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This set meal is really worth playing, 2 large and 1 small not over $1500, there are 3 meals plus a supper, and there is a bathtub, you can soak in the bath. The interiors are big. Cheuk in is on the 12th floor. The waitresses are good for afternoon tea and cocktails, and the other staff are good. The attitude of the waiters who deliver supper alone is awkward.

Sun Yan · 30/03/2021

Very good value for fun, this package includes Club lounge service, including check in/check out on the 12th floor, afternoon tea, cocktails, supper (one abalone diced fish per room, bowl of young wings, Swiss chicken wings) and can Choose to go to the Greenery buffet breakfast or eat one of the Chinese, Western, American and Japanese set breakfasts in the Club lounge. The attitude of the waiter in the Club lounge is very good, I have to praise one of the waiters, the attitude is super nice. Some snacks for afternoon tea and cocktails can be added, and the most famous butterfly pastry in the Royal Garden Bakery is all you can eat. In addition, the Japanese-style breakfast noodle soup is another surprise. The only drawback is that the glass windows of the room are dirty, and the outside scenery cannot be clearly seen.

HOI SHAN VICTORIA · 23/03/2021

Package enjoys the executive floor checkin. All the staff are very polite. They also take the initiative to take pictures. They often ask whether food needs to be added or satisfied (including the reception, lounge and breakfast restaurant, and even the staff in the room delivery). I deeply feel their Take care of yourself, check in on your birthday, and take the initiative to upgrade the executive floor ocean view room and a birthday cake for your birthday. Spend a happy two days. Although High tea food is average but exquisite, the breakfast buffet is very rich and delicious.

YUK KEUNG · 22/03/2021

The check-in process of the hotel in the administration department is very smooth, and the process is very clear. The hotel room is comfortable. The overall service is very good. After checking in, you can basically eat Tea set. The cocktail hour starts again after 5:30, and the overall food is exquisite and delicious. The waitress nora and the male waitress tony are very polite. It will ask if the serving size is enough and will supplement you with food, which is very considerate. It will also introduce the floor and the privileges enjoyed. You can also choose the time to deliver the meal to your room during the supper, which is quite special. Among them, I would recommend Wan Zi Chi. There will be morning and delayed check out the next day, overall it is good value for money

KAR FAI · 22/03/2021

Good value of money, booked the package with 4 meals inclusive. The food options are limited and quite simple, but you get what you pay, good for someone who prefer to stay in room most of the time. The room is clean and spacious, service is attentive and matched expectations.

TAN · 21/03/2021

Trying out the Staycation @ Royal Garden was quite enjoyable. We booked the executive room and was able to checkin on 12/F Club level which was really convenient and avoided the general lines. Staff was very friendly and we were given a room with Harbour view on the same floor. We enjoyed the Afternoon Tea, Evening Cocktails at the Club and was taken great care in the lounge by Teresa Kau, whom was also a fantastic photographer too! Drinks & snacks in the evening cocktails was nice!! And our package also included an abalone noodle set in supper time that was delivered to our room 9pm sharp!! Breakfast was on 3/F was ok, but they do need more experienced person on the eggs!! Our early checkin and late checkout added more value to this stay!! Although the rooms are a bit dated, but the staff, amenities and meals made our stay a nice one! Will definitely consider coming back again!

Steven Chi Yuen · 21/03/2021

Overall good. You can sit down and check in on the 12th floor, and they all help to meet the requirements as much as possible. Although the afternoon tea and cocktail food is ordinary, the service is very good, all the staff are courteous and kind, the rooms are clean and tidy, and I like the design of the hotel’s atrium. The supper was good, it was warm when it was delivered, and the staff was very polite

Wing Sze · 21/03/2021

The room is clean and tidy. Staff are nice, in particularly the young lady receptionist who is friendly and helpful. She offered a champagne to me for celebrating my wife's birthday. It is a nice weekend to stay here.

TAI WAI · 20/03/2021

During the Lunar New Year, I chose the Royal Garden Hotel as the first stop of staycation. It feels good, and the hotel has a New Year atmosphere! You have to wait for nearly an hour before you arrive. There are not many food choices in the Executive Lounge, but the taste is acceptable. Even though the evening cocktails in the room do not have many alcohol choices, the food is surprising! The rooms are generally comfortable, but unfortunately there is no view.

