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It is very convenient and fast to purchase on the same day and exchange on the same day. Exchange physical tickets at the entrance of the amusement park and you can enter the park. Riding the Sun Moon Lake cable car has beautiful scenery, and going to Sun Moon Lake to take a boat trip to the lake is also very interesting. The whole day’s itinerary is very substantial and the price is favorable. If there are other similar itineraries, you will also sign up again.

CHIA MING · 09/03/2021

You can exchange your tickets by presenting the QRcode to the ticket counter. Enter the park on weekdays in early March. At this time, the park is dominated by pink Fuji sakura, mainly on both sides of the cherry blossom avenue and behind the turf. Sakura Avenue is magnificent and beautiful as a whole, but there are still many tourists and it is difficult to take good-looking photos. The rear turf planting method is relatively rigid, and it feels like it was planted to take pictures, and it feels a little out of place. During the cherry blossom season, there are special Japanese-style yatai stalls. The atmosphere is good and the food in the amusement park is delicious. Taiko performance is a bit short but not addictive, but lively and interesting, and the performance is great. Due to the average number of people in the park on weekdays, there is almost no need to line up for amusement facilities. Mayan expedition is quite fun

ChingYao · 09/03/2021

There are many different varieties of cherry blossoms. Some are in full bloom, some are sprouts, and some are sprinkled in spring. The complimentary cable car and one-day boat ticket enrich the whole itinerary, which is an unforgettable experience.

Ju Yu · 09/03/2021

It’s very convenient. There are a lot of fake people in 228. Go to the next group window, take out the QRcode and scan to get the ticket, eliminating the waiting time in the line! Nine tribes are very fun, staying for the whole day is not a problem. It is recommended to spend 2 days in the upper reaches of the lake to have a good time.

Yaling · 09/03/2021

$680/person, very affordable price, the cherry blossom season is worth a trip, the route planning is quite good, you can take the cable car to the top and go down slowly, so you won’t be tired

MENG FANG · 08/03/2021

Bring your mobile phone to the ticket booth to allow employees to scan the Qrcode to exchange tickets. It is very convenient. 228 even the cherry blossoms at the fake Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village and Sun Moon Lake Cable Car Station are blooming beautifully! !

GUAN YA · 08/03/2021

not bad , can see a lot of cherry blossoms

Jianhao · 08/03/2021

The cherry blossom season starts in February every year, and the entire park will be full of cherry blossoms, which is very beautiful. There are many performances during the cherry blossom season, as well as seasonal limited shops, it is worth recommending everyone to visit. Although this year is the end of the cherry blossom season, the colorful red carpet is also another flavor. In addition to the rich cultural experience of aboriginal tribes, there are thrilling free fall "UFO" and crazy roller coasters in the amusement facilities. "Mayan Adventure", the water facilities include the high-altitude diving "Spain Invincible Fleet", the advanced bumper boat "Maelstrom", and the classic gold mine. There is also a short-distance sightseeing cable car inside the nine tribes. You can go up from the cable car next to the UFO. Walk down slowly.

hsien he · 08/03/2021

Very worth the fare! From 12 o'clock to the night cherry blossom viewing at 7 o'clock in the evening! Never knew that being able to stay in the Nine Clan for so long was not boring at all! There are a lot of fun facilities and most importantly, the cherry blossoms are super beautiful and the show is also very interesting! It's totally beyond imagination and it's worth it! ! ! A lot of friends and relatives have already been pushed~!

Yong Yun · 08/03/2021

I decided early this time that I want the whole family to come and go to the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village, so I booked an early bird ticket on Klook. It is really cheap and convenient. It saves time in queuing to buy tickets. Tickets come with a round-trip asking price of 300 Sun Moon Lake. The cable car ticket is cost-effective, and I also paired it with a boat ticket for the Sun Moon Lake Lake Tour, which is also much cheaper than buying on-site.

JENHSUAN · 07/03/2021

The place was so magical.?☺️ It will bring you to the old times wherein only basic things needed and you can survive already.???

Angelie · 07/03/2021

The process was easy enough. No need to line up to buy tickets. Directly scan your barcode to take ropeway and get into the amusement park. There were hundreds of boat ticket booths and individual sellers on the street. Go to the one inside the square near shuishe wharf. You will see a table with parasol. That’s where you can exchange it to the boat day pass.

