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There are lobsters, crabs, oysters, fresh, sweet and delicious cooked food, and there are many choices of desserts, and there are a variety of ice cream flavors

HO YIN · 30/03/2021

Good food!

Many choices, sashimi is very fresh, lobster and oysters are very delicious! !

Kai Yin Chan · 30/03/2021

The food and service were very nice, the best food were crab legs, foie gras, cold cuts, peking duck, chinese soup and steaks. Some other food were okay but could be better, like lobster (a bit tasteless), sashimi (could be sliced better), dessert (choices were kind of under the same categories). The service were really good however the waiter seems a bit rush to collect the plates, sometimes they seems to want to take away my plate while I haven’t actually finish. Overall there are many choices of food and service was really good, making the whole experience very worth.

SUET YIN LOUISE · 29/03/2021

There are not many people on the day, so there is no need to line up for food to replenish quickly. There are not many types of food, but sashimi, seafood, and hot food taste good. There are many types of desserts and ice cream, and they are delicious.

KAM YAN · 29/03/2021


Good service attitude, fast plate change, fresh and delicious frozen seafood, convenient location

Emma Man · 28/03/2021

I went for lunch on Sundays and Saturdays. The place is basically full, but the food supply is sufficient. Except for the left oysters (to be cleaned), there is basically no need to wait. Crab feet are all you can eat. The cake is delicious, not bad! The important thing is that if there are children under the age of 14, make a reservation through the hotel website and arrive! !

Xiaolan · 28/03/2021

Not many types of food but the quality is ok, the hygiene is good overall, the venue is spacious

Siu Ha · 27/03/2021

The environment is good, and there are many choices of food.

There is a whole body disinfection machine as soon as you enter the hotel, and there is a certain distance from each table to the restaurant. Eat at ease. There are many choices of food, but the long-legged crab is saltier, and the others taste good. Would consider ordering again.

Joanne Chung · 27/03/2021

Pretty good choice

Buying buffet lunch at KKDAY has a discount but also feels very good value. The food is very diverse, the taste is very good, the restaurant environment is not noisy, the waiter is polite, and it is definitely worth buying back.

FUNNY LEUNG · 26/03/2021

Local business management, spacious seats, many food choices, and good service attitude. In the afternoon buffet, there are oysters and long-legged crab food. The taste is good. There are several kinds of fish sashimi, but there is less D for sushi, but it’s not the main course, it doesn’t matter, other cooked foods and cold dishes have no choice, heavy noodles and porridge, desserts and ice cream, there are many varieties, drinks are also available Self-service, all you can drink coffee and juice, overall it is very correct, you can do it again next time?

Kwok Wai · 25/03/2021

Worth trying again

Very polite, the food is of high quality, it is recommended to eat again.

Cw Lo · 23/03/2021

I went for a buffet dinner on the evening of March 17th. The hotel lobby has a full body disinfection setting. You can enter the venue on time at 6:30. It should be full that night. There are many food choices. The oysters are cleaned by hand. The oysters are thinner. The foie gras is the same. The skin duck is good, the salmon sashimi is still fresh, the Argentine shrimp sashimi is an unexpected good food, that is, the fried oysters in the fried tempura are good, the grilled beef and roasted lamb are OK, there are many sweet varieties, but unfortunately, I don’t read the review before. It’s said that one Buddha jumps over the wall, but there is a cup of fish maw stewed milk for each person. I guess I often switch to different types, and I forgot to forget the sweet and delicious taste of long-legged crabs, but it’s just like lobsters, and the emerald snails are completely. The sand is fresh and sweet. For the first time, the staff at the buffet has a professional and courteous service attitude. They will ask to change the dishes first. The environment is so high and comfortable. In addition, the buffet food is a long side position, which is set. Comfortable, there should be next time

HO LUN ALAN · 23/03/2021

The environment is beautiful, with oysters for seafood, and the most special canned beer for all you can drink

chun ching · 22/03/2021

nice food, very delicious, suitable for family dinner, many seafood, dessert, ice cream and different kind of food

hau lam · 21/03/2021

The food is fresh, there are many kinds of seafood with the same sweetness, and there are fewer hot food choices. There is plenty of space, and the ceiling is high enough, suitable for family dinners.

