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Very good value for money

30 hours of enjoyable time in the upgraded Premier Room, the room is spacious and comfortable, enjoying the delicious and well-eaten seafood platter, eating 1 lobster per person is so fun:) Wake up in the morning and have a buffet with many choices, big Satisfy

Yun Ling Chow · 30/03/2021

Very enjoyable 2 days and 1 night, great value for money

The hotel automatically upgrades to the executive suite, the frontdesk service is almost 6 stars, the quality of the food is very high, and the portion is full. It is unexpected that even cocktail has so many cooked food choices. Rain shower is very comfortable. The only big disadvantage is that the water from the faucet of the washbasin is very hot, and it is impossible to wash the face at all, so I had to use the faucet of the bathtub to wash.

Caroline Tang · 28/03/2021

Surprise staycation

Originally, I booked the senior suite, but when I arrived at the hotel, the lobby staff helped me upgrade to the executive suite. I was very pleasantly surprised. The executive suite is located on the 15th floor, the floor contains the VIP area, the whole floor is very quiet. The package includes afternoon tea, evening cocktails and breakfast the next day, and there is also a seafood platter to enjoy in the room. This trip is very happy, I will definitely visit this hotel again and sincerely recommend everyone.

Ho Chuen Lam · 27/03/2021

Unexpectedly, right. Although the room does not have a sea view, it is big, new and clean (a bit too cold for air-conditioning). The seafood platter is rich and fresh, the food is delivered on time, and the waiters are friendly and polite. Hotel amenities are very generous, free wine and fruit free chocolate. Unexpectedly, the food provided by the lounge is so diverse and exquisite, and the environment is comfortable and clean. The three on Canton breakfast is a pleasant surprise. There are many styles and tastes good. Very cost-effective hotel, really recommended.

HANG WA ELAINE · 27/03/2021

Non-stop eating

Afternoon tea + happy hour snack + dinner seafood platter + rich breakfast buffet, don’t stop eating?

Derek Wong · 25/03/2021

A trip to play and eat

$600 to find a place to live, eat two meals, and have a branch of wine, in fact, it is really good value, but D SEAFOOD has D will be cooked and left a little, a breakfast is good, a lot of wild food picks, the same D styles are so many wild Pick, good good!!!

Eunis Chiu · 23/03/2021

Perfect journey

The hotel rooms are comfortable, the pillows on the beds are good for a good night's sleep, the bathroom is spacious, the towels are complete, the shower is hot enough, the check in check out time is fast, the meal delivery time is accurate, the hotel location is convenient, the staff is polite, and it is worth recommending.

Shuk mei Chan · 22/03/2021

Birthday hotel experience

The front desk staff has a perfect score. I don’t think I can upgrade the room for free. It’s pure politeness and patience to explain the package range and precautions. It has been 100 points. Afternoon tea and cocktail snacks are enjoyed at the concierge level. There are few types of food, but they are all. The scope of acceptance is too small, and the number of guests is really too small. I counted 3 people and no 10 people, but the environment is very comfortable. On the contrary, there are more food choices in the morning. If you choose to send dinner to the room, the $1300 discount voucher must be enough. Although individual prices are expensive, but the portion is large, the other facilities are not special, because I belong to the street shopping mall and the same room, if you want to be picky, you must be wifi not strong enough, it is convenient to pay attention, and summarize the personality ratio There is no wild and easy to play, pure hea mall shopping tour is good, but if you want to concentrate on the hotel facilities, guests should consider it.

KAI YUNG TSO · 19/03/2021

Staff service attitude is very good! The food is delicious!

There is noisy noise in the quarantine room, someone will deal with it immediately after calling the front desk! The seafood platter is enough for two people. The birthday cheesecake from the hotel is delicious.

Wingshan Chan · 16/03/2021

Happy journey

This time, you can have 30 hours of accommodation, including breakfast, afternoon tea, evening cocktails and snacks, plus a $1,300 gourmet cash coupon, plus the assistance of the staff (Kent), which can be delayed until 7 pm Check out, make the whole trip very happy, and you can also enjoy a variety of different cuisines! Happy and satisfied, will stay again!

FAI PUI LUM · 15/03/2021

Good value. Looking forward to seeing service upgrades

Siu Lun · 15/03/2021

高性價比 :) spacious room, amazing seafood platter & breakfast buffet (with great variety) - highly recommended!