YOOMI · 06/03/2021


liang chih · 04/03/2021


HAN · 03/03/2021

228 using e-vouchers on the last day of the holiday is much cheaper than buying tickets on site! But it would be more convenient if you can redeem physical tickets without queuing up! The cherry blossoms are so beautiful! The park also specially arranges Japanese vendors to sell authentic takoyaki and Okonomiyaki, which are very delicious. This tour completely makes up for the regret of not being able to go to Japan~~~

YUAN JUN · 03/03/2021

This place is actually so close to Sun Moon Lake and we can go there for free by gondola. The amusement park itself is quite fun, the roller coaster looked scary but fun. Go there by nantou bus from taichung.

Pranata Wibawa · 03/03/2021

it's so convenient to buy ticket from here and you can get some extra offer of ferry ticket for sun moon lake. it's really worth to buy ticket for sakura blossom period.its amazing and super beautiful. you can spend whole days here to enjoy the sakura and till the night sakura ! taking cable car can also have different kind of wider area of sakura view from the top. you can never save your camera memory and can't stop your shuttle whole days here !

JIE SHENG · 03/03/2021

This time I booked the tickets at KLOOK. I booked it on the same day and got the serial number immediately, saving me the queue for buying tickets on the spot. I was very satisfied! In the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village, the park is well maintained, and the cherry blossom avenue is full of pink Fuji Sakura is very beautiful! Riding the cable car to overlook the beautiful scenery is really satisfying for the visual enjoyment!

Hsueh Ying · 02/03/2021

The only amusement park with a pet-friendly environment is also very suitable for taking elders out for a walk. This year's cherry blossoms are very beautiful. There are cherry blossoms to accompany you from the gate to the cable car station on the mountain. You are taking pictures all the way and you will not be tired. The performances are also very worth watching,

YENCHING · 02/03/2021

This is the second time I have booked tickets for the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village at Klook. It is the cherry blossom season that you can use your mobile phone to enter the venue without queuing up, and the Sun Moon Lake boat ticket is really a bargain! The nine tribes’ cherry blossom season is really beautiful. We booked a picnic group on the official website to have a picnic under the cherry trees. Although the photos are beautiful, the food itself is not delicious and the portion is not big and expensive....CP value is not high, it is recommended Just bring in your own picnic mat and food~

Ting Yun · 02/03/2021

The Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village is dog friendly. We took our corgi and had a blast walking around while enjoying the Sakura. The shows were fun to watch. The ropeway took us down to Sun Moon Lake and back again. The view was awesome. Highly recommended. Would definitely come back again.

Chia Yu · 02/03/2021

Super convenient, skip the line to buy tickets, as long as you go directly to the cable car, the tickets for the two majors and the two elementary school children, the nine nationality tickets and the round-trip cable car were originally $2660, but at klook, they paid $2542. I originally read the purchase instructions and thought that I could only enter from the gate of the Jiuzu to exchange for physical tickets, but later found out that it was enough to scan the QR Code directly from the entrance of the Sun Moon Lake Cable Car. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, so worth it! Children love all the water-related facilities.

WANCHEN · 01/03/2021

Worth every dollar you spend. A must book when you visit 日月潭, this voucher saves us a lot of ntd.

Kevin Darmawan · 01/03/2021

Because too many people headed to the park, so it made me need to postpone my plan to there.

Shun Wei · 01/03/2021

This was such a cool experience! I purchased the experience moments before waking up to the dock. It was easy to use. An employee at a table scanned the barcode and stamped our hands. They gave us boat tickets and told us to go down the dock. Then we got off on the 2nd stop for the cable car. After getting off it’s about a 10ish minute walk to the cable station. Two options regular and glass bottom. Note: the for the glass bottom boats were 30 minutes longer. Once you get off the cable car you arrive at the aboriginal village. They have a shuttle train to the left when you enter that takes you down to the lower park of the park. It’s a huge park so go early. Tip- leave the park early to avoid being a long line for the cable cars. The park closed at 5:30pm the day we went. The only reason I gave 4 stars was the boat experience at the end of the night. The boats stopped running earlier than stated on the ticket. Our only option was to buy another ticket for the last boat at 6:00pm or take an 1 1/2 bus back. Other than that it was smooth sailing and a lot of fun.

