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very fun!

Indoor park had a lot of rides! wait was good

Billy Sooksavath · 11/06/2021

We enjoyed so much with our trip to Lotte world adventure. On this way Klook helped us so great for booking tickets online))) thank you so much Klook

JUMANAZAR · 07/06/2021

Lotte World

it was easy n inexpensive compared to other sites.

· 30/05/2021


Very convenient to get the tickets from the counter!

Ching Lam Hui · 07/05/2021

Loved my experience!

I booked my tickets the day before and the instructions were incredibly clear to receive the tickets. These were the cheapest tickets I could find for foreigners to go to Lotte World and I would definitely book again. However, when purchasing, don't click on "return to seller" while payment is loading. Otherwise, the payment will cancel and you will have to rebook again. Other than this note, everything else was incredibly smooth. 10/10 would recommend!

Sophia Chok · 18/04/2021

Probably one of the attraction that i really want to try when i visit south korea. However due to pandemic of covid 19, a lot of activities were not available. Probably will repeat again very soon when the pandemic is already over. Klook make everything easy especially when I do not need to queue long to buy the admission tickets. Thank you Klookkkk!!!

Jay · 08/01/2021

Went to lotte world despite the corona outbreak and winter and it was the best decision ever. There were no waiting lines and I was able to do all the games without having waiting! Definitely recommend for people who have not been there yet

MARIA CRISTINA · 02/12/2020

Only Good on a weekday

We went on a Monday to Lotte World. To exchange the tickets, head to the right once you reach the main entrance. Until about 15:00 the Queues were rather short (15-20min for Atlantis) after 15:00 the park got fuller with queue times reaching from 40-60min for popular rides. It is warm inside, no winter coats needed inside. We used a locker (1.500W) to store a big bagpack. Some rides had empty row or an empty seat for corona prevention, which affected queue times negatively, since less people can join the ride at once. Also some attractions are closed for maintenance or for other reasons, like gyro drop. The folk museum, which is in the ticket, is practically empty. The exhibition is pretty nice. If you like to see Korean history or how Korean people lived in the different time period it is highly recommended! My recommendation: Go on the weekday and ride popular rides in the morning

Angela Krutsch · 17/11/2020

Nice place to go. Still open despite of the corona. Buy few of the rides closedndown temporarily due to corona virus, so you'd better check out their website for the list of closed ride on the day you're coming. One more thing, dont forget to visit the folk museum after you enjoy your day in lotte world! Also, you'd not want to miss their awesome parades and live performance, so check out the schedule and place of showdown when you arrivrd there.

Tedwin · 04/04/2020

So Lotte World was amazing! Even better because it is located inside the city, hence easy to reach! Gotta love both indoor and outdoor park! Thank you Klook! Always the best platform to get your tickets and passes!

Syaz · 22/03/2020

Booking with Klook turned out to be a fuss free experience. We didn’t have to queue up and could enter almost right away. Also purchased the fast track for 5 rides together with the ticket which saved me a lot of time!

Yong En Samuel · 05/03/2020

Just present your voucher pr the code at the ticket redemption office. And tadaaa! They will give you the card to enter the lotte world! Enjoyed riding those extreme rides in lotte world. Dont forget to get yours once you visit korea! ?

Nur Syazwani · 05/03/2020

We went both aquarium and theme park!its so easy to take the subway from myeondong straight to jamsil station. Its very easy to redeem.aquarium is a must to visit and we tried almost all the games in theme park,theyre just like korean disneyland.


Managed to grab the ticket at 50% off when KLOOK was having a sale on CNY. Ticket redemption is at South Gate, you have to walk about 10 minutes from Exit 4 to the ticketing counter. Just show the QR code in exchange for the ticket. We spend about 7 hours exploring Lotte World and most of the time we just enjoyed the indoor rides because it was so cold outside. Not too crowded during weekdays did not managed to go to Folk Museum as we do not have time and thanks KLOOK for a very good deal.

ADLIN JUNAIRA · 24/02/2020

Booking through Klook meant we could head to a dedicated area near one of the entrances to quickly redeem our passes and head straight through the turnstiles into the park. Despite going on a weekday, the place was packed! Managed to get skip the line passes together with my ticket and boy did it turn out to be a lifesaver! Definitely recommend booking through Klook for this activity as prices were a lot cheaper.