Kit Yee · 19/03/2021

Pros: We booked a standard room with club lounge access, the staff at the club floor are very helpful and pleasant. Room is small but clean. Afternoon tea set and evening cocktails are served on tea set stand, presentation is nice, taste is average, u may ask for refills. We wanted to try their famous palmier cookies and staff happily accommodated our request and also very generous on the portions. Drinks selection is adequate. Late night meal was a meal for one, but we weren’t too hungry after the evening cocktail and it was nice to have. Gym has good variety of equipment and staff cleaning the machines n equipment very frequently. Cons: breakfast buffet had very limited selections, the was pretty disappointing. I think overall you get what u paid for and it’s not bad :)

Tsz Wing · 09/03/2021

The executive lounge package is cost-effective and includes buffet breakfast, afternoon tea, cocktail hours, and supper. The room is big enough, the bed is so comfortable, the staff is so polite and the service is so good that you can check out late and it's worth recommending

Wai Ting · 08/03/2021

Awesome place a relaxing staycation.Nice and friendly staff.

omjeet · 08/03/2021

Awesome place a for a Staycation,Got an upgrade to a Harbour view room .Super friendly staff specially at the Crown club.Breakfast at Greenery was awesome with lots of options.Could have been done better with the in house dinner menu.Overall a Great experience for a Staycation.

omjeet · 08/03/2021

Staycation is popular at home, and Imperial Garden is a popular place. If you book a klook, go directly to check-in on the 12th floor, eliminating the long queue in the lobby. Eat 4 meals, I have expectations of the food, but they are all pleasant surprises. The desserts are exquisite, All-you-can-drink red and white wine. A supper in the evening is very enjoyable! The breakfast buffet, with plenty of varieties, high quality, and value-for-money choice.

PETER · 07/03/2021

The food in the lounge was limited. If you are a big eater, you probably need to dine out. The atmosphere in the lounge was good and all the staff was nice and friendly. Breakfast was good although food was limited also, all the food was refilled in a fast pace and the staff was attentive.

TZE WAI PHOEBE · 07/03/2021

This is the third time I have stayed at the Royal Garden Hotel. This time it is a net room breakfast buffet, both are $715. There is also a point rebate of only $5××The package is very good value. I have already booked 40% off on April 8. The buffet lunch and one-night room, the two children and one child are all $13×× super bottom ??? It is worth mentioning that the staff are very polite???

yiu kwok · 06/03/2021

The hotel is a bit old, but clean and well maintained. Staff service attitude is first-rate. There are few food choices, but it must be enough.

YUK KIE JACKIE · 27/02/2021

Great place and best value of money. The bed was so comfortable and the room was clean and nice. The drink and snack at the club lounge was excellent. All the staff were friendly and attentive. Breakfast was simple but good. It was totally worth spending the weekend. Thanks for the upgrade of the room for a bit of sea view. Too bad that the window was not the cleanest. Thank you to the laddies on the 12/F for a smooth check in and out. We had a good time.

Sau · 22/02/2021

A very unforgettable staycation experience, including 4 meals, so full and worthwhile! I especially appreciate the service attitude of the staff and the New Year decorations in the shop. There are good birthday cakes and surprises!

Wai Ki · 22/02/2021

Overall it was good and full. The room is not too big, afternoon tea and cocktail snacks taste mediocre, snacks and drinks are all you can eat. The all-you-can-eat butterfly cake tastes the best of the two meals. All the food in the snack box for the midnight snack is good, the abalone is delicious and the chicken wings are delicious. For breakfast, we chose to have a buffet breakfast on the 3rd floor. Although there are not many styles, the taste is good. Gym room, the spa is open, if you want to do the spa, you must make an appointment in advance.

Wing Man · 21/02/2021

I often stay in this hotel, this time I chose this package for $1144, because k look has a profit of 100 mosquitoes, so I can play it. There are four meals in the price wallet. This time I only add 200 mosquitoes to the buried children. Basically, I have enough food and can check out at two o’clock. At the C/I on the 12th floor, it’s very good for two days and one night. The breakfast was not rich before, because there were few people under the epidemic, but they must be full. However, it may be because the New Year’s room is so clean, the bathtub is old and muddy, and the underground is dirty.

