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Theme park meets zoo + aquarium. Everything is in one place! Must ride the rickety old Mine Train roller coaster - a real scare ? The cablecar was also a cool experience; saw a beautiful side of Hong Kong.

Kristen · 04/03/2021

Fast entry to the Ocean Park with the use of Klook. Highly recommended, don't have to queue to enter the Ocean Park and queue to purchase ticket. Nice place to visit. Got the ticket with the Meal. Enjoyed visiting the animals. There were also many fun rides available. Remember to bring along a poncho for wet rides.

PEI YAN · 28/02/2021

we had the greatest time of our lives, by going to the entrance so easily using the qr code provided by klook and by having to skip lines on 3 rides by the express lanes. klook is so worth it so easy and very affordable because of their discounts

Karl Luis · 07/02/2021

Ocean Park is a childhood dream for everyone even people who has youung at hearts. All the rides extreme or not are safe and fun. This is a highly recommended especially if you want to avoid long queues.

Mikoyan · 04/01/2021

First visit to Ocean Park, truly awesome experience! It is impossible to complete in 1 day, so we will come again. One improvement area is MTR Park and Ride- we did not see clear signage for any redemption and ended up paying full price for car park!

Manisha · 30/11/2020

I find that this is so convenience to buy the ocean park ticket through Klook. I didnt even need to queue up to change my ticket at the ticket booth. I only needed to present the QR code from my email. The 100 dollar spending money can be used in restaurants or shops. you only needed to present the QR code. This is not my first time to buy my theme park ticket thru Klook. I will be highly recommend to friends in future

Sandra · 22/11/2020

It’s the best way to book tickets through klook. 1st, paperless; 2nd received further discount using the klook credits; 3rd received a coffee coupon; 4th can earn further klook credits for next bookings.

Wing Yi · 09/11/2020

When I was younger I was stationed at and used to go to oceanpark on a regular basis. The atmosphere was unmatched by any other place I have ever been to. This last time, though, was different. I and my wife had to rent scooters at $100 a piece per day as we both have leg and foot problems. While it was nice getting to go to the head of the line on rides, the park was so crowded (even though it was off season) that we had to get someone from the park to part crowds for us so we could go anywhere at night. It was so packed that the atmosphere I had enjoyed in my younger days was just gone.

Cecile Pauline · 01/11/2020

the weather is perfect - sunny with autumn breeze. we went there to celebrate my friend’s birthday. it’s her first time to ocean park and she was impressed. had a good balance of rides and animal seeing, and the queues are reasonable too. the aquarium is highly recommended.

Chung Yi Joni · 23/10/2020

very convenient. klook also reminded me to register on on ocean park website. got 250 vouchers for 2 adults and one kid. 2 min to scan code at entry point and ee were in. ocean park was at 20 percent capacity so very few lines. great experience

unnat · 22/10/2020

DEFINITELY A MUST!!!! Don't leave HK without visiting this! My Top 3: 1. Hair Raiser - take the front seat! this is honestly fun! 2. Giant Panda Adventure - don't miss this. go here during feeding time schedule to have a close up view of the pandas 3. SAMSUNG GEAR VR presents Mine Train - this amazing. This is more frightening than Hair Raiser. Other thrill rides are under maintenance during my visit. Important Tips: * check the weather * plan your visit. Kiddie rides and animal shows are at the Waterfront. Most rides at the Summit. To get to the other you need to ride train or cable car. * Train to go up, cable car to go back down - shorter queue * Literally, open the park. arrive before 10 PM. Maximize the morning. At around 2 PM, there's a tremendous influx of visitors. * Bring disposable rain coat for wet rides. you'll really get wet. * avail the "Old Hong Kong Street Food Tasting" it is cheaper than buying food from the shop using money


It is great for family with kids of all ages. There are many attractions to play with, ranging from roller coaster to kids playground and animals to see, ranging from sea animals to pandas. The park is huge and the cable car is a must ride. The deal and dolphin shows are also nice to watch. There are many catering facilities but very expensive. The souvenirs shops are reasonably priced. It is not difficult to spend a full day there.

