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The room is relatively old, but it is still acceptable because it is still clean, the buffet in the evening is good, the staff is so attentive and polite, and will call you in advance to make an appointment for breakfast. Although it is not self-service, the portion is enough. PS This is a city view. Room on the 73rd floor, there is a chance to bring the children back in

Hoi Sang · 29/03/2021

Because the sea view room does not have a double bed, it has been upgraded. The view from a very high floor is so beautiful. The room is big and comfortable, and you can check out at 6 pm the next day.

ka chun · 05/03/2021

This is the second time I have stayed in this hotel. I like the room, the bed and bathroom are big enough. The package I chose this time is a free upgrade to the ocean view room + five dim sums. The quality and cost performance are very good. I will want to stay again next time I have a discount.

Chung Yan · 26/02/2021

Large room space. Surprise for dinner. Good food with bathtub. High floor, overlooking the sea view. Good service

Yi Han · 01/02/2021

The hotel is large and food is better than i expected. yhe check in line is quite long though.

Tak Yan · 22/01/2021

You can check-in from the hotel lobby to the 41st floor. The staff is courteous and the hotel is very large and many floors. A high-rise sea-view room is arranged, the sea view is very good, the room is very large, you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset! It's a pity that there is no yukata and USB plug, and the TV cannot receive high-definition channels. It is still a bit cold after the air conditioner is turned off. The bathroom is large in size and has a special design. It has a perspective shower, but unfortunately the water is not big enough. The size of the bathtub is the same as the sink. There are many shopping malls around the hotel. All the shopping malls in the same area are connected by sky bridges. It is very convenient. There are many choices for shopping and food. Packed lunch to drink tea at a restaurant, free 6 kinds of dim sum, the food quality is good.

LAI CHU · 18/01/2021

After a comfortable and free staycation for one night, it was so happy and memorable! The breakfast was delicious, and I will definitely recommend friends to stay!

Wai Ki · 17/01/2021

A high-rise sea-view room is arranged to enjoy the sunrise and sunset! There is a large bathtub in the bathroom for two people to soak, but the water drain system of the enterprise tank is slow and it is easy to flood. You have to ask the concierge to pick more towels. The next day’s lunch is less than the previous choice, but they are all good Flavor?

Yik Lam Zorana · 17/01/2021

The room is so comfortable and clean, the toilet and bathtub are well designed! Although the executive rooms have a city view, they are very beautiful when arranged for a high-level view in Tsuen Wan. The standard of breakfast and snacks is very good, it is a hotel worth retreating~

YUI MAN · 12/01/2021

It’s fun, 700 mosquitoes have sea view rooms, breakfast and night views are pretty double rooms with two double beds. The bathrooms are so big and beautiful. The TV is not big enough. It’s not too cool to play switch with friends, but all Fasten the small things and pack a dim sum lunch on the second day. There are 6 dim sums in each room. Originally a package can be eaten in the restaurant, but the staff talks too many walk-in customers. You may have to wait patiently. Ask me if I can bring food in the room. I have to accept it. Although the room food is not good, the dim sum is very good.

YU TSIT · 12/01/2021

Live on the 70th floor, with city view, arranged with balloon decoration in the room. The lobster meal is delicious, but the mousse of green apple and green tea is not good. The same discount will be held next time.

Raymond · 10/01/2021


Tsz Chun · 06/01/2021

The rooms are clean, the service is courteous, the delivery time is punctual, the lobster steak for dinner is delicious, the desserts are beautifully presented, surprisingly delicious, cost-effective, highly recommended

Wai Yan Clara · 05/01/2021

On New Year’s Eve, the price wallet dinner and the executive room have already failed. If you add a credit card discount, it will be even more valuable. Because I have already stayed in ordinary city view and sea view rooms, I would like to try the executive rooms that I have launched this time. Although the executive room is a city view, but the 45th floor is considered a high-rise, so the view is not wrong. The executive room I live in is located in the high block. The room is larger and more comfortable than the ordinary room. The city view is open and there is no price increase for special days. The price/performance ratio can be high, so I would recommend you to try this staycation package. However, it’s worth mentioning that the check-in was originally available at 3, but there will be many people on New Year’s Eve. I will see people at 4:45. Although the hotel has opened a counter, it will eventually have to wait 30 You can go to the room in minutes. In fact, the hotel can arrange an online checkin earlier to reduce the time for depositing, for example, it will deduct less points. Another point of deduction is food. Because of the relationship between the plates, the restaurant is only wrapped in plastic wrap. In addition to the left food frozen in the morning, the large amount of plastic wrap is also very environmentally friendly. I hope the hotel can improve it. But as a whole, Li said it was a good choice.