Lok Chun · 18/02/2021

klook exclusively recommends "Emperor Garden Executive Floor Accommodation" with afternoon tea, midnight snack, buffet breakfast package. $1, this price, it is a great can check in on the same day to the 12th floor without queuing, we Enter the launcher lounge at 3:30 pm to enjoy the high tea, which includes "Emperor Garden famous butterfly cakes and cookies" unlimited food. After about 7:00, we just buy ten pieces of sushi and then order evening snacks and drinks (yes Free) is enough for two of me, because there are abalone noodles and desserts at ten o'clock... My other half talks about a full meal journey (although the food is simple and not as good as seafood, etc.). Simply relax is enough, Fully recommend! ! In the summer, if there is another special package ticket, I will definitely want to use their swimming pool! ! So temporarily give them 4 stars...

ka hung · 17/02/2021

Although many people have registered in the hotel, the staff service is very good and I feel the good service of the hotel!

Pui Hing · 15/02/2021

Although there are not many choices of food, the taste is good. The price is enough to eat 4 meals. In fact, it is very good value, the service is also very good, the epidemic prevention measures are also very adequate, and the whole is satisfied

HIU MING ISBELLA · 09/02/2021

It is full of the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year, and the staff is courteous. You can go directly to the 12th floor to check in for convenience, without having to queue in the lobby. Afternoon tea is acceptable, cocktails and supper can be enjoyed in the room. Looking forward to breakfast tomorrow, a few meals at this price will arrive!

Wai Man · 06/02/2021

After staying in Hong Kong for more than a year due to the epidemic situation, all major hotels in Haocai have disturbed Satycation. I have been to 2X several times recently. This time I went to the Royal Garden Hotel, which is really good. First of all, the location is very convenient and the decoration is luxurious. That is, all the staff are very polite and smile (I can feel it when wearing a mask, especially all the lobby managers are happy to help the passengers, the service is 100% and very comfortable, the super 5-star service, thank you ??? in my mind The hotel that I have been to, Royal Garden is the first place, such as Ritz Carlton, Grand Hyatt, Yiju, Four Seasons....It is not as good as the lobby managers of the Royal Garden. The rooms are very good, and the food on the executive floor is medium. Snack the night and fill the fish with the first-class noodles?The breakfast food is small but delicious, will definitely go again???

yiu kwok · 31/01/2021

I went to Last Minute and decided to make a reservation first. In the previous 12 months, I saw a discount and many days were booked. I just went to the last moment to know if there were any holidays, so I decided to look around and find out. My check-in day is Saturday. This plan can be checked-in at 2:00 pm in advance. When I go to the lobby, I need to transfer lift to the 12th floor for check-in procedures. The female staff of the degree of service is good and help me upgrade Go to the left and you can see a room with a sea view, but unfortunately the room is a shower, so I don’t need a bath! But forget it, there are scenes and scares, there are some lights on the road at night, they are very beautiful! Afternoon tea, evening cocktails are just average, but it’s actually full! Evening cocktails and cooked food are better, it is best to have a staff service is very good! The evening market is forbidden. Evening cocktails start at 5:30 in the evening. The staff can encore, so we are very embarrassed. We encore several times back and forth, but every time the staff sent it, they are very Great service! Let’s try the red wine and white wine and the sparkling wine separately, both are OK! All in all, the thousands of mosquitoes are very good value!

YUEN YEE · 28/01/2021

Afternoon tea at the Crown Club, enjoy the famous butterfly pastry, or you can refill it. The evening snacks are also very delicate and delicious, and the food quality is good! The abalones for supper are very big and very tasty, and the peach gum syrup is very moisturizing. This relaxing weekend will also be eaten and buried throughout the whole process?