KA YI · 21/03/2021

The staff is attentive and polite, the efficiency of the table and the change of dishes is high, the seats are wide, the environment is clean, and the food is variety and fresh?

PUI KI SHERMEN · 21/03/2021

The price is reasonable, the food is fresh, the environment is good, and the service is good.

Sze man · 21/03/2021

Worth a try

The variety of food is rich and the taste is not wrong. Global cuisine, Chinese and Western dishes, fish and seafood, and other popular foods are very fast. Oysters are opened all night.

Chun Lai · 21/03/2021

Food choices, delicious! The special congee, the chicken from the siu-mei department, and the barbecued pork are the same as Haizhe, very delicious! The roast beef is also delicious! Drinks, juice, coffee, and tea are all self-service. There are many choices of Movenpick ice cream. I have seen a person take ten ice cream balls in one bowl at a time! But tempura, fish sashimi, and noodle soup are just numb! It's delicious, but you can only get three each time, so it takes a while to line up.

Wai Si · 20/03/2021

Cost-effective buffet

It is a reasonable price, the food is very fresh, and the refill speed is so fast. The staff is kind and courteous

chung fai mok · 18/03/2021

The staff service is very good and there are many choices of food. The environment is comfortable.

Ngai Fung · 17/03/2021

The buffet lunch has oysters so happy! The types of food are so rich! There are so many choices of ice cream! The restaurant is full of space with a super-high floor, and Zhonghui will actively separate the location of the guests and will not be forced to bury one area! Provide a large amount of disinfectant wet paper towel hand rub for customers to use.

Heung Yi · 16/03/2021

Good taste

The quality of the food is OK, the table is wide, and the dishes are quickly collected. Oysters and crab feet have umami taste. The tuna sashimi has no slag, the roast beef is acceptable, the cheese type 3 tastes average, the dessert tastes good, and there are many types of ice cream. You can give it a try.

Sophie Gi · 15/03/2021

The types of food are sufficient, the seafood is fresh, the staff is very efficient, and the seafood is too resistant to washing. Cooked food, sashimi and sushi are common, and desserts are special except for movenpick. The ambient light is darker with purple.

KUONG HONG · 15/03/2021

Meet the buffet lunch

As soon as I entered, I felt that there were so many styles. There was someone who washed the oysters carefully. There were many choices to eat well. Although it is far away, they are all worth visiting.

Yee Ching Tang · 14/03/2021

I strongly recommend food ok, environment ok, I rarely write food reviews, but the price and the food here are reasonable.

yin fei · 09/03/2021

Once of the best lunch buffet in Hk we ever had, also it extends the lunch buffet till 3pm on Sunday.

Andrew Chung Yan · 28/02/2021

Li said that the Lunch buffet is very cost-effective. There are many types of frozen dishes, seafood, and hot food, and the restaurant is designed as a long table, which is convenient for guests to pick up the same food. The food is refilled quickly, and even if it reaches the end, there is still enough supply of seafood, which is worth admiring! Seafood and sashimi are fresh, especially shrimp and prawn feet are fresher and sweeter. Only the oysters are thin and clean with water. The seawater taste of the oysters will be less. Other cooked foods are not lost. The waiters receive the dishes quickly, and they will ask the guests whether they will receive the dishes first after eating. They are polite. It's not as if it's weird that a certain hotel does not finish eating. Anti-epidemic measures are good enough. There are antiseptic alcohol and paper towels in the restaurant to help guests clean their hands before picking up food. The environment is comfortable, the space between the tables is enough, and there are rubber plates to separate, you can eat with confidence.

Yim Fong · 28/02/2021


The food and variety were excellent. The food were constantly topped up. All the seafood were fresh and delicious. ??