Sandra · 01/03/2021

228 consecutive holidays to go to the personal ticket office at the entrance of Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village has a long queue. I only need to get a ticket at the ticket replacement office to enter the venue. It is very convenient. I can take the cable car to Sun Moon Lake and take a boat trip to the lake in the evening. Then take the cable car from Sun Moon Lake to the Jiuzu to enjoy the cherry blossoms in the evening.

CHUNG HSUAN · 01/03/2021

The best experience of coming to the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village this time is to see the cherry blossoms blooming. The entire park has added Gaudí-style Spanish buildings that make people turn around and take pictures and go abroad for fuu. Finally, the traditional nine-ethnic cultural performances are brought into the Xinqiao section. There are also updated scenes. The old paradise makes people have a new experience. By the way, remember to buy tickets on kkday for 66% off!

FUMIN · 28/02/2021

This time I used it on 2021/2/23. It is super convenient and cheap to buy tickets at KLOOK 2 days earlier on Tuesday. It just happens that when the Nine tribes’ cherry blossoms are in full bloom, people come to enjoy the flowers and participate in the traditional activities of the aborigines. It’s so fun to watch the aboriginal performances? The cable car is very high and you can see the beauty of the entire Sun Moon Lake. You can also take a boat to various attractions to go shopping and eat food.

Ruo Ham · 28/02/2021

This time the ticket is really cost-effective, and it happens to have the Nine Ethnic Sakura Festival. Although there are many people, it is really worth coming! You can take a boat ride on the cable car to play all over the nine ethnic groups. It's really satisfying, there will be performances in the evening, and there are also Japanese dishes you can buy and eat. I’ve been here so many times from before to now, it’s worth staying for the first time till night ❤️

YI LIN · 27/02/2021

The cherry blossom festival at the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village is really great. The cherry blossoms, rides, cable cars, aboriginal culture, adults and children can play from morning to night. The Klook itinerary also includes Sun Moon Lake Lake and you can go to see the beautiful Sun Moon Lake the next day without limitation. The big push!

CHI · 27/02/2021

Everything included and easy to exchange ( boat and cable car different day)

Siegfried Tyas · 27/02/2021

The cherry blossom season is really beautiful. Not only do there are special performances of various ethnic groups in the park, you can also experience arrow blowing and archery activities, which is super fun! You can take the cable car in the park and the Sun Moon Lake cable car with the tickets for the nine nationalities. Klook also presents a one-day ticket for the Sun Moon Lake cruise. Although it is too late to use it on the day, the ticket can be used for a long time. It is also very cost-effective to come again later

Pei Yu · 27/02/2021

On the second day of school from February 23rd to the Nine Clan, no one robbed me of the amusement equipment. My companion fainted after playing the pirate ship. I was left alone to play a gold mine, a maelstrom, and an invincible fleet with few people. ~ The cherry blossoms are super beautiful in bloom, pink, red, and white. We ordered a Hanamen Bento and enjoyed it under the cherry tree~ Have a wonderful girlfriend trip, the cherry blossoms do not lose to Japan, many grandpas and grandmas came to see them in a group and saw many people Bring the dog~

YI LIN · 24/02/2021

Although admission tickets still have to be redeemed in line with the general ticket purchasers, there is no extra fast window, but it saves the trouble of bringing cash to travel. The ticket exchange is also very smooth. The cherry blossoms bloom beautifully this year, and they are in full bloom. It is recommended to walk around during the flower period. The Jiuzu Park is less crowded in the morning than in the afternoon, but the Sun Moon Lake cable car rides forward in the afternoon to shoot backlit.

ChenHao · 23/02/2021

i came here on February, in Sakura Festival Month. i totally enjoyed it. inside there are also lots of foods, attractions, etc. it's entertaining and amusing, thank you.

