Klias River Safari from Kota Kinabalu



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Not so recommended. But is just okay to book it. if you have so many free time. ?

Banocnoc · 26/03/2021

Nice and fun. Brought my hub who is first time been to the Borneo island.

WEI LOONG · 19/01/2021

Klias river cruise is great outdoor experience. We were the only boat in the water the other day. 2 hours car ride from Kk and we are there for high tea. Around 5pm, we were i the boat for a good 1 1/2 hours. Saw lots of monkeys and Joel (TG fr Amazing Borneo) is informative and described the monkeys in great details. Then after dinner we gone back on water to watch firefly. The tree lit like Christmas tree. Overall great experience. Should try.

Kiet Rhee · 09/08/2020

That was marvelous. It was awesome. The food was delicious. We found the Probotics monkeys and did not suffer from crocodiles :-) But fireflies the best!

Iuliia · 27/03/2020


Easy and comfortable schedule, the best choice for leisure time.

Yah Weng · 17/03/2020

It was a wonderful arrangement and we really had good time!

Naga Vickneswaran · 16/03/2020

The boat ride to see the monkeys was good and we were able to see one family quite close. Fireflies were an awesome sight. Food was good. Drive is long

Kristin Rut · 27/02/2020

Very friendly tour guide and great experience. The cruise commander was experience that he brought us seeing the Proboscis monkey multiple times.

Bee Luan · 17/02/2020

-Affordable price to grab -The food was good and tasty -The trip along the river was simple yet interesting. -Worth the visit and sight seeing.

Siti Wahidahwaty Binte · 16/02/2020

Such a great experience getting to see the monkeys and the fireflies. Tan and the team were accommodating, lovely, and our experiences with them were enough for us to ask them what other tours they offered so we could do more with them. Was worried (sceptical) of not getting to see any of the monkeys but there were a huge number of them. I cannot ever imagine a trip where you'd miss them. This was my main fear and reservation but it was great!

Jordan · 16/02/2020

1. Provide transport on time 2. Friendly tour guide 3. Nice Place 4. Great Food 5.Best scenery Highly recommend

Siti Nurfarahin · 15/02/2020

Very nice and friendly tour guides! The experience was magical and memorable! We saw the three types of monkey, we were so lucky! It is super worth it! Thank you klook!

Kyle Marie · 14/02/2020

Overall good experience. Break station during the ride charged for toilet but didnt have any toilet paper... Better if the bus could have a head rest. It was a rather bumpy ride. Overall experience was not bad. Fireflies was very little and only those at the front of the boat got a good view.

Liqi · 03/02/2020

We can really see the special type of monkeys and also trees full of fireflies! The fireflies even stopped at our hands! Amazing experience.

Lee · 28/01/2020

wow experience.. met new friend from taiwan and japan as well.. tourist guide is so friendly.. dinner served is nice.. will be back for next booking.. thanks

CHIEN HUNG · 28/01/2020

Quite a lot of waiting around to begin with, the fireflies are awesome to see aswell as the monkeys

thomas · 23/01/2020

This half day tour comes highly recommend by my friends in KK. The trip to Klias takes about 2 hours and you get to enjoy the scenery of the mountains along the way. Remember to bring along mosquito repellent, if not, you may have to buy it from the shop in Klias. Upon arrival, we had local snacks with coffee or tea, the food is surprisingly good and after our break, we head out to see the proboscis monkeys. The driver of our boat is really good in spotting the monkeys from a distance and our guide was really funny, cracking jokes along the way which makes it really fun. He said there are crocodiles in the river but not to worry, coz they are vegetarian ?. We did not spot any vegetarian crocodiles but did come across one at night and to spot it, shine the light in the river and you if see 2 red dots, it is the eyes of the crocodile reflecting back so you can see them. We returned to the jetty after the tour to have our dinner and it was buffet style with a range of dishes from chicken, beef, eggs, vegetables, soup and fruits for dessert. My kids commented that this was the best meal they had in KK ?. We waited until the sun was setting and we head back out to the river to catch a glimpse of the fireflies. It took some time for our eyes to adjust to the darkness and once it has, you can see the fireflies lighting up the tree like a Christmas tree. We have some fireflies flying into our boat and we could cup it in our hands to have a closer look. Kids will be really enthralled by this experience. A really good trip. Me and my family had a great time

Hsuyi · 23/01/2020

Great trip down the tropical jungle in Borneo. This tour was great and allowed us to see the proboscis monkeys in their natural habitat. We were very lucky and managed to see a few of them, as well as the fireflies and some other wildlife such as a huge monitor lizard. A great trip. The lunch was basic but nice and very filling.