Yong En Samuel · 22/02/2020

Great Place to Visit

Prepare for a full day in Lotte World. Ideally, on a weekday as not so crowded. Sky Tower, Sea Aquarium and Theme Park. It’s quite a walk from the subway to the ticket office at Southgate. Redeeming tickets is a breeze, hazzle free (++ points). As we wanted to visit the sea aquarium 1st after redeeming ticket another 10-15 mins walk to where it is (at the mall, across the street). But well worth visit est 2-3hrs, have lunch at the mall n next to Sky Tower est another 2 hrs, lastly back to Southgate - Theme Park. We tour indoor, would recommend folk museum n performance shows than to outdoor in the evening as by than it will be all lighted up. Enjoyable full day, highly recommended!

Cheng Yuen Wah · 22/02/2020

highly recommended. easy to redeem. the instruction bery clear to go south entrance to redeem the ticket. just exit 3 and follow direction. good choose to us when we book lotte world instead of everland during winter. my best part is at magical island. cant get enought to take picture at the castle.

NURULHIDAYAH · 20/02/2020

All you have to do is bring the voucher, or u can just save the voucher in ur phone, go to the south gate and redeem ur ticket. You dont have to queue long and you can get cheaper price when you use Klook. The opening time changed to 10am korean time. Make sure to use the voucher on the day that you had booked. That’s all , have fun!


We arrived late and we didnt experience the park outside. we will definitely go back here. i like their indoor type park. we are lucky to see cherry blossoms for the first time outside beside their outdoor park.

Donna Elaine · 19/02/2020

It was a rainy day in Seoul so we decided to spend time indoors, hence choosing to go to the biggest indoor theme park in Seoul. We booked an hour or so before getting on a 30-minute train ride to Lotte World and the ticket lady accepted our voucher without any issues. The theme park definitely catered more to kids, but there were still tons of thrilling rides for the older crowd like atlantis, the gyro drop, the ship ride, and the indoor rollercoaster. Overall a super fun place to go to at least once.

LEANNE KATE · 17/02/2020

Great theme park!!

We arrived a bit in afternoon. That time not so many people and my kids enjoyed every single ride and games. After that we went for outdoor but mostly for the big kids. But still there are few area for the small kids too.The service was great., the Theme park's staff are all friendly and always there to help us with any enquiries.My kids are so happy and hopefully we can come back again in the future.

Nur Zarinah Zainal · 17/02/2020

I was on my own with 3 children in Seoul aged 15 months, 5 and 9 and found this day the best day out with the children. All the children were happy! We loved Lotte World so much we didn’t end up getting to the aquarium which was a shame but it was our last day and I didn’t want to be home too late. Advice: Be aware a lot of rides inside don’t open until 11.30/12. Even though it was winter, a week day & the corona virus time there was already a 40- minute wait for rides like the log flume. If u have children of different ages best to have 2 adults otherwise difficult for kids to do certain rides. Don’t forget to go to ‘Magic Island’ which is the outdoor park. Métro: It’s Jamsil station but there are two that start with Jasmil get The second stop not the first!! (Luckily we met a lovely lady who barely spoke English but took us direct to Lotte World, it’s really joined to the department store& metro!) South Gate very well sign-posted once in correct place, just the escalator to go up difficult with pram. No one seemed to know where an elevator was.

Shiloh · 17/02/2020

This place was nice. Very clean and family oriented. We spent 7 hrs here. My favorite was the rock show at the end of the day. The graphics are amazing. My other favorite thing was the hot air balloon ride. We could see everything. I love the lights it had.

annette · 14/02/2020

Was raining whole day on 12 Feb. Everland is very empty. Half of the attraction all close. The rest of the attraction almost zero in queue. Less than 5min. I finish walking the them park within 4 hour. Ride a few attraction. Overall still quite value.

Christy · 12/02/2020

Entrance tickets are easy to redeem at South Gate, please note that South Gate are different locations with main entrance. After done redeemed, you may arrange your time to Aquarium 1st, around 10 minutes walk. After that just return back to Lotte World to spend whole day inside the outdoor and indoor park.