Ivanna · 18/02/2021

The park is truly beautiful and has so many fun things to do. The fact that the tickets come with cable car pass and boat ride in Sun moon lake only makes the deal sweeter. The cherry on top? The Cherry blossoms! The park is currently a pink wonderland. There's a store where you can rent a Kimono and walk underneath the pink blossoms for that Japan feels. I also enjoyed the different theme areas around the park. The rides are cool and there's something for everyone. It was also fun to get to know more about the indigenous people of Taiwan. There are also some interesting shows by the indigenous folks, spread throughout the evening. There are plenty of souvenir shops and I noticed that the items are moderately priced, not as expensive as they usually are at other such places. To make the most of everything, reach the park as early as possible, map out your time there and it will be worth every penny. The experience exceeded my expectations and it was so worth the price.

Rongsenyangla · 14/02/2021

Very easy to redeem. There is a theme park right next to the cultural village, mostly suitable for older kids. (100-120cm and up). Amazing view from the ropeway. For ropeway, you get to choose the cabin - crystal or regular. Crystal cabin has a transparent glass floor where you can also see the view below (much longer lines than regular)

Eunjin · 11/02/2021

Beautiful and fun place to visit! The KLOOK website provided good discount and very easy to use. Highly recommended.

Nancy · 02/02/2021

It’s very interesting

posheng · 02/12/2020

It’s very interesting .

posheng · 02/12/2020

Easy and fun

Just walked in the door of the visitor center and was directed where to go. Got a double stamp to use on both the ropeway and the park. Plan to spend 4-5 hours. Lots to see and do.

Monique Shenefield · 27/11/2020

This is my first time purchasing via the klook app,very easy and cheap.And this my first time to go to Aboriginal Culture and Sun Moon Lake,all paid off with a beautiful view Thanks klook

Muji · 15/11/2020

Good place and service.

Shih Heng · 02/09/2020

The queue for ropeway was so long but it was totally worth it. The views are spectacular.

Larry · 30/08/2020

A great experience with friends & families. Nice view to take pictures.

Leslie · 28/08/2020

in my own experience.. we went to sun moon lake first, took the ferry in shuishe pier.. to ita thao to ride the cable going to formosa. its very convenient to use klook and its cheaper.. the cable u can choose the crstal or ordinary cable with this voucher with no additional fee and no need go to any booth ticket.. they will only scan the voucher and youre ready to go.. this voucher is worth it.

Chen Ni · 05/08/2020

Convenient and fast

It’s really great. We only booked the ticket at 8 in the morning and can use it immediately or on the same day.

志偉 郭 · 27/07/2020

Definitely a good idea to buy this package deal. Must buy with a boat ticket.

Shiela · 25/07/2020

It was really an easy and hassle free experience booking with klook. No need to queue for ticket lines. For the ferry, just go directly to the personnel wearing blue vest and they will give you a stamp (day pass). For the Sun Moon Lake ropeway just go directly to the 3rd floor, queue for the ropeway directly.

Jonalyn · 21/07/2020

I highly recommend this theme park. The admission price includes the Ropeway so there is no need to buy an extra ticket for that. They did a great iob with the Aboriginal Village and the teaching about all the native cultures in Taiwan. A lot of the theme park was closed due to low attendance but we did not mind as there were no lines. All in all a great day!

Jessica · 01/04/2020

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Book your tickets to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village in advance. Ride thrilling roller coasters and enjoy the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway.

  • This package includes complimentary Sun Moon Lake Ropeway round-trip tickets, must be used on the same day of Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village admission. Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village reserves the right to void the complimentary ticket. In the event of ropeway cancellation, refunds will not be granted, please consider before booking
  • Parking fee of NT$100/car and NT$20/motorcycle applies to travelers who proceed by car or motorcycle, fees to be paid on-site
  • Please refer to the official website for admission info:
  • Please note that this package is for individual travelers only, KKday and Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village reserve the right of final interpretation
  • All rides within Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village are free of charge unless otherwise stated, excluding food and drinks. Please refer to on-site announcement for exact information
  • All purchase within Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village must be paid in cash or with Taiwan Traveler Card
  • Last Sun Moon Lake boat tour on Lunar New Year's Eve: 3:00pm from Shuishe Pier, 3:20pm from Xuanguang Temple Pier, 3:40pm from Ita Thao Pier. Boat tours may be canceled during Sun Moon Lake International Swimming Carnival or other special events, please contact local agency to confirm boat schedule before departure
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