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The rooms are detailed and beautiful. The shampoo, shower gel etc. are all Appelles, which are easy to use and fragrant. But the room is really dusty. Facing the wooden ball will have a nice view and relax. Breakfast is good enough for 2 people, the taste is unexpectedly good

TING TING · 29/03/2021


Ho Ching · 27/03/2021

The hotel as a whole is very new and the scenery is very beautiful. Meal time is from 9:00 to 16:30. Well, get up early and go for breakfast. It’s 100 points, but it’s a meal for two people.啲

HOI YI · 23/03/2021

Love the room built-in netflix and youtube! I also appreciate the marshall bluetooth speakers. Although the room is not big enough, the design is stylish and the supplies are complete! Zhong can check out at 4pm first, very cost-effective!

Lai Kei · 23/03/2021

Extra long stay time plus room equipped with smart TV. It is absolutely suitable for a short holiday. The tiramisu of the electric package under the fork is delicious. DIY sangria is really interesting.

KA LOK · 22/03/2021

Staff has a good attitude. When you buy a package, you can eat tiramisu without having to wait in line. The hotel has a clean environment and a simple design. However, the "fruit wine" in the package is actually a fruit coffee made by yourself.

WAI YIN · 19/03/2021

Good taste Tiramisu, the staff is very polite, the environment is comfortable, I will go live again next time if I have a chance??

Lok Ting · 16/03/2021

The hotel accommodation environment is very good, with the marshall speaker, you can listen to songs all the way and watch the scenery all the way. In addition, the embedded breakfast is very good:)

Hin Ho · 15/03/2021

The location is very convenient, there is a convenience store downstairs, and there are already many wild food choices in half of the street. It is close to the nearby large shopping malls and it is very convenient to walk on the street. High performance-price ratio, good service attitude of staff, well-equipped rooms, and good breakfast. The only flaw is that the room is quite dusty and people with allergic nose should pay attention to it!

yik yu · 09/03/2021


Ho Ching · 09/03/2021


Ho Ching · 05/03/2021

High performance-price ratio, nice flowers, nice rooms, good breakfast? Push!

man ki · 04/03/2021

Relax environment Lovely cafe

Cheuk Yin · 28/02/2021

The staff is very polite and the explanations are clear. The rooms are generally clean. But I found that there are a few traces of the toilet. The breakfast is exquisite, but the portion is really not large. It may not be enough for 2 people

KIN MAN · 24/02/2021

The garden view is beautiful, the hotel staff is very polite; the breakfast is worthy of praise!

HEI TING · 23/02/2021

The built-in netflix on the TV is very convenient and the package comes with a high quality breakfast~ signature tiramisu can only eat in, it’s a pity that I bought another coffee with a good stay experience

pak fai · 21/02/2021

Cozy room, splendid view, love the speaker in the room.

Jason · 16/02/2021

nice room interior , Bluetooth speakers available 5***

Tsz Ho · 15/02/2021

The rooms are bright and tidy, with a sunny view, new equipment, and courteous staff. There is an air purifier in the room, which is very considerate. The breakfast is delicious and the portion is acceptable.

Chung Yee · 15/02/2021

The rooms are clean and tidy, the staff is attentive, and the Cafe and Tramisu downstairs produce good products.

Chiu Wing · 11/02/2021

The whole thing is correct, the decoration is stylish and stylish, and they are all clean. There is an air purifier in the room and they are all fastened. But the coffee stick in the room has a big and obvious stain. I take it and throw it as soon as I flush it. , That is to say, the system may not have been replaced by new customers at all. The breakfast was satisfactory, but the wrong meal was delivered. At the same time when I placed the order, I saw that there was only one item that was written in the signature. I told the staff to ask for a new one. I would like to know that the new one is another one. I have corrected it and sent it back. This meal is not the signature, nor is it the wrong version of me ??

Yan Kiu · 09/02/2021

The coffee is very good, the staff service is kind and courteous, the room is clean, the equipment is very good with netflix, and it is good to check out at 2 (holiday)

CHAK YEUNG · 04/02/2021

The environment is comfortable and the lobby staff are friendly. The procedures are quick and convenient. The CP value is high. Desserts and coffee drinks have surprises ?? worth recommending. To stimulate the convenience of installation.

Kwok Leung Toni · 04/02/2021

Overall, there are surprises in the quality of breakfast, I will go again if I have a chance!

CHUN HANG · 04/02/2021

It was a very pleasant experience to stay at Page148. The hotel room is very new, modern and clean! The staffs are extremely polite and kind! The tiramisu is soooo goood that I had to order an extra one! The price to stay for a night at this hotel is comparatively cheap, but the services are outstanding. Will definitely come back again!

Wing Lam · 25/01/2021

The hotel is very new and the lobby cafe is also super stylish. The design of the room is very stylish, and the interior is bright and clean. There is also a marshell speaker, which is good for playing songs

Wing Suet · 24/01/2021

The second time Lei page 148, this time I tried the signature sunset package, and finally got tiramisu, comfortable environment, beautiful scenery, recommended

WING HANG · 24/01/2021

The room is good, breakfast is normal, but the toilet is problematic, overall it is good

WAI LAM · 22/01/2021

View and breakfast are perfect!

Tsz Ming · 14/01/2021

Although there are people in quarantine, there is an air purifier in each room. It feels much safer to take your body temperature every time you enter and exit! In addition, everyone at the front desk is very polite. The design is stylish and clean. Although the room is not too big, the TV is more equipped. Netflix and YouTube. Breakfast. There are not many styles but a good meal. Low price staycation. The price is very recommended!

