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Super convenient and worthy. Just simply present the qr code to the counter and instantly you are on the JR train already

Hiu Leung · 15/04/2021

The online booking was fast and easy. Value added bundle promotion help to save for the traveling. However, there is a lot of packages in the market, planning is needed to choose the right package that suit you travel plan.

Wee Hong · 07/03/2021

This pass is totally worth it for all first timers to Osaka to get the limited express train and day pass. Worth :)

Singapore · 27/01/2021

We loved the experience so much. Few tips: Buy your tickets in advance. Pick the best times to visit. Arrive ahead of park opening. Eat breakfast before you arrive. Bring your own water. And of course, enjoy!

Kathlyn Flor · 18/11/2020

it's definitely worth the price and super useful. must buy when u visit osaka!

Amelia · 07/10/2020

The package is about 1800 yen, including a express train and one day pass. If buy locally, the total is over 2000 yen. It save money, I will buy next time.

siu man · 16/08/2020

I had a day in Osaka before moving on via JR, and decided to pick this up for sight seeing. Extremely convenient and accessible, highly recommend. The ticket can be picked up via QR code sent to you via email after paying, at the very visible booth on the airport train platform.

Jun Jie · 17/07/2020

Great way to get from airport to Osaka city center. I would recommend this pass of you’re arriving early in the day in Osaka, or if you need to ride a few more trains from Namba before you reach your hotel.

Louise Joy · 30/06/2020

Klook is awesome again! I highly recommend that you book all your travel needs with Klook. It’s very to book on the app.

Steven Thanhlam · 26/03/2020

Cheap and effective way to travel one way from Kansai Airport and to use the local metro/ bus system in Osaka for a day. The One Day All-you-can ride pass is an individual ticket where its use date is stamped upon use thus you can choose a later date to use it from your train ride in.

Michael · 10/03/2020

It is advisable if your arrival is at night or afternoon because after getting to Osaka Station to your hostel, you might want to rest and start the sightseeing tomorrow. You can also use the osaka day pass tomorrow or any time you want as long as it is covered on the validity date that is specified at the back of the card

Angelyne · 08/03/2020

good value by combining the train to Osaka city with the metro pass if you're planning to move around Osaka. the pass may be used the next day.

Alan · 03/03/2020

Highly recommended, easy to redeem and very convenient. Hassle free for one day unlimited rides to Metro Subway to explore the city plus one way ticket from airport to namba. excellent kudos Klook!

Venuss · 29/02/2020

Ticket is easy to redeem at second floor (Nankai Ticket office) and the operation hour is until 11pm. It takes about 40min to reach Namba. Recommended to buy.

PEI YEE · 29/02/2020

Ticket is easy to redeem at second floor (Nankai Ticket office) and operation hour is until 11pm. It takes around 40min to reach Namba.

PEI YEE · 29/02/2020

I can get Nankai limited Exp.Rapi:t ticket with reserved seat and also Osaka subway unlimited pass for 1 day that make my trip smoothly

JIDAPA · 25/02/2020

This YOKOSO pass is a fantastic as it gives you a much more comfortable ride from the airport to osaka central as you can use their iconic limited express blue train with reserved seating, instead of the standard train where you sit if you can find seats. Collection was easy at the Nankai Railway counter and the staff speak enough english to explain the tickets and when the next train is. They tell you the free 1 day unlimited metro pass can only be used same day or next day, but it's an unknown secret that this is not true, just use it before the expiry date on the back which was in 3 months time for us. We used it on the same day as we arrived into Osaka in the morning and planned the whole day of sightseeing. Good value!

Chi · 20/02/2020

Very easy to get the tickets. Save lots of time.

OI LAI · 20/02/2020

super convenient and help my journey smooth, the ticket counter at KIX is not difficult to find. i really love this Rapitto Train :), by the way, I get off at Tengachaya (before Namba) which my hotel is nearby.

Nutnapin · 14/02/2020

Easy pickup and easy to use. No hassle and very convenient especially if its your first time in Osaka. Worth the money.

Anjelica Joy · 12/02/2020

The Yokoso ticket was worth it as it allows us to fully visit all the attractions without having to pay any additional. Be prepared to spend more than half a day there. Take your time to enjoy the Japanese beautiful landscape and surroundings.

Choo Aik · 09/02/2020

it very good very easy . have a fun .I love klook. easy go to travel around the world. It't to ship.

jutarporn · 08/02/2020

Will be really convenient and cost saving for a short day trip within Osaka (which include the Nankai Line 1 way ticket from KIX). But you can also use in combination with other types of cards (like Kansai through pass) that will give you better savings

THU NGUYET MINH · 07/02/2020

Excellent ticket????? Very useful????? 100 % satisfied customer????? Highly recommended ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️ thanks KLOOK?????

olivia · 07/02/2020

very convenient and affordable..i would recommend this one who stay to namba..its easy to redeem and the train is very fast.. i will book this agian..thx to Klook..

marilou · 07/02/2020

Definitely must have when you go to Osaka. You can put first Osaka Area in your itinerary, since it is bundle, a one way trip (Airport to Namba) and 1 day unli ride in subway in Osaka.

Margerine · 05/02/2020

necessity, a must. worth every cent. my family and I really enjoyed it.

Kelvin · 01/02/2020

very recommended ! It was easy to redeem the tickets at the Nankai Ticket Office in KIX. With the package you would receive a train ticket, a reserved seat assignment and a Metro 1day pass. good value !

