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-Although the hotel is small, the staff is very kind and courteous! ! ! ! ! The service is really welcome and will definitely come again! -Cafe is small in size, but it is relaxing with attentive service. The environment is also very warm. I really like the terrace and the greenery outside the door-thanks for upgrading the room, the bathtub is spacious and relaxing. It is the room's meticulous location and corners are not clean enough, which is slightly deducted. But it does not affect the experience. -The location of the hotel is just beside the hotel, a must choice for sushi chefs?

PUI YI · 29/03/2021

Its a good experience with this hotel which the service from hotel staff is great. With this price its very reasonable. Room wise not bad, but cleaning wise needs abit more work since seems like not enough staff in cleaning as the room is slightly dusty on furnitures and when checking the room there are hairs on pillows. Since its my gf bday they gave us free wine and a picture frame with our photo of us which was a nice touch. Food wise, first tea set. The chocolate cake and the latte tasted very good (latte was shockingly nice) but others seems avg. As for breakie it was normal and the semi buffet was below avg as the so called dim sum tasted so bad i needa spit it out....

SIBYL · 25/03/2021

Checked in on my birthday and upgraded to a suite with terrace. What a surprise. So big, clean, with bathtub

hoilam · 23/03/2021

Check in time in the afternoon, the front desk began to be annoying, and the staff was very professional and friendly, which was very praiseworthy. The environment of the hotel is very peaceful, the rooms are large and comfortable. Although there are not many types of food in Tea set, the standard is very good! I will choose to stay again

Wing Sze · 21/03/2021

Very good! Knowing that my wedding anniversary, there are children living with free upgrade to the big room, so beautiful and comfortable. Zhong gave me a photo frame to the left. Kids are so happy

Shuk Fan · 21/03/2021

I booked a staycation hotel at klook this time, the room was so big...but there was a cloud and rain on the a tent was arranged to the side of the room...but the children still liked it very much...the front desk attitude Okay ??’s just that there was an episode in the head early...a sister thought I left the room at 8:30, so I opened the door and entered ?I am satisfied with the overall 10 points

Wah kwai · 19/03/2021

The bathtub is large and has a massage function. The children have a good time. There are a lot of drinks in the refrigerator, which is good, and there are many restaurants nearby and convenient. Opposite is the Magic Lantern Seafood Restaurant, you can try to bury the dim sum and put the question ? Next time I want to try a plan for urban camping

Yiu Wo · 19/03/2021

My kids love the idea of camping but is not my thing staying outdoor n in the wild. This hotel provides the best solution.. combining the idea of Glamping n hotel experience?. Massive room with nice facilities .. nothing to complaint! Highly recommend for family with kids. ????

Kwun Chung Bruce · 18/03/2021

Overall satisfaction. There were some problems with the toilet in the room. After contacting the front desk, someone was sent to repair it. Although the problem occurred again later, the impact was not significant. Staff service attitude is good. Afternoon tea can be enjoyed on the day of check-in or the next day. When checking in, we will ask and reserve a seat. The afternoon tea meals are mostly desserts. If you are worried about being too sweet, it is recommended to choose yogurt between mousse and yogurt. The coffee is good. To use the fitness room, you need to make an appointment in advance, and first go to the lobby to get the fitness room key when you use it, and you must return it to the lobby after use. This is a little inconvenient, but it can ensure that there will not be too many people in the space. The fitness room is small, with 5-6 aerobic exercise machines, a set of dumbbells, a bench, a comprehensive heavy training equipment, yoga mats and yoga balls. There are also towels and water dispensers. Breakfast is semi-buffet style, although there are not many types and simple, but it is delicious.

Chun Ping · 17/03/2021

good good good good good good good good good good good good

HOHIN · 11/03/2021

Although the hotel is not very large-scale, but the waiters are polite and upgrade the rooms to suites free of charge. There are surprises. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and the afternoon tea is delicious. It is recommended. I don’t think there are many styles of breakfast, and the avocado is not ripe.

