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Super love the experience I had in Osaka. My best memories ever. My husband love it very much and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. Will definitely book again with Klook when we travel overseas

Swee Lee Shirley · 03/04/2021

Must must must go for it. Have to get international license first, they will check it on site. You can choose what onesie you wanna wear but it’s kinda dirty. The smoke and smell from the cart was bad, recommend wearing a mask when driving. Other than that, the whole experience was amazing!

Pei Jeng · 08/03/2021

highly recommended to experience the go kart in Japan. you get to choose your costume. will recommend to wear a mask to prevent inhale the exhaust.

Siew Heng · 31/12/2020

Loved it! This has always been on my bucket list of to-dos when in Japan. So glad to have booked this through Akiba Kart Osaka. The staff was all really friendly and helpful! Many thumbs up!

Li Wen · 22/12/2020

This was such an amazing experience great tour guide took heaps of photos for us! Showed us around the area! Private just the 4 of us! Would recommend for the experience! Very cold In dec wear warm clothes, gloves and onesies provided! Tour guide spoke English and communicated well.

Christopher · 30/03/2020

YOU MUST DO THIS, IT MUST BE AT NIGHT! My friend and I did the 2hr night run through Osaka. Those two hours with our leader and tail biker were worth our entire two week vacation to JAPAN! These two guys were AWESOME! In a world too full of safety limits and standards, you need to experience this very fast, no seat belts, no helmets live-traffic-joyride through the amazing town of Osaka. There are very few activities left in this world as PURE as sitting on top of an engine, and just feeling the speed. And you can expect lots of attention from EVERYONE around you! My friend and I could never forget Osaka after seeing it this way.

Gary · 29/03/2020

Must try in Osaka. get a good ride and awesome might view in Osaka. fun and fast n furious

Jiarong · 10/03/2020

Good ride, good host, good company with a good Lead. a must go and try out in Osaka

Jiarong · 10/03/2020

The experience was amazing!! Recommended to those who has a driving license. They provide us with cute cartoon characters costumes and guided us on a tour in Osaka city area while making sure of our safety. Even I wasn’t a very confident driver (of course I have license), I enjoyed the ride very much. Just one thing to note - it can get really windy during the ride so be sure to wear a windbreaker and googles :)

Pui Man · 03/03/2020

A great way to see the city and also enjoy riding in a go-kart on the city roads which is a rare and unique experience for us! Totally recommended to anyone with a driver’s license

Muhammad Miqdad · 24/02/2020

Amazing and highly recommended! Go Karts felt completely safe, excellent staff and leader that makes sure everyone is safe during the drive. Drive was about 2 hours. Extra warm close and gloves are recommended under the costume (onesies), especially during winter. Staff was also able to accomodate us after showing up on the wrong date, which was very fortunate! Overall and unforgettable experience and a major highlight during our trip in Osaka!

Damon Hanh · 23/02/2020

Very fun and special activity. Highly recommend!

Ka Ying Janice · 23/02/2020

Great fun! Our guide was very informative and took a tone of photos for us! He made sure nobody got left behind while driving and was constantly looking out for us! We booked our experience during the night and got an amazing view of the Osaka castle lit up in the dark. An amazing experience highly recommend, it’s a great way to tour Osaka without walking too much!

Thi tuyet · 21/02/2020

Great fun! A must have if u like to kart or drive! It’s fun! Remember to convert you driving license to international license. Bring you around Osaka!!! My friend n myself loved it!! But, most costumes were quite dirty. Good luck! Have fun!

Chun Xiang Gerald · 19/02/2020

The best experience ever! I never wanted it to end and everyone in my group was very friendly. The instructor was easy going, he let my friend ride he’s bike when she forgot her international licenses! What a champ ??

Tuyen Ngoc Vu · 17/02/2020

Great experience. Driving a go-cart on the road is a once in a lifetime experience. You need an international driving license for this activity. The operator provide detailed tutorial on how to operate the go-cart. The route passes by Dotonbori and also can see the Osaka Castle from a distance. Very fun!

