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We went to the madame tussauds, and spent few hours there with alot of phototaking. My son enjoyed and we loved it, thank you. It was a great experience and we shall see you again.

Da Qi · 27/01/2021

Nice experience ???? , getting more Fun just show the Qr code and enioy

fitri indah · 26/10/2020

Will definitely go back to this place because the last time we went here we dont took lots of photo maybe bcause we are too amazed with the place that time. The wax figures are so amazing that you can even feel that you are actually with the celebrity or person at the same time. Hope to this pandemic will end soon so we can go back there again specially now that our baby is a grown up now. She can surely enjoy this place now.

JAIMEE LYN GIHAN · 19/10/2020

Meeting our favourite celebrities. Highly recommended.

John Hing Ming · 04/10/2020

There were literally just 2 employees: one receptionist and a cashier at the souvenir shop. No photographers, no people manning the booths. All closed. I had the entire museum to myself, which was fun and a bit creepy at the same time. Some of the wax figures were spot on. Some seemed to have been botched, like Audrey Hepburns' and Obama's. One should probably come here now while they're still open. It seems like they're barely hanging by a thread before they eventually close.

Rosalie Mae Mapoy · 30/09/2020

when we went to Madame Tussauds it was so beautiful there we took a lot of pictures we enjoyed the place.

Ray Patrick · 31/07/2020

There are only a few visitors inside so there is plenty of room and time for taking photos. It is quite worthy for this promotion with buy one get one free. The sculpture looks really real and beautiful. Worth visiting.

Ka Kit · 02/07/2020

thank you for the discounted and cheap vouchers from klook. hassle free and easy access to most of hong kongs best attractions.

Michael · 21/06/2020

Fabulous day out, a day in Madame tussauds HK is such a great day. I can see so many stars in one day, the gift shop was great too,brought a personalized magnet as a keepsake. Overall is good

Yik Loong · 29/03/2020

Hassle free. The attraction was a great experience. Thank you Klook!

IVY MARIE · 29/02/2020

It is my first time visiting Madame Tussauds with my younger brother. Overall we enjoyed everything inside and took a lot of pictures. Good place with many wax well-known figures. Good experience for me as a first timer.

EDITH · 22/02/2020

So much fun in Madame Taussud. Me and my family enjoyed the trip there. We met lifesize famous people like Bruce Lee, Albert Einstien and more. I even met our kabayan Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbak :)

Nelson · 18/02/2020

had an awesome time here! Klook made it easier for me to organize our tour and with discounted ticket price pa. definitely recommend!!

jewel anne · 30/01/2020

Madame Tussaud’s gives you an opportunity to rub elbows with your favorite celebs (their wax figures at least ?) Going there was a fun experience. It’s amazing how the wax figures are created according to the celeb’s likeness. They are very particular up to the tiniest detail. They even get the celeb’s height right. And yes, Taylor Swift really is tall (refer to photo). I’m at 5ft.

MARIA BAUFEL · 29/01/2020

No queue and hassle free! We really enjoyed taking photos with the celebrities ☺️ Didn’t expect that this place is huge so an hour of stay is not enough. ? I will definitely recommend this! Thanks klook! ??

Dana Ann · 29/01/2020

the wax figures of celebrities around the world were super alike. it was fun and it's like taking selfies with your idols and famous artists. I like the experience and it was less crowded that's why we have good pictures taken. there are also some staff who will assist on some of the areas for picture taking and it was good!

Lynette · 28/01/2020

Great experience in Madam Tussauds! Wax figures are amazing as if the person there is the actual person. You will see The Peak as well in the same location.

Hidee · 28/01/2020

this attraction is one of the bests in Hk! super fun and we enjoyed a lot here. you get to see your fave stars and idols. you can be creative in taking your photos here. its the same bldg/location too for the sky peak terrace. you can include this itenerary too of youre going to madam tussauds. voucher is worth it and easy to use. no hassles.

Frances Patricia · 27/01/2020

Super i love our tour here with my friend. We really enjoyed it so much. And surely we will come back soon with our friends and family. And surely will book to klook again. So excited to have it again.

HEINRICH · 27/01/2020

thank you klook for this wonderful experience. your voucher is very easy to use. no need to line up. just go to the entrance and have your code to be scan and your ready to go. i would recommend this to all who are travelling anywhere to buy your tickets here. its very easy and to use. it saves you time. thanks klook.

myra joyce · 25/01/2020

Really had fun inside the museum, its really amazing looking at each wax figure looking like a real person or artist. Some of it are really big artists. Hope to come back again and use this app for discount for sure.

jonathan · 24/01/2020

this is a nice place if you know a lot of celebrities and want to "meet" them.. this is far from the city center but transportation is not a problem.. i enjoyed the marvel characters specially ironman.

Sharmaine Fritchey · 22/01/2020

It was best and lovely experience however i got a high price little bit from they were offering the ticket price with 10 photos at @236 hkd. So you can know the difference.

ANISUR REHMAN · 20/01/2020

The place is great when you want to have a great photograph session with your beloved idols. It is greater to visit during non peak hour as you can explore the place without rush.


