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Fun day for kids to experience different jobs. Was not so crowded too.

Wen Ting · 09/05/2021

We spent the whole day at kidzania!! My kids managed to play almost all stations, as there was practically no queue or short queue in most stations. Strongly recommended!!

PEI LING · 05/12/2020

Long overdue review! Visited in June 2019! My kids love kidzania!!! Been to kidzania jakarta, KL, singapore, seoul and finally bangkok. Love them all!

Carla · 01/12/2020

Wonder please to go with kids. Not too many people in weekdays. Queuing is not required for most of the activities .

Kwok Kei Antonio · 09/03/2020

Great day with few people (no school groups). Kids did so many of the activities and were sad to leave! Be aware that you don't really save any money using Klook if it is a weekday ticket. The adult tickets are actually more expensive than at the door, but you save on the kids tickets so it evens out. Good deal for weekend tickets though.

Sarah · 14/02/2020

Went with three kids age 8,6, and 3. Plan on staying there the whole day. we were there from 11-5 and only able to do about half the activities. Parents can relax while kids do activities. Free wifi. There is a McDonald's and cafe inside for adults. The kids were able to make there own food at McDonald's and noodle station.

Colton · 12/02/2020

Kids had a blast

Went on a Wednesday and there were literally no people all day meaning no queues anywhere. Came at 10 and left by 17 when they closed. Still, the kids did not want to leave. We had our kids aged 5, 8 and 10 along. Only thing is that food and beverage is expensive and not too much to choose from.

Dorthe Nielsen · 05/02/2020

This one is the best kidzania we’ve been! The location was excellent. The staff were friendly and good in english. Toddler has various activities to join too. And most importantly, we did not need to queue for long at each activity! Highly recommended!

Sui Nin · 30/01/2020

Staff at counter was experienced in dealing with klook purchases and it was a smooth entry into Kidzania BKK. The kids had so much fun at a fraction of the price. Highly recommended purchase. Great experience!

Hsiao Wan Cheryl · 29/01/2020

Very good experiences, have fun, we went there in the afternoon and we can play for five games , will go again , love it. Hopes klook with sell the tickets of kidzania all over the world .

Anne · 26/01/2020

Klook offered good deal for adult and kid. The facilitate there was good and they are interesting to kid. Kids can try lots of new exposure there. Very recommended

Anne · 26/01/2020

so real

It's affordable and easy to use. Go to many people on weekdays! positive!

Chung Ping Wong · 24/01/2020

A place where the children can spend the whole day. Lots of activities to choose from. The staffs are very friendly and the waiting time is acceptable. Indeed a nice place for family bonding ❤️

Bu Chang · 23/01/2020

My kid loved this place and had great time. No need to wait up and exchange ticket right away. All the activities were fun and educational. Worth to spend whole day here. Recommend for families with children 4-12.

CHIHROU · 20/01/2020

very nice for family bonding. children will surely enjoy this activity. two thumbs up.?? ????????????????????????????????????????

Carlson · 08/01/2020

lots of good activities and creativity. kids heaven . My son wants to come back again tomorrow

bikramdeep · 07/01/2020

The kids enjoyed a lot.... many things to do. Parents have place to rest and play area for babies are available too

JEROLD · 07/01/2020

Very good experience for the child and my daughter enjoyed it a lot! Some of the ‘occupations’ require the child to go around the premises, either on foot or in a vehicle driven by the staff. Definitely a lot of fun for the kids!

Lay Sie · 06/01/2020

Easy to use the QR code at entrance. Plenty of job experiences to choice from. Staffs there are all very helpful and patient with the children. Kids can use what they earned to pay for some tasks like making their own cup noodles, ketchup, milk....etc.

Ka Ka Jessica · 06/01/2020

We have been 3 times and enjoyed it, each time, there would be update activities like the noodle shop etc... heavy recommend if you have kids from 4 to 14 years old

Samrach · 05/01/2020

Kidzania is always fun...

Engaging experience to try out different occupation. Reasonable wait time for each activity.

Maybelline Tan · 04/01/2020

Good place for kids. Our kids both 4.5 years old had lots of fun. It teaches kids the vaule of money. There are many different jobs the kid can do such as Policeman, Fire Fighter, Doctor, Delivery person, etc. Some activities after completion the kid will get KidZania bucks and other activities the kid gets to spend the KidZania money. Each activity takes between 15mins to 35mins. There is a McDonald's inside and a few places to eat. No re-entry so make sure you plan occuringly.

Kit Wai · 03/01/2020

Purchase was a breeze and hassle free. Our kids (aged 6 and 4) enjoyed themselves thoroughly with great and friendly assistance from the English speaking staff. Worth the trip!

Youqing · 03/01/2020

my 4 years old girl loved the experience. Recommended to go with children at least 4 years old as most of the establishment required to be 4 years of age to participate.

Yin Ming · 03/01/2020

It is a very fun place for kid to play. Parents can sit back and relax to wait for them. At the same time, kids able to try many different careers .

Chui Sai Tracy · 03/01/2020

Amazing place. a lot things to do. we spend the whole day from 11:00 till 20:00 , and children (7 and 10 years old) still didn't want to leave. it teaches children to respect every profession, and correct attitude to the money. defenetly recommended

Ilia · 03/01/2020

Highly recommend purchasing ticket via klook when visiting kidzania to avoid queuing up. It was our 7th Kidzania visit (around the world) and always have a great time!

