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The room is fast, the sea view is invincible, and the dinner food is rich, but the dining car is not hot enough. After eating the cold dishes, the hot plate of the dining car is already cold. There are desserts but not enough food. If there are drinks, it is better to have breakfast.

KA PO · 31/03/2021

Shiqian is right! But the foie gras owes it, so it costs five or six, and we will have it first! The hotel room is so clean and the bed is so comfortable. This is the anniversary of my parents’ wedding! The hotel sent a drink to celebrate with parents!

mei yee · 30/03/2021

First of all, Klook booked this package, which is very good value. In addition, regardless of the room, service, and buffet, the hotel is top-notch and impeccable!

Ching Yee · 29/03/2021

For my family’s birthday, I called the hotel a month ago to ask for special arrangements. I will be late on the day of check-in, and leave information for my family to check in at the hotel first. The staff who answered the phone will respond politely and write it down, but on the day of check-in, No arrangement was made at all. When I asked the staff at the counter, the other party responded that they had not received any information and asked me what I wanted. The tone and attitude were very uncomfortable. I was happy to celebrate my family’s birthday, but my mood was greatly reduced. Originally, I had a good impression of the hotel, and I also deducted points! Afterwards, the staff just put a box of chocolate in the room and did nothing, and there was no apology!

Po Mui · 28/03/2021

The environment is comfortable and clean, the location is excellent, the hotel staff is kind, the food is quality, the beds are also big, will stay again

HOI YAN ANGEL · 27/03/2021

The staff at the counter are very polite and explain in detail; the room is tidy and there are welcome fruits and tea; the buffet is rich and delicious, and the food is not good enough for long-legged crabs

CHI MAN · 26/03/2021

I booked though klook and the server selected the wrong package. But the hotel really helpful helping me changed the right registration. And upgrade to harbour view. Buffet foods are good, room serves really nothing to complain. Nice place and service

yushun · 24/03/2021

Very good experience for birthday celebrations, there are cakes and upgraded sea view room buffet with lobster, duck liver steak, sliced duck, desserts, there are also many choices! Staff are kind and polite

Ka Man · 22/03/2021

I personally think that this time the price/performance ratio is very high, especially for the upgrade to the sea view room. According to the view, Jiuxiang is really full. Unfortunately, the cleanliness of the glass needs to be improved. Even the photos are full of stains. In addition, there are some special and interesting experiences with telescopes. The buffet has many choices. Although there is no long-legged crab, the lobster is refreshing and the foie gras steak is delicious. The queuing time is not long and it is arranged in an orderly manner. Another important point is that the buffet is not time-limited. Compared with many other hotels, it will be divided into two rounds. Thank you for the roses and wine from the hotel, but the welcome fruit is two green apples, which is less attractive. All in all, the price is favorable. If you have any more offers, you want to bring your family and parents to participate.

Hung Fong · 22/03/2021

I booked a deluxe room on March 20, including buffet dinner + breakfast, and dinner + breakfast are cafe kool food. From check in to leaving, every employee is so polite, and the service is so considerate and professional. It is required that the high-levels are all good high-levels ?. There is no welcome tea within 5 minutes of entering the room. A pair of hard pillows is required when registering. The staff puts the pillows in a trolley and a basket, and wears sun-drying gloves to help you put the pillows. They are so careful and professional. The buffet dinner + breakfast food is not too many, the ocean is so fresh, but there is no juice soda all you can drink, only with a glass of food, there are bottles of water on the stage, the staff will closely help guests refill. Our experience is 8.5 points!

Wai Lee · 22/03/2021

Email request high floor early in the morning, the hotel arranges to have a sea view so that it is invincible. After checking in, the hotel has fruits and welcome tea. It is a kind of enjoyment by the window to sigh tea ?

WIN YI · 20/03/2021

Good service, cost-effective, feel at home! This staycation has booked three rooms. In order to celebrate the birthday and anniversary, the hotel carefully arranged birthday cakes and gift bouquets. It also took pictures for friends and couples and delivered liquor and chocolate. I was really overjoyed! For dinner, Café Kool arranged a separate room for the seven of us. The waiters were attentive and the food was of very good quality. I really recommend it!

Wai man · 20/03/2021

I bought the Klook package to celebrate the anniversary of the knot. The hotel staff are very polite and the service is first-rate. When the hotel learns that it is celebrating the anniversary, it will send a bottle of wine and flowers, and take a picture of our parents-in-law, then we will return. Photos were also sent in the room. As for the buffet, they are very satisfied.

kwok hung · 18/03/2021

The clerk service is very good, cost-effective, excellent food, clean rooms, and I will definitely go again.

chun pong · 18/03/2021

I really like this hotel, staff with great services, food is nice, view is perfect, room is spacious. Just a very good deal.