THERESIA · 29/01/2020

I was able to get to Namba from KIX in just an hour! It was a very comfortable ride, gave me warmth on a cold day. Thanks Klook!!

Janelle Erica · 25/01/2020

A very informative place for holiday makers. Transport, tourisms, local information, there a loads to read and very good price offer to readers.You can book a day pass for subways or trains, tickets for attractions. Klook almost cover the most popular destinations on the planet. The payments are secure and the information are updated. A must stop place when you plan your next trip.

LUT HEUNG · 22/01/2020

Value for money and easy to use. They will give you 4 kind of tickets, just make sure you dont lose it. You will also get discount for several attractions in Osaka, so check out their web, I used it for osaka castle. Dont forget to see the subway map for the stations that include in the pass.

Citra Septi · 22/01/2020

Got it from 11.11 sale for half a price, was able to use it to ride the train from airport to namba osaka and we roamed around osaka without a hassle thanks to YOKOSO! Osaka ticket. We're going to Osaka again around march and I'll definitely purchase this again. Kudos to klook who made this purchase possible!!

Catherine · 18/01/2020

Get both Nankai Rapid ticket and One day Osaka Subway ticket.

Mitsara · 18/01/2020

Good price. You can go to Numba station directly by the express train. You will get 2 ticket :one for the express train and another one is for 1day metro

Augchara · 16/01/2020

It was easy to redeem the tickets at the Nankai Ticket Office in KIX. They will give you a one-way ticket from KIX to Namba Station (with seat number) plus an Osaka 1day pass which covers all Osaka Metro lines and Bus routes. We were able to redeem our one-way ticket from KIX and use it immediately to board the train to Namba. However, for the 1day pass, you may opt to use it on the same day or on the next day. We used our pass to go on a food trip at Dotonbori and shopping at Shinsaibashi then back to our hotel.

Frances · 11/01/2020

It was easy to redeem. It was easy to find the counter. We used this during our first day in Osaka.

Aileen Grace · 11/01/2020

The yokoso ticket is very convenient and practical. We were able to go from airport to the city in a luxury coach hassle free and then roam around the city at night with unlimited ride! Maximizer it further if you arrive in osaka early, you will have a whole day of unlimited rides. Only 2 rides will actually give you value for money already.

edgardo jr · 10/01/2020

Highly recommended to get this one, was able to use it on our arrival at kansai airport, then on the following day use i day osaka pass in osaka metro and was able to get a discount at osaka castle. Thanks klook. Very convenient no need to line up. Cheers

Jane · 04/01/2020

It’s pretty simple to order at Klook beforehand and retrieve the tickets at Kansai airport, so convenient as expected. Will do the same next time when taking a trip to Japan again Great experience !!

CHUNG SHEN · 31/12/2019

Upon arrival a Kansas airport extremely easy to redeem the pass according to instruction. You will receive a reserved seating for the Bank's Rapit one way trip to Namba- train ride took about 40 minutes. You will also get another Osaka metro one day unlimited travel pass to use on the day itself or the following day.

Hui ling · 29/12/2019

Easy to redeem, redemption location is inside Nankai Ticket Information opposite the entrance. Comes with a one day unlimited pass, which is by day not by 24hrs.

Aloysius · 25/12/2019

this ticket is very very easy to redeem and very worth it.. just head to the counter where they scan your QR code and walla.. the 1 day metro ticket are very worth it cos 1 single metro ride can easily cost you 280yen already.. thanks

Wai Lup · 25/12/2019

Very easy to redeem at the ticket counter. Easy to use for Rapi:t train. Also for the subway lines which give us unli rides for a day. Worth the price! Thank you Klook! Will definitely recommend to others!

Abigael · 24/12/2019

This is a very high CP ticket to transport from Osaka International Airport to Osaka city. It's bundled 1-day all you can ride metro pass in Osaka is an extra bonus to allow us to trip the city with ease!

Blanca Shulan · 24/12/2019

Redemption counter is not inside the arrival building, have to walk outside to the next building. Staff is friendly and easy to redeem and use it. Train ride is comfy and nice. Adding with the 1-day Metro pass, I was able to visit many places easily and saved up a lot.

Po Yee · 18/12/2019

made it easy to travel around the city without getting single tickets straight from the airport. it allowed us to pop in and check out the aquarium with ease. You can get child tickets also at the pickup counter.

Ethan KaiMing · 16/12/2019

Fast, easy and efficient redemption. Very convenient as well. Staff are helpful and nice. This is highly recommended.


The price is cheap. Once arrived at Osaka, It’s easy to exchange the ticket via the QR scan. The staff here is helpful and friendly. They also provide the relevant map information for further understanding the ticket. The travel is quick, lower cost and save the time as well. Recommended this package.

Juan · 13/12/2019

Easy to exchange at KIX Airport (just go to counter and show the voucher). The pass is pretty nice because it gives you a ride on the Nankai Ltd Express from KIX to Namba Station AND an all day Osaka Metro pass (not JR though).

Min Kyu · 12/12/2019

Now easier to redeem, can redeem straight at the train ticket office, no need to queue at the airport HIS kiosk. Super convenient!

Ker Yang · 09/12/2019

Product information

The ideal pass combining travel and sightseeing in Osaka

Additional Information
  • The Osaka city subway, New Tram and bus one day unlimited pass is only valid for use on the day or the day following the date the ticket has been redeemed
  • It takes about 40 minutes from Kansai-Airport Station to Namba Station
  • It is very convenient to transfer to subway at Tengachaya Station or Namba Station