Chi Ping · 10/03/2021

I booked this hotel for my birthday, the environment is clean, the staff is courteous, and I have upgraded to the suite and have a jacuzzi. I am so happy

Tsz Yau · 08/03/2021

Place is very nice but it’s little bit noisy from water tube in midnight.

yuen fun · 07/03/2021

To celebrate the wedding anniversary, the hotel was notified in advance, and the hotel asked us to take photos, thoughtfully made a special photo frame for us, and a handwritten postcard, which was very satisfying. The front desk staff is first-rate and courteous; but the logistics on the phone call in the evening made the hotel lose points. The hotel did not have an extra bed sheet, only the heater is not a staff problem, but the regret of "Will you please?" What does it mean to speak with anger? Instantly ruined the mood! All in all, the hotel is good

Ka Li Veronica · 27/02/2021

Very good. Good service

NOK HIN · 25/02/2021

The location of the hotel is convenient, the price is reasonable, the hotel staff kindly thank the hotel for the free upgrade of the room, the room has a large sense of space, and the bathtub is large, and it is clean. The quality of the afternoon tea is not lost. The dessert is a bit too sweet. The overall experience is very good and very interesting. Recommend everyone

Wai Chuen · 23/02/2021

For both the price, go to the edge ~ super positive experience. ??I suggest you go upstairs with Qi Ye, you can go up and down many times, so happy you can upgrade your suite. The bathtub is so big that 3 people can sit, and there is a shower downstairs, which is really top-notch.

kaka · 06/02/2021

Excellent room. Great service. Selena at front desk Was amazing. Other staff were also very good and took care of us well. Thank you Madera.

Richard · 06/02/2021

Upgrade the room is so big! Tea is the same as breakfast. The food is ordinary but it is better than the cafe. The service is not wrong. In summary, it is worth playing!

Ho Ying · 05/02/2021

Good deal and value for money. Staff are nice and helpful.

YIM KEE · 24/01/2021

Good surprise, free upgrade to the suite, good time, big space, enjoy the holiday of 2 days and 1 night, so I feel like traveling, afternoon tea and breakfast are delicious, relaxing and happy, worth recommending

SUI KI · 24/01/2021

Upgraded suite for us automatically. Service and food were nice in the cafe. Enjoyed the stay. Will definitely book it again for another staycation.

Ka Man Charline · 14/01/2021

The location of the hotel is very convenient, the staff service is super good, both the hotel suites are big, and the overall feeling is very good. Package free semi-buffet breakfast and afternoon tea set, food quality is good.

Chi Chung · 11/01/2021

The hotel room is big, the service is good, and the bathtub can be soaked, and it is functional. The location is convenient

Hoi Kei Rachel · 08/01/2021

Convenient transportation; there are 5-6 restaurants downstairs; the room has comfortable mattresses; there is a mini kitchen; the 27th floor has a good view; the receptionist is sincere. Late check-out is postponed to 3:00pm. The only thing to be improved is the shortage of staff. Cafe has only 2-3 staff members who handle meal preparation, cash register, and entertainment at the same time. If you enjoy afternoon tea, it is better to take a little time before the meal, because the meal time is long.

YAN YAN · 04/01/2021

Convenient location, close to the subway station. The room was clean, and there was a red wine to enjoy. The afternoon tea platter is good, but at breakfast, the restaurant is understaffed, so you have to wait for one person to eat first, and you have to wait for the soup and snacks. After eating the staple food, you have to eat breakfast first. But the prices are all the same

Ming Chu · 02/01/2021

Staff service is excellent! The toilet in the room is blocked, and the shower is flooded...the sense of space or comfort is very high. Unfortunately the mattresses are average. It's already $770, so you can enjoy it in Hong Kong, it's worth a try! Also remember to bring your own salt bath.

Man Pui Jet · 30/12/2020

Great value discount, convenient place, friendly staff, afternoon tea and breakfast are super positive

ON KI · 27/12/2020

The room is super beautiful, the bathtub is right, afternoon tea is the same as breakfast, but it is not lost!

Hung To · 20/12/2020

Thank you so much Klook for the arrangement with the hotel! The rooms are penthouse suites, upper suites, and lower living rooms. One day, I feel the luxury of living in a mansion. There are floor-to-ceiling large glass high-rise scenery on the 2nd floor. Package includes free red wine, afternoon tea and breakfast, afternoon tea is slightly sweet, breakfast is ok, the coffee is well prepared and the staff are friendly. Late check out until 3 o'clock, the room has a TV, massage chair and bathtub, and the cleaning products are made of Crabtree & Evelyn brand. It is so good that it is really comfortable for the whole day. The price/performance ratio is nothing to lose this time!

