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The staff are courteous, the icons are cost-effective, the food is not many but fresh, and I hope that there will be a variety of packages in the future

Po Ling · 16/06/2021

The rooms are clean and comfortable, with ordinary views. The buffet is satisfactory and the style is not too small

Kin on · 15/06/2021

quite a comprehensive package with salmon and free drinks. The room is cozy with proper air conditioning and the best thing is that there’s a late check out arranged - till 5pm, so we had a great weekend.

Wai Yu · 10/06/2021

The price is great, there are buffet lunch and late check-out, the room is comfortable, and the waiter service is arranged properly.

KA FAI · 31/05/2021


The room is big enough and the inner street is quiet enough. The dinner buffet has different themes every month, and there are many desserts to choose from.

Brian Lai · 30/05/2021

When booking the hotel, it is required to have a bathtub and bury to celebrate the anniversary. Go to the check-in front desk to pre-arrange a room with a bathtub, and automatically delay the check-out time to 5 pm the next day. At about 6 o'clock after entering the room, the hotel staff presses the door clock to deliver red wine to the left than mine. The buffet dinner food is ok.

WAI CHING · 27/05/2021

The decor of the room is satisfactory, clean, the seafood level of the buffet dinner can be, cost-effective, will come again

CHI HIM · 23/05/2021

The decor of the room is satisfactory, clean, the seafood level of the buffet dinner can be, cost-effective, will come again

CHI HIM · 23/05/2021

Generally speaking, it is fair, the room space is fine, but the floor drain can't flow out of the water. Buffet lunch is OK, there are three kinds of cold seafood

to · 19/05/2021

The room is comfortable and clean, the quality of the buffet dinner is also very good, there will be next time.

Kachun · 17/05/2021

The location of the wine is convenient, there is a bathtub, the buffet sashimi is good, and there are ready-to-open oysters.

Sin Ying · 06/05/2021

The hotel rooms are big and small, the beds are moderate, the rooms have no problems with accommodation, only the corridors are relatively dilapidated. As for the buffet lunch, it's normal because of its style.

Kwai Ping · 06/05/2021

The buffet is very good, the rooms are large and have bathtubs, it is highly recommended.

Tat Shing · 05/05/2021

thx for everything it was a great trip

ken tao · 05/05/2021


Check in is fast, pretty, and positive. The package includes a superior room, which is large enough and has first-class sound insulation. The buffet dinner is included, and this issue will be a Vietnamese theme. The long-legged crabs are fresh enough, but the oysters are good. Dessert durian pandan cake, super durian heavy taste, positive!

Brian Lai · 05/05/2021

This is the third time I have entered the Novotel Kowloon Hotel. The location is very convenient. It is very close to the subway station on Nathan Road in the downtown area of Jordan. The transportation is very convenient. The hotel room is fairly comfortable. The room is bigger than other hotels but the equipment is a bit old. It’s a bit of history. There is a sofa in the room. I like a hotel room with a sofa. You can sit on the sofa and don’t have to lie on the bed. TV, but you can also watch YouTube on the phone by projecting images, because this is only a three-point rating on the device. This time I also visited the hotel. The buffet dinner style is not many but it is still worth it. Overall, the stay is quite satisfactory.

Kwok Kin · 30/04/2021

The large staff in the room are polite and the buffet dinner is good, but there are fewer choices and the overall price-performance ratio is high

SuetYi · 27/04/2021

nice staff, nice room, but the view of the room is mostly buildings because of its location.

HAU YEE · 24/04/2021

Ping Liangzheng

Around 1,000 package accommodation plus buffet environment is quiet, the front desk staff are very polite and help us upgrade the room free of charge, there is red wine, and the buffet will be delivered at the price, but there are no other comments about it.

wing fai wong · 20/04/2021

The rooms are clean and tidy, the room service attitude is good and fast, and the dinner buffet has many styles to choose from, delicious and cost-effective. All in all, we are very satisfied with this staycation. If there is a chance, we will do it again.

Ka Wing · 18/04/2021

The front desk and restaurant staff are very nice

I booked two rooms to wish my friend's birthday, and I have contacted the agent and hoped to add a note to request a connecting room, and add desserts to the meal. The front desk colleague at Check-in has stated that we have arranged a connecting room for us and will prepare cakes in the evening. A late check out is also arranged! The room is clean and comfortable, and the seafood in the buffet is fresh. Thanks to the check-in front desk/reservation colleagues for their arrangements!