Linnet · 03/01/2020

We arrive at 10am and it is a long Q to redeem the tickets. Unable to re-enter if you leave. Longer waiting time for popular activities like fireman - put out fire, ride the fire truck, milk - child get to choose the flavor that they bottled, making noodles - spicy, non spicy n ingredients.

Puay Kian · 31/12/2019

Fantastic place for kids ideally 4 or above. Numerous activities with a good mix of variety (doctor, nurse, dentist, policeman, fireman, chef, singer, makeup artist, pilot, underwater researcher, driver, how to make green tea, coated peanuts, ketchup etc). Best is there are food stores eg McD benches outside so parents can sit and wait for the children. Can spend a whole day inside. If ur kid still needs to nap, recommend to bring along a stroller.

Tsz Lan Katherine · 31/12/2019

Great Experience

Easier redemption for entrance ticket :) nice experience at Kidzania Bangkok, kids enjoys to the max. The Q for every play/ role station is short. Waiting time per game took around 10-15mins only.

Ewe Lee Teoh · 31/12/2019

kidzania Bangkok

Thanks to KKday, we had an awesome time . The discount made the trio stress free

Heratnor Kassanuri · 31/12/2019


Fun place to be at to try out different occupation

Sin Han Lee · 30/12/2019

Bangkok Kidzania tickets

Tickets can be purchased and use on actually day due to instant confirmation

Guest · 29/12/2019

Get Kidzania ticket thru Klook is a smooth experience. I visit Kidzania on Saturday morning around 10am and only around 20 families are in queue. We can get the tickets thru klook qr code easily.

Pui Lam · 29/12/2019

The experience was great - my kids enjoyed the various activities and didn’t have to queue long except for the pilot experience. Do take note that there is no re-entry.

Eileen · 29/12/2019

The whole experience for my kid was exciting and fun. She get to learn how to be on different roles which is great as she have been looking forward to role play in such positions.. I strongly encourage you to bring your kid if you have not done so..

Tien Hoe · 27/12/2019

Arrived at 945am and queued to register for the exchange of tickets to our individual wrist bands. Each child gets 50 kidzos (money) and you have to open an account at the Kidzo bank when you enter kidzania. kids enjoyed the fire engine sessions, delivering parcels and doing CSI. The maggi mee section and Pilot was popular so queue early! Note: Only kids get to queue

Phing Phing · 27/12/2019

Kidzania Bangkok

Fast & easy booking and redemption, and good pricing too. My kids enjoyed a full day at kidzania.

Cheun Hong darren Lew · 27/12/2019

bit expensive for entrances, but can play for a day.

wing yan · 26/12/2019

there are many types of occupation they can experience. they can earn money (of course fake) after they have finished the tasks. my daugthers love playing there so much. thery spend a day there.

Kim Fung · 26/12/2019

Great Klook promo with B1G1 promo.. Fantastic fun for kids who spend almost whole day role playing such as fireman, pilot, ambulance, beautician, noodle making, snack Wel-B freeze dried snacks etc.. No using of Kidzania passport as no earning extra kidzos, only earn country sticker.

Joelle · 23/12/2019

Fast & hassle redemption. Went Dec School holiday Wkday lesser crowd and manage to play those popular job. Must try Firefighter, pilot, hospital paramedics. Try the snack bus Wel-B freeze dried snack which don't see it in other country kidzania. Con: No re-entry & no earning extra Kidzos with passport compare to other country. Only earn your country sticker. Overall kids spend almost 5-7hours here. Great way to burn the kids energy while parent chill up abit with Free wifi (to check at customer service counter)

Joelle · 23/12/2019

Awesome place for the kids to have fun for the entire place. Plenty of activities to keep them engaged.

Tan · 23/12/2019


Nice experience at Kidzania. Easy to redeem the e-voucher

KK Kok · 23/12/2019

KidZania Bangkok much better than KidZania Singapore as the queues were much shorter.

Kwek Chong · 21/12/2019

Arrived on a weekday morning. There wasn't much of a crowd, but as the day wore on, more people turned up. The queues for most of the activities were little to none, and my kids got to sample nearly all of the stations. Delightful experience for all.

Chien Han · 21/12/2019

All the staff were wonderful, so many different activities! My 5 year old really enjoyed her time but my 2 year old didn’t want to go in himself so he ended up just playing at the floral shop. Oh and he helped push the trolly around. I wish there was something like this back when I was a kid :)

jenny c · 17/12/2019

My kids love KidZania! It is a place that provides wholesome fun and very educational. Buying ticket from Klook is very convenient. And best of all, cheaper than buying at the counter. Highly recommended!!!

Eddy · 17/12/2019

Not crowded, no need to queue for many activities. Kids got to try out many jobs. ?? However, the passport is not recognized here.

Jiayi · 17/12/2019

I love it! it's the best Kidzania in the world. Everyone was nice and accommodating. I went on the weekday. it wasn't packed. my child almost tried every activity they have to offer. no long lines unlike other kidzania. the only down side is you're not allowed to go out ever! once you're out you're not allowed to come back. the food restaurant was very limited.

Sharline · 14/12/2019

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