KA MAN · 16/12/2020

A very comfortable suite, very large and beautiful, very admired, very convenient nearby.

siu wai grace · 16/12/2020

The hotel is not wrong, the facilities are good, the room is packed with snacks and the price is very suitable

HO YIN · 13/12/2020

The waiters are very nice and polite, the accommodation is very good, clean, the only thing I do is not late check out...I have fun, the breakfast is excellent, semi-self-service bar

How Yee PRISCILLA · 06/12/2020

The location of the hotel is convenient, the staff service is very good, polite, the rooms are very clean and tidy, the hotel also gave us a free upgrade plan house room, when the door was opened, we were surprised at the moment, the top floor also saw the sea and the Qingma Bridge, and the living room had 60 Inch big TV and high-end stereos, even massage chairs, two toilets and large bathtubs, including breakfast and afternoon tea, stay for 24 hours, super cost-effective, excellent.

YIU KEI · 30/11/2020


tin chu · 30/11/2020

There are a lot of suites, the equipment is well-equipped, and the bathtub is unbeatable. Terrace camping is so proud, breakfast is just good, but the restaurant is very detailed, and it is easy to be out of place, but it seems to be able to eat in the room.

Kin Ling · 27/11/2020

The rooms are well designed in the hotel, there are floor lamps at night, the toilet has natural light in the morning, the bathtub and massage facilities

Hailey Hei Tung · 24/11/2020

The hotel's arrangement is not bad. Upgrade the room to a penthouse suite. The room is large and has an open view. There is also a free minibar and a complimentary red wine. The breakfast in the hotel is a relatively streamlined semi-buffet breakfast, but the time for serving is a little bit longer and there are fewer choices, but the taste is not wrong. The afternoon tea is in the form of bird cages, and the heart is too soft and tastes good. All in all, 770 mosquito packs breakfast, afternoon tea and upgraded suites are very cost-effective.

Kevin · 22/11/2020

Location is convenience and silence. Good service of the staffs and the room is very clean. There was Jacuzzi in the bathroom. The cafe environment is good. Breakfast and afternoon tea are nice.

Chun Lok · 17/11/2020

The room is so big, it feels like a holiday. The room is equipped with an independent CD player, equipped with 6 CDs selected by the hotel, regardless of TV. There is also a TV that can be connected to a mobile phone. Unfortunately, there is no such configuration on the TV near the bed, so points are slightly deducted. But the staff is so diligent and satisfying.

Sin Ping · 16/11/2020

Nice location, easy to reach, just next to MTR station. The room and facilities are good. GYM is closed. Breakfast is quite good.

MAN KIT · 06/11/2020

The price can have two rooms. Breakfast and afternoon tea are really affordable. Breakfast is plenty, but afternoon tea is average. Most commendable is the existing bathtub. It’s good to go to the bathtub of a Japanese hot spring hotel! But it's a pity that you don't know or are you so hard to bear? Although there is a change of sheets and quilts, but it feels so wet after the training...Should I change the baking room? It's not too comfortable to train.

shuk Wa · 24/10/2020

The room is clean, the front hall, the concierge, the housekeeping department, and the restaurant staff are all good! The breakfast is delicious ?! It's worth introducing my friend Li Wan!

Pak Ling · 24/10/2020

The overall service feels good, but the bed at the waist is a bit old and a bit sag and lacks flexibility. It is recommended that the hotel can replace with a new mattress. The dining restaurant feels comfortable, and the breakfast afternoon tea is also satisfactory to me. I will consider buying this discount again.

Tsz Ki · 24/10/2020

The front desk staff is very polite, the other staff are very nice, the room has an outdoor terrace

SHUK YI WENDY · 22/10/2020

The overall environment is comfortable, the room is large, clean and comfortable, the location is quiet, and the transportation is convenient

SHUK YI WENDY · 22/10/2020

The room is clean and tidy, the bathroom is big enough, there is a bathtub, the breakfast is good, the cake for afternoon tea is a bit too sweet, there are a lot of wild food nearby, there is no worries about midnight snack.

YUK CHUN · 17/10/2020

The breakfast is very rich, there are many choices, there is a jacuzzi, and this time I upgrade to a suite

SIN TUNG ELLEN · 05/10/2020

Nice hotel with convenient location! The staff are nice and friendly. We are lucky enough to be upgraded to a suite with a spacious living room. The best thing is that it allows late checkout! Breakfast and the Afternoon tea is alright - given the price, this is overall a great deal!

Yuet Tung · 25/09/2020

The room is so big and comfortable. It’s a good upgrade. Let’s go to the suite. It’s a good price to include two meals! Recommend everyone to sigh ❤️

Cho Kwan · 13/09/2020

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