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Highly recommend for kids visit . Goods experience . Will visit again when we are back to langkawi

kher wei · 21/03/2021

Highly recommend for kids visit . Goods experience . Will visit again when we are back to langkawi

kher wei · 21/03/2021

Highly recommend for kids visit . Goods experience

kher wei · 21/03/2021

Highly recommend for kids visit . Goods experience

kher wei · 21/03/2021

This place where u can see all type of Crocodile.But not a friendly place for wheelchair because not easy to handle wheechair with the Hilly Road.

Nadiah Binti · 20/02/2021

Have a very fun experience here by watching all different kind of crocodiles and they provide interesting shows here!

Lam · 03/01/2021

Very easy to redeem.. thanks to klook. My kids enjoy to watch the crocodile so much.

Asrimas Sujay Anak · 03/01/2021

Nice experiences with kids. Surely will visit again. Kids and adult enjoy the fishing crocodile activities. A must do activities in Langkawi

TAN · 01/01/2021

Easy to redeem, just go to the counter and show the QR code and you are good to go

Ahmad Farhan · 31/12/2020

The kids enjoyed it very much and particularly the feeding session. The shows are also good to watch.

Kings Tern · 30/12/2020

Not crowded, good place to educate your children about crocodile species. They also have a cafe within the park.

Wan Azmalina · 28/12/2020

its an experience worth exploring. the staff are friendly and helpful. the amount of crocodile is crazy, hundreds of crocodile here.

Shyh Haur · 21/12/2020

Sooooooo Amazingggggggggggggg. Will repeat again Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

siti farrah a fifah · 16/10/2020

A good experience for children but the entrance look dull not well maintain. Toilet a bit run down. The dinosaur park is not great as advertise.The live show is great. Overall it still worth to visit. Should at least try for once.Staff is friendly,Just need good maintenance

Zalina · 05/10/2020

A nice family gateway but need improvement.Amenities not well maintain and looks very run down.Entrance not very appealing and cheer full.

Mohd Sham · 05/10/2020

Perfect visit w less visitor. Superb! Perfect view w less visitor. Superb! Perfect view w less visitor. Superb! Perfect view w less visitor. Superb! Perfect view w less visitor. Superb!

Binti Ishak · 04/10/2020

The price is cheaper than u buy at the caunter. Good place to know more about crocodile.

Mohamad Hafifi · 28/09/2020

Crocodila Adventure Land

Great activity with family. Good workers, friendly & very helpful. My family and I are happy. Just not suitable for those who use a wheelchair.

ASMAH ABU SHAARI · 22/09/2020

Awesome crocodile park! So many crocodiles to see and the best part about this park is the shows. Saw the Bujang Lang show and feeding time show; both were spectacular! Informative and educational. Had plenty of opportunities for good photos too and very reasonable entry price!

Ray Chel · 16/09/2020

Nice theme park!! If you’re a crocodile lover, you will defined love this place! Staffs are so friendly and the environment is clean as well! Good rating for this one!!

WEI LENG · 10/08/2020

Exciting for visited! I will re come again! Good place for kids

KHER INN · 27/06/2020

not a conservation park

it was not a bad experience although a bit small. However don't mistake this for a conservation park when they sell crocodile leather products and crocodile meat in the gift shop

Siti Rozianti · 09/03/2020

Very attractive place to visit at Langkawi. Enjoying every show. The tour guide very friendly and knowledgeable. The memorable moment when you fishing to feed the young crocodile there.

NOOR SARAH EZLIN · 06/03/2020

Amazing experience. The best part of the Combo 2 package is the last: feeding the little crocodiles in the pond using a stick. Our tour guide Hanif was FANTASTIC: nice, passionate, and well informed. A few nice shows of feeding and interacting with the crocodiles . Definitely worth the 1.5hr visit. Highly recommended.

Rida · 04/03/2020

this is one of the largest crocodile parks in the world with 4000 + crocodiles, however only a few of them were kept in their artificial habitat for the exhibit. I was lucky enough to watch the feeding session, during the afternoon. I also took the feeding the baby crocodiles and pic with the baby crocodile also.


It was very good to visit i advice to see the main show was incredible and the jumping show was amazing and u can have experience there

Yaser · 19/02/2020

So far so good. not much things to see actually. but can participate the fun of feeding small crocodile with the snack pack. the feeding time at 4.30pm changed to a dinosaur show.

siong yee · 07/02/2020

Highly recommend for those who looking for a adventure outdoor activities. crocodile feeding session, good

AIK CHENG · 29/01/2020

The park is super big and full with adventures. Nice performance by the performers for human and crocodile show and crocodile feeding show.

Yin Shan · 29/01/2020

well maintained with lots of Crocs..not really pram friendly as there are a few places only accessible on steps..could consider building more ramps..could increase variety of shows too

Chee Yee · 20/01/2020

I have seen n numbers of crocodiles in all types of shapes and sizes which I have never seen in my life before. We also took pictures with the croc baby. All the shows were awesome, I personally liked the feeding show when crocodiles actually jump in the air to catch the food. We had also given food pellets to croc babies.