Louis · 23/01/2020

Amazing natural discovery with close-look for animals and fireflies. Great experience for family with nice afternoon tea and dinner.

Chia Chu · 21/01/2020

2hrs to reach the place. 1hr of rivercruise. Dinner. 20mins of fireflies. 2hrs to go back to city. Good service guide, esp TAN, made it an enjoyable trip.

nurfahzilah · 13/01/2020

Tour guides v nice. Had fun looking out for the monkeys, boatman v nice to wait for us to take photos. Rainy nite but can catch fire flies.

Yu Sam Stella · 13/01/2020

Wonderful experience! We managed to see the monkeys and the fireflies were just amazing! Buffet dinner was simple but good enough.

Sue Phay · 05/01/2020

It was a 2-hr drive from the center. Make sure to bring insect repellent because there are mosquitoes in the river. Overall, it was a great experience being able to see the fireflies shining like Christmas lights.

Marie Nicole Andrea · 02/01/2020

We were able to see proboscis monkeys and a lot of fireflies! Bring an insect repellant cos mosquitoes are everywhere. ?

Klarysse · 30/12/2019

Great experience and no hassle at all. I love Klook!!!!!!!!!

NOURIZMA · 29/12/2019

very nice. but very far. food was okay. free flowing coffee and tea. native snacks

Maria Lillian · 29/12/2019

Good experience. Monkeys was ok. Amazing fireflies! My girl was so happy!

Amy · 26/12/2019

We decided to go for this tour at 10 am and was able to book it. The driver picked us up at the hotel on time and was friendly. The van was clean, comfortable, and air conditioned. The ride took 2 hours on bumpy roads. We were served some simple refreshments when we arrive. Afterward, we were on the boat with two other groups of people. There was no tour guide for us but there was one from the other group so we got some good information as well. The boat captain is very good at spotting wildlife and would stop the boat for us to take pictures. Overall experience is amazing! We couldn’t see the sunset but the sky was beautiful.

Yuh An · 20/12/2019

We got a chance to see 2 or 3 monkey families and 1 male big proboscis monkey. A good tour to take if you want to do a nature trip after a long time of living in the city. Honestly, I got a little bored cause I already had a previous fireflies/plankton tour in Palawan which was better. Nonetheless, we enjoyed it. Food tasted like home cooking. Tan, our tour guide and Max, our driver were always on time. They were friendly, thus we felt comfortable at once with them.

KRIZ MAE · 20/12/2019

We went on 9 dec. The tour started promptly at 4pm. The ride was 1.5 hrs with a 10min toilet break. The first cruise which takes about an hr brings guests to view the different wildlife(monkeys) in the jungle. Our guide was explaining to us the different aspects of the monkeys we saw. After the first cruise, we had a simple dinner. The firefiles cruise was about 20 mins. It was amazing. Again, our guide Ms Tan, was patient in explaining to us what we have seen during the cruise. Overall, it was an enjoyable tour. Kudos to the guide and the driver for the wonderful experience.

Tuck Wen · 12/12/2019

great tour, pleasant tour guild, if she can use microphone when speak is better as most of the time I wont be able to hear what she is saying (not sure if it is because she cannot speak loud in the nature reserve). the best part is not the monkeys but fireflies, did not expect there are so many of them gather on a tree and keep flashing like a christmas tree.

Yiu Sun · 09/12/2019

travel time is 2 hour plus a little per direction. Got to see a few monkeys from afar but the view was nice. fireflies were not a lot but was a good experience for a city boy like me

Tai Wee David · 08/12/2019

The world was kind

The guide was so nice and nice! The rice served for dinner was well suited and the monkeys and fireflies were fantastic too! It is recommended by all means!

· 19/11/2019

It was really nice! Food was good and the experience was great.. kudos to our guide (Emmanuel)

sheena · 03/11/2019

Was able to get up close with the proboscis monkeys. Once in a lifetime experience. The fireflies watching is also a must do as you will be able to hold the fireflies.

Jeffrey · 22/10/2019

It was a great experience! The tour guide/driver was very kind and knowledgeable. The fireflies experience was magical. For the river cruise, we were able to see the different types of monkeys. The free dinner buffet was delicious too.

Dumlao · 16/10/2019

Travel time took about 1.45 to 2 hrs. It was a nice experience seeing a proboscis monkeys for the first time and fireflies at night. Our travel guide/driver was very nice and very in good in speaking English. Food was good and lots of choices. If you have an extra day in Sabah, you should try this.

Camille · 15/10/2019

Watch the proboscis monkey and the firefly tour

The road is a bit far away. After approaching the destination for nearly three hours. Enjoy afternoon tea. Then I started to see the proboscis monkey. very lucky. The proboscis monkey came out to meet us. There are not many fireflies. . .