Alan Sy · 27/02/2021

The quality of the food is high, the styles are many, and the service attitude is good. I was arranged to sit by the window, but unfortunately, construction is being done outside the window to cover the sea view, otherwise it would be better!

CHOI FUNG · 26/02/2021

There are not many people for lunch on Saturday, there is enough space for tables and tables, and the staff are sufficient and polite, but the male staff of the ice cream cabinet is more rude and impatient when our children take the second round of ice cream. We need to improve it. The overall situation is good.

CHUN HO · 21/02/2021

There are many kinds of food and desserts?Master helped me to make chocolate pudding??The environment is clean and clean

long yan · 21/02/2021

Great redemption experience by just showing the QR code

Ka Shing · 18/02/2021

Lunar New Year’s 30 noon food is full of sashimi, very fresh and pastry varieties are a bit less

chunhung · 16/02/2021

The food quality is good, the taste is good, the environment is wide and the seats are comfortable.

hoi ching · 15/02/2021

Nice food nice environment great service, value for money. Everyone has a great time. Will join again!

Mang Chi · 10/02/2021

Seating is comfortable, food styles are varied, and waiters are polite! I will visit again next time there is a discount

Yuk yin · 07/02/2021

This time I went to eat with my wife on January 1st. The price is ready to eat oysters. It is good value. Other foods are OK. The environment is OK. I will go again next time!

WAI HUNG · 31/01/2021

It's good for food, and I have been buried for many years, Lidu has kept the quality~ I feel so happy to see a bar because of a lot of food! ! And the service is not bad. There are many kinds of Movenpick ice cream for lunch. There are a lot of sweet varieties and you can use your own points.

ka wing · 07/01/2021

Klook ordering is very convenient and appropriate, and you can go directly to the hotel to take a seat in the day ✌. Epidemic prevention and service attitude is very good ?All staff are polite. In terms of food, the type of buffet is generally Chinese/Western/seafood/fish sashimi. There were no quality surprises in the desserts/ice-cream.

MAN CHING · 02/01/2021

nice food, many seafood, nice service, good conditions, delicious

hau lam · 23/12/2020

The hotel called to cancel the lunch buffet at 11:48AM, when I was already on my way there. They did not agree to rebook for another date.

Kim · 14/12/2020

The best buffet! Quiet environment, high ceiling. The food is of good quality and fresh. There are jujube syrup. Zhong wants service, good health, good hygiene

Pui Yin · 09/12/2020

Very good both one meal and dinner☺️Many styles?? Fresh service and very good will visit again

Tze Yu · 06/12/2020

The price of Klook is flat, plus the 11.11 discount, it is even more affordable. The buffet has a wide variety of food and tastes good. Especially the gift of Buddha jumping over the wall, it was a pleasant surprise. I thought it was just a cup of soup, but it was really good.

Ching Yee · 03/12/2020

Because there was a 25% discount before, I tried the left room. The space is good, the seafood is complete, but the crab feet are salty, the mussels are thin and the oysters are not big, the others are acceptable, there are many kinds of desserts, and the hot food is ordinary , But there are sliced duck, foie gras, movenpick, pancake, waffle, sashimi, there are Argan Yan red prawns, sea urchins, and very large red prawns. All are not wrong.

Pui Ling · 30/11/2020

Each person has a Buddha jumped over the wall and an abalone to give away, you can try.

kit yan · 28/11/2020

The price is good for raw oysters, and there is no long queues. The ice cream is movenpick, which has the flavor of wine in old wooden barrels, which is better than Bailey's ice cream.

KAM YIU · 28/11/2020

The buffet this time is very good, the quality of the food is OK, the environment is OK, and other aspects can definitely go again next time

king wa · 28/11/2020

During the epidemic, buffets are full houses, and there are many types of food, such as lobster, fish, long-legged crab, abalone, and sashimi with Argentina red prawns. Sea urchins are more special. One person and one serving of soup found many shark fins. I was very satisfied that night!

Wendy · 27/11/2020

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