Lai Kuan · 13/02/2020

Awesome!!!!! Be careful not to speed. Obey traffic rule

Daryl Andrew Jin Shen · 12/02/2020

Had a great time with Ken (the instructor) as we drove through the streets of Osaka on a cold winters day! He was friendly and informative. The whole trip goes for up to 2 hours which I think is well worth the money.

John · 12/02/2020

Amazing experience karting on the roads! A must try when you are in Osaka.

MIN ZHONG · 09/02/2020

Is a very good experience to drive a go kart on the street ???

Vincent · 05/02/2020

A must go for experience if you are travelling to Osaka. It's the highlight of my Osaka trip. Will recommend the night time drive!

Simin · 03/02/2020

so much fuuuuunnnn !! highly recommended! definitely will going back next time ! the best time is either in the morning or late night, so the sunshine wont be too bright.

Jessica · 03/02/2020

It was an awesime experience zokming past the buzzling streets of Osaka. Great and friendly guide d us arohnd. Thanks Shuzi Morita San fir the pictures.

Wenda · 03/02/2020

The tour guide was really good and he takes care of all of the Drivers ! He makes sure everyone is safe ! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Cheryl · 02/02/2020

My partner and I did the 6pm-8pm session during our trip to Osaka, definitely bring gloves for the night ride. It was definitely the highlight of our trip, and is unlike anything we've done before! Driving through the city amongst the busy traffic in a group of tiny gokarts is just amusing. Since we did the night session, driving amongst the cars with the cool breeze in your face and seeing the city all lit up was surreal and super fun!! The guides Isao and Shu were also super friendly and made sure to point out major sightseeing spots along the way. It was a great way to see the city from a different perspective and with the added bonus of not having to walk everywhere! If you're headed to Osaka, I would definitely recommend for you to add this to your itinerary!!!

Trong · 31/01/2020

The experience was good. The total duration of actual riding time is about 75 minutes. The guide took many photos for us and also brought us to the famous Osaka Castle area. I have taken several photos of the Osaka castle and have uploaded one. As what other reviewers had mentioned, the costumes are very worn and some are quite dirty. So you need to manage your expectations. Overall, it was great fun.

Chee Meng Edmund · 29/01/2020

Was a great experience highly recommend for people wanting to get out and explore the city a bit!

Lachlan · 29/01/2020

fantastic experience. Our guide, Sho, was very friendly and always on a lookout for us (in case anyone lags behind due to red light). Do remember to bring along your international driving license as it is required for this activity. Highly recommended!

Xue Ning Chermaine · 26/01/2020

the ride was almost 2 hrs, a tad long but it was really fun, especially when driving downhill. remember to wear a mask as it can get really smoky when waiting at the traffic lights.

hiao han · 20/01/2020

I wish i could give this activity 100 stars! It was a very special and most exhilarating way to experience Osaka. Guides were friendly, would help us to take photos and videos during pitstops at traffic lights/attractions. Gave simple and clear instructions on the road. Onesies are provided at the shop, however you may choose not to wear them or you could also bring your own one as options there are limited.

YING XIANG · 15/01/2020

Funny, we decided to book one day in advance. Unfortunately, we arrived at the shop late and there are limited cosplay outfit, we cannot choose the outfit we want most, remember to arrive earlier, better in 30mins

Wing Hong · 07/01/2020

had a great experience! must do in japan if u hv a driving licence.


It’s the highlight of Osaka other than USJ in my opinion. An activity and experience that is really worth your time for! Real fun ride with full throttle!

Shin Yen · 05/01/2020

Fun and good way of exploring Osaka. Drivers on the road are patient with the go kart driver.

Siew Peng · 05/01/2020

Soo much fun!!! Doing the 6pm session we got to see the city lit up at night, it was cold(being winter) so if you chose to go in winter make sure you rug up under the onesies they supply. The owner is so lovely and accommodating also.

Amy · 05/01/2020

This is a must do! So much fun, easy to find, great guides and felt very safe the whole time.

