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Enjoy 24/7

Basically, I have never left the hotel. The children show balloons in the room, watch movies, and go to the Lounge to eat when they are hungry. The food in the Lounge is also very good. In the evening, I also tried a few different glasses of cocktails, plus snacks, I really can relax and enjoy!

Kam Kin Cheung · 30/03/2021

Cost-effective five-star hotel package

This is the second time I have stayed in this hotel. I have a very good impression. It is an unforgettable stay. Regardless of the room, food, and service are very satisfactory. And the price is worth nothing.

NGAN LING LUK · 29/03/2021

Value Staycation

I have stayed in many five-star hotels, and the New World Millennium Hotel impressed me very much. Because no matter the room, food, service are very satisfactory. Moreover, I can enjoy this kind of quality service at this price, which makes me overjoyed.

NGAN LING LUK · 29/03/2021

The family had a nice night

The employees of Juxianhui are very polite and try their best to fulfill all requirements. There are not many food choices for Meidian and evening cocktails, only a few, and a lot of wine choices. Email replied that extra pillows are automatically delivered to the room. There are not many choices for breakfast, and the food is still sufficient until nearly ten o'clock. You can enjoy the Lounge's beauty on the day of check out, great!

Peggie Chan · 29/03/2021

The family had a nice night

The employees of Juxianhui are very polite and try their best to fulfill all requirements. There are not many food choices for Meidian and evening cocktails, only a few, and a lot of wine choices. Email replied that extra pillows are automatically delivered to the room. There are not many choices for breakfast, and the food is still sufficient until nearly ten o'clock. You can enjoy the Lounge’s beauty on the day of check out, great!

Peggie Chan · 29/03/2021

The room is clean and comfortable, and the staff service

The Resident Club has good wild food and excellent sea views. Check-in on Friday is free of upgrade. There are red wine, chocolate and fruit for delivery, and epidemic prevention package for delivery. The lounge doesn't count as many people, so you can enter just by queuing up. Breakfast choices are ok, but wild food is not wrong.

Yeung Ling Lam · 28/03/2021

The first time I stayed at Millennium New World Hotel, I first went to Taoli for a snack at noon. The taste was good and the staff was attentive. After eating, check in on the 15th floor at about two o'clock, because the package can be upgraded to the Juxianhui sea view room for free. At the same time, you can enjoy light meals on the 15th floor, evening cocktails, and check in. After entering, sit down and sigh for a cup of coffee, so satisfying. There are different types of evening cocktails, beer, red and white wine, sparkling wine, cocktails....Try the same style on the left, good, and the ocean view is really superb! The staff on the 15th floor provided good service, and they were all satisfied overall! So the second morning decided to stay longer!

so ting · 28/03/2021

Birthday Pilgrimage

I hope KKday and the hotel can cooperate again to launch the package

Ho Yin Hon · 27/03/2021

high cp value

Yao Ji mosquitoes stayed for one night, with breakfast, evening cocktails, tidy rooms, toilet flushing facilities, like going to Japan. In addition, I also enjoy a buy 2 get 1 buffet lunch at the hotel, which is also good.

KWOK WING YUNG · 26/03/2021

The hotel’s service is first-rate, and every employee keeps a cordial smile?, I

LA Table night rice with first-class level is worth going again~????

V V Wah Wah · 25/03/2021

Courteous and attentive staff

The staff is very polite and handles well even if there are a few problems

sinyan Lau · 25/03/2021

Overall a good experience. The hotel started by emailing me for pillow preferences which was something that I didnt expect and highly welcomed. Check in process was easy and fast. Was upgraded to residence club room but there was construction directly on the floor above. They offered to move us to a separate room while this was happening. I would have liked a heads up notice before hand as opposed to finding out after we were situated. Dim sum was great and evening cocktails and breakfast was good.

Karl · 24/03/2021

Dim sum is my fault, but it is true that the restaurant or hotel has a good service attitude, but the breakfast buffet has fewer food styles than other hotels at the same price, and there are some disappointments.

Yuet Tung · 22/03/2021

nice,and lovely tea set。

Ka Wai · 19/03/2021

A very good experience. In terms of catering, all-you-can-eat dim sum for lunch is the focus. The quality and service of Taoli are at the upper-medium level. You must eat the soup dumplings. If you don’t eat it, you will really lose the most. Next is the shaomai with prawns. Dumplings are also good, and Beijing Cong Niu Baiye is also very bright. Other staple foods such as rice and noodles, you can eat without eating, except for the good presentation, there are no other characteristics. In terms of housing, the hotel responds to our birthday celebration (Contact the hotel in advance by email), so I helped arrange a sea view room on the highest floor. The view is good, but looking at the direction of Lei Yue Mun, it would be better if it can be in the direction of the exhibition. The room is clean and tidy, and it feels good. Movies and drinks (Non-alcoholic, but in fact there are no alcoholic beverages in the room) There is no charge, so they are know. Unexpectedly, the hotel sent us a small cake and was overjoyed. Summary, environment Good, convenient transportation, good food. PS Please don't expect too much for breakfast, because breakfast is enough to be full.

kwok keung · 15/03/2021

Great package with all you can eat dim sum lunch and buffet breakfast, Room is clean, Staffs are nice. Highly recommend

David · 11/03/2021

I have happy with the overall package and the service of the hotel staffs. The cost performance ratio is high with spacious and clean room, delicious lunch and breakfast. The only issue I want to comment is that the free snack bar included only one small pack of Pringles chip.