Expectations FULFILLED!!! Our experience is beyond AM.A.ZIIIINNNG!!!! Thanks Klook!

Abegail · 17/01/2020

Great deal from Klook, was able to save from buying an expensive ticket on the counter. At the same time, we took our time touring the venue due to less crowds and snap a lot of pictures. Keep it up!

Juan Paolo · 16/01/2020

Love the Experience! I love I saw Angie and Brad’s wax figures as they are my idols. I love how it was made and I will definitely sure be back!

Kyla Marian Amor · 15/01/2020

Madame Tussauds is recommended for group tour where you can enjoy and capture your creative photo poses. The wax sculptures are realistic.

ARIZIEL RUTH · 14/01/2020

Went here before and decided to bring in my mom since it's her first time in HK. Redemption is easy just present the voucher at the ticket area. She had some fun but too bad some areas in the musical section are close for renovation. But still she enjoyed and that's what matters.

Nestle · 11/01/2020

We were so lucky enough to get this promotion from Klook. We enjoyed the place and the wax figures were all so amazingly beautiful.

April Ann · 09/01/2020

It was a hassle free transaction redeeming the voucher. The wax figures were really amazing. They were able to capture even the smallest details of every artist. We enjoyed this activity so much.

April Ann · 09/01/2020

great experience you must try amazed by the wax figures hope to see manny Pacquiao soon

evangeline · 06/01/2020

Vouchers are easily redeemable at the counter. Do go early if you wish to take the tram up the peak. It only took 7 minutes and if you go early, you can skip the queues which can take up to two hours. Once up at the peak, you can enjoy walking around and go shopping before Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum opens at 11am. There are plenty of shops and plenty of places to take photos...not to mention a heap of eateries to choose from. You can easily spend half a day at the peak.

See Li · 06/01/2020

It was very fun especially that we know a lot of actors and actresses. We get to see their actual heights and features like tattoos. Wax figures of singers and champions are also present in the museum. They also have interactive features (runway, dancing, etc) and a small cafe inside.

Czarina Shaine · 05/01/2020

Amazing, getting up close to the celebrities, dignitaries, fictional characters and figures that you wouldn’t have imagined possible in real life! Fun and simple no-fuss museum to see the people you would want to see in the flesh, well, almost!

Alexander · 03/01/2020

Loved the place. It was my third time to go there in 15 years of stay in Hong Kong. obviously it was a different experience with an 1.5 years old child and a helper but still it was quieter and had much time to take pic with the wax figures.

Sushma · 31/12/2019

Great deal from Klook! Hassle free ticket redemption. Fun experience.

Jomaricris · 31/12/2019

Discounts! Hassle-free!

Getting the tickets from KKday was definitely worth it. It was much cheaper than the price onsite. Just need to show the voucher at the counter.

Diana Jean Guinto · 30/12/2019

Great attraction for first timers. I thought that they should add more tourist interaction within the museum. Overall it was fun but not much. Thanks klook for cheaper tickets!

Dhan Erick · 30/12/2019

Nice experience! Our group of 8 adults and one child really enjoyed it.. took A LOT of photos..

Jirah Martha · 28/12/2019

Nice and fun experience!

Mei Lee · 27/12/2019


This is the first wax museum I've been to and Madame Tussauds in HK is the first ever wax museum I’ve gone. Has a large number of Chinese superstars but at the same time quite a good number of hollywood stars as well as sports icons. This was the highlight of trip. It is located where THE PEAK is so it's like hitting two birds with one stone.

Nur Dini Van Haeren · 27/12/2019

Super fun

Roll out the red carpet! Meet all of your favorite celebrities at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong. With over 100 incredibly lifelike wax figures and 11 interactive zones, you can rub shoulders with Lee Jong-suk and immerse in K-pop culture at K-wave Zone, practice kung fu with Bruce Lee at Kung Fu Zone, take selfies with some of the world's most respected historical and political leaders, and enjoy the patterned world of Yayoi Kusama!

Nur Dini Van Haeren · 27/12/2019


Super absolutely fun. Would definitely recommend. There were so many stars to selfie up close and personal with. We truly enjoyed our time there!

Nur Dini Van Haeren · 27/12/2019

If you like taking lots of pictures of yourself with instagram worthy backgrounds, this is a must visit for you. You'll get unlimited photos with your idols and super heroes from marvel.

Cathleen · 26/12/2019

One of the best experience in HK. You get to see all of your idols in one location. It's really easy to avail and use. Thank you Klook

John Paul · 24/12/2019

Thank again Klook. once again, very convenient way to purchase ticket. please note I bought this during 11.11 promo. thanks

Risdon Edward II · 23/12/2019

family trip

Amazing and enjoy! A moments money cant buy! This is a must see travel destination.. thank you KKDAY

Taj Majal Sison · 19/12/2019

Was able to see my fave artists. Very fun activity

GLADYS · 16/12/2019

Plenty of celebrity figures to take photo with, covers celebrities from US, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and also India. Worth a visit if you haven't been here before.

Zee Han · 16/12/2019

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