HER CHING · 12/02/2020

Lotte world was very entertaining, and even without paying additional fees, there were many rides that were available for free. Lines weren’t particularly long, though it’s hard to say whether that was due to it being a slower day or Coronavirus fears. The one paid ride we experienced was the haunted house, which we didn’t experience for very long because we ended running through it screaming! The stage show was fun, and the indoor light parade was also enjoyable. Do notes that, if you stay till closing, food options get very limited as they close before the rest of the park does. The aquarium was quite spectacular with a sea lion feeding show and the creatures ranging from crocodiles to otters and the white beluga. One of our most enjoyable days in Korea, highly recommended!

Shiyi · 11/02/2020

Go on weekdays for smaller crowds. A lot of options for family friendly rides indoors, or thrill rides in the outdoor park. Aquarium is a 10 minute walk from the amusement park and they are not connected, so plan accordingly.

RAIS BIN · 10/02/2020

wonderful experience

very convinient & cheaper rate

LOW SWEE YONG · 10/02/2020

Nice place, not too crowded at winter time, but you must enter from south gate on the back side, the park inside shopping mall, not have many interesting to play for. And at the magic island was too cold outside so better just stay inside the mall more warm, and must out from play land to go to aquarium but the museum was amazing.

Anindita · 09/02/2020

Get this package with the aquarium but make sure to allot a lot of time and go there really early. Aquarium is on the other side of Lotte World at the Lotte Mall. We had a great time in both places. Aquarium is not that big but still enjoyable. Lotte world on the other hand is quite huge. I would definitely go back there.

Emmanuelle · 08/02/2020

It was fun! Both the indoor and outdoor parks have many interesting attractions. The outdoor park at night has an amazing view with beautiful lights all over the place. The place also has a nice prayer room. Children and teens will loooove this amusement park.

Dewi · 06/02/2020

Klook never fails me. Just present your voucher pr the code at the ticket redemption office. And tadaaa! They will give you the card to enter the lotte world! Enjoyed stayinh and riding those extreme rides in lotter world. Also got the chance to watch the parade of the stars! Dont forget to get yours once you visit korea! ?

Bernal · 06/02/2020

Thanks Klook again for easy redemption, a bit of walk for South Gate entrance but it’s easy to find Have to try Atlantis, enjoy the outside and inside attraction. Lots of food to choose. Great parade at night In total was good experience. Thanks again

Poppy · 04/02/2020

a nice amusement park

Have great fun with a 10 years old and 12 years old boys. They both enjoy the day. Redemption is easy and no queue at all.

Wing Sze Lydia Tsang · 31/01/2020

Convenient & easy to use

This ticket saved us queuing time & very easy to use. Thank you so much

giang ha · 28/01/2020

I didn't know got night lighting car shows and stage presentation, it's worth and the first thing is the instruction video to South Gate redeem ticket is too far, I take the no 3 exit to lotte mall, you get down the first floor, you can see the board Shows south gate map, it's more easy to take surface.

pooi san · 27/01/2020

Lotte World is a very good place to visit even during winter season as they have a lot of attractions indoors. They also have a lot of food and drink options! They even give hotpacks to guests. Very considerate. The Acquarium was also great. It was huge! A lot of creatures to see. ❤

Sheryl · 27/01/2020

I personally love Lotte World during winter because it is freezing cold so better to stay indoor. Plus we were able to try most of the attractions. Thank you Klook that I got it from you because you offer a very good deal (cheaper one).

Ma Lourdes · 25/01/2020

The experience was great. Easy ticket processing and hassle free. No need to line just show your QR code and you are good to go. I went there alone but still had fun. The aquarium is in the mall no need for transfers. Same process just show your code.

Rhea Mae · 21/01/2020

It was our first time in Lotte World. My partner & I went here to experience the world's largest indoor theme park while celebrating our 17th Anniversary. It was "right" timing that we booked ourselves here because it was raining the whole day in Seoul on our anniversary. Although we didn't get to experience Magic Island due to the weather, we still enjoyed indoors & we got to see the awesome aquarium after.

