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I love this experience. We got to see many beautiful sceneries, and I hope to see them again. It felt exciting and adventurous. The tour guide will ask you to wait at the relevant spots, and don't worry, they will turn up!

Vanessa · 14/06/2021

It was an amazing experience!! The tour started around 9.30am and ended at 1pm. The weather was hot but it was good for island hopping. The time given for activities was adequate. The package was affordable too! ?

Nurin Najwa · 14/03/2021

It is one of the cheapest island hopping tours in the world. Just be careful during low tide when boarding/deboarding the boats, as you may have to walk a little on mud. They say it is a 7 point tour, but in reality there are 3 islands. First one is lake with entry fee where one can do various paid activities. Please do not go for snorkeling there - it is not worth it. Then there is eagle feeding and an island visit at last. The last island was a normal island, did not find any great thing about it. The Scenery was beautiful, and pregnant maiden hill.

Madhuchanda · 11/01/2021

Overall great. Luckily tasik dayang bunting have promotion rm20 for kayak, paddle boat and life jacket. Great experience ?

Nabilah · 06/01/2021

Operator was excellent to leave us a message detailing the meet up prior to the date of trip. There is a van pick up. Boat ride was excellent and thrilling. Wish there is more time to spend at the Dayang Bunting freshwater lake. The whole trip was awesome.

Iskandar Alang Bin · 03/01/2021

Very nice view. Beautiful nature. Seaview. Islands, beach, lake, eagles, fish, monkeys, even small crab. Just the management is bad. They didn’t manage the flow smoothly. Apart from it, everything is very beautiful.

Amir Izzat Hakim · 30/12/2020

Beautiful experience, beautiful place, worth the time and effort especially at pulau singa where the Eagle feeding took place. Pulau beras basah is also mesmerising and spectacular. Defo would do it again in future.

Khai · 29/12/2020

It was our very first time doing our Island Hopping. It has been 10 years since our last visit to Langkawi Island. Very.. very.. BEAUTIFUL islands they have with a beautiful sands, stunning sunset and magnificent views. We enjoyed every single activities offered and KLOOK package is the best one! Thanks once again for the great experiences we had. We love it so much!

Erny Mozaliza · 25/12/2020

Pickup on time & they will notify you a night before the activity date. Interesting places, an hour at dayang bunting but you need to prepare your own money for the activities on separate cost. Beras basah Island is clean & nice too. No food provided, hence do bring your own, although there is cafe at Tasik dayang bunting but not sure how much the food is. I paid rm10 for a coconut drink at beras basah. Overall, it is enjoyable for families & safe dor kids.

Hasnizawati · 16/12/2020

My family and I really enjoyed but I wish we could spend more time in Dayang Bunting. Anyway, I highly recommended with affordable price. The staff are friendly before, during and after the trip. Thank you for your service ??

Nurul Athirah · 14/12/2020

This is one of the cheapest island hopping tours in the world. Well the number of points shown were less, and they left us in the islands for a long amount of time - sometimes it was boring. The first island had a geological park with lake which had a separate entry fee. There were some paid activities at the lake like boating, kayaking and snorkeling. I you do not do any activity, you would have to help yourself with walking along the ferry/jetty of the lake, which is little boring. But most island hopping tours are boring, I have hardly seen any good one. Eagle feeding was great! The last island had a good beach where too we were left out to wander on our own while the boats went back to do more business. Compared with the price and that it is the cheapest island hopping tour in the world, it was good one. N.B. - If there is low tide, you may have to walk on mud to board/de-board the boat, in high tide boarding is easier.

Madhuchanda · 13/12/2020

I have a great time during the trip. A very Friendly boatman and also knowledgeable person. Hope can have extra time at Pulau Dayang Bunting because of we have to trek before we can a arrived at the lake. Everything else was very good

SYAFIRUL SAFRI · 13/12/2020

This tour covered St.Johns and Lazarus island first. they are connected by a causeway. Museum was not good, better to spend time to explore the island. Beaches are beautiful. Should carry food and water as nothing is available here. Kusu island is good, it has Malay and Chinese temples. Beautiful and picturesque. Kusu island has a stall for drinks and food like Laksa and fish ball soup.