Si Tung Polycarp Soo · 01/10/2019

The driver texted and reminded me one day earlier regarding our meeting time and place. He picked us at our apartment on time! He is so friendly and aswered our questions regarding the place. The Klias River Cruise tour is so exciting! We're able to see proboscis monkeys (and there's another type of monkey). The food is also delicious! The fireflies watching is so coooool! They can light up a whole tree! Two thumbs up for this tour! *Don't forget to apply insect repellent!

Leeda · 27/09/2019

Driver was reckless just to adjust a late tourist from picking up from their hotel. Arrived safely though. Klia river is fun to experience for couples and families with kids. We enjoyed the tour and the buffet after. We just cant see enough of those fireflies. Maybe their nit enough for us to see how they sparkle at night. Fireflies are good for kids and probocis monkeys sight was fun to deal with. Well recommended???

Jesslyn · 25/09/2019

We really enjoyed this trip. We are nature and animal lover. Definitely, We will come back here. Its just that the weather is not good. Thanks to Binocular, we able to see those proboscis monkey. And the fireflies? Just wow. Its like Christmas Tree! Lots of lights. Thanks Klook. its worth it! Its the bestseller tourist spot here at Kota Kinabalu.

Margerine · 25/09/2019

A great city getaway with live experience to the pribiscus monkey in the forest and magnificent fireflies in the night. The food is sumptuous also.. ?

Jayson · 19/08/2019

The experience was exceptional. We didn't have a hard time going to the place since the driver picked us at the hotel. The Klias river cruise tour was smooth and exciting as we're able to see proboscis monkeys more than once. Also the fireflies watching was magical. The tour guides made sure that we enjoyed the whole trip as we were all patiently waiting for the monkeys and fireflies to see. By the way we also liked the dinner as there was a plenty of food to choose from. Overall, the trip is highly recommended. ?

Nelia · 04/08/2019

The tour is fantastic! Transpo from and to the hotel are on point. Guide is superb and friendly. And the snacks and buffet dinner are absolutely sumptuous.

Rhea Stephanie · 29/07/2019

Recommended activity. Great to be so close to nature, we get to see monkeys, fireflies and even baby crocodiles.

Lee Ling · 20/06/2019

The whole tour is definitely awesome. Food is fantastic, driver was a little bit a rush drinving but its fine since we got to our destination early.

Wendy · 13/06/2019

Simple Yet Awesome Trip

Leo is a great tour guide. Although the trip to see monkeys and fireflies, it would not have been exciting if not for Leo. He is very funny and really builds rapport with the guests. Keep it up, Leo and Team!

Lea Vanessa Veracion · 19/05/2019

The bus arrived on time at our hotel and the tour guide was very friendly. We had a great experience spotting the proboscis monkey wonderful fireflies dance in the dark night. Tour guide was very knowledgeable that he explained in details everything about proboscis monkeys and fireflies. Definitely worth the money we paid. Thanks klook for having us!

KUOK WEI · 18/05/2019

Our driver, Samri of Borneo Climb and Dive, was very cordial. He picked us up from the airport, waited for us to freshen up at the hotel and even helped us look for a money changer. The drive to the venue was long but the coaster bus was cool and spacious. Upon arrival at Borneo Authentic Adventure, my husband and I had tea/coffee and some local snacks. Our daughter was too excited to eat. We had time to read facts about the the monkeys and fireflies as well as take some photographs. There's insect repellent and disposable raincoat for sale should you accidentally leave yours at the hotel. The first one is a must as insects are abound as early as sunset. Binoculars are also available for rent. We then donned life jackets and was comfortably seated on a boat we shared with 3 other families. We saw a lot of proboscis monkeys and some lizards during the first boat ride. It would have been better if there was an English speaking guide to tell us more about the Klias River and the vegetation found on it. After about an hour, we headed back to BAA for dinner. The spread of local cuisine was good. They had fish, chicken, pork, beef and vegetable variants and everything was good. They should have more working fans in the venue for it was a bit too warm for dinner. We washed down our meals with mango and lychee juice. Then it was time to put on bug spray, life jackets, and board the boat once again to catch the fireflies. Overall, it's was a tiring yet memorable day.

Shanta Laura · 27/04/2019

It's nice to cruise the river to see proboscis monkey, beautiful sunset, amazing fireflies, and millions stars after 2 hours drive. The tour guide who is knowledgeable and friendly, always try to tell all about that area. It was a good trip.

CHIH WEI · 02/03/2019

Product information

Insider Tips:
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Raincoat
  • Camera
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Extra cash (for hotel pick up and drop off surcharge if needed)