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it is very Okinawa good experience

CHIEN TSUN · 27/04/2021

Very nice! Had a lot of fun! Really do see quite abit if fish

Xiuling · 21/12/2020

Easy redemption at the cruise center. Good experience and able to see many fishes. Instructions are in Japanese but it is not an issue. Just follow the crowd.

Siah Jen · 14/03/2020

Good experience for those who want to view underwater world without getting wet. Especially for elderly, we don't swim. This season, although still visible, not much fish spotted.

Linda · 22/02/2020

the glass bottom boat was excellent. the visibility was the 2nd lowest level but we could still see the fishes clearly so we still enjoyed ourselves very much. there were many fishes and corals. the boat company staff were also very polite. there is also a vending machine on the orca and the boat was very clean. parking at the wharf terminal however is 330 yen for 2 hours.

SIEW LEE MARIANNE · 25/01/2020

there are 4 sides of sittings, the other 2 sides gives the best view, while the 2 inner sides sees lesser ... go when the sun is on top of her peak, for best lightings into the water ...

Khee Chye · 21/01/2020

Tour is easy to book and attend. A good alternative to see the underwater if diving is not your thing. The water clarity is at level 3, pretty decent. The only thing is that the viewing time of the fishes is too short, definitely less than an hour.

Joycelyn · 13/01/2020

On the day of my tour I had bad weather and the view was also very bad but It wasn't their fault. Maybay next time I have more luck.

Ao jing · 31/12/2019

Water is very clear and we could see many fishes and other marine species down the lower deck through the looking glass hallway.

Nicole Kaitine · 27/12/2019

Redemption was easy and hassle free. one of those bad days you can’t see much due to poor weather conditions. Staff was friendly and even gave my kids balloons during the trip.

Kai ling · 13/12/2019

The entire experience was barely over in an hour. Most of the time was spent on the boat ride. The time spent in the underwater glass bottom was only approximately 10 to 15 minutes. You could hardly see any fishes, probably due to poor visibility during that day, notwithstanding that it was a bright and sunny day.

Jong Sing · 09/12/2019

Very nice one, my girl had a fun trip and she saw lots of fishes. highly recommended!

Jui Chi · 13/11/2019

Very good tour! It was windy but the view for the bottom glass mainly is dependent on the clarity of the sea. Sometimes it is murky. But overall good experience!

Joyce · 04/11/2019

We had poor visibility that day, not the fault of operator. They did informed that visibility is at level 2, out of scale of 5. boat ride was ok, not bumpy.

SENG HUAT · 02/11/2019

Easy to find and flexibe to change timing since we arrived much earlier

Ka Fai · 29/10/2019

Good experience on the glass boat

kin man · 24/10/2019

Good experience. Easy access. Clean and tidy environment.

Wan Sze Carmen · 15/10/2019

Very interesting and fun to view the fish moving in the sea

Kam yin · 29/09/2019

Nice view! My kids enjoyed the boat tour. Reasonable price:)

Nok Yi · 24/09/2019

It is really a nice experience to visit this boat. Good arrangement.0

KWOK KEE PAUL · 14/09/2019

Saw many fishes and corals.... took many photos on the viewing deck and saw the staff feeding the fishes to the sea and was superb experience great for all who do not want to get wet.

Melissa · 25/07/2019

Easy to book and operator was kind and responsive to accede to our request to change the timing of the tour. Saw a number of fishes but tour ended in 45minutes (thought that it would take 1 hour in total)

Joshua · 04/07/2019

The experience was fine but weather was not great so could not see the full depth of the sea Maybe next time to go when it’s sunny and not raining or windy

manbir singh · 20/06/2019

We saw plenty of fish during the trip. It meets our expectations.

Yat Chi Alice · 12/06/2019

Absolutely loved the experience. Saw plenty of fish and the weather was perfect not too hot or cold.