Christopher · 15/10/2020

Great experience for me and my parents. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to enjoy the rides cause I am with senior citizens but the overall experience is great especially the Grand Aquarium and the Cable car.

Ma Joan · 29/07/2020

Best place to go to in Hong Kong if you are into extreme rides. Thanks to Klook, admission and redeeming the ticket was a breeze. Sadly though, some rides took us an hour of waiting time (as we did not acquire the fast pass, also it was the peak season). I feel like a day is not enough to try all the rides. Nevertheless, it’s a must visit especially with the great views and the amazing show in the Ocean Theatre. The cable car (that is already included in the package) was a wonderful experience as well. Thank you, Klook!

Charissa · 12/06/2020

Another must-visit place in Hong Kong, especially if your family loves marine life! You'll love the fishes, sharks, penguins, seals and walruses. They also have awesome shows where many of the animals perform with their trainers. The park is a huge place so make sure you arrive early so you can do the most there. Dress comfortably too and have a set of extra clothes as it can get very warm and crowded.

Kah Hong · 18/05/2020

it's really worth it. you just have to present the voucher and inside you can claim the meals it depends on you what meal do you like you can avail anywhere inside the ocean park's food station. don't worry there's alot of food station inside. and i suggest you should go there in the morning so that you can tour around the area because it's too huge ?

April Mae · 28/04/2020

It was my second visit at HK Ocean park but still it never disappoints. If you are a person who loves extreme rides, HK OCEAN PARK is a place to be. Aside from rides, there's a lot you can enjoy too. The food, the cable car, the OLD HK vibe, and so much more!

MA TRINA · 09/04/2020

Hong Kong Ocean Park

Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, Ocean Park was closed since January. Unable to redeem as it was still closed on my date of travel.

Wei Liang Tjhin · 21/03/2020

We got my ticket on a buy 3 take 1 deal. This place did not disappoint. I love it. There are so many things to see and do. My favorite was the cable car ride. I also love seeing the sea creatures. My friends and I rode Hair Raiser and The Flash. It was scary and fun at the same time.

Shazel · 09/03/2020

We had no problem encountered in redeeming the tickets and the free meal in the kiosk, super worth it. We really had fun. One of the best experiences in HK so far. Highly recommended. Thank you Klook for the wonderful experience ever since. Will avail again next time.

Carmina · 08/03/2020

Ocean Park HK is a must see!! There's a lot of thrilling rides and great views. The only thing I didn't like on our trip was the weather. The rain poured hard so I didn't enjoy other attractions. (of course this isn't Ocean Park's fault). The food was great. It is in big servings!!! I wasn't expecting that. Tip: go early and plan ahead where do you want to go and what do you want to see and try. Ocean Park is big enough and for me, a day isn't enough.

Ayessa Belle · 06/03/2020

One of the must see attractions in Hongkong is Ocean Park. You will enjoy not just the rides but also the aquariums, animals, the dolphin shows and the surroundings. We will definitely visit ocean park again. Thanks klook for the good deal. A gain good experience indeed.

Romary · 04/03/2020

Good and convenient. Don’t need to q, definitely cheaper than buying from the real store. This tickets are legit and can be used. There is even a promo at that time. Use klook, it helps u in travelling!!! Love it

Edwin · 03/03/2020

reserve a day to visit this place and explore attractions that this place could offer. purchase your ticket in klook to save and use your budget to buy souvenirs. ride a cable car and see the ocean park from above. enjoy their rides and take good photos with your loved ones. this place is highly recommended and a must when is Hongkong.