MICHAEL · 20/01/2020

Lotte world is a must visit theme park in Seoul. Plenty of rides and parades to keep the whole family occupied. Make sure to go to the South gate to redeem your klook voucher. Don't queue outside, just walk in, to your left you can find the online ticket redemption counter.

vaishnavi · 20/01/2020

We dont have any plan of going here, but since our tour for ice festival and dmz was cancelled, me and my husband agreed to just visit the lotte mall since we came from Coex Mall, and Lotte is on the way. But when we came, our daughter want to go inside the lotte world, i was about to buy the ticket there, its 48,000 won after 4pm, we were there at 430pm. And then i decided to check klook, its only 28,500 won. So i booked through klook ? We saved a lot!! Thank you Klook!

Ladylyn · 19/01/2020

we had a lot of fun in lotte world and aquarium! most of their rides are indoors thus making it easy to walk during winter season. they have a wide variety of rides and lot of shows. note that you must get the tickets in south gate which is a long walk from the station. we suggest to visit aquarium first before lotte world. highly recommended!

Jonathan Jay · 18/01/2020

Me & my 35 years old sister were as excited as her 5 years old son going into the Lotte World,especially the outdoor park.the ticket redeem counter is quite far from the metro station but that’s fine.i got over it the minute i stepped into the Lotte World.

AQILAH RIFHAN · 16/01/2020

I booked the Lotte World Day Pass the same day we decided to go there. There is discount if you booked using the Klook Apps. However, just follow the Klook instructions where to get the tickets which is in the South Gate.

ARLENE · 16/01/2020

Redemption of ticket was easy following the instruction on the voucher. although we did not get the magic pass but our ticket still able to get 3 magic pass each. there is always long lines in all popular rides. average waiting time 30 to 90 minute. Great value getting the ticket through klook. Will definitely recommend to all.

Bee Lian · 15/01/2020

I booked tickets from Klook, got instant confirmation of tickets on email, just go to the counter show your mobile and get the physical tickets that's it. I attached the South Gate route for future travelers, I hope it will be helpful. I recommend to go in the middle of the week because surely it will be less crowdy than rest of the days.

Muhammad · 14/01/2020

This indoor theme park is really suitable for a rainy day. We availed the winter promotion which includes Daily Pass and Lotte Aquarium pass witn free hot pack. The parade at Lotte World was awesome and so colorful, that even adults cant resist but to dance with the mascots. The good thing also about lotte World is it is really accessible from the metro. The Lotte Aquarium have Begula whale as main attraction. Definitely A good way to spend the whole day. I advise you come early to finish all the rides.

Cristina · 13/01/2020

This is definitely cheaper than getting a ticket to site. We bought this it Magic Pass 3. did not regret getting the magic pass as the line was super long. I got to the south Gate using taxi. was easy to locate. We also bought with the aquarium. one of the cleanest aquarium i have ever seen. definitely worth every penny on getting this ticket on Klook.

Richard · 12/01/2020

Loved our experience in Lotte World!!! The magic pass made our lives easier since we were able to cut through the lines, especially for the popular rides that had an hour long wait. The magic pass saved us heaps of time!!! If you have extra budget, make sure to buy the 3 or 5 magic pass from Klook for Lotte World. I swear it's worth it! Lotte World isn't really big and most rides indoor are catered for little kids. But the rides outisde are enough to make a grown man/woman scream. I was hanging on to dear life when I rode the Gyro Swing and Gyro Drop!!! The ticket also comes with a free admission to the Folk Museum, which I suggest you visit because their displays about the history of Korea are quiet interesting! Just ask the staff members in the park where the Folk Musuem is located and they'll help you out. The package also includes a Lotte Aquarium admission. Again it's not huge, but we had fun looking at the fishes and going through the sea tunnels to see the beluga, sting rays and many others! I would highly recommend booking the Lotte World ticket and magic pass through Klook, because not only do you get to save money, you also save your precious time. Thank you Klook!!!

Sharmagne Angel Grace · 11/01/2020

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Insider Tips:
  • Try a fashionable Korean school uniform for a unique cultural experience while you explore Lotte World!
  • Is Lotte World worth it? Read Klook’s Lotte World review to find out!
  • Visit Seoul Sky, located on floors 117-123 of Lotte World Tower, the world’s 5th tallest building!
  • Plan your lunch stop at the Folk Museum's restaurant for a feast of traditional Korean food
  • Download the Magic Pass app for Lotte World and enjoy an extra 3 rides with Magic Pass perks! Just scan the QR Code on your daily pass ticket and make your reservations