Savannah Cheung · 13/04/2021

Ordered 10/4/2021 Superior Room + Buffet Lunch Once I entered the hotel on the 1st floor and checked in on the floor, I already smelled a lot of odor, but my fellow friends said that I don’t get more sleep ?️! The Front Desk staff is a quiet and hardworking staff! I tried hard to board the plane and only said 3 sentences "documents, your order, room card" ? Fortunately, there is no odor in the room, the room is very wide enough, the big bed is big enough, the bathtub has a bathtub, and the landscape is facing On the rooftop of the building opposite, Jordan should not have any special requirements for the landscape. The next day’s buffet lunch is at 1/Lo Pinfang. When I enter the building with my friends, I can smell the odor. This time, all my friends in the same group can smell it, until 1 /When the elevator door is opened, the smell of the drain becomes more obvious. The area of the small hall is relatively small, but the seating arrangement is very spacious, and I don't feel too coerced! There are not many choices of food, but lunch is enough. Disadvantages: The steak has a "sao" taste! The white clams are fresh and fishy, and the fishy smell rushes to the nose when the lid is opened ?! Xi Ling fish has a strange smell! The cakes are exquisite, but no matter what kind of cakes, they all have the same taste. ? At the end of the meal, the manager did an opinion survey. Our place directly responded with the manager as above. Before leaving, the manager gave me a meal coupon. Ground! Before booking the room, I had already booked a dinner buffet for 8 people in this hotel at the end of April, and had a meal with colleagues. I am not complaining because I asked for the R dining voucher!

Wai Lee · 11/04/2021

Because the last time I entered the house for a vacation, I felt so good, so I booked this hotel soon. Ganci had to book for 3 days and 2 nights. Unfortunately, this time I stayed in the first room and there were some problems. The water pipe burst during the shower. The repair staff was so quick. Dealing with the second problem. The bed has flea bites until the night is awkward. I wake up early in the morning and drop the front desk and ask for a transfer, but unfortunately, I have to stay in and go out until the night. I want to go to the hotel this time. Thank you, Manager Wu, because of the room. Question helpers follow up, so there will be a meeting in the second night. I hope your company will pay more attention to the room hygiene.

tsz tao · 08/04/2021

This time I chose a two-person room with a buffet dinner discount, and the room has enough lighting. In addition, the toilet has a bathtub, which is so big and bright, but there are some hairs near the sink surface that are not clean, making it unhygienic. The hair dryer is in a bucket in the toilet. When it is opened, there is dust. It is so dirty and it seems that no one has been cleaned. But the hair is not dry, so it can only be used for lifelessness. Please know that a hair dryer is not fastened enough to get enough wind. Blow left and strong resistance. There were a lot of people at the dinner buffet, but there was no wild food before the lineup. There are not many types of food, but they are all right. There are wagyu beef, sashimi, black pig, feels worth the price.

HOI KI · 07/04/2021

Checkin staff is efficient and very polite. There is a bathtub in the room, right! The set meal arrives. There is a two-pound cheesecake ? to enjoy slowly.

shuk yi irene · 05/04/2021

The room is comfortable and tidy

It's very convenient, the rooms are comfortable, and there are many restaurants around. Hotel lunch buffet is good, but food styles can be added

Chan Sherry · 04/04/2021

Although the hotel is relatively old, the facilities in the room are good, cleanliness is acceptable, and there is no view, but the room is large, the bed is very comfortable, all the staff are very polite, the quality of the buffet dinner is not too bad, but there are fewer choices, oysters Fine but fresh refilling speed is fast. Second, there is already someone pulling wild upstairs at 7: 8 8 o'clock, there is a crashing sound, I have to go back at 8:30

WAN CHING · 03/04/2021

Although the hotel is relatively old, the facilities in the room are good, cleanliness is acceptable, and there is no view, but the room is large, the bed is very comfortable, all the staff are very polite, the quality of the buffet dinner is not too bad, but there are fewer choices, oysters Fine but fresh refilling speed is fast. Second, there is already someone pulling wild upstairs at 7: 8 8 o'clock, there is a crashing sound, I have to go back at 8:30

WAN CHING · 03/04/2021

Excellent arrangement!!

Cheuk Yin · 01/04/2021

I have no chance to go for the second time throughout the year. I have stayed in a lot of hotels this year but I haven't tried the house vacation. The first time I feel like it is pretty flat. A thousand mosquitoes have food and accommodation worth trying. I want to praise the hotel The attitude of the staff is very good, but there is a small problem, the room is a bit noisy when the water goes to the room. I hope your company can pay attention to it. It is probably good except for this problem.

tsz tao · 30/03/2021

Great value for money

The food is still fresh, there are many sweet varieties, and there is a supply of precious ice cream, which is really a surprise

kam pong tam · 30/03/2021

The hotel rooms are spacious, tidy and comfortable, and there are many types of buffet food.

KA KEUNG · 29/03/2021

Each item included in the premium staycation Package will have a voucher, and the expiration date is May 31, so that customers can use it flexibly. Room: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 (✔️clean, ❌no view) Food: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 (❌Oysters are so fine and there are few types of hot food) Staff: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 (✔️late check out 2pm) ??? Note ⚠️Although I booked a room for staying on Saturday, the package includes a buffet dinner on weekdays. Everyone should read the rules carefully.

SW · 28/03/2021


Novotel, Jordan, the rooms are pretty and quiet. For buffet dinner, the cold cut crab is fresh and sweet, while the oysters are thinner. There are many desserts to choose from.