Emma · 05/01/2020

This was such a great experience from start to finish! It was one of the highlights of our Osaka trip. We were the only people on our tour at 12:30pm so it was like having own private tour. Our guide made sure that we were safe the whole time and guided us seamlessly through traffic. While it may seem daunting driving on the streets of a foreign country, the drivers in Osaka are very patient. Costumes are not in new condition but we weren’t bothered, it was still fun to dress up and the main purpose is the driving anyway! Costumes kept us nice and warm for winter! A great way to see the city and experience driving a go kart on the open road! I highly recommend this activity!

Jennifer · 31/12/2019

Will definitely try this again!!! You wont regret booking this activity. Don’t forget your international license though as this is a strict requirement.

Mary Gerica · 28/12/2019

It was so much fun! I was alone but guide was so helpful with taking pictures. We could choose one of many different costumes :) I would definitely join this activity once again

Joanna · 28/12/2019

It was a fantastic experience for me and my family. Worth the 2 hours, karting Osaka and seeing the sights and city. Highly recommended. The instructors were very helpful and patient with us. You wont regret it.

Afeeq Alwee · 26/12/2019

Enjoyed the overall experience and driving on streets of Osaka to iconic areas for photo-taking! The go-kart was easy to learn though a driving experience & international driving license is needed. We applied ours in SG at AMK area which is valid for one year.

Xin Ying · 26/12/2019

Very Fun activity to do in Osaka. Shop was very easy to find and guide was very accomodating. Just don’t forget to bring your International Driving Permit. Arigato Gozaimas!

John Emmanuel · 25/12/2019

Great experience. My girlfriend was a little nervous with driving on the streets of Osaka, but within 10 minutes she was having so much fun she forgot even how cold she was (bring gloves if going in winter!). Definitely recommend.

Peng Fei Eddie · 25/12/2019

Throughly enjoyed ourselves. Well organized and great scenery too!

Constance Khia Ki · 22/12/2019

very nice experince in osaka. i recommend street go kart

promaim · 22/12/2019

This activity needs you to have your international license. No license, no go. A fun way to see Osaka! Only drawback, the fumes from the cars on the street cos occasionally will stop behind those cars. Bring a face mask if u want cos they don't provide.

CHEONG POH · 18/12/2019

Definitely must go when you come to Osaka, had a ride of my life during that 2 hrs. before you go, please make sure you have your international driving permit. the driving regulations is pretty strict. however, if you're a frequent driver then this shouldn't be an issue. went around dotonburi, Osaka Castle and the streets of Osaka. they will provide you with a costume to wear, I saw another participant with his own go-pro and the host was okay with it.

JUN RONG · 14/12/2019

This is a great experience to have the Go Kart ride in Osaka city, especially at night which having less traffic and beautiful lights deco on x’mas time! We drive on the road with other vehicles, went to Osaka castle area, Namba and some other downtown area. Wearing the costumes are eyes catching when you stopped by the traffic lights, suggested you go with that.

WING YIN KEVIN · 12/12/2019

It was super fun. You drive on Osaka city roads next to other cars! It was cold in winter so wear accordingly. Staff were willing to take photos for you with their own phones. Then they will send you the photos or videos via whatsapp/ wechat/ airdrop, etc.

nicholas hiu chi · 08/12/2019

Ever dream of go karting in the streets of Osaka while sight seeing popular places of interest in a different perspective? This is the right experience! Do note that you need to have driver’s license as you will be driving on the road, side by side with cars, buses and trucks! The guides took care of us very well, they will constantly keep a lookout for us and will slow down if some of us were slow. You can wear your own action camera on your body to capture your adventures. The guides will also take individual and group photos and will Whatsapp or Airdrop (iPhone user) all the photos to the participants. To add more colour to the experience, you can also choose a onesie from the wide selection of cartoon characters (but there is no Mario franchise character available). I recommend the sunset session as we get to see the sunset while go carting in the day and also experience the night lights of the streets of Osaka. Highly recommend!

AIK HWEE · 08/12/2019

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