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The food selection is average and food quality is average. The roasted beef was a bit overdone and hard in texture. Overall experience was not bad but the food quality has a scope for improvement.

Yiu Fai · 30/03/2021

Fresh and tasty seafood , nice atmosphere, great service and friendly staff, will join again

ANYA · 28/03/2021

the waiter/waiteress service was not good. They seldom collected the used plates until we asked him/her to do so. They were not friendly and seldomly showed pleasant faces. They were not professional.

YAT FUNG · 24/03/2021

Too few choices. But the seafood is quite fresh.

YUEN TING · 21/03/2021

fresh made fruit juice very good, seldom in other buffet

siu man yvonne · 20/03/2021

very nice atmosphere, friendly and helpful staff, seafood is fresh and tasty, steak tastes so good and also the pastries , highly recommended, will book again

ANYA · 15/03/2021

Wide variety of food, the staff are nice and willing to help

Pui Ka · 26/02/2021

Very good service and food quality is so so.

CHI IAN · 25/02/2021

Check in is swift. Though food selection may be limited, the food quality is good especially the lamb leg. Not many types of hot dishes are offered but is still adequate given that there are other attractive food varieties.

Hon Kong · 21/02/2021

food taste good esp seafood! staffs are nice n helpful

Yee Nok · 21/02/2021

Good service and nice food,klook v convenient and cheap,will introduce to my fd

Yee Man · 20/02/2021

Service is excellent and so is the food. Enjoy the buffet breakfast. Look forward to coming again.

KAM PUI · 17/02/2021

got phone call confirmation from hotel the day before. fair selections of food items and most taste good. the restaurant did put an effort in diversifing what were offer. rarely seen items like pho and soua vide beef were there.

King Hei Kenneth · 10/02/2021

I and my friends enjoyed this lunch buffet very much. Although the food type available is not much, the quality is above average. Good CP value.

Fong Ting · 07/02/2021

More than expected, worth to try

MING FAI · 26/01/2021

good food, good variety for lunch, good service

wai lam · 26/01/2021

Nice place and food Service is good Will buy this coupons again

kit sum · 13/01/2021

Overall great, it's just that the ceiling height is quite low.

SIPING · 11/01/2021

options of food not that much as expected, but service is quite good.

wai yan · 02/01/2021

The food were ready to pick up at the scheduled time n well packed. Food was still warm. The lobsters tasted good n crabs legs fresh. Though it worked out bit more expensive than dine in, it was relaxing to eat at home

Choy · 01/01/2021

food quality and service is good. it's easy to go. it's money for value. if like crabs, it's a good place for it. the appetizer part is very good and delicious. desserts are not that sweet which is suitable for me.

Suet Ying · 28/12/2020

Very reasonable pricing at this time of the year (26 Dec 2020). Good food esp. sashimi and oyster. Good desserts esp. the apple pie with ice-cream. But limited varieties on hot dishes.

Tai Pang · 27/12/2020

food is very delicious and service is very good

KA FAI · 23/12/2020

Nice hotel with excellent service remarkable juice?,must taste

SHUI MING · 19/12/2020

Food is good especially the fresh fruits juice, very yummy.

SAU TO · 14/12/2020

Checkin was efficient by simply quoting my name (no need to use the QR code) and staff were courteous. Quality of food was good albeit choices were a bit limited.

Shiu Keung · 29/11/2020

Wonderful experience and I would love to coming back again

ching tung · 27/11/2020

Nice buffet but the restaurant no view

wai ching · 12/11/2020

Food was tasty and decent, with limited variety. Overall it’s a good deal, will be back in short term.

carina · 07/11/2020

Very good very good very good

Kwong Tsuen · 27/10/2020

This restaurant is brilliant design and well service in this buffet However,the drinks are not eniugh since they only provide orange juice,soda drinks and 1 cup of tea or coffee only.

Chung Yam Justin · 25/10/2020

We had lunch buffet at the cafe and everything is just amazing!

Pauline Rose · 20/10/2020

Good and clean, nice experience

Sze Wan · 13/10/2020

It is so good. The food is tasty and of very high quality. The staff is nice as well.

Mavelyn Sharonn · 28/09/2020

lovely food and really attentive service. Basic drinks included. Busy but good hygiene

patrick · 27/09/2020

stand with h k fight for freedom good taste

wo shing · 28/07/2020

stand with hk fight for freedom, yummy food

wo shing · 26/07/2020

Less food selection as expected but the quality in overall is satisfactory. Hassle free redemption.

FUNG NGA · 09/07/2020

Not much of choices but the quality was good I was expecting unlimited lobsters but turned out each person can only get one

Adelaide · 09/07/2020

A variety of different cuisines - got everything we wanted. But the sushi was not as fresh. Service was good the servers were very attentive.

Chi Ching Annalie · 05/07/2020

Very nice food and service, parking available.

Tiffany Hing Wah · 02/07/2020

The food are good and some are fabulous. The only bad part is that there are limited choices there’s not much Chinese food however the desserts are so good!!! Almost every desserts are delicious

Wing Yee · 24/06/2020

so good so good so good so

Chris · 23/06/2020

Wow it's actually busy on a weekday! Great range of world's cuisinces and food got refilled very quickly. Friendly helpful staff.

Ming Shi · 22/06/2020

food is average, crab, shrimp, sashimi were fresh, steak was ok. service was good.

Kar Lok Caleb · 17/06/2020

Very nice delicious worth gooddd ????????????????????

ting kai raymond · 18/01/2020

very good service, staff are nice and energetic

Refund · 31/12/2019

great food great atmosphere!

Refund · 31/12/2019

extremely good value for money with the buffet discount. I go with a group of 6 with my family and really enjoy it. the service is excellent, free flow orange juice, soft drinks and tea or coffee. staff clear used dishes often and is very polite. the variety of food is not a lot but sufficient and good quality. I book with reservation and was assigned a very private area and nice table.

Pik Ying Wanda · 29/12/2019

Very easy to use, staff at the buffet was very friendly and caring

Pui Yan · 17/12/2019

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