Aljuanna · 28/05/2019

We love the trip. Especially for the family member who are elderly. They love the trip in the underground

Wai yin · 19/05/2019

It was drizzling when we went onto the boat so visibility wasn't that clear. Still had a good time, and good view! Fishes were small so don't be fooled into thinking this is a whale-watching ferry due to the name "Orca".

Luisa Foong Lin · 18/05/2019

Staff informed us of “low visibility” of the sea on that day. It really depends on weather to decide how clear you can see underwater view.

Siew Wei · 12/05/2019

a good activity for a whole family to join

Man Kei · 06/05/2019

I liked it that the staff informed us of “no visibility” of the sea bed on that day. Though visibility was poor, we could see some fishes and beautiful corals.

QIN YI MADELYN · 03/05/2019

Quite a good and easy trip for family with kids and seniors. Trip last around 45-50mins; the ship didn't go too far from the pier. Overall, our family loves it and it is fun.

Wing Yan · 26/04/2019

Easy to redeem, nice boat trip, my parents also love this.

Wing Yan · 22/04/2019

The weather is not good, it is raining but still the ship is quite stable and we can see many fish very clearly

Ka Yin · 15/04/2019

Boat leave on time. Counter is inside naha port building. View at underwater is interesting. Can see fish and coral

JINWEN · 17/03/2019

The address showed with google was actually about 5min away from the actual place. But the staff was waiting for us at the google map terminal and brought us to the exact location by walking. Better to arrive early to avoid missing the time. Glad we made it! Overall was pleasant.

Chan · 27/02/2019

MUST GO. The best idea for non-wet and un-swim people. The fishes under water in real ocean is much better than small tank in Aquarium. The 360 degree eye of view is superb experience. Klook does not provide exact location of pier and you will waste time, please prepare yourself at pier 30 minutes before program begins.

narongkorn · 22/11/2018

Very good experience for seeing the underwater, a lot of fishes. However weather definity affect the experience. Recommend to attend only in sunny and not windy day.

Ho Yin Keith · 22/06/2018

We were able to see plenty of fish and corals, the ride was comfortable, the viewing area is comfortable and allowed all to sit comfortably

Tien Wie · 12/03/2018

You got a beautiful view when you were on the boat.

CHE JUL · 28/02/2018

Due to the weather on the day of our tour, visibility was just average. Nevertheless, we had a relaxing and pleasant ride; we still got to see corals and small fish.

Tiffany · 31/12/2017

It's definitely a very good activity for family with little kids. My kids love this very much. It they can offer English introduction that would be much better!

YICHIEH · 22/07/2017

What a wonderful underwater view! It is great for the family's outdoor activity.

WAI MING · 02/07/2017

The tour was well organised, but the staff could only speak Japanese. Whole journey is an hour. Managed to see schools of fishes for about 20 mins. Better to take motion sickness pill before boarding the boat.

Hoon Ching · 29/06/2017

Very good experience, very beautiful and kawaii fishes , very helpful and nice crew , i will come back next time to see those fishes again

pui kwan · 18/05/2017

The little girl was so happy when she experienced to see fishes under water without wet. Great activity with kids.

Wing Han Winnie Patrisica · 05/05/2017

Very good experience and highly recommend to people travelling to Okinawa.

Kwok Ying · 16/03/2017

It was a really nice event that must join in Okinawa.

sio tai · 08/03/2017

The weather was bad. The view was not very clear. But this was very special experience for me. I will attend this tour next time. I wish the weather will be very nice next time.

YING CHEN · 20/12/2016

Good Price with coupon. Easy to Use. User friendly. Worth to buy.

HIU CHONG ANN MARIE · 04/12/2016

It is so unfortunate that the day I join the tour the water of the sea is not very clear due to typhoon. But it is still a quife nice experience that I can look around the environment in the sea.

Pak Sum · 07/09/2016

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Discover Okinawa's magical underwater world

Insider Tips:
  • Please check in 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time
  • For your safety, you may need to take turns to enter the viewing room. Please follow the lead of the ground staff
  • If whether condition doesn't allow the boat to set sail, the activity may be canceled. If this happens, you can choose to either reschedule the trip or get a full refund