Ivan Robin · 01/03/2020

Highly recommended to go here. Your going to love the rides. I think we spent 6hrs here. We really love the cable car. We ride the cable car twice haha. You just going to show the QR code . Thank you klook for a great expereince ❤️❤️❤️

Jemelyn · 20/02/2020

No problem getting in you jist have to show your online voucher. I did not know that the extra amoung we paid for the meal is totally worth it. It was such a great savings will probably purchase theme park tickets now with meal combo

Karelle · 16/02/2020

still a must go place when travelling to hong kong, i think its our 4th time to go here since, the grand aquarium itself is worth the price of the whole ticket. BUT since we got this on klook we actually have some freebies on top of the discounted price. nothing beats klook for ocean park tickets, they have the best price and they even give special offers, will definitely go back again next year

Norman · 12/02/2020

Very nice deal! We were able to claim the food (which was nice considering that food kiosks were a bit costly), and had no problems claiming our tickets. The psrk has definitely improved from what I can remember during my childhood and I must say that the direct MTR line to Ocean Park made the trip to the attraction very easy. Will definitely purchase again from Klook!

Alyanna · 10/02/2020

this place is huge!! sad the adult roller coaster is closed tho. but i loved the dolphin part where you can see the marine biologists feed them and train them. i wanted to be a marine biologist all of a sudden!! wear comfy shoes, bring snacks and water and umbrella too if you know its gonna get hot. enjoy every bit of it, ride all the rides you can. the weather this month was great. breezy and sunny.

Melissa Yozel · 10/02/2020

Its a hassle free again, present your code via phone then voila! If your looking for a rides, if your animal lover and if you appreciate nature. Ocean park is the place to be. Definitely adults and kids will love hanging around. klook is highly recommended if you want a discounted voucher. ⭐️???❤️?

Minna · 10/02/2020

It was interesting, the rides were intermediate, but unfortunately lots of them were in renovation at that time. There were so little crowd that it was awkward when we arrived in the morning. Got to cover all rides & still have lots of time. There was one halal restaurant too. Another one was closed.

AZNITA · 31/01/2020

We went here around June and the weather during that time was quite humid. It was pouring that day so we only manage to get in two rides but we don’t mind since the ticket we bought was on promo. My advice is to play the rides first and then go check out the aquarium and animal later. Incase it rain, those aquarium and animal exhibits are all indoor so we just went to see the animal for the rest of the day.

Nurfitrah binti · 28/01/2020

Had a very nice experience at Ocean Park with the use of Klook’s Day pass with Meal Combo. As always, the ticket is worth the price. You’ll get what you have paid for. I’ve read the tips from Klook before we went to the Ocean Park, and luckily, we were able to manage our time and got the chance to experience almost everything in the park including the rides and shows. There are also a lot of options on where to redeem the Meal Coupon, depending on your preferences. We even took the cable car twice which gave us a very nice view going up to The Summit. I’ll definitely recommend this to my friends on their next travel. Thank you Klook for the memorable experience.?

Sunshine · 26/01/2020

It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. The Ocean park is really big.Don't forget to get a map at the entrance. There are a lot of fun rides to try unfortunately we weren't able to try all the rides because of the long queue. We went there on Sunday and it's not a good idea. It is advisable to go visit the place on weekdays to avoid long queues. We noticed that there are many Filipinos there and we had a talk with some. We watched the Fire show and it's really amazing. Don't miss the aquarium because you will not be only amazed of the sea animals but also on how creative and big the aquariums are.Don't miss this activity , you will not be disappointed.

Mary Jane · 26/01/2020

We went Ocean Park on the first day of Chinese New Year, it was fun and we saw all staffs are keeping the park very clean and they are very friendly. We had a good time here and would love to go again

Yee Lam · 26/01/2020

Easy to redeem. Just scan the qr code at the entrance and then thats it. I purchased it during the buy 1 get 1 promo. We were group of 13 and we enjoyed a lot. Availing this with Klook is totally worth it. Thank you Klook! Go on a weekday so that you can try all the rides without too much queue.

