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super fun experience!! the guide was very friendly and know what's the best angle to take photo. feel very safe while on the glide. Will definitely go for it again. remember to wear more clothes as it is super duper cold whole on the glide.

EN XUAN · 05/03/2021


I am very grateful to the service staff for borrowing my coat and professional instructor to make the whole flight journey smooth and safe to complete a very happy experience?

巧庭 張 · 04/03/2021

Thrilling paraglider

Very exciting, the coach is humorous and attentive, this time is a rare experience!

宜雯 陳 · 01/03/2021

Must not be missed! Push up ???

The instructor of the paraglider is really super professional and flying very steadily. It is very exciting and really super fun and super push ????—By Qiao Ru from explaining the dressing, take off and landing, the coaches are very professional and careful~ Humor Fun also resolves our tension before takeoff XD The feeling of flying up is really cool, the scenery is really good, the pleasure of landing is really amazing! When you come to Puli, you must come and play an umbrella! Worth the fare ?—By Qiao Yin, want to see Sun Moon Lake, which is different from others? Then use a parachute to fly to the sky to see it! Don't you think the roller coaster is not exciting enough? Let a professional instructor take you to experience a 360-degree rotating landing with a parachute! Coming to Puli is not only good for the mountains and rivers, but also fun! You must experience it once in your life! Definitely worth ??—By Ji Xun

喬茵 張 · 24/02/2021

Amazing experience! The instructors are really experienced and friendly. Gorgeous views and great photos and videos taken for you to remember the experience! Would definitely recommend. (Warning: if you get motion sick easily, this might not be the best activity for you!)

Emily · 17/02/2021

It was a fun experience! Weather that day was good. The guide was friendly. The price we paid is inclusive of a video footage.

ONG · 08/02/2021

First, I went on new year day, but the weather was not good.. so experience lasted only few min. Pilot said let’s try again but I was getting late.. so they provide one free experience ? so finally I went again later in the month and it was really amazing. Again flew two times that day because couldn’t go much higher the first time.. nice and professional service!

PRIYANKA CHAND · 01/02/2021

Awesome experience, fuss free booking. Would recommend!

Jia Min · 16/01/2021

It's super fun. I enjoy it a lot and it’s not terrifying at all

Juyu · 29/12/2020


It was exciting and exhilirating. Memorable indeed. The guide was excellent. Speaks both Chinese and English. Very reassuring and very friendly. The entire crew from the driver at the pick up point to the fly off campground to the guides were all exceptional. Lovely. I will do it again!

Hui Been Ng · 06/12/2020

nice experience nice coach nice view

Jung Hsin · 10/11/2020

Very nice experience Use GoPro to save my memories

Jung Hsin · 02/11/2020

Even until now I still not sure if what i have done yesterday was real,, when i watched again and again the footage vidio of mine while flying, my heart still pounding and want to go again,, the only reason i regret yesterday was my own body condition's not good even when i was on the way by bus. Thank you, everything was really good ????

Okta · 13/07/2020

Had such a great time!! Felt very safe and cared for. They really wanted to make sure everyone had a great time and he best experience possible. we had to go a few times to catch the thermal the right way, but they made sure we got a great glide and had a wonderful time.

Malindi · 11/05/2020

It was such a great experience! There’re 3 spots to do paragliding in taiwan, but over here has the best view! Also cheapest in the world. The coordination among staff is seamless. There’s pick up & drop off service. They are friendly to give u tips and advices. Very nice flying instructor too!

Yuxian · 02/04/2020

Awesome experience especially with the good weather. Top up additional 1200NTD to fly longer and higher at 1000m above sea level. Totally worth it and the view is indeed beautiful.

Yu Ning · 22/03/2020

Experienced instructor and exciting experience. Safe and enjoyable flight :)

SI YUAN · 18/03/2020

It was one heck of an experience! Recommend everyone for this activity (:

Glen · 17/03/2020

It was a really fun experience. I flew twice as the wind was not great at the first attempt. The instructor made sure I was comfortable with certain “movement” before attempting it. Highly recommend this activity and Puli is really a very nice area to be at.