WING SZE · 08/03/2021

The stay here was really enjoyable. Super deal on Valentine’s Day with in room dinner and we even had the fireworks too!! The check in was nice and pleasant although they did not have a room ready because we were a bit early. However, they did upgrade us from Sea View to Sea View on Club Floor. Room was spacious. Although a bit dated, the lounge chair by the window was wonderful and bed was comfortable. It was a wonderful stay and would consider doing this again!

Steven Chi Yuen · 07/03/2021

Good service! Nice environment!!! Buffet is good!

Eva Pui Shan · 04/03/2021

This time I stayed at the Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel and I felt very good. I communicated with the hotel to celebrate the anniversary, so the hotel prepared a small gift for us. The hotel staff was very polite and considerate. After the check-in, they helped us take pictures and delivered them when we checked out. The photo is warm, the room is hygienic and the space is large and comfortable. The hotel buffet dinner has instant oysters fresh enough, foie gras sirloin tastes good, hot, cooked spaghetti on the spot, fish sashimi, sushi, Peking duck, etc. The hot meat is average, there are many types of desserts and ice cream, the overall buffet is good, and the breakfast is of normal standard. In short, it is worth it at this price, and I will come again when I have a chance.

Wai Ling · 04/03/2021

We arrived at the hotel at about four o'clock that day to check in. Not long after we got to the room, a staff member served us Welcome Tea, which was very heartwarming. After watching a movie in the room for a while, I am going to eat the buffet. The buffet has a wide variety of food and is very high-quality. There are thick sliced salmon, French oysters without fishy smell, and a variety of desserts. Caramel stewed eggs are very eggy! After we finished the buffet, we returned to the room and saw the birthday cake and birthday card prepared by the hotel for us. This journey, my friend and I were very satisfied! The service attitude of the staff is very friendly and the food quality is also very good. Will definitely come again.

Tsz Yin · 02/03/2021

Everything was good. The room is big enough and clear. The buffer was okay but the choices of food can be added more. All in all, it was a great experience in the hotel.

Ping Hang · 02/03/2021

It’s been a great experience. The package is quite a good deal that includes one night accommodation, a buffet dinner at Cafe Kool and semi buffet breakfast at the lounge on 20/F. The room is not modern but it’s spacious. The buffet has a variety of food, it’s a good choice. We had the breakfast with a good view on the second top floor, that allows us to eat with the view of ocean in the morning. It’s enjoyable.

Eva WL · 01/03/2021

Excellent food and room Excellent services

Tsz Fai · 27/02/2021

From morning to night, the hotel is so attentive to serve guests, and colleagues are always pleasantly surprised. Check-in, because there are not a lot of people, you can check-in quickly. When the hotel knows that today is the anniversary of my husband, I also sent flowers as a small gift. When I went up, I found that it was not a deluxe room, but a sea-view room. I had to open the curtains and I was very pleasantly surprised. Sit down and be patient, the hotel will serve welcome tea and fruit. After eating and drinking, you can get out of k11musea and go down. We will prepare dinner when we return. Since dine-in is reopened, we can go to M/F to have a buffet. The hotel staff are also very friendly and will actively ask guests if they want to eat/do they need any food. At the same time, I think I have a lot of trouble, but the department staff will do their best to meet the requirements, such as thick salmon! ? It’s the same as Ming Ming Ming’s pesto and chili spaghetti, but the department staff will help me with it. It’s such a good person! In addition, the food is also very good. At about 8 o'clock, when I returned to my room, the hotel staff asked Yi Jiafang if it was convenient to give some gifts for the anniversary. It turns out that I didn't make a mistake earlier, please don't disturb. It's not too embarrassing to keep lowering it all the time. It turns out that the piece of champagne that he gave to him was a champagne, and it was buried with chocolate. It was really beautiful! This is the end of a beautiful day. To this morning, I have eaten their semi-buffet breakfast. The content of the breakfast is very rich. There are many main dishes to choose from. The semi-buffet area is also very diverse, including Chinese and Western dishes! Super rich! ❤️ I am so happy to choose Zuo Kowloon Shangri-La and experience your happy two days and one night. ❤️

HIU LAAM · 25/02/2021

It was a great experience. Highly recommended. Room was clean, big, and the staff was very welcoming.

Ka Lok Kelvin · 23/02/2021

Check in was smooth and hassle free, staff were polite and helpful and quick. The experience would be better if they could have upgraded me to a harbour view room, just the extra bits can make the stay more memorable. Dinner and breakfast buffet were ok, of course cannot compare to island shangri la.

HOK KAN ERIC · 22/02/2021

The hotel is great, staff is so nice

ko fai · 21/02/2021

The view is stunning and the service was promising. The dinner was served in room instead of a buffet due to government’s Covid-19 policy. The meal was palatable but was a bit too much for 2 people. In general, I would love to stay again.