Ka Ning · 09/03/2021

nice Seaview great food polite friendly staff

SING CHI · 08/03/2021

Maintain a consistent standard, the single beds are relatively small and the fitness room is so big, it is worth visiting again

HO YIN · 06/03/2021

Booked a sea view room but only a small part of the sea view, a little disappointed. The staff is courteous, the room includes an anti-epidemic kit very intimate, and the bathroom is provided with a Dyson hair dryer

Wai Man · 03/03/2021

The hotel’s service is attentive and you can choose the pillow type. If you notify your birthday in advance, you will get a lot of cakes. The room has a beautiful sea view, and the high-rise view is better. The lunch dim sum tastes good.

YIN CHING · 28/02/2021

One of my favorite hotels this year, all the staff are very satisfied, the bed is so big and comfortable, the buffet has many types, and the waiter collects dishes quickly.

DAVID · 23/02/2021

The accommodation arrived at the hotel at 2 noon on the first day of the Lunar New Year and checked in. There were no queues, just waited for about 5 minutes to successfully pick up the room. The location of the hotel is very close to the Tsim Sha Tsui East New Mandarin Centre. It is recommended that you take a 5-minute walk from Exit D1 of Hung Hom Railway Station to the Hotel. The staff in the lobby are very polite. City view room, the window is large floor-to-ceiling glass, the window facing the small garden view feels good, the room is clean and spacious, the equipment is new and clean, the bathroom space is large, there is a bathtub, the overall design is practical and comfortable, and a lot of disinfection supplies are provided in the room. The breakfast time is from 7:30 to 10:00 in the morning. The 1/F restaurant has a good environment. There are many choices of food, including Chinese dim sum, porridge, noodles, salad, various breads, fruits, cheese...etc. Upper middle.

LAI CHU · 19/02/2021

If you are staying during the Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day peak season, you will have to wait for a long queue to check in when you arrive at the hotel at 3 o'clock, and finally wait for about half an hour to get the room successfully, which is within the acceptable range. The extra hard pillows, red wine glasses and chairs required after going to the room were delivered quickly and the service was good. The room provided a large amount of disinfection supplies, which is commendable. Although the room itself is clean, it will be more comfortable to disinfect by yourself, and the best The place is a bathtub, and there is no moldy place that feels good and can be used. Under the condition of the gathering order, dinner can only be ordered as a takeaway. Fortunately, the room is large and has a movable desk for eating. Although there are many types of TV catalogs, it would be better if you can link to youtube. Compared with many booking websites, klook has the best price.

Ka Ming · 19/02/2021

Guaranteed to upgrade to the ocean view room, all-you-can-eat snacks for lunch, birthday cakes and handwritten greeting cards, the service is very considerate, it is worth coming again, strongly recommended ?

Wai Yan Clara · 17/02/2021

Very good location and plenty of choices at breakfast, especially good that the bread has been baked at the restaurant, we could enjoy fresh bread that just was cooked. The hotel staff were kind and helpful. It is highly recommended.

Toru · 15/02/2021

The overall experience is very satisfactory. I stayed at the next intercon a few days ago, and the service arrangements were not as careful as this one. The staff in the lobby is very polite and will always greet and take care of guests' needs. Let me talk about the room first. The overall design is practical and comfortable. The housekeeper is very careful. The extra bed will be supplemented with toiletries. The lunch dim sum buffet is very good, the food atmosphere and service are good, and there is nothing missing in the extra order. The lounge environment is very good, the sea view is super beautiful and it is much better than the intercon, and the snacks and beer are not very stingy, as long as you don't waste it, you can take it. All the staff are nice and enthusiastic, especially Grace, Cathay, Yamada, and several employees and managers. In addition to celebrating Christmas and birthdays this time, the hotel thoughtfully arranged a room service for the evening cake, which allowed our family to have a very happy staycation. Will definitely visit again and recommend to friends afterwards, I hope the hotel can maintain the level!

Sze Wing · 12/02/2021

All-you-can-eat snacks at lunch are arranged in the banquet hall, and the food tastes good. Check in on the VIP floor, the staff led me into the room to introduce the room features, the service is very good, the room has an excellent sea view, and the toilet is so big that you need a dyson hair dryer. Lounge is facing the sea view, the environment is good, but the food style is too few.

Ka Man · 11/02/2021

The rooms are clean, spacious, with new equipment, large bathrooms, bathtubs, no pressure, and the staff are friendly and kind.

