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useful and easy to get around with the pass. visted kyoto, nara, tokyo. very good experience. highly reccomeded

Jia Xin · 03/05/2021

The rail pass made travel fuss free and definitely helped save cost! It does require careful planning to ensure that all the destinations are covered by the pass though!

Minqi · 31/01/2021

Very convenient to have this pass as my family travelled up from Osaka to Nagano.

Amy · 16/01/2021

Love the convenience and the range of accessibility for the places included in the pass! Would definitely use it again soon

Lee · 14/01/2021

Have been purchasing Japan Rail Pass through Klook. Easy purchase and redemption. A must-buy for touring Japan.

Yoke Ying · 03/01/2021

Very convenient booking through Klook as we just had to bring our printed documents to the JR office at any large JR station. For us, it was Narita airport. All smooth and easy! Thanks Klook!

PIEK YEAN · 24/12/2020

Used this pass to go from Osaka to Tokyo with a stop in Kanazawa

Barbara · 10/12/2020

Received the passes as per the date stated, and redemption was fuss free. Excellent deal especially when purchasing using promo codes

Mun Onn · 09/12/2020

If you are in Tokyo and planning to visit osaka & kyoto, it’s best to have Hokuriku Arch Pass. You will save tons of money as fares in tokyo JR stations are also included in the pass. You plan your itinerary from tokyo going down to Osaka, with a lot of side trips to Karuizawa, Kanazawa, Kyoto & Nara! You can maximise this pass by visiting all said places and you’ll definitely love all the scenic views, feeding deers in Nara, USJ, Arashiyama, etc! Japan has alot to offer so better plan ahead & you will enjoy every bit of your time!

Emily · 04/12/2020

this is a very useful pass if you in tend to travel by the route. Is cost saving and fuss free every time you need to board a train to navigate the complex network in Japan

caleb · 18/11/2020

Best pass for the Alphine route! Definitely need to do this again in my lifetime!

Wen Ling Sharon · 17/03/2020

The passes were delivered quickly and it was easy to use on JR trains. If you're not in a hurry moving to and from tokyo and osaka, it's a good pass to have and cheaper than the regular pass. but if time is of the essence to you, go for the regular JR pass. travel osaka-tokyo and vice versa takes 5-6 hours with this pass while the regular one is 2.5-3 hours.

Stefan · 14/03/2020

Thought this pass could get us from tokyo to osaka with 2hours but nope... it took us about 6 hours to get to osaka. But with the JR pass it was quite a breeze to get to kyoto. I would say it would be more worth it to get the whole of japan JR pass

Yun Li Dionis · 05/03/2020

hassle free and very easy to redeem, the voucher came after 2 days and very surprising since i booked on friday and by sunday i already get in through post.

Made Detriasmita · 29/02/2020

Fast delivery and easy to redeemed while you are in Japan. My 4th times visiting Japan, everything smooth and perfect, thanks to Klook because made everything easier for me.

NOR ARTIKAH BINTI · 28/02/2020

We were in Japan for 7 days and travelled from Kyoto to Tokyo. This was more affordable than the full JR Pass, although travel time between Kyoto and Tokyo via the Hokuriku Arch took longer than taking a direct Shinkansen.

Veng Sein Sarah · 28/02/2020

amazing view and less touristy places. easily accessible using the shinkansen. plan early and the trains are very on time.

Jose · 25/02/2020

JR pass is always very useful when traveling within Japan. Very seamless. Only downside is that the queue to exchange the pass in japan is often very long.

Breanna Yan Ling · 24/02/2020

Will definitely explore the various passes available during my Japan travel in future! Realised that this pass makes more financial sense than blindly buying into the regular JR pass! Travelled from Tokyo > Hakuba > Osaka. Used the pass to travel day trip to Kyoto and kobe as well!

Wan Ru Stephanie · 23/02/2020

Greaaattt experience with using jrpass, i can explore many places in west japan!! Thankyou klook for the discount of jrpass!

MELISSA OLIVIA · 09/02/2020

If you're going around hokuriku area, this pass shall do. Cheaper than jr pass but will get you around hokuriku pass. We get to went around nagano, osaka, kyoto and tokyo.

Mildred · 02/02/2020

Super easy to book. The delivery was super fast. I got it before delivery date. The voucher was easy to redeem, just go to shin osaka station. Just note this, if you use this pass from Osaka-Tokyo, it will take 6 hours, because you have yo go to kanazawa first then to tokyo

Dela Surya Oktaviani · 01/02/2020

The mail delivery was super fast. It only took 2 days. The exchange order was super easy to redeem. You just to present the Exchange order and voila... you get the JR pass and use it for your trip.

Rugun · 01/02/2020

Easy to use, exchange order are sent to our home. Hokuriku arch pass makes our journey more efficient due to its cheaper price compared to buying at other place.

Nadia · 26/01/2020

West Japan cannot book tickets online

However, the itinerary of West Japan cannot be booked online in advance like East Japan. It is not very convenient. I hope that it can be done in the near future. Then the tourism variables can be minimized.

minchen chou · 23/01/2020

In exchange for quick

JR PASS is a convenient and cost-effective way to travel in Japan. However, it is not convenient to make advance reservations on the Internet like in West Japan.

minchen chou · 23/01/2020

Purchased a 7 days JR Hokuriku Arch Pass from Klook to visit the beautiful city of Kanazawa and West Japan. First time using Klook. Price is even better than buying direct from the JR online. Turns out to be much cheaper probably due to exchange charged by JR. Delivery is fast too. Less than 2 working days. So happy with Klook. Utilised the pass for travel on the Shinkansen between Tokyo and Kanazawa. Really worth the price.