Jolie Ziyi · 17/03/2020

Amazing experience and everything went so smoothly! I would totally recommend for thrill seekers to go for this ?

Muhammad Safwan · 09/03/2020

Friendly guide and fun experience. They will loan you a gopro to record the entire experience as well. Easy pick up near puli station.

HUI TONG · 27/02/2020

It was very fun the guide was good . Despite my handsome boyfriend the guides more handsome very very amazing and fun and shook to the max

Chiew · 10/02/2020

Awesome experience considering the price! The view is quite amazing and the trainers are experienced

Jiaqi · 10/02/2020

This activity is highly recommended. It was a very nice experience and the paragliding experts are generous.

Lyza Kristine · 29/01/2020

The instructor allow me to glide two times as the wind condition was not strong enough to last. Overall the experience is GOOD and will certainly will recommend others to join.

Wei Ling Kathleen · 27/01/2020

The experience was great, the staffs and couch was friendly and professional. Watch out for the weather! It's not for those who have carsick, but everything will be fine.

Chan Thanh · 26/01/2020

The experience was beyond great! With professional instructors that guides you every step of the way, you're more than assured that it'll be safe. Extremely friendly, it was all in all an awesome experience. would fly with them when I return to taiwan!

Shumi Demi · 25/01/2020

Amazing Experience

We had an incredible time paragliding in Puli! The owners are really friendly and we could talk with them in English. The experience was absolutely fantastic, some amazing views in a beautiful location. Well worth doing!

Oliver Diprose · 16/01/2020

Very experienced Instructors and we feel very safe! Wonderful experience.

YA HUI RACHEAL · 15/01/2020

Recommended one day trip. I stayed in Taichung and took bus #6899 from Taichung Station (the bus terminal is located behind the station). It was 1hr bus ride from Taichung to Puli Station and ticket is TWD110. You can use your Easycard or buy the bus ticket in the counter. The pick up was on-time 12pm and it took 10mins to reach the take off point. I waited an hour before my turn (went on Saturday). My instructor name is Shaun and he is very professional. They will take care of your safety and they will lend you GoPro for paragliding video. We flew for 10mins but i got dizzy before we land. The instructor pulled a stunt on me but it was amazing, nothing to worry about. Overall, it was a cool thing to do! Just make sure to check the weather.

Fitria · 13/01/2020

Paragliding experience is great! Is a must go! But the only thing is we are not aware that we are suppose to meet at 12pm because fly time is 1pm to 3pm...we only know on that day itself which we feel that we should be aware ahead because we can arrange the timing accordingly to the schedule

Mui kee · 11/01/2020

Friendly guides but due to wind speed that day, was unable to reach top height. Nonetheless, good experience

CLEMENT WEI JUN · 06/01/2020

Good experience. Not scary unless they do stunts. Easy to use. The stuffs will contact you before hand on the transport arrangement if you stayed at puli.

Wei Quan · 06/01/2020

Excellent experience! The coaches are professional and friendly. The staff are very helpful and nice. The view of Puli is the best! Coaches will discuss with you if you would like to try the higher level of flying. It’s totally different feeling when you were taller than the mountains!

Yuen Ting · 15/11/2019

very nice experience, the coach is experienced and fun, they will try to make you relax and fully enjoy the sky.

POLING · 21/09/2019

Great parachute experience

Professional coaches and friendly receptionists add extra memories to this short but exciting flight experience. It is worthwhile to try again and try the parachute experience to ensure addiction! The milk tea sold in the beverage stalls is delicious, and the small biscuits that are included are a rare addition. Like *a million~

玟儀 李 · 13/09/2019

Great experience, highly recommend to try if you are in Taiwan

Chun Yang · 07/09/2019

This is the highlight of our tour in Taiwan. They were very accommodating and easy to communicate with. We moved our day of activity due to weather condition. But it was GREAT. A must try when you visit Taiwan. :)

Monique · 23/08/2019

very enjoyable day! must apply a layer of sunblock before playing this activity. guides are friendly and very experienced!! felt abit nausea after the ride and they provided a sour plum that they preserved themselves! ??