Ming Yan · 08/03/2021

Charging holiday

This time I visit again, I can only be more satisfied and happy. The hotel’s service is really good and it’s really hard for you. Every time you stay, you are very courteous and willing to help. The staff from the lobby to the restaurant are very kind and courteous. The room is also very clean and comfortable, and the staff who worked hard in the room will definitely stay in again

Man man · 06/03/2021

Check-in time is really 30 minutes, chkin at 10 o'clock in the morning and chkout at 4 o'clock in the day. The bed mattress is soft and hard, but the pillows are just fine. The seafood platter was delivered to the room on time. The lobsters, oysters, snails, mussels, prawns were so fresh, and the garlic was fresh and fragrant. The breakfast buffet has many types of food. Qian Er Mosquitoes are two people. It is recommended to chkin early, and there will be more people queuing at the frontdesk during the day.

Chor Ming · 28/02/2021

food are good, big portion

Mei Sze Nancy · 26/02/2021

Nice package and nice room. But the size of the bed was a little bit small for this category of hotel. Bathroom had a nice design but the food was little bit disappointing. In general it was a pleasant stay.

Yiu Chuen Stefan · 25/02/2021

Good experience. We love it so much

Wing Yi · 25/02/2021

Overall a great experience. Just disappointed that the dining credit only applicable for room service. The room service had very little choice and the food were not good. Just fairly can eat but not yummy. Room was large and clean. But the breakfast in Three on Canton was quite good.

Ka Tung · 24/02/2021

it is relax and nice trip. the service is great and the seafood platter is good in portion for 2 persons.

Teck Foong · 22/02/2021

Canton Road, downstairs in the big shopping area of Harbour City, the one-star Michelin-star Japanese ramen is available as soon as the Gateway Hotel comes out. The seafood basin and a white wine packaged by Staycation are super pleasant. Upgraded room to VIP floor, buffet breakfast is also very satisfactory. JBL Bluetooth speakers are provided in the room.

Yung Chun · 21/02/2021

a very good deal, highly recommended! early check in and late check out

Chi Ching Ankie · 18/02/2021

With the package ticket ordered by klook, there are dinosaur coupons that can be used when you are dining in a hotel restaurant or calling room dining. Hong Kong men choose room dining on the left, but the three on canton hotel restaurant is famous for its quality. You can book a table in advance and find a few coupons after eating. The quality of the food in room dining is quite correct, and the portions are quite large. Basically, a main course is enough to eat. The special recommendation is curry, which is quite correct, and the portion is plentiful, with all the pancakes and rice. Speaking of returning to the hotel room, the space is quite large, with a sofa and a coffee table, it is more convenient and comfortable to eat. The toilet is only a shower room, so if you want to take a bath, you may have to request early. The downside is that the TV still doesn't seem to be a high-definition TV, but there are cable stations to choose from, but the picture quality is numb.

Soh Po Freedom · 18/02/2021

The rooms are spacious and comfortable, very clean and tidy, with windows overlooking the Victoria Harbour and well-equipped facilities. Unfortunately, the bathroom does not have a bathtub. The service attitude of the hotel staff is very good, the quality of the afternoon tea food is good, and the price is high.

Queenie · 17/02/2021

Bought 2 packages to stay for 2 nights. We were able to check in earlier, 1:30pm instead of 3pm and the whole process was smooth and quick. The room was big, spacious and clean. It had no view as the hotel is surrounded by other buildings. Beds were comfortable. My daughter enjoyed the little treasure hunt prepared. Staff were helpful and polite. The location is also good as it is right at the mall. Will definitely recommend.

Camille Joy Manalastas · 17/02/2021

Bought 2 packages to stay for 2 nights. We were able to check in earlier, 1:30 pm instead of 3pm and the whole process was smooth and quick. The room was big, spacious and clean. It had no view as the hotel is surrounded by other buildings. Beds were comfortable. My daughter enjoyed the little treasure hunt prepared. Staff were helpful and polite. The location is also good as it is right at the mall. Will definitely recommend.

Camille Joy Manalastas · 17/02/2021

Quite satisfied, I stayed in the Premier Room, Super Seafood Platter, 1 white wine, free mini bar, buffet breakfast, elegant The History of Whoopi set and 10 am in plus 4 pm out. Haocai pick up the room early, afternoon At 4 o'clock, the check-in team lined up outside the street ??. The rooms are also quite large, the only drawback is the lack of views.

Yuen Yi · 14/02/2021

Room is new, room service is good

Yen ting Jenny · 14/02/2021

Room is new and comfortable, room service is good

Yen ting Jenny · 14/02/2021

Food is good, room a bit old and run down. A reasonable deal.

Michael · 14/02/2021

The hotel has specially arranged two connected superior rooms and suites for our family of four beforehand. The rooms are very spacious and tidy with complete facilities. The room can also shoot beautiful sunset scenes, which is really an unexpected surprise. The lounge combined afternoon tea and happy hour on the VIP floor, the food quality is very high, the hotel arranges guests to take seats at different times to avoid crowds and take adequate preventive measures ?. The seafood platter enjoyed in the room at night was adequate and delicious. On the whole, the hotel staff including the front desk, restaurant and customer service are friendly and professional. This New Year staycation experience surpassed my expectations and it was very cost-effective.