PO YUNG · 20/02/2021

Very pleasant stay. Great harbour view room. Heartful complimentary roses, cake and brut for celebrating our anniversary. Delicious in-room dining and buffet breakfast. Special thanks to Cafe Kool, Ivan Lee, and the Deli Kool's team for their high quality dedicated service.

J · 19/02/2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, guests had to put on face masks when choosing the food in the dinner buffet. The general service was friendly and attentive. The quality of food was good.

CHUN LUNG · 19/02/2021

Service is good! We love the sea view room. Breakfast is up to standard but the in room buffet room is not that impressive! It would be perfect if we can have dinner at cafe Kool!

Sum Wa · 16/02/2021

Service is good! We love the harbour view room! Breakfast is up to standard. However, the in room buffet dinner is not that impressive. That would be perfect if we can have dinner at cafe kool!

Chak Po · 16/02/2021

Nice staff and wonderful dinner!

chun yin · 16/02/2021

Nice staff and wonderful dinner!

ka ming · 16/02/2021

2nd time using this staycation package from Klook with same Hotel and still we highly recommend it. Great stay and excellent food.

Darwin · 14/02/2021

good service and comfortable room. but the breakfast buffet is not as good

· 11/02/2021

Really enjoy this staycation, in-room dinner buffet was good, sea view is stunning, breakfast come with many varieties. Services here is great, just make guests feel warm.

WING SZE · 09/02/2021

Nice choice for celebrating anniversary. Warm greeting start from flowers and staff will take photo for us and print it out as gift. Dinner buffet is with great variety and is still warm. Excellent quality for both dinner and breakfast. The sea view is beautiful but the lighting fixture is a bit old Overall it is a super great experience with this price.

Bella · 08/02/2021

The room is very neat and tidy. The harbour view is stunning and we can watch the sunrise from the room. Staff are warm and friendly. Highly recommend for family staycation.

Yi Ting · 07/02/2021

Delicious Dinner! Even better than buffet!

Chris · 05/02/2021

It was very good . support staff and food was very nice . Total value for money

Shrutej · 04/02/2021

Nice surprises with wine and chocolate because of wifey birthday. Brilliant in-room dinner, very impressed with the arrangement to keep food warm at all time. Good old fashion decoration without feeling old about the interior, keeping condition very nice and clean.

Yau Pan · 21/01/2021

Had a really nice stay for celebrating anniversay. We received a bunch of roses from the hotel upon check-in. What's make use really surprise is the free upgrade to a sea-view room and an additional chocolate dessert and white wine as our afternoon tea. It is such a joyful trip and we miss the stay so much~!

Long Hang · 21/01/2021

Highly recommended. Very good staycation package from Klook.

Darwin · 13/01/2021

It’s a good experience stay in the hotel. Very near by the mtr station

Ka Yi · 04/01/2021

Staff were very kind and well-trained, room was very spacious and had good view. Bedding was comfortable. But at night there was traffic noise from outside. The quality of food was below my expectations, just average. It was not my first time to visit cafe Kool, it was not good as before. Afternoon tea was not good, either. Maybe I expected higher the brand name, Shangri-la. The atmosphere was good and staff was very kind at cafe Kool, any way. The welcome tea just after check-in was touching. Warm cup of tea gave me good impression.

Young Soo · 29/12/2020

The hotel staffs are very friendly. The room is great. The in-room dinner is very good, I really like the seafood platter.

Bernard · 27/12/2020


tin chu · 09/12/2020

The bedroom is comfortable and clean, quite enjoy the breakfast since the harbour view is cool

Un Pui · 27/11/2020

All the staffs in Shangrila are friendly, polite and very helpful. They assist us in finding directions, taking pictures and making recommendations even we did not ask for. Linda, who the manager did the checkin for us, offer us a room 1911, exactly the date of my wife's birthday, which is also next to the Presidential suite, make us feeling like Trump 's (or Biden) assistant. And, a white wine and chocolate accompanying with a birthday card with signatures the colleagues are definitely a warm treat. The 43sqm. room are very spacious and clean, bed lining soft and warm, eventhough the decor is not the latest fashionable design, none of the furniture shown traces of any aging nor cracks. Having the semi buffet breakfast on the 21th floor overlooking the Victoria harbour worth every dime we paid for this staycation. The food variety is not plenty, but the quality and taste are good. The main dishes are delightedly tasty and the choice on the menu covers both Western and Asian tastes ' buds. The only thing that is not upto best buffet un Cafe Kool, not much varities to choose from, and the quality itself is not outstanding either. Highly recommended for both leisure or business stay.

Ming Tak Mercedes · 22/11/2020

good service good food

KAT YIN · 20/11/2020

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