Brian Lai · 18/03/2021

Cost-effective experience

The price is very favorable, the service is very good, the itinerary includes dinner and breakfast, cost-effective, very satisfied

Ming Kei Choi · 17/03/2021

The requests to the hotel through KLOOK were arranged for me one by one.

Fuk Keung · 16/03/2021

Comfortable staying experience, the long-legged crabs in the buffet are delicious, and they are constantly added, which is very cost-effective as a whole.

pui Sze · 16/03/2021

Just last month’s New Year’s Holiday Staycation for a one-night stay and buffet lunch is only $770, which is very good. See the evening market dine-in. I decided to come to Staycation again. $924 One-night stay and buffet dinner is the cheapest discount for a buffet. $358 per person, but with this package of $924 all-inclusive, it is absolutely value-for-money. In terms of rooms, Novotel Kowloon Hotel is more comfortable than most hotels in Hong Kong. The comfort of the large rooms is satisfactory. In terms of buffet dinner, I feel that the food is average and the oysters are very average but the black pork belly meat is very good. Tasty but the buffet dinner at the price of $358 is absolutely qualified to receive. Overall, it is $924 to stay for one night and eat a buffet. It is very addictive. But eating this buffet dinner at the regular price of $500 is not too costly.

Kwok Kin · 10/03/2021

Staying on the first day of the Lunar New Year, including the lunch buffet on the second day of the Lunar New Year. The price is no increase. The price is very good. The room is slightly old but the room is large. It is good. There are not many choices in the buffet but the food is delicious and the desserts are well done. A birthday cake? Very sweetheart will stay again

Kwok Kin · 03/03/2021

Cost-effective staycation

Overall satisfaction. The evening meal is richer than expected. The quality is also good. Baked oysters are slightly frozen, but the taste is enough. The fish fillet is crispy and the same sauce is good. It has characteristics. Good food. Roasted chicken is good. Tomato soup is slightly too sour bread. Too much breakfast service The staff are so polite and the wind speed of the hair dryer is too weak. The hand is so tired. There is a small stain on the toilet board. I can wipe it off by myself.

Ava Lee · 01/03/2021

The room is clean and clean, the decoration is not dilapidated, and the sense of space is sufficient. The hotel has also arranged to check out at 4 o'clock, so you can stay longer. The lunch buffet has not many styles of food, and the quality is ok, with Haagen Dazs Ice cream, and the desserts are done well, which is a bargain at this price.

CHEUK LUN · 22/02/2021

Good service

Remarked to the hotel to celebrate the anniversary, the hotel sent Zuozhi red wine more than ours, and the hotel staff were super polite, but the food quality was average

Kei Ying Ng · 21/02/2021

cheap price. The room is comfortable, the lunch buffet is rich in food, many choices

Ka Sing · 18/02/2021

Nice experience, good dinner, cost-effective, friendly staff, good breakfast

Chun Yee · 15/02/2021

The dinner is rich, the dessert cake is big, all the food is awkward for two people, breakfast is ok

wing yan · 14/02/2021

Hotel travel

Good food in the room. But it would be better if the TV could be newer

Sung Yip Wong · 27/01/2021

Novotel hotel comment

Good, clean rooms, reasonable prices, not many buffet choices

Hon Nam Sin · 25/01/2021

Thoughtful arrangement, comfortable hotel

Celebrating birthdays and enjoying Christmas holidays, but due to the impact of the epidemic, the buffet dinner cannot be enjoyed at night. The hotel and kkday customer service are nice to make arrangements for other times. Although there are not many choices of food, but the cooked food is not the wrong rock taste. The hotel room is clean and well organized. It is arranged to live on the top floor. The room is comfortable and unexpectedly large, with a birthday cake buried in it. Thank you very much for the arrangement with kkday customer service!

Phoebe Yeung · 04/01/2021

Good quality and not cheap

The food is good, but you can’t eat it! The refrigerator in the room does not freeze, and there is a problem with the air conditioning! Even the room flashed down and flashed down omg, thinking that the ghost crash started at the beginning ? The same problem with frd and book three rooms

MeiKi Lam · 01/01/2021

Wedding anniversary

Delicious room dining Xmas dinner & semi buffet breakfast, nice staff attitude and caring service

Wing See LI · 31/12/2020

Product information

Let’s take a break and stay in the heart of Kowloon, close to Jordan MTR station with easy access to all parts of Hong Kong. Book Now to enjoy a special offer from HK$682 (10% service charge included).

  • The above package rate is subject to 10% service charge, per room per night.
  • Above offer is subject to availability and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.
  • Full payment is required at the time of reservation and payment is non-refundable. Reservation cannot be cancelled or amended once it is confirmed.
  • All incidentals or add-ons must be settled upon check-out.
  • This offer is valid until 31 Jan 2021. Hotel has the right to change the above prices and offers without further notice.
  • Novotel Hong Kong Nathan Road Kowloon reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes
  • This hotel is 100% smoke-free. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in this hotel property.
  • Hotel official check-in time is 14:00 and check-out time is 12:00
  • Selected food items are served on rotation. Menu may change from time to time according to the availability of seasonal food items without prior notice.Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.