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It was a great deal 2+1 tickets. We have even got a good tumbler with our choice of soft drinks and a snacks. Museum is very nice and entry was also smooth. Overall its a must try when you are in bangkok. You will definitely enjoy it.

Narayanan · 10/01/2021

Very good attractions at singapore ! Enjoy with my family ! I will come here again !

franky · 31/12/2020

I really enjoyed with this purchased. Worth for money!!! Easy for redeemed. I Visit Bangkok Thailand and experience celebrate Eid 2019. Flysolo.

SITI NOR BAITY · 13/07/2020

Highly recommend..!!! ??????????????????????????????

Mariel · 15/06/2020

I highly recommend this Madamme Tussauds activity if your going to visit Thailand. Add this to your checklist. It was fun experience to be surrounded with wax figure of your favorite celebrities, theres also interractive games inside and 10mins 4d cinema at the end of the activity.

Almira · 20/03/2020

Madame Tussauds Museum is just 2 km away from Century mall, meeting place of safari world. You can book this activity same day with the safari world activity. There are many clay figures inside the museum that actually look like reality. You can pose whatever you want together with your favorite celebrities. There are varieties of famous celebs there in Asia or americans. There are also presidents, athletes, painters, artists, Eintein and Mark Zuckerberg is also present. There is also free 4D movie after you tour the museum. A worth it experience.??

sheverlyn · 04/03/2020

The place is great! One of the places I enjoyed so far in Bangkok.

Charisse · 01/03/2020

Nice place, will surely visit again here. Thank you Klook!.....

Shejeyd · 27/02/2020

Wax figures which really resembles your idols, crushes and inspirations made my 1st night in Bangkok so memorable. Plus everything just went on so smoothly.

Christine Jomarie · 27/02/2020

No hassle at the counter. superb experience. I enjoyed everything. It was a fun experience for me and my boyfriend. Thanks Klook!

Erika Jane · 24/02/2020

Its cheaper to buy from Klook. Good Service. Per head entry 1000 bhat but in Indian currency only 1000 rs

Debojyoti · 18/02/2020

This is a nice activity for when you think you've had too much temples in Bangkok. It was a fun experience being around wax figures of your fave personalities. There were interactive games too, which added up to the fun.

Quicy · 13/02/2020

It's a really pleasant experience in there!! I'm glad I could meet all of my idol and the concept is really fun!! I'm really recommend this experience if you visiting Bangkok!! And I met ARIANA GRANDE IN HERE!!! and I'm really happy

Lilis · 10/02/2020

One of the places you can visit while in Bangkok. It was easy to locate. No queue. Theres also a 4D show you can watch inside and some cool souvenir items. Highly recommended. Thanks, Klook!

ELEAZAR · 08/02/2020

Good activity, especially for kids. Not as much figures as other similar museums in other countries, but still okay.

Iriz Janeena · 04/02/2020

Nice collection of mannequins who look exactly like their human counterparts. the welcoming and inviting gesture made by the stalwarts is also heart warming. Great place to get your camera going on a selfie frenzy.

Anjan · 01/02/2020

A very good skip the line experience. Event was good and no doubt about the skills of the wax idol maker.

Trilochan · 28/01/2020

Awesome! Just that u need to go toilet before you head in. there are no toilets inside.

Choon Kiat Benjamin · 25/01/2020

We booked this activity the day before as we want to experience the wax museum..Looks like they were a living persons.I just showed my passport and after a few seconds they gave us our admission ticket.

Mary Joy · 21/01/2020

really² fun n amazing... we will come again to the madame

Siti Rafidah · 21/01/2020

Easy to redempt. We just buy the ticket on the day we visit, and exchange it right away. A lot of things to see and experience inside.

Vera Anita · 20/01/2020

One of the good things to do while in Bangkok. We enjoyed the time spent here. Queue was not that long. It was easy to find and locate. Theres also a 4D show you can watch inside and some cool souvenir items.

Generoso Jr · 20/01/2020

It was a great fun day. Awesome place to enjoy with friends and family.

Lalmuanpuii · 17/01/2020

Convenient booking via Klook app. Superb place for picture taking. Challenge your creativity as you strike a pose with your favorite celebrity.

Gladys Anne · 16/01/2020

Great place to take photos with all the famous people.

Mahmuda · 15/01/2020

It was a fun experience. From the Ocean Adventure to Madam Tussauds. The 2 areas are not so far from each other and the location is very nice! The staffs are helpful and kind!

Carolyn · 14/01/2020

Awesome place .. must go and visit . Couldn’t believe my eyes how realistic this wax figure with the real person .. feel like they really present there

Haniza · 13/01/2020

The process and redemption of the ticket was fast and easy. No need to queue and hassle free. This place is enjoyable and interesting. We really enjoy taking photos with our favourite stars and celebrities. Definitely a place suitable for family and friends. Will definitely recommend to family and friends to come when they visit Bangkok.