Pericherla Ashok · 16/10/2020

Great experience. Only got to spend 30 mins at beras basah as storm was coming while we were enjoying swimming at the beach

Aiman Syamim · 02/10/2020

Overall consider okay as everything is as per description. Shuttle service is on time, boat driver is not handsome “haha” and kayaking in Tasik Dayang is fun (10 bucks per head, 3bucks entry fee)

Ke Yuan · 18/09/2020

The pick up at cenang Beach was on time, efficiently and smooth. The islands are amazing and beautiful. Your langkawi trip will not be complete if you do not do this activity. Recommended to buy in Klook to get a slight discount.

Gwen Desiree · 25/08/2020

We enjoyed our island hopping tour. The boat skipper is friendly & knowledgeable. He explained about the legend of Dayang Bunting Lake, took us to eagle feeding spot and we got to swim at Beras Basah island.

Roziana · 18/08/2020

Well prepared activity. Hassle free. The boatman recognize us as the guests before picking us up. Recommended ??

Syafiqah · 17/08/2020

The trip was great but I’m not sure if the price was the cheapest as it doesn’t include entrance fees that you need to pay when you reach the island. I think I’ve seen other travel agencies offering the same tour at a cheaper rate.

Edwin · 07/08/2020

This activity is really enjoyable. It’s a 4 hours tour. The driver and the boat driver is really friendly. You’ll visit 3 island which is dayang bunting, singa, and beras basah island. You can do kayak, paddle boat and swimming at dayang bunting. But i suggest to swim at Beras basah island cuz it’s much beautiful. Also you’ll get to see island feeding session and lastly swimming time at beautiful beras basah island ?

MUHAMAD HAZIQ BIN · 04/08/2020

Very good and hppy definitely will go againt. Thr view ate beutiful, friendly driver.

siti aisyah yap · 16/03/2020

I used this service along with my family. There was mini bus waiting for us. On reach the bus taken us to the jets. There was a speed boat waiting for us. We were taken to 2 islands.

SUKLA · 07/03/2020

Very beautiful place to visit. Pick-up at hotel on-time and contact a day in-advance. Overall is okay, except quite hurry at Tasik Tawar only one hour. For sightseeing is okay but if want to do some activities recommended to take a package trip that offer longer time at Tasik Tawar. Overall is satisfy.

Margaret · 02/03/2020

Everything was just fine.Since the Klook department informed us via Whatsapp that we are required to wait patiently for the pick up and drop off session.So it is acceptable. For the eagle feeding session,bread is recommended to bring for better experience and photography.

Go · 23/02/2020

Thanks Klook special my trip. Island hopping tour is very good and specially speed boot ride is mind-blowing. Boot Rider is very professional and guide English speaking.

jena · 22/02/2020

It was a great experience. Just remember there is an entrance fee of 6 RM and 10 RM for the water sports package. Gave 4 stars as my partner and I are quite afraid of monkeys and kindly note there are a lot of wild monkey while on the trek to freshwater lake !

KANG YU · 17/02/2020

Yeah. Very good experience. The boat man also very nice. The boat also nice and equip with good life jacket. The only i want to comment the time management before the tour start. Almost 30 minutes delay.

NAZIRUL AZREEN · 16/02/2020

Fantastic. Driver pickup from our hotel @ correct time , tour guide person was very friendly, overall wonderful ?????

syarifah arida azira · 14/02/2020

Highly recommended tour for those who visit Langkawi. An UNESCO site to visit in Malaysia. I had been visit Langkawi for so many times and this is the forth times i join for the island hoping tour. Every time also will have new experience and new discover for different sight on every single inch of view.

Chee Yuan · 09/02/2020

Comfortable journey

The driver was punctual. The connection went smoothly. After getting on the boat, the boat house will take us to different islands. Fun journey

Wing Man Wong · 06/02/2020

I booked the ticket one day in advance as I provided my local number they contacted me over whatsapp for pick up information from hotel. driver was on time and called us before 15 mins. Tour was excellent and dropped back to hotel once reached back to jetty.

ARIJIT · 03/02/2020

Convenient and simple transportation

The driver picked up at the hotel on time, and then took a boat to each island, explaining the time each time when disembarking, a very pleasant journey.

HAN-WEI YEH · 03/02/2020

beautiful view

There are really many monkeys on the island. They are not afraid of people at all, and the eagles are also spectacular. On the last island, the children are very happy to play with water and sand.

JHUANGYI SIAO · 27/01/2020

Contact Ivy is super nice

The activity was very fun. I explored the outer island by speedboat. Ivy is very special. I am very responsible.

