Southern Phu Quoc Island Day Trip



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Great service. You drive fluently and very enthusiastically. Standard pick up and drop off time.

THI QUYNH TRANG · 09/05/2021


The children saw a lot of fish and corals when they first snorkeled. They were very happy and wanted to go again.

雅玲 陳 · 13/02/2021

Further upgrade

Local people who are good up to additional free upgrades than our trip also had a great day

재동 신 · 16/11/2020

Phu Quoc trip

Nice weather, a bit difficult, but in return the tour was very fond of the tour, the food was a bit boring because the whole food didn't have any seafood, but the price is acceptable.

· 24/07/2020


Pearl Farm is a bit boring. The sea is beautiful, comfortable and well worth going.

Peihsin Chen · 04/03/2020

Good value for money

If you are not in the city, you can pick up and drop off extra to save the trouble of inconvenient traffic. The lunch is also very good, it is good to eat, the schedule is very substantial, and it will not force consumption. It is really good value for money

Wendy Chen · 12/02/2020

Is well worth a day trip

Our family is old and young, but it is suitable for family travel experience.

Yoke Leng Chan · 31/01/2020

Very good value

I can't wait for the shuttle bus to come to the hotel to pick you up in the morning. Please ask the hotel staff to call and ask. The tour operator asked us to make a taxi to help us pay the fare. I think the handling method is ok. There are two places for diving. It's full of fun and noon. The meals were pretty good, every point in the itinerary was there, it was very fulfilling, just don't buy the ice cream at the fish sauce stall, and the price is 20K more expensive than the white sand stall ... it has such itinerary content at this price I think it's great!

WANG MIN CHIA · 29/01/2020


very nice tour and really enjoy the day tour including lunch

Ronnie Tong · 02/01/2020

Great experience

The sights are beautiful, even if the language is not available (I am ordinary in English, so I do n’t know about proper nouns and the like), the tour guide still takes care of us (super touching), but I hope that next time kkday can arrange a tour guide in a language that the entire group can communicate (There was a female tour guide who spoke Chinese at first, so my mother was more at ease, but she didn't follow us later.)

WAN-YU TSENG · 31/12/2019

Excellent !

Enjoy both snorkelling and sight seeing in one day !

Pik Kwan Fan · 30/12/2019

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