum with no hassles,10 minute walk to Marina Sands for a look and the cross the highway to Gardens by the Bay, we did the flower dome and cloud forest and the OSCBC skyway walk and stayed on for the light show at night. This is a must do bucket list thing to do when visiting Singapore. Helpful tips wear comfortable walking shoes check out Satay by the Bay? and book with Klook.

Nathan · 28/02/2020

Best place to relax especially if you got a senior citizen in the tour...? It warms my heart seeing how my mom enjoyed the beauty of city and nature in one. Thank you klook for making this possible. Its my second time in this place using the same app.☺️?

Deanna Lou · 28/02/2020

I'm local, & had so much fun playing tourist for a day. Easy to pick up tickets at Red Dot. Took Bus 400 to Gardens by the Bay after that, 3 stops. Don't forget to catch the Light Show after your tour. The scene is amazing up on the OCBC Skyway! Before you leave, take a stroll to check out those light-changing eggs floating on the water otw to MBS. You'll love it!

SOK NOY · 27/02/2020

My family and I had a great time! This is a quintessential tour to do if you're in Singapore - the Cloud Forest was beautiful, especially the waterfall! I would recommend going at night, when the eggs and everything else is lit up. Unexpected stop was the Red Dot museum, where you get the tickets: small museum with well designed products. Interesting if you are into Industrial Design.

Lucy · 25/02/2020

It was easy to redeem. You must enter before 8:00pm because they will no longer acknowledge you by 8:01pm. But you can still use the ticket the next day. We really had fun and enjoyed the skyway, gardens by the bay (cloud forest and flower dome) and the Singapore river cruise. I would suggest you take the flower dome and cloud forest first and the skyway while the sun is still out then watch the live show in the evening then take the rivercruise in the evening as well. ?

Sherilyne · 25/02/2020

Gardens by the bay and the supertrees is definitely in your itinerary when visiting Singapore! Different flowers from around the world in Flower some and the falls in cloud forest! For supertrees be there before sunset so that you can enjoy both the afternoon and night (light show) views!!!!

Joeniel · 23/02/2020

Gardens by the bay is free. You pay for the flower dome, cloud forest and OCBC Skywalk (if you desire). The light show in the evening at 7.45 is also free. They will suspend OCBC Skywalk if weather is not good...

Yash · 21/02/2020

Wonderful experience with easy redemption. However, like the others have stated, the walk from red dot musuem is a little far especially walking in the heat so I would recommend catching the bus into the garden to save you some sweat. Apart from that, fast tracked into entry and inside was spectacular. Make sure to bring a light jacket as it does it get a bit cold in there. Definitely lots of photo opportunities too! Make sure to also check online for their routine maintenance days to avoid disappointment.

Mimi · 21/02/2020

Beautiful view of the Marina Bay. You can go here short before sunset and also look at the Gardens by the bay light show. additional attractions are also great especially Cloud Forest. Great microclimate to rest and breathe fresh moist air :)

Robert · 20/02/2020

A must visit park in Singapore! Gardens by the bay has a lot to offer, from an amazing preserve conservatories, beautiful scenaries, stunning structures and the awesome gigantic supertrees. There is a flower dome for a different kinds of beautiful plants and flowers. The cloud forest where in you were truly amazed by the man made waterfalls and a lot of attractions in just 1 conservatory. And the OCBC skyway seems like a hanging bridge that connects the supertrees that you can overview the place. Your heart could melt and mesmerized by this amazing place.

Janice · 19/02/2020

DEFINITELY A MUST-SEE when you’re in Singapore! Bonus part was - They featured Toy Story when we were there! They had free booths for kids, a pretty light show, and really delightful flower showcase. ?

Paula Jean A · 18/02/2020

I have to give big thanks to Klook!!! The electronic voucher is so easy to use and redeem. Travel has never been so easy like this. We enjoyed all attractions here in Singapore, particularly OCBC skyway. The night view was fantastic and amazing.

Rinrada · 18/02/2020

It's a wonderful experience! though it's very tiring, it's definitely worth it. I recommend to visit Gardens by the bay and OCBC Skyway at night, don't forget to watch the light show and scheduled your Singapore River Cruise in the morning.

Maria Cristina · 17/02/2020

Its a sin not to go and enter gardens by the bay. Its magical, its awesome, its breathtaking! Redemption is easy at the red dot design museum. The cruise was informative & its gives a different view of the bay. A must for travelling to singapore.

Fortunato Jr · 17/02/2020

The package is good enough to complete in1 day. We enjoyed our offbeat experience to Red Dot museum because of Klook. We started with the museum and River cruise. And headed towards a delicious Burger delight at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. After our sumptuous meal, we walked all the way towards Gardens By the Bay & enjoyed fresh air. Gardens By The Bay is huge and watching carnivores plants in Cloud Forest made our day. It's evening show is very beautiful.