SHING CHI TSE · 26/01/2020

high recommended if u like this kind of activities.a lot of walking n hiking to tasik dayang bunting.not recommend for elderly.1hour time for each island..i like to ride the boat.really breathtaking n fresh when you out there. 2nd islnd wejust stay in the boat n watch the eagle as the boatguy threw food at them.some of the bird very big and flew very near the boat. 3rd island.we stop there to relax and some swimming in the cold water.u have to bring ur own food and no toilet here.

Nor Ayani · 23/01/2020

This was a great tour and I really enjoyed it. The hotel transfer was on time. The driver even called to let me know that he will be arriving in less than a minute. The views were just perfect and it was a day well spent. I would recommend this tour to everyone.

Christopher Nkosinathi · 23/01/2020

Great experience, definitely much cheaper on Klook as compared to purchasing on the spot. Highly recommended!

YU YANG · 14/01/2020

it is worth to visit two islands and eagle feeding. but the only thing is need to wait too the first island, supposed to spend 1 hour there but we have waited 1hr 45mins to next island.

kang yee · 13/01/2020

They pick up in front of mcdonald exactly as promised on 8.50am. The boat guide also very helpfull. Overall very satisfied. Will use klook again in future.

Norul Afiza · 12/01/2020

Its very amazing experience. The kids was so ecxited and happy. Looking forward for others activities using klooks apps. So convinient and trusted.

shahsilla · 08/01/2020

best ever guide we received was vert ahppy withbthe guide and klook. pick up was a lityle delay because of the sea water. ride was bumpy

Devarajan · 04/01/2020

Great experience although there are not enough information given especially after completing the trip. Not sure which van to return us back to pick up place.

Siti Syahira · 03/01/2020

Klook contacted us one day prior to inform regarding the details for the actual day. Driver came on time to pick us up. You can op to pay RM 10 for life jacket, kayak and self paddling swan boat at the Dayang Bunting lake. Do watch out when you swim at the Beras Basah beach as we spotted some jelly fish and sea urchin there. Otherwise, trip was well organized and punctual.

ENG FOO · 03/01/2020

the activity is okay. they will pick you up on time. the van pick up is juz fine. becareful at beras basah island, there will be a lot of monkeys. the monkeys even steal our snacks. better bring your own food and drinks as they sell very expensive in the island. 1 canned drink cost about rm5. same goes to snack. usually price rm1- rm2 but they sell at rm5 each. maybe bcoz of transport to export to the island make it expensive. overall the activity is juz okay. but not suitable for old people as you nay need to walk long distance before you get to swim/ sit at the swimming area.


good experience but not so fun at dayang bunting lake ... enjoyed the lovely Beras Basah beach and Eagles ... fun time for all family members and glad to know the people travelling along the shared boat trip !

ZHI QIN · 01/01/2020

It was fun and worth the money. The island was so beautiful and the people there are very helpful

Farhana Izzati · 30/12/2019

It was our first speed board journey and we loved it so much. It was hard to hold and travel with infant but good journey always make up for it. Thanks Klook for this service.

Yusuf Abdullah · 27/12/2019

It was my first time book an activity on klook and it was a hassle free experience. We enjoyed the trip the only problem is that the time is limited. 1 hour is not enough to do some activities at Dayang Bunting Geoforest Park. Maybe can just make it 1 hour and half or 2 hours next time would be better ?but overall it was fun. I Recommend booking with klook.

Emerald Joy · 26/12/2019

I liked the speedboat tour. It included hotel pickup and then we were taken to various islands on speedboat. the islands are beautiful.. Finally I was dropped in my hotel once the tour was over.

Santosh · 25/12/2019

I had a good time while on tour because I can converse in local dialect so it was easy to communicate with the tour operator. I ended up being the translator for the shared tour since except, the others are not local. First stop was Pulau Beras Basah, where the beach is good for picnic and the waves not rough. A bit disappointed because the beach was littered by trash from the tourist. Next is watching Eagle feedings. A totally new experience for me looking at hundreds of eagle swooping for food. Last trip was to Pulau Dayang Bunting. The walk to the Dayang Bunting Lake takes about 10 minutes and remember to pay for life jacket at the entrance if you don't have life jacket. Overall enjoyed the tour.

Mohd Zaiyusnizar Bin · 20/12/2019

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