Ka Chun · 07/02/2021

The dim sum is delicious, the room is large, the free movie is so new, it is very family-sized

PO KI · 06/02/2021

The room was great, and the staffs were very kind and helpful

Cho Kin Harry · 31/01/2021

The staff was proactive and polite. The room they stayed in was on the 6th floor, but the sea view was open and the view was unobstructed. They had to praise the room with anti-epidemic suits. Although there are not many styles of dim sum and buffet breakfast, they taste good. All in all, this staycation is excellent value for money.

Yin Fong · 28/01/2021

lovely stay Got an upgrade too?☺️

ian · 25/01/2021

Very nice & good stay. Staff are kind and helpful

Pui Yi · 24/01/2021

Previous visit was good but this time the reservations team is quite irresponsible and unprofessional. Unfortunately we do not think we will return.

Wing Sze Wincy · 22/01/2021

Quite good. Comfortable accommodation. Not many types of foods for breakfast buffet

Wang Yui · 18/01/2021

The rooms are new and the sea view is pretty good. There is a lot of food near Tsim Sha Tsui, and the overall staff service is average

Tsz Kiu · 17/01/2021

The front desk staff are friendly and attentive. It’s so heart-warming to bring the birthday cake in person. The cleaning sister is also very polite. The price of klook is cheap.

Shuk Fun · 12/01/2021

I am very satisfied with this stay. The hotel staff is professional, courteous and friendly, and the check-in efficiency is high. You don't have to wait too long. Before check-in, specify the room requirements in advance, the hotel can meet the needs of guests, and also upgrade to the VIP floor, late check out to 2 pm The room is fully equipped, equipped with anti-epidemic supplies, and there is a Bluetooth speaker to listen to songs, and a bathtub and bathtub , I am most satisfied with a warm Japanese toilet board. In cold weather, I feel so warm. The room is large and the sea view is open. You can see the Red Pavilion on the left. The hotel is located in the middle and quiet, and you can buy snacks and snacks at night. Very convenient, next time I will try other packages in the hotel, will definitely stay again

Yeuk Chan · 11/01/2021

The sea view room is not wrong, there is a separate bathtub, red wine for the anniversary stay, it is praiseworthy, the waiter's service attitude is good

lau yu · 10/01/2021

The rooms are comfortable, freshly decorated, well-equipped, and there is a smart phone available in the room. Although it is a city-view room, it can be arranged on a high floor. The room can accommodate up to 2 large and 2 small occupancy; no extra charge, very resistant.

Hoi Kei · 09/01/2021

Always eat dim sum, don’t expect too high a surprise. The ocean view room is arranged on the lower floor and the view is ok

tsz ling · 06/01/2021

The rooms are simple and comfortable, the beds are soft and silky, the bathrooms are spacious and tidy, the sea-view room enjoys leisure and soothing, the staff is attentive, making you feel at home, the Chinese dim sum is delicious, the food is happily, the environment is quaint and comfortable, I had a good time in the hotel this time Enjoyed the holiday, will come again next time

Man Yu · 28/12/2020

The service attitude is good, the food is delicious, the room can be available on time during holidays, the environment is first-rate, the service is so considerate, thank you for this trip

HO YIN · 26/12/2020

The service is first-rate, the children each have a Christmas gift, it is a story book, and Zhongyou drew the Christmas card by hand, which is very heartwarming. Any dim sum tastes so-so, but the buffet breakfast has a wide variety of food and it is delicious. A hotel worth visiting again with reasonable price and better quality than expected.

Nga Ling · 25/12/2020

Good value for money Nice room and great views, dim sum buffet was really good, variety of food choices for breakfast can be improved. Overall pretty good.

Chi Mun · 23/12/2020

Book left 18/12 for one night with the other half of the birthday package, lunch and snack all-you-can-eat package on the morning of the day and the same day, the hotel front desk staff courteous check-in and enough time to go to the room to put the luggage on the bottom and drop off the food on the 2nd floor. Request delayed For check-out, due to the number of people staying in the hotel on the first day, you can only go until 1:00pm, but it is enough to have breakfast and go back to watch multiple sets of free movies. Lunch on the day is dim sum, engraved, steamed, spicy, and delicious. All rooms are separated from each other and the sea view is so comfortable. The room is arranged on the 5th floor. The sea view room is open and the pedestrian overpass on the same road is considered to have ample space. The toilet is so big that there is a bathtub ?shower ? and the disinfection kit is ready to make the guests very considerate. The hotel knows that in order to celebrate our birthday, we will send a cake and a heart card as a small gift, and we will send it at any time in accordance with our convenience. Thank you.

Tsz Yin · 20/12/2020

The rooms are clean and tidy, the view is beautiful, the food is good, the waiters are courteous, there are cakes for birthdays, and the cakes have a pleasant surprise. Will come next time.

hoi yin · 17/12/2020

The Executive Ocean View Room looks to the east of Hong Kong! Can't see the west of Hong Kong? You can check in 11:30am and check out 14:00pm early. The package includes noon, the Chinese dim sum buffet is very good and tastes good.

kwok keung · 10/12/2020

Very good experience staying in this 5 star hotel

PUI YIU · 06/12/2020

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