On yi · 13/01/2021

The room and the bathroom are good, the new clean breakfast is so exquisite and cost-effective. Overall very satisfied. The only flaw is that the room only has a stool for 2 people. Please pay attention to it

Chun Kit · 13/01/2021

Coffee Sangria and Tiramisu are excellent!! Very nice experience to have a sangria that mixed by myself!! Definitely a cozy and nice stay with Marshall & Sony TV equipped. The Sunset was beautiful.

Sze Luen · 06/01/2021

High cost performance, good staff attitude, check in at 1 noon, and check out at 4 on the next day. The room is open and tidy, stylish, well-lit, and the scenery is open, so comfortable. The most appreciated TV is youtube Netflix, and there is a bouquet of flowers to send. Simple and beautiful, easy to carry. The breakfast has a singnature toast, two croissants, half a cup of cheese, and 2 packs of instant coffee (you have to boil water without drinking). The breakfast is delivered to the room, and it tastes good. Okay

Wai Yu · 04/01/2021

The transportation is convenient, subway trains and buses are just a step away; there are many types of restaurants nearby; the breakfast provided by the hotel is delicious, and the portion is ok if two girls eat; of course it is happy to receive the flowers; the most pleasant surprise is the built-in YouTube on the TV. Late check-out is postponed to 4:00pm, and you can enjoy the garden view outside the window. Worth coming again!

YAN YAN · 04/01/2021

It’s a good experience. The breakfast is very good and the scenery is very good. Facing the cueball club, you can see the big green grass. The mattress is very comfortable. The most important thing is to check out at 4 o’clock. Stayed this time, really satisfied.

Chung Yan · 02/01/2021

Nice and clean room, cannot order the tiramisu in the room, will come to the cafe next time.

TSZ YAN · 02/01/2021

The location is convenient to Jordan Station, just a few minutes to go to Tsim Sha Tsui donki. The hotel rooms are very clean and tidy, and the view is not wrong. The breakfast is good and the breakfast is good. You can have fun again?

Yat Ho · 14/12/2020


Ho Ching · 14/12/2020

I booked the hotel for two nights this time. The design of the hotel is stylish and beautiful, and it feels very stylish. The attitude of the staff is very friendly and attentive. The room is clean and comfortable. There are Marshall speakers in the room. It feels too chill to watch the scenery while playing songs! The breakfast is also very delicious, the croissant is a must! I would like to choose here again if I staycation next time!

Tsui Shan · 13/12/2020

First of all, the staff in this hotel are impeccable is every way. They are clear to details in explaining what's included in the package, polite,reachable and responsible. The interior design is something other hotel should learn from. Room is cozy, clean and homey. Breakfast is lovely.

Lim Chi · 06/12/2020

The room area is not very large, but every detail has been carefully considered. The environment is relaxing and the overall feeling is good

Wilson · 30/11/2020

The location is convenient. Just 5 minutes walk from Exit D of Jordan Station, the staff is friendly and responsible, ensuring that those who enter the hotel must take their temperature first, and the food delivery is fast. The design of the room, especially the toilet, is very modern. Living on the 19th floor sees the whole wooden ball club lawn, Sunday I saw people playing in the morning, and the environment was relaxing. The package of choice for breakfast (I chose crabmeat, avocado toast, cheese and croissant) is so full and delicious. I feel good overall.

tak yan · 29/11/2020

the entire experience is better than expected and will recommend to friends

Bo Yan Bowie · 27/11/2020

The staycation was good overall. The staff is courteous and courteous, completing the check-in procedure quickly. And the breakfast set in the package is very rich, the toast is delicious, the coffee is a drip bag and it is a pleasant surprise, the croissant would be better if it is reheated. In addition, the hotel’s homemade tiramisu deserves to be a signature. It has a strong coffee taste but no bitterness. The hotel rooms are neat, clean and comfortable. The facilities are also very complete, with Xiaomi air purifiers and Marshall speakers. In addition, you can watch YouTube and Netflix on TV.

Kam Lung · 08/11/2020

Yummy breakfast with very good service Good to have smart TV that can connect to YouTube, but the TV network is quite poor

Chi Wing · 08/11/2020

This is a very happy staycation experience. I especially like the roses sent by the hotel, the sound in the room, and the very fragrant shampoo and shower gel. The first-class hotel staff are all kind and polite and very enthusiastic to meet customer requirements

YUEN PUI · 03/11/2020

I don’t understand that they can bring breakfast to the room but not coffee? Apart from this room everything is good and breakfast is delicious but the portion is a bit small

Dee · 26/10/2020

The Staycation package is really good to check in at 12 o'clock on the second day and check out at 6 o'clock in the next day for 30 hours! Breakfast picking avocado toast is bursting! Good fresh, good enough!

HO TING · 26/10/2020

It was a smooth check in upon arrival. However, the check in counter was located just next to the cafe and look a bit temporary and not private. The room was nice. However, the flower was quite disappointed, definitely not a wise choice to please ur love one. In general, I will come back again :)

Kwan Yin · 22/09/2020

The breakfast is delicious, ready to be ordered, and delivered to the room for about half an hour. The weight is not small, enough to be a brunch, and you can place orders until five o'clock in the morning. The TV has built-in Netflix. Unfortunately, the hotel does not log in in advance. Guests are required to log in with their own accounts. There are slippers, no bathrobes. The bed is big and comfortable. The landscape is superb.

Kwun Tai · 31/08/2020

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