Queenie · 13/02/2021

The senior suite is 580 square feet, one bedroom and one living room, including afternoon tea in VIP room, seafood meal with a white wine, and buffet breakfast. Upon entering the room, I saw a box of exquisite chocolate, delicious. In response to the epidemic, the VIP room must be controlled by the flow of people. Everyone makes an appointment to enjoy the VIP room for one hour when checking in. The food is not expensive. The seafood meal at night was delicious and sweet. I thought it was a buffet, but I didn't expect too much. Who knows I am out of sight, but in the end I can't even finish the seafood.

SIN · 09/02/2021

great valued package. Prompt reply to my enquiry email prior to my arrival. Baby friendly amenities offered and prepared as requested. Many thanks for the birthday room upgrade. Friendly check in. Superb location.

k P · 01/02/2021

The hotel service is good, specially prepared shower shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush and children slippers for children!

Tsz Kin · 25/01/2021

Good in every way

The hotel’s environment is vigorous and quiet. Although the room I stayed in has no view?, the room is clean and tidy, all the staff are very kind and polite, and the hotel has also done a good job of disinfection and hygiene, which makes guests feel at ease, and there are also some for children The slippers and toothbrush set are really attentive. I recommend a very good hotel than everyone. I will definitely stay again

楊依雯 yeung yi man yenmi · 12/01/2021

Staff members are nice

Check-in procedure was smooth. Staff members are polite and friendly.

Whit K · 11/01/2021

30hrs Staycation

Great service and hygiene! Early check in and late check out worth every penny, the staff were helpful and welcoming. Would recommend for all to take a break and chill.

Tony Wong · 09/01/2021

Gateway delivers excellent service and hygiene, the room is beyond my expectation and I enjoyed my stay very much.

Sze Ching Hermes · 07/01/2021

Better than expected

Last time I stayed at Marco Polo Hotel, this time I tried to stay at the Gateway, and there was a $1000 dining voucher rebate. The changed room rate is only about $500, so cheap! The staff are very polite, and the hotel room is very large and clean. The only drawback is that the room is not soundproofed. In short, it is worth staying.

HEITING HUANG · 04/01/2021

The day I chose did not have the $1100 plan, so I tried the $1800 plan, but the price-performance ratio is very high. It is worth a try for four meals at a price! Check in early after reading the previous reviews. You can check in at around 1pm. There is no one waiting in line on weekends, not to mention the half-hour queue as mentioned in the previous review. The front desk also sent a check-in on the day of check-in. Hour self-service afternoon tea and the next day’s buffet breakfast. The rooms are upgraded luxury suites. The rooms are well-spaced. There are rooms and bedrooms. You don’t have to worry about the smell of room dining to accompany you to sleep. Building, only hotel guests can go. It may be about 1:30 in the afternoon. There are no guests. The place is quiet and you can eat head circumference. The food is all fresh. There are not many styles of food, but an afternoon tea Watching more is not lost, at least for free! Because of the holiday, the front desk has explained that meal coupons can only be used in the room and cannot be used in the restaurant, but it is not bad for me, because dining is prohibited at night, and room dining is the only option at night, so there is $1800 for food. It’s an arbitrary order. The amount of room dining is $200-400 per person plus one, so the $1800 meal voucher is enough for two people to eat two meals. After calling the order, it said that it would take 45 minutes to be delivered, but basically it was delivered within half an hour. On arrival, the food in room dining is still warm, and the portion is quite large, but there is only a festive menu, not many styles, the next day’s buffet breakfast is not lost, basic styles are available, and the most important thing is free! In summary, eat 4 meals at one price, including afternoon tea buffet on the day of check-in, room dining in the evening, breakfast buffet the next day and another room dining before check-out at 3 o’clock. It is worthy of praise, there are no extra charge items in the room, including fruit plate, a sprig of red wine and chocolate, drinks in the refrigerator, coffee machine, etc. In short, you can eat for free if you see the whole room! Check out at 3 in the afternoon. Basically, this time is a 26-hour staycation, which is a great value-for-money plan.

CHUN NAM · 03/01/2021

I went to live on New Year’s Eve. Although there is no bathtub in the room, I went to the highest floor on the 16th floor and I saw the sea view. There is $1100 for in-room dining. The staff are so polite. This staycation is so happy, and I will choose to stay again in the future.