Ilene · 26/01/2020

I helped to book ticket for my family members as they also wanted to go to ocean park in last minute.But it was a hassle free process. I just booked it from klook and e-mail them the Qr codes.Kids really enjoyed as they played almost all games and won alot of toys!

kanti · 26/01/2020

It was a tiring but definitely an awesome experience! The place and the structures itself is really amazing! Foods and drinks are a bit pricey but it helped recharged our bodies ? We didn’t have the courage to try all the extreme rides though ?

Cherrie Ann · 26/01/2020

woowww.... its a blast... first of all the ticket is so easy to redeemed... you dont need to line up. just go straight to the entrance and they will just scan the code and voila... your in. its a huge park ... maybe you need to have a two day entrance here to enjoy the whole park. thank you klook for the wondrous offer. will buy again soon...

jonathan · 25/01/2020

It was very convenient to redeem the tickets at Ocean Park. We got in the park easily and we were able to skip the long lines. It was a fun-filled day although the place was packed. I wish we had more time to explore the theme park. We will definitely come back!!

Ma Karelle · 24/01/2020

The Ocean park hong kong ticket and meal coupon is very convenient. When we arrive at one kiosk, there were no line at all so we just approached the vendor and show the voucher. He showed us options to pick.

Kaye Diane · 24/01/2020


The rides are so extreme that I didn’t ride them all but it was fun! I’ve always loved animals so oceanpark makes me happy.

Maria Karla Anne Bordon · 23/01/2020

Cheap and easy to redeem! Plus, the Old HK streetfood was the best, I never thought it would be plenty! Make sure to have the most comfortable pair of shoes as the park was so vast it will really make your legs and feet sore after. ?

Louie Marko · 20/01/2020

It's convenient to use QR code to enter the park, no need physical ticket. The park is always fun. We have young kids so we didn't play rides which were too exciting. Yet, we still had so much fun to play bumpy cars, little trains, kids roller coaster....

Wing Man · 20/01/2020


No need to queue to buy tickets. Only scan qr code and you’re ready to get in. Super easy and cheaper than usual price. Thank you kkday!

Nur Anith Athirah Baharim · 20/01/2020

Guys a must visit if you like a balance between adrenaline rush and family outing. Flash, Hair raiser, Twister are super adventurous while Raging river, games, aquarium are good family activity. Don’t miss the panda and sharks. Klook is very convenient and allows you direct entry! Enjoy

Nilesh · 19/01/2020

The ticket was hassle free. It’s good that we booked ticket with meal, the food inside was quite expensive. We enjoyed most of the rides. We’re lucky it’s not peak season. The queue on the rides were fast and most of it doesn’t have queue at all. The view from cable car was breathtaking.

Camille · 19/01/2020

Had so much fun in Ocean Park because not only they have zoo but also exciting rides by the ocean! perfect for everyone. oh, we should've eaten the free food first because the servings are so big! We'll definitely come back since we weren't able to complete the whole ocean park. ❤

Glenn · 16/01/2020

A very enjoyable experience. We entered the park hassle free thanks to klook and had maximise our time there. So many attractions to see that keeps the kids interested and excited at the same time. Worth your money indeed ??

Jureen Joy · 15/01/2020

It was a very amazing day! It was our first time in Ocean Park and it didn't failed our expectation. The place is very accessible. Because we bought tickets from Klook, we use the lane exclusive for Klook in the entrance. It was amazing, no long lanes. We just shown them the electronic tickets though we have printed copies in case, and they gave us the ticket plus the discount coupons that we can use inside the park. In every experience, the beginning is very important. We are so happy that we bought our tickets from Klook. Discounts plus dedicated lane for Klook is very amazing.

Rose Marilyn · 15/01/2020

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  • Guests are required to make an online reservation for their visit date after purchased the general admission ticket
  • Pick up a show schedule at the park to plan your Ocean Park itinerary better
  • Book convenient Ocean Park transfers in advance for your transportation needs