Manas · 16/02/2020

The area was great. A garden in the middle of the city at great heights. They even managed to give the place an ambient vibe. The garden in the middle of the city gives Singapore an area with breathable fresh air while also experiencing the urban lifestyle. Kowabangaa

Dana Gabrielle · 16/02/2020

It was incredible to see and do so much in one day and night. The river cruise was a lot of fun and very informative. I learned a lot about Singapore. The crew on the boat were friendly and helpful too. The gardens were stunningly beautiful and light show in the gardens is something I could go been and do every night. Mind blown.

Rochelle · 15/02/2020

This is an AMAZING experience. Collecting the Klook tickets were really easy at the Red Dot Museum. I recommend coming in the afternoon in time for the light shows and if you are walking up the skywalk, try to time in the 7:20 or 7:30 slot in time for the show.

Mark Ian · 14/02/2020

A must see when you are in SG! The flower dome & cloud forest are both indoor & air conditioned so you won’t get hot going around. Too bad the weather is bad so weren’t able to go to the OCBC skyway. But the light show at the supertree grove was spectacular! It was easy to get in using Klook! Plus if you didn’t use the tix on either of the 3 attractions you can come back for it another day. So you don’t need to go to all attractions on the same day. ?

Jennifer · 14/02/2020

Seriously one of the best activity and one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. Redeeming was easy. You just have to go to the red dot museum and show your voucher. Although it’s slightly far and you have to walk under the heat, the view is amazing and you can also visit the marina bay sands shops at the same time.

Xue Yu · 14/02/2020

Very nice. Though I do recommend getting there early in the day as there is a lot to the park that I didn’t expect, and ended up rushing everything cause I only had to few hours to do everything before 8pm and had to use the pass that day. It was really fun to watch the light show from up top the bridge. Wish I could’ve spent more time wandering around the flower garden and mist garden, though that was entirely my fault.

Samantha Nouchi · 13/02/2020

You need to redeem the voucher at Red Dot Museum which is really a hassle. And from there, you need to walk 15-20 minutes to Gardens by the Bay in such a hot weather. So I would recommend you just to buy the tickets directly at Gardens by the Bay entrance (the price is same). However, it’s totally worth it. Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are so beautiful. Make sure you visit Supertree Grove around 7-8PM for the light show!! ??

Siti Nur Atiqah · 12/02/2020

It was a great experience, wonderful flora and greenery. It was still lunar new year themed when we went. I would recommend to stay until 8pm for the night light show in the garden. The skywalk was a quick walk but I did enjoy the night view.

Nhat Ngan · 09/02/2020

claiming station is far away from the attraction, but you will still enjoy the view going there. It was really an amazing experience. Fast and easy, no long line going to OCBC Skywalk and the 2 domes. The view were very refreshing and relaxing. better to bring jacket for cloud forest, I find it colder than the flower dome.?

Baby Jane · 08/02/2020

This place is just amazing. Anyone going to Singapore should not skip this place. It is a must place. Come later of the day so that you can have a view during the day and night. The night show was just awesome. We managed to be on top of the OCBC skyway just on time they started the 7.45 show. We were so lucky. The view from the top..GREAT!!. Thank you Klook.

RAZMAN · 07/02/2020

Getting the ticket from the Red Dot Museum went very smoothly. However the walk from merlion park to gardens by the bay was quite far. So when we arrived at Gardens by the Bay, we took the shuttle, you can walk around if you want to, that way you'll have a chance to have a better look at the gardens that are for free. We, personally, loved the cloud forest, because of the falls that they've created. We also appreciated the flower dome and the OCBC skyway. The place is great for taking pictures. At night time they have the light shows which is also a good one. They have different themes as I've read on the intetnet. During our visit it was of chinese new year and a trip to asia, where they played different soundtracks from all over asia.

Sean Luige · 07/02/2020

Super easy to redeem at red dot design museum. But its to far away from the garden. The cloud forest and flower dome is super awesome with the waterfall and the many kind of flowers. The OCBC skyway is the breathtaking moment when come at night with the light show. The next day we ride the singapore river cruise. Thanks klook for the super easy at discounted price. Will book again in the future.

Md Nur Huzaifah · 07/02/2020

In my entire life, i have never seen so much man-made GREENERY in one single place. What a treat to the eye! No wonder it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Go with your Tourist pass and get a free jute bag. Make sure to remember the closing timings to the domes & OCBC and be sure to finish visiting them in one day. Would've given 6 stars if there was an option! :)

SRIRAM · 07/02/2020

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Insider Tips:
  • The best time to visit is in the late afternoon then ending with the nightly Garden Rhapsody lights and music show at Supertree Grove (7:45pm and 8:45pm)
  • To give visitors a pleasant experience and help manage attraction queues at OCBC Skyway, time slots will be issued during peak hours, allowing each visitor 15 minutes of entry
  • If you want to go for a thrilling adventure, try the MegaZip in Singapore!