SIEW MUI YVONNE · 22/01/2020

easy to reedem at JR office in Haneda, all the JR staff are really helpfull during registration, they also help how to find the right track to destination.

Reinhard · 20/01/2020

Really Useful in terms of travelling. We used this Pass to go from Osaka to Tokyo and it was really WORTH IT. Thanks Klook for having this on your website!!

Izzan · 20/01/2020

Very satisfied with Klook products and services. The mail came literally only 4 days after purchased and that include weekend. Very easy to use and would recommend to use Klook products especially if they offer a discount code :)

Nova · 20/01/2020

Great! It’s convenient to pick up the exchange voucher in HK and redeem the pass at Osaka Kansai Airport. It’s worth to have the pass while travelling to Kanazawa, Nagano and Tokyo.

Tin Sing Albow · 19/01/2020

From booking to receiving the vouchers to exchanging the vouchers for actual passes, the whole process was easy. Will use the service again.

Cheong Cheong · 10/01/2020

From booking to receiving the vouchers to exchanging the vouchers for actual passes, the whole process was easy. Will use the service again.

Cheong Cheong · 10/01/2020

Excellent way to travel. Hassle free and can reserve seats so it is very convenient as we could get seats together. It was also easy to book seats at the station. We booked our departure trip when we arrived.

Xue An Jordan · 08/01/2020

A must have when travelling around in Japan. Used it for travel from Tokyo to Osaka and back via Hokuriku Arch.

Xue Wei Owen · 08/01/2020

If you plan to go from Tokyo, Karuizawa, Nagano, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, then this is the pass for you. It saves me a lot of transport cost and save time on purchase individual tickets. I only exchange the pass in Tokyo, a day before I travel to Karuizawa and Nagano. If you want to exchange in the airport, you must tell them the date which you want to start using this pass. This is recommended to everyone who is travelling to Japan.

NAIWEN · 03/01/2020

Bought the pass from 12.12 . The exchange voucher arrived the very next day at my delivery adress. Then exchange the voucher to acutal JR Hokuriku Arch Pass at Tokyo Station. Used our pass for our Kanazawa and Karuizawa trip. Reserved your seats in advanced to avoid standing for hours on the train. Seats can be reserved online.

Dayle Robin Dela Cruz · 28/12/2019

Used a 7 Day JR Hokuriku Arch Pass to travel to Kanazawa. Reseved your seats in advanced to avoid standing for 3 hours in your travel. Also take the Kagayaki Train it is much faster. Go to Tokyo station if you do not have seat reservations so there will be a high chance you can get a seat on the non reserved cart.

Dayle Robin Dela Cruz · 28/12/2019

With this pass we were able to visit Tokyo and Osaka, via Kanazawa. You may also reserve your seat just show your tickets to the Jr office.

Christopher · 27/12/2019

Kanazawa was not only a good sightseeing place, but was also a good shopping place. A lot of shops inside Kanazawa JR station. The food price in the supermarket was reasonable. The booking office at Kanazawa was always long queue. , so please allow plenty of time for reserved seat booking.

KIN FUNG DENNIS · 26/12/2019

it's a cheaper pass but the required time to get to osaka was not really worth it. it took about 6 hours to get there. if not visiting the rest of the places on the route itself don't get this pass.

Shumi Demi · 26/12/2019

Fuss free, conveniene Very good, will buy again if go,

Man Ka · 22/12/2019

Good, will buy again if go , cheaper than buying outside

Man Ka · 22/12/2019

It was really easy to redeem the pass once we reached Narita and we could use it immediately and travel on to Nagano our first stop. We were also able to reserve our seats most of the time except there were trains that did not have reserved seating. I would recommend this if you want to just go around the Hokuriku area. The only downside is that you can't go from Kyoto to Tokyo direct and have to back one loop again.

Lai · 21/12/2019

Took the Shinkansen to Kariuzawa and train was very punctual. It was a nice experience because train was going at full speed and there was room to put our luggages. If you are lucky enough to be given the window aisle seat, you could see the scenery outside. The trains are very clean and expected arrival time is very precise.

Sarifah · 20/12/2019

good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good

Boon Yong · 16/12/2019

The pass was delivered to me promptly within 3 days. The courier guy contacted me to arrange for a time convenient for me which I really appreciate. The instruction on using the pass was clear too.

Andy · 15/12/2019

Everything is good. Can take the JR line over the Tokyo, is save a lot of money for us.

Sek Ling · 12/12/2019

Easy redemption! First receive the mail by post, then redeem at narita airport. We travelled from airport to kanazawa and few spots in between. The pass can have free seat in train hence can save time to wait in the queue to reserve a seat.

Mun sin · 10/12/2019

Purchase and the exchange process is relatively easy and hassle free. We have used it on Tokyo Narita Express and Shinkansen to Kanazawa, it helps us save quite a bit. It is worth it but do check that your destinations and routes are fully covered before buying.

KA MAN GRACE · 09/12/2019

Product information

Insider Tips:
  • If you want to visit the Tohoku Area, you can choose the JR East Pass
Booking Guidelines
  • The name, country of residence, and passport numbers entered when booking must be an exact match to the passports used when boarding
Additional Information
  • Check the Hokuriku Arch Pass website for more details about the service area
  • Deliveries are not available during weekends and holidays