HIU LING · 03/01/2021

I bought this package two months earlier and checked in on New Year’s Eve. I have already stayed in the hotel before. The hotel staff service is super good. Because this package is for children, children have fun, the room is big, but the wifi is often disconnected in the room, the minibar All you can drink, no view to see, a little disappointed

Hung Sum Marco · 02/01/2021


Service, cleanliness, and catering are all above the standard, but the TV in the room only has analog TV quality? do not understand

Jeff Ho · 02/01/2021

services are good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pik kei · 30/12/2020

Disadvantages of online shopping

Because of the severe epidemic situation recently, contact customer service and hope to cancel, postpone or have other alternative plans. If the customer service responds to the hotel’s no epidemic change plan, contact the hotel directly. The reply can be postponed, but KKDAY’s sales can communicate with the hotel. Sales? Is it customer service? , I call customer service in the evening. This time I speak Mandarin, and I said yes. Please give the name of the person in charge of the hotel who can confirm the extension. I called the hotel to contact the front desk staff. I call to different people every time. The customer service of KKDAY is really good. Customer service? Do you really have follow-up customer questions? Shouldn't customers take the initiative to contact the relevant business if they have questions? I'm serious and afraid this time, but I can't do it later!

Siu Sik Leung · 29/12/2020

The rooms are large, comfortable, and sanitary. The rooms have no peculiar smell. The facilities are a bit old and there is no view outside the window. The toilet was poorly drained, the shower was damaged, and the most out of place in the whole room was the white dressing chair that was turned into gray and black. However, this "Endless Camp" activity is a bonus. The treasure hunt is thoughtful and the ice cream new land surprises children. They hide in the camp all night and have fun. Since there is no dinner in the evening market, we ate the lunch buffet after checking out. The ingredients were good and the steak was excellent.

sau chun · 28/12/2020

There are not many choices of staycation package for a family of four. Harbour City can live in two large and two small families, and there are also $1100 dining coupons, which is good for a family of four. The room is big and clean, with new and clean facilities, with a big sofa, big enough bed, enough space for a family of four. There is a bathtub, so I appreciate the double shower curtain, so I don’t want to rush to the ground to get wet. Moreover, the shower curtain is as white as new, without any stains, and the faucet's switch is free of scale, and the cleanliness is perfect. The hotel also carefully prepared children’s toothpaste, toothbrushes, shower gel, shampoo and children’s slippers. There is a coffee machine in the room with three types of free coffee. The mini bar of the pack has one each for soda and beer, and two packs of Qoo are also buried. I don't drink beer, I change to make soda. In addition, there are two free water bottles. The angle of the TV can be adjusted, but some stations have snowflakes. The air conditioner is really freezing, and there are d-freezes on the left side. Dinner is called room service, called Zuo pizza, spaghetti with meat sauce, and grilled meat. Pay $907 and use the 9 cash coupons on the left. The food is very delicious, the pizza bottom is crisp enough, the steak is ripe and well-drained, the whole portion is big enough for a family of four. It can be 3:00pm late checkout. Double eleven with coupon $1100, there are $1100 dining coupons. Overall, no matter the room, food, cleanliness, and service are very satisfied.

shuk fan eva · 24/12/2020

Check in at 4:30 that day, we ordered an upgraded suite package with 1800 credit breakfast buffet and evening cocktail tea, because the non-smoking double bed room is tight, the front desk can only be checked in at 6 o'clock, and we arrange a common room on the same floor to rest and carry After the left room, I immediately rushed to eat the evening cocktail tea because there was no time till 5:30. When I am full, I return to the room and wait for the notification of the transfer. When I transfer to the originally booked suite, there is a big smell of smoke. I want a non-smoking room! The hotel staff would immediately do a smoke-free treatment and ask me to go back to the room for a while, and make sure to enter the room at 7 o'clock in the evening. The front desk staff actively suggested that we can free late check out until 6 pm on the second day. A staff member urged me to check out at around 4:45 pm on the 2nd, and I felt that the staff did not communicate well. The food in the hotel room and lunch buffet is of good quality and cost-effective. Late check-in breakfast buffet should be diverted to 7:30 or 8:30 in the morning. It is too early so there is no food. I choose credit to deduct the lunch buffet fee.

Chauying · 20/12/2020

Polite staff, nice room

KUNG MING · 06/12/2020

It was a wonderful stay!! We were celebrating my uncle’s birthday!! We wanted to book the dinner buffet but informed it was full booking. Thank you to hostess team arrange us a table, we enjoyed very much!! The restaurant staff gave us a plate of dessert with happy birthday tag and candle!! Thank you team!! Excellent and keep up the good work!!

Ka Yi Karis · 30/11/2020

Very good hotel

The hotel staff is polite, the environment is comfortable, the mattress is very comfortable, it is a very good hotel.

Hiu Ching · 30/11/2020

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