Jie Shi Alison · 12/01/2020

Madame Tussaud's Bangkok is one of wax statue museum in South East Asia. We can buy ticket online on their website or buy direct on the spot. There are so many famous people statue in Madame Tussaud's. One of famous statue that make me visit this place is the statue of the first president of Republic Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno. Setting of interior and route for enjoy the wax statue there well organized. The are several games that can play in some spot. Some story about the statue are available to make visitor know more about the statue history. It's make visitor can more enjoy their time and didn't realize has spend 2-3 hours when visits this place. In several spot there are official will take our photos with statue and we can take the photos as merchandise after pay that. In the second floor we can see history about Madame Tussaud's and step by step to make a statue. Near exit door a gift shop are exist for visitor that wan to buy merchandise before leave Madame Tussaud's Bangkok.

mohd shawal · 06/01/2020

No queueing and hassle while we entered The Madame Tussaud. Buy the entry ticket from Klook is really helpful since we dont need to wait. The kids enjoy visiting this place and they love the statue inside. Thx Klook

Mery · 06/01/2020

Amazing place. The place is bigger than I expected. Quite a few famous people are represented. Obama, the queen, chairman Mao, and few of the Thai and Indian celebrities are present. The accompanying biography tells you a short history of each person. Interesting learning experience. Not sure about the 4D movie though.

Alan · 03/01/2020

The wax figure is realistic. its a great experience!

Charles Justin · 01/01/2020

The process for the ticket was fast. They only needed the Klook voucher and my passport. When we arrived, there was no line so maybe the skip-the-line ticket didn’t actually matter for us but it’s fine. There were lots of wax figures to see. It was fun taking pictures!

Bryan Josef · 31/12/2019

Amazing experience. Should try to visit this place at least once when you are in Bangkok.

Irshaad · 31/12/2019

Loved madame tussauds. Myself, husband and daughter went here a great way to spend a couple of hours. Some of the wax figures were so real it's awesome. Lots of interaction with some having costumes to help create brilliant photos. Would recommend to everyone. We also did Sealife which my daughter particularly enjoyed. Value for money using klook rather than paying direct. Skip the line well worth it as lines were massive at Sealife. Five stars

Jacqueline · 30/12/2019

Smooth experience and the place do not have many people even we go on Sunday. Just to note that in front of Siam Centre no taxi/Grab is allowed for pickup. So have to either walk to the outside for pickup or if you are lucky you will hook with TukTuk that just be around sending their passenger.

FARAH NUR DIYANA · 30/12/2019

Madame Tussaud’s in Bangkok is a Fun place to’s interactive where in you can pose and take pictures with your favorite stars and celebrities. It is well maintained and they offer a 4D cinema which the kids and adults will enjoy as well. Definitely a place for family, friends to have an awesome time!!

Cristina Angelica · 29/12/2019

Enjoyed the moment with my family, taking some pictures of our favorite personalities is an awesome place experience. Thank you

Anabell · 29/12/2019

Awesome experience to get your picture taken with your favourite personalities. Although my daughter is quite disappointed when she did not see one of her favourite music artists.

Anabell · 29/12/2019

A good experience and wonderful time spent with family members. Would recommend going.

GEOK MUI · 27/12/2019

It was a pretty interesting experience! Very informative too. The staff was also nice and helpful to patrons.

Maria Lourdes · 27/12/2019

A very wonderful place to spend half day taking pictures & selfies with our famous actors, actresses, politicians,social activists, freedom fighters of all time. Try to allocate half day for each for both the activities as you will be busy with taking pictures & videos of real life wax statutes. A Must visit place for everyone.

Abhinay · 26/12/2019

Good place, we can close with the star. We can touch and play togethers.

Eko · 26/12/2019

Easy entry to madame Tussauds n sea world just show the QR code and ur ticket will be printed... Worth the money got tickets to sea World n madame Tussauds wish the 4D also includes the one at sea World. All and all had a great time n bring ur power bank my hp went out took too many pictures at sea World n madame Tussauds. Recommended to book through klooks if u are going in a group we were a group of 18 pax n it was easy transaction for us.

NURUL LIYANA · 22/12/2019

It was fun looking at all the celebrities and taking pictures. Was fun for the kids as well with the small games and fun activities inside and also the cinema experience.

AHMED · 21/12/2019

It's located inside Siam Discovery Mall. We also got a bonus ticket to watch 4D Ice Age movie inside. And if you want, you can also exchange your Madame Tussauds ticket to get a 50% off for SEA LIFE Aquarium Bangkok that is located in one of the Siam Mall Building

Meiliana · 20/12/2019

This was very interesting. The artists did a really great job with how the wax figures look. We enjoyed very much. There were some fun activities like scoring a goal, dancing, and martial arts. It is highly recommended, both for kids and adults.

Cindy · 19/12/2019

It was a really very good experience, We enjoy a lot and we got the best price from here and also received free ticket as we purchased 2+1 free. Bad thing I forget my ID card there :(, I’m not able to contact them, I tried but they didn’t answer the phone, if you can help me it will be so great

karim · 17/12/2019

Still amazing. We had a lot of happinesses with the stars. Maybe on the next visit we will find new stars in the Madame, Bangkok. Thank you, we enjoyed every part of Madame....

Sugiharto · 14/12/2019

Very well organised. Klook has provided perfect service. i could just walkin and enjoy the museum. Got this at a discounted price too

Surya Sudheer · 13/12/2019

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