Shee Hwee · 09/08/2019

This was really fun!! Driver picked us up from Nantou bus stop and we reached the top of the hill after about 10mins. Another 10mins later, we were flying in the air! We were lucky that the wind was strong and we got about 15mins of fly time! Would definitely recommend this!!

Yiwei Jolyn · 04/08/2019

What an amazing experience!!! The staff there at the jump-off site are all friendly and helpful. They have a place where you can store your bags and they also have portalets there. It's great how they lend you a GoPro and then give you the pics and video after your ride. Paragliding itself was relaxing with the mountain views all around. The instructor was also good, very professional. PS they have a cute shiba inu up there :)

Charlene Mae · 29/06/2019

The operator contacted me through WhatsApp, to check if I could make it a day earlier as the weather will be good for flying. It's an experience so worth it and you can enjoy a nice view. The flight was relaxing at first, and the instructor would introduce the famous places in Nantou, and also advise which angle to hold the GoPro to get a better view. The second part of the flight was exhilarating! Instructor did stunts but not to worry, he'll ask if you're ok with it before going ahead. A piece of advice is to have a good night's rest and do not go on an empty stomach. You'll be good!

SUI LI · 18/06/2019

great experience. it is very safe at all. a must try once in your life time. the teams are very friendly and nice. the view is awesome when you are up in the air

Yesslyn · 10/06/2019

The best experience ever, staff there were super nice and friendly. They go out of norm to provide the best experience for you, Instructors are very skilful and experienced. Definitely coming back for a more advanced course!

Ann Keng Gina · 25/05/2019

Had the most amazing time because of this! Definitely the highlight of my 9-day trip across the whole of Taiwan. Pickup is very convenient. I was picked up beside KFC, in the bus stop. They’ll message you when the van is already there, the people were so nice in the jump point. They will guard your things for you while you do the activity. The view from the hill looks super amazing too!!!! I flew twice because the first one was kinda short. You’ll also fly over the geographical center of Taiwan! So cool! At the end of the activity, they’ll give you a copy of your video. Bc they’ll give you a go pro for the ride. Even teach you which ways to point it to get the best shots. Will do this again. That’s for sure!!!! ?

Riza · 20/05/2019

I can't put into words how happy I am during and after this activity! Worth every penny! My faci, Shaun was very professional and informative. When you're ask if u want to be tilted( i dont know the term), just say Yesssssss!!! The landing was smooth also :) All in all, it was a great experience! Thank you Klook!!!!!! ?

Azeneth · 29/04/2019

Great experience and nice hospitality given by the Paragliding crews. The instructors are very experienced and will give a mini tour of the surrounding scenaries while in the sky. Highly recommend for those who are seeking thrill and excitement during your stay in Taiwan.

Wei Xiang · 28/04/2019

Great experience, the instructors were professional and friendly which help in reducing the fear before flying. Was given a second fly because the first did not hit the threshold of 8 minutes, flew twice (5 minutes + 13 minutes). The place will provide a hand-held go-pro since a camera phone will not be able to capture the fast movement when flying out. Great experience, definitely consider this activity when travelling in TaiChung!

Pei Pei · 27/04/2019

It was such a great experience! The instructor was very nice and encouraging as we went up! Safety wise, there's nothing to worry about as the equipment used are new and sturdy. 1000/10 would recommend.

ESTHER · 27/04/2019

The instructor and people are very friendly and they try their best to offer you the best experience you can ever have by guiding you on the best angle to take the go pro video (which comes at no charges!) and assuring you that this is very safe! I totally enjoyed myself and the whole process is very swift and fast!

annis · 26/04/2019

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