Sai leung · 04/01/2021

the package is good but it is preferable if higher floor could be provided.

wingsan · 03/01/2021

The large wooden floor in the room is clean enough, the view is good, the sea view is far away, and the bathroom is the most upright, so special!

OI CHING · 02/01/2021

The rooms are clean and tidy, the facilities are perfect, the sea view is very good, and the staff is good

KAI FAI · 01/01/2021

No buffet dinner, change to room service. The hotel uses WhatsApp to provide a good choice of dishes and know when you want to eat, so as to make arrangements.

Po Yan · 01/01/2021

The room is big, but check in first half an hour from the left of the check-in row, not perfect but acceptable, it should be improved

CHUN FUNG · 30/12/2020

Good price! There is a sea-view room with a lunch-inclusive room. The room is big enough and clean.

CHING SHAN · 29/12/2020

The room is tidy and clean, the equipment is clean, and the breakfast is good. There are many restaurants nearby, so convenient and will check in again

FungTing · 28/12/2020

The service is attentive and attentive, and I have communicated meal arrangements via WhatsApp for those who have not checked in. No matter check-in, meal delivery and lobby staff will provide customers with high-quality services during the subsequent stay. Very good and nice surprise! The service is so good I would like to come again! The lobster dinner served in the room was enough and delicious, the matcha green apple mousse was so beautiful and the meal was super standard! Good taste?

SUK MEI IRIS · 28/12/2020

This time is a Christmas offer. In the morning, you can drink tea at a restaurant and send 5 kinds of snacks. The food quality is good. I think it is better than the buffet breakfast. The hotel rooms are neat and clean. The location is convenient. There are many food and shopping malls nearby. Inexpensive

Sze man · 27/12/2020

The view from the high block is very good, but the room is old and the equipment is refurbished in time, and the hygiene can be improved. There is a tingling smell when entering the room, and the air freshener is good to return. The dim sum for lunch is delicious, you have to choose a time to eat?

W · 27/12/2020

The view of the high-rise room is very open and you can see Tai Mo Shan in the distance. The room is very large. There are many shopping malls around the hotel. It is convenient for shopping and is worth recommending

Ka Kin · 26/12/2020

Didn't deliver to the room on time but the service is not wrong. Dinner is adequate and tastes average

lok kiu · 26/12/2020

Quite good, decent price. Might think of get it again

WENHAO · 25/12/2020

good good good~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Chi Chung · 25/12/2020

I booked it during klook exclusive staycation, and I talked about a plan at a discounted price. The hotel is old, but the floor is so high and the landscape is open (it is like selling a building). The lobster set is so good, even if you know the lobster It is a frozen product but the chef cooks it well. The salad and dessert have surprises. The chef is worthy of praise!

MAMA · 24/12/2020

The lobster meal was sent to the room due to the epidemic situation. The lobster heat is good and the food is good

LAI CHI · 23/12/2020

The room is quite large, with two double beds and sea view, but the decoration is old and the TV sets are very fine. Due to the epidemic, the dinner is eaten in the room and the quality of the dinner is OK, but because it is delivered, the restaurant is not hot, so it’s a discount. Overall, all packages are considered satisfactory.

Wai Yip · 18/12/2020

The rooms are large, clean and well organized, with open views. The set meal includes a lobster dinner and an American breakfast. The portion is large and delicious. This time the price is also very good, there are thousands of Hong Kong dollars to find, there are many shopping malls nearby, the focus is to visit DONKI, it is worth living in scare.

TAK PO · 18/12/2020

Helpful front desk staff and good location. Nice view at 50 floor with delicious meal inside our room.

Fu Wah Victor · 17/12/2020

Reasonable price and reasonable service A very busy hotel Shame cannot dine in the restaurant Weird that we get 2 single large beds instead of one double bed I guess that depends on the checking in time (we were there at 5pm, around 2 hours after start of check in time to avoid the crowd) Would be nice to include breakfast but still good for the price

Hiu Man · 14/12/2020

In relation to the epidemic, the dinner buffet has been changed to an in-room package. But the food quality is very good. The breakfast is also good. The room has a beautiful view and the bathroom is specially designed. It is a pity that the swimming pool is closed and even the open-air garden is also closed. The hotel staff are very good and attentive. The dinner arrangement was responded quickly, better than Klook.