Wing Man Yolanda · 25/01/2021

Great deal and services. Prompt reply to my email. Great staff and services from Lounge. Food good except the requested delivery time for the combo set was 21:30 but set delivered at 21:00?so 1 star deducted??.recommend.

k P · 25/01/2021

12/F colleagues and friends are kind, comfortable lounge environment, all-you-can-drink snacks ~ afternoon tea tea set tastes ordinary, but the picture is ok. Cocktail snacks are delicious, hot and hygienic. Wine is available for you, so you can buy them for takeaway. Supper bowl of young fins are delicious! There are not many choices for breakfast, but it is delicious enough! The hotel colleagues are very polite and have a great time!

lok ka · 24/01/2021

Except that Miss Winky had a bad attitude when she left the club floor check in, and her words were uncomfortable on the west side, she was satisfied with all other aspects of being a staycation! I would like to praise Daniel and Cherry for their enthusiastic service, from the perspective of the guests. If you don’t feel bad about check in, you will get 5 points.

CHUNG YAN · 18/01/2021

Overall satisfaction, first-class food and service, only the air conditioner on the day of check-in was problematic, and I could not sleep well. Although I could not handle it, the staff was kind and polite. I still look forward to a very satisfying experience next stay.

ling · 18/01/2021

Because the package is reserved for the administrative floor on the left, you can go directly to the 12th floor to check in, please wait in the lobby. At 2:30, the tea set is a lounge food, and the food is ok. It is best to have the famous royal garden-butterfly cakes can be picked up by yourself~ a butterfly cake is really good food ? until 5:30, the cocktail is a fan food ~ red and white wine Champagne-based, hot plate snacks and cold snacks ~ cocktail is better than tea set ~ and can be delivered to the room, if not enough, you can call and encores your favorite snacks ~ supper fruit set combo only one set for 2 , But very high quality ~ bowl of young wings is delicious! Abalone doll noodles 2 abalones are delicious, not tough~ the room is average. The beds are all ok and big, but there is no bathtub, and the hot water is not hot enough, I might prefer it personally. Although the hotel is old, but the overall cp value is high, you can go again~

Ka Man Carmen · 17/01/2021

afternoon tea set ok Evening snacks are generally good for supper. I thought that one serving for one person was originally one, and it was enough for breakfast. The mini buffet is considered to be more than 4 meals. It is really worth going next time.

HOI YAN ANGEL · 17/01/2021

Check-in on the 12th floor is convenient and fast, and you don’t need to wait too long. The female staff on the executive floor are very polite and explain each item in detail. The package includes afternoon tea, evening cocktail, supper and breakfast. Evening cocktails taste better than afternoon tea. They can't be refilled. On the contrary, supper is a good food. Chili oil is good, but it is strange to get a serving for supper. The bowl is provided with chopsticks. On the second day, the breakfast was served as a buffet, but there were not many styles and the taste was not wrong. There are many meals in the wallet at the current price, and I am generally satisfied.

Hoi Sang · 17/01/2021

(Like) Royal Garden Hotel’s cakes, it is recommended to eat butterfly shortbread, cheesecake, cookies, birthday cake, the aftertaste is endless, there are pictures to see! ? There are hotels for 40 years, recommend the Crown Club on the 12th floor, afternoon tea, the place is small, leisurely, but the check-in is fast, the room is comfortable, but there is room for improvement! Attentive service, it can be seen that the hotel has also added disinfection facilities everywhere, but the check-in area in the lobby downstairs is small and there are many queues, so hardware should be coordinated. Thank you for your hospitality and hard work! Under the epidemic`! Come on! Christine Tsang

WAI BING · 13/01/2021

The executive floor lives on the 12th floor, check in directly on this floor! Also bring the buried room! The decoration of the room is not old, the bed is big! Use $1144 to cover four meals! Tea set for afternoon tea, Daoying on the floor was polite and took the initiative to take pictures for us! Also teach how to use the coffee machine! Butterfly Crisp is famous for its delicious food, more than a dozen pieces of eclipse for 2 days?? Evening cocktails are delivered to the room! Not many food choices! Dessert is similar to afternoon tea food? I have called many times and the waiter smiled and brought food and wine! Hello! Supper will also be delivered to the room at the specified time! Hot! It's so full! But don't ask too much! The breakfast buffet is not crowded! Food is OK! Chicken porridge with full horns is the best!