Mangesh Madhukar · 13/01/2020

Very good expensive in there. My 3+ old son loves feeding meat to young crocodile.

yi mon · 10/01/2020

Must try experience in Langkawi. Well organized place and unique experience of holding the baby crocodile was a memorable event.

Prasanna Dinesh · 07/01/2020

The ticket was issued instantly upon checking out. The ticket is an open dated ticket, hence able to use 30 days within purchase! I purchased the ticket for 25th December but used it on 22nd December! Just have to show the booking to the counter and you are able to get in. It was a good experience and a MUST visit in Langkawi! The ticket comes with pellets to feed baby crocodile which is a unique experience.

Joyce · 06/01/2020

One of the Best thing to do in Langkawi... one should to do this if visiting langkawi.. Thanks to Klook

RACHIT · 03/01/2020

very well maintained .... a lot of Crocs are there in closed areas... u can see them closely. also u can feed the small ones n see feeding sessions for large ones...

shilpa · 03/01/2020

a place must visit at Langkawi. Feeding the baby crocodile is terrific. Also not to forget the crocodile feeding show. Not to miss taking photo holding baby crocodile

CHEE · 02/01/2020

Good events. Enjoyed a lot. Have fun. My children also enjoyed. I recommend this attraction. Very exceptional. Must see.

Wahiduz · 01/01/2020

this is really a fun fun experience with my kids ... we enjoyed feeding the baby crocs , fun crocodile shows ,and the best part was witnessing two large crocodiles fighting for their territories during the mating season ! Having said that FAVe gave a better pricing for the combo tickets ..

ZHI QIN · 01/01/2020

The giant crocodile shows are so risky but amazing, first time to join this kind of crocodile tour, besides, the Crocodile Fishing was also interesting, you can feel the crocodiles how strong they are, finally, you are able to see some stuff that made by crocodile skin, such as keychain, shoes, and wallet at the souvenir shop, Crocodile Adventureland is definitely the place that you need to visit in Langkawi

chung hsun · 26/12/2019

The park is clean, well kept. We actually had a really great time over there with the shows and activities provided which is really fun.Lots of new interesting information learnt. Highly recommend this place especially for family. For those who wonders which combo to choose i highly recommend combo that provide tour guide and snap picture with baby crocodile. We took the combo without the baby crocodile and regret it so much so don't make the same mistake as we did :)

Qurratul Aini · 26/12/2019

MUST GOOOOOOO. There are a lot of crocodiles over there. Do take note that there are special crocodile feeding show/performance at specific time. Check the showtimes before going. You can also buy 4 pieces of raw chicken meat for RM15 to interact with baby crocs. Recommend to buy the raw chicken meat as it’s really super fun to interact with the crocs. There’s no time limit so you can use your 4 pieces of raw chicken meat to play with the crocs as long as you want.

Wan Ying · 24/12/2019

Booking experience was smooth. We got pellets for feeding baby crocodiles. It was fun to feed them, although they like chicken pieces more (they call it crocodile fishing ;)). Park is not so big. Shows are enjoyable if first time. Time your visit according to the show times available on the website.

Arunpratik · 21/12/2019

I personally enjoy the visit more than the kids. Lolz. A very well kept place with friendly staff.

Chii Chern · 18/12/2019

nice enjoyable place fun for a family trip.Amazing shows that are attractive.

Ming Choo · 17/12/2019

My kids enjoyed crocodile farm especially feeding to baby crocodile.

Raguraman · 16/12/2019

We totally enjoyed watching the crocodiles, the shows they did with their very well trainers and knowledgeable announcer. This park was very clean. We got to feed the crocodiles with chicken meat and the photography session was most fun. We were allowed to handle the baby crocodile and G, his name was very well behaved.

Raewynn Jin Itt · 12/12/2019

We had no issues getting our tickets as well food pellets to feed the baby crocodiles. Also managed to catch the 3.45pm show as well as croc feeding at our 4.30 pm. I bought combo 1 package but my kids wanted to take a photo with a baby croc, so had to pay $50 extra. Good to get package with photo taking included next time.

Rozila · 09/12/2019

Although the place is not expected big, but i have a wonderful times spending with my children. Many shows schedule every hours. Feeding crocodiles n interaction. It suitable for family with chidlren.

soon hooi · 05/12/2019

really good experience inside the park. The feeding and shows were excellent. The park itself is beautiful. The only downside is there is no WIFI so when you need to book a GRAB taxi it's not possible without incurring roaming charges. The general taxis are almost twice as expensive

raffia · 22/07/2019

Product information

Program Schedule
  • Giant Crocodilian Feeding: 11:45am, 1:15pm, 3:15pm, 4:30pm
  • Crocodile Encounter Show: 2:00pm
  • Thrilling & Aggressive Wild Croc: 10:00am, 3:45pm
  • Adult Crocodile Jumping: 10:30am, 5:30pm
  • "Bujang Lang" Giant Crocodile: 11:15am, 2:45pm