YIN CHING · 12/12/2020

Great location and comfortable room. Buffet and breakfast were fair though. Overall good value to money

Pui Sze · 08/12/2020


Leong Kin · 06/12/2020

The place is tidy and clean, the staff are friendly and attentive, the food is diverse, choice and good.

Shiu Wah · 03/12/2020

The overall feeling is good, the taste and service of the dinner are very good, but it is a pity that the swimming pool is not open.

Ting Fung · 23/11/2020

The dinner set is far too small for an adult.

Ka Ki Alan · 22/11/2020

The sea view room can look at Tsing Ma Bridge, and all the bathtubs in the kitchen can be soaked. There is no USP plug in the room, which is a bit inconvenient and the toilet seat is too small. Although there are not many choices for the dinner buffet, each person has a serving of wagyu, steamed fish, and chicken soup. Overall cost-effective

OO · 22/11/2020

The room is large, the high-level sea view is first-rate, there is a bathtub, the food presentation, the taste is all right, it is worth going again.

ka Yan · 21/11/2020

The view is first-rate, especially at night, the room is large enough, the breakfast is good and rich, and there is no yukata

kam fung · 21/11/2020

Yes, the hotel is clean, please let me know if there are other offers next time. Thank you

Chui · 19/11/2020

The rooms are very clean, tidy and very large. There are some sea views and river views, which is very positive. Lobster meals are also very delicious ☺☺

Chung Lok Frankie · 16/11/2020

As soon as I got there, I had to take a check-in on the 41st floor. The hotel has many floors. It is silly to take it. Compared to the last staycation hotel, the service is not good enough, the food is average~ I I live on the 7X floor. Both breakfast and dinner buffet are on the 9th floor. It takes a long time to wait. The buffet dinner styles are not too many, but it’s not wrong to include a wagyu beef and another beef. One hand rub for one person ??, and one breakfast pack for one all day breakfast. It’s a pity that no matter the guest room or restaurant is frozen to the crazy line, all food must be frozen within 2 minutes when it’s on the table, and the room is air-conditioned. Use ? The sea view room is so big, but unfortunately it is a double bed. The room has a little up smell, there is no usb plug, and the TV is not available. The toilets are so big. There is a perspective shower, but unfortunately the water power is not enough. The location of the sink is good~ The last thing to say is that the hotel has a room announcement. From the morning to 6 in the evening, it will be the time for the exterior glass to be cleaned. It is recommended that you draw up the curtains. In other words, no matter what the scene is, it is not good. Use, because I can’t relax with the curtains during the daytime~

Hiu Ching · 13/11/2020

Original price HKD 995 with HKD 200 discount from last staycation. First off, 10 check-in counters (10ppl) at 41/F, it went fast. We were being upgraded to Twin sea view room on 73/F, was spacious but the interior was bit outdated (still in good condition though). Big mirror and ring light in the bathroom. Bathtub was good, so as the water pressure. We had a good sleep, tv doesn't have much channels in it. Big restaurant for a 3-course dinner on 9/F. Waiter explained each of the dishes at the beginning. Although we were not having buffet dinner, still the food there looks yum. Didn't take photo for the main course because we were enjoying it so much. All 3 dishes were almost perfect !!! Portion bit small but satisfying. Dessert with surprise, every dish made by the heart of professionals !!! Dinner details at This expired deal sounded perfect for a weekend escape !!!

Chi Leung · 10/11/2020

Good view and good service excellent dinning experience

CHUNG YI · 09/11/2020

The package includes 2 sets of lobster meals. Because there are children, I asked if I can transfer to the room service. However, if the indoor swimming pool is 25 degrees (constant temperature), it will be frozen after the outdoor swimming pool ???. There is no swimming anymore. There is a bathtub in the room, and there is also a tank, no mistake

ka yee · 08/11/2020

The room is large with a bathtub, but the air-conditioning is too cold. The environment outside the window is good. There is a sea view. There are a lot of food, shopping and entertainment. It is connected to all shopping malls in the same area.

hok chun · 01/11/2020

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