Wai Han · 11/01/2021

The food is OK, 4 meals are included, the room is clean, the service staff is polite, it is worth a try

chee pang · 10/01/2021

Check in can quickly go to the 12th floor to check in, please wait to complete it quickly

Oi Ying · 09/01/2021

When you buy this package, remember to check in directly on the 12th floor. Otherwise, you will have to wait in the lobby for the afternoon tea on weekdays. There are no people to book the restaurant. The dinner is not allowed at 6 o'clock in the evening market. If it’s not enough, you can add one for supper. But if you have enough food before, both of you have enough food because it’s too bad to wait for the breakfast of the second dynasty, so I don’t know how it tastes ?

Sin Fun · 07/01/2021

The room is clean and tidy. Food is good. Value for money.

LAI FAN · 06/01/2021

Arrived at a few o’clock, the check in queue was so long. Finally, I got to the counter after a clock on the left. If I clicked, I can go to the crown club check-in on the 12th floor. In fact, it’s all arranged, but you can have d flexibility. Buried ? Up to the 12th floor, you have to wait again, but you can sit and wait. Lower the d wild, that is to eat tea, the tea set shelf is not too much wild food, packafe embeds, not very demanding, the happiest butterfly cake has a free flow, a famous item in the royal garden, good taste ? after returning to the room For a while, I ordered the evening cocktail and even the appetizers. There are fewer choices for drinks than other hotels, but there are surprises in the food. The serving size and taste are better than tea set. There is a midnight snack at 9-11pm. I chose to send Li at 11 o’clock on the left. A bowl of abalone fins is good, but the abalone is numb, so I may not get used to the wild ? The second breakfast buffet, and check on the 12th floor. Out, it is convenient and quick to check in Guozhen on the piano day.

Yuk To · 02/01/2021

I ordered the staycations package at K look for the first time. It took almost 1 hour to line up because of the Christmas relationship. This package has a lunch buffet plus a breakfast buffet on the second day. It is cost-effective. The only downside is that the hotel mattress is too soft. Ri Tiao's waist is so painful, it hurts for a few days.

WING SZE · 31/12/2020

We checked in on a Sunday but still queued for 50mins. There was no sitting area but everyone had to literally stand and queued. We were then told that we could actually use the express check in service at the lounge for our package purchased. When we complained that no one has told us at the entrance and there was no sign, staff simply said “oh didn’t you read the terms?”. Not to mention by the time we finished checking in it was already 3pm, but we were told the room was not ready yet (check in available from 2pm). Very poor check-in experience overall. Otherwise food was alright. Room was a little old but clean and satisfactory. Certain staff was very impolite- we asked them to come and clean up the dishes after we had room service - the person came and cleaned up half of it and never returned. We had to call to make him come again. Not a word was said when he came in with a poker face, twice.

Chi Kit · 28/12/2020

Maintain the grand hotel style, the view of the business floor is still open, the facilities in the room are a little old but clean, the waiters are patient and courteous, and the catering includes snacks, wine, supper, and breakfast. Overall, it is good value for money

HO WAN · 27/12/2020

The overall service is satisfactory. There is a sea-view room at the time of check-in. In response to the epidemic situation, it can be arranged to eat in the room, but the birthday gift is only applicable on the birthday, which is a bit disappointing.

WING SHEUNG · 25/12/2020

Starting from afternoon tea, afternoon tea on the executive floor, the environment is OK. Although the afternoon tea is simple, it is fast to the cocktail time. Because of the epidemic, there is no dine-in after 6 o'clock, only the department room. But d 嘢 is good ??? There are two drinks, I choose the left white wine, not enough food can be refilled to add it ? but it seems to miss the left night supper picture, don’t remember the shadow, I will soak in the bathtub during breakfast ? Let’s go to the food, I can send it to the room for food ?? It’s so convenient ✌?️

alice · 23/12/2020

The environment, food and services are very good. The room is very clean and comfortable. The sales Manager Nicole Cheng is very helpful and professional that makes us feel happy and hospitality. The front desk lady Yan Lo is polite and friendly as well. We enjoyed staying at this hotel very much.

Wai Man · 11/12/2020

Old-fashioned five-star hotel, but not at all dilapidated, with sea view and 4 meals, great value!

CHI LAM · 07/12/2020

Good 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

Hoi Hung · 06/12/2020

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