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Exciting and fun

The game time is a bit short. I hope I can experience a different track next time. The customer service staff is very active to help coordinate and change the service time. Thank you very much ???

正弘 楊 · 08/03/2021

Great karting experience. The service staff are very kind. They will have helmets and headgear. They are safe and fun. The only downside is that the package including the hot dog fort was exchanged on the 1F. It took nearly 30 minutes to wait for too long.

CHIULING · 08/03/2021

Fortunately, the weather is so fun, it’s fun to drive with friends and it’s super fun

Yian · 08/03/2021

The racing experience is very interesting. The coach carefully guides you, so you won’t say you can’t drive, and it’s easy to get started. It’s fun to drive, but the steering wheel is a bit heavy and not suitable for children.

cheng wei · 08/03/2021

A great experience, it will make people want to play again and again; the ticket booking system is also very convenient, you can directly redeem it by scanning the QR Code

Au Kuei · 06/03/2021

It’s the first time to experience karting, so fun! ! Unfortunately, the time is short~

WanLu · 05/03/2021

The safety training is complete, the instructions are very detailed, the equipment is professional, and the experience is great~~

Yi Chun · 04/03/2021

Convenient to redeem, register directly with QR CODE, speed kart racing is very fun, I will buy it next time

YA HAO · 02/03/2021

An experience worth playing again, it really feels great, people who have never experienced it must try it

Au Kuei · 01/03/2021

Go-kart racing is super fun~ It's so addictive~~~ Will come again next time~

Yun Lien · 28/02/2021

I was very happy that the three-person car race is still more fun and exciting!

YEN JU · 21/02/2021

A great experience, the service staff are kind and polite, and they helped us take a number of photos

YU CHING · 21/02/2021

Thank you KKday customer service staff

I want to change the time after booking the itinerary. The customer service staff is very active to help coordinate, and the response speed is also very fast. Thank you very much ?

建宏 吳 · 16/02/2021

Quite interesting experience, but you need to practice more! The results are too bad?

CHING HUI · 16/02/2021

Wearing a black lining seems like a thief hahaha, the helmet will also spray alcohol, the kart is super fun~~~The service of the staff is also very friendly, I will go there again next time ?️

Chien Wen · 14/02/2021

Super fun and exciting

Have never played this fun thing before, welcome everyone to play it, happy new year

奕超 王 · 14/02/2021


The electronic voucher is sent quickly and is very convenient to use. The official website order is told that it is not possible to book the show first, and you need to wait on the spot. Kkday can directly book the date and show the on-site ticket exchange process smoothly, and it is recommended quickly

Yi Mei Chen · 10/02/2021

Experience the thrill of racing. A safe and carefree place...!

YAO NING · 10/02/2021


A great experience, the steering wheel is more heavy, the track changes a lot, it is worth experiencing again

志晧 李 · 06/02/2021

For this experience, you don’t need to go to Kaohsiung anymore. Taichung is very close. The overall feeling is very good. You can go again next time. You can also go shopping and praise!

FENG MING · 28/01/2021

The first event for children in winter vacation

CRG double-seater karting & VR experience 2 times, fun and exciting, the original racing wheel is really heavy, after the experience, driving your own car is so brisk~!

正洋 李 · 24/01/2021

Fun and convenient with KKDAY and can be cancelled at any time!

It is recommended to use KKDAY to buy this ticket. It can be cancelled at any time. New users can also get discount coupons when registering on this website: ( The staff said that please drive slowly on the first lap of the car. We thought it was to return to the pit lane after the lap, but it was a bit of a surprise to play for eight minutes, but it was still fun!)

筠欣 陳 · 18/01/2021

It's all fun, but it's a little understaffed.

The racing experience time is only eight minutes, not enough to play, and the locker charges are not considerate enough. VR is very fun, but there is only one staff member, it is very hard to see him busy serving two groups of guests alone. It is recommended to use KKDAY to buy this ticket, and it can be cancelled at any time. New users can also get discount coupons when registering on this website:

筠欣 陳 · 18/01/2021


The condition of the car is very enjoyable~ It will make people want to challenge again next time!

李 佳慧 · 12/01/2021

Super fun~ I look forward to more new combinations! Focus on the feeling of the moment, a great place for absolute stress relief

Chih Fan · 22/12/2020


Enjoyable and very new, the staff is attentive and fun, well equipped and super high quality

培真 洪 · 22/12/2020

Although the traffic was a bit inconvenient, the staff was very enthusiastic about explaining the safety regulations and precautions of the car. I had a great time, and the staff also paid attention to my safety by the track.

CHENWEI · 28/10/2020

Go-kart is very happy to play~~~ The feeling of being blown up in the wind tunnel is very special~~

SHU WEI · 03/10/2020

It’s a great experience, it’s worth to have fun~~~~~~! !

SHU WEI · 03/10/2020

The safety training before the end of the kart is very clear. The eight-minute racing experience is also great. The VR experience is also fun.

Ping Hsien · 21/09/2020

It's very fun, and there is a safety commentary. Come to Taichung to experience it and try karts at the racing circuit that you can't play outside! !

PEICHI · 13/09/2020

For the first experience, the karting was very exciting, and the car conditions were good. It is worth the fare. Only the hot dog bun set is not recommended.

CHENHSIU · 02/08/2020

The service staff are very kind, and the professional staff did not have time to report half an hour in advance for the scheduled session of the day, so they took the initiative to help us postpone the next session. If you can call in the day before, it would be better to report half an hour in advance

CHIH MING · 30/07/2020

The overall service was very good for my family. but I have one request. is to make the harnesses for the car's bigger because I fell a little short. and was disappointed that I could not race. make it better for everyone

EDWARD · 26/07/2020

it is fun and exciting experience....... i hope we can do this again

rochelle · 22/07/2020

I will call to confirm before the event. Although the experience is very short, it feels very special. In addition to karts, there are also sports cars to see.

YUNFANG · 21/06/2020

Convenient, fun, and suitable for people who decide to play temporarily within 2 days. VR is also fun.

yu chao · 01/06/2020

The racing track is very big, but the parking does not count the money with the park. It costs 40 yuan per hour. There are many options on the spot, but it seems that klook buying is more cost-effective and fun.

GANGGENG · 23/04/2020

easy to book and fast confirmation. staffs were friendly and approachable. Thank you klook!

MARK EFREN · 09/03/2020

Easy and convenient to book. highly recommended. great job klook

MARK EFREN · 09/03/2020

From booking tickets, confirming in advance, registering, to on-site commentary services, I feel very good service.

Ingo · 29/02/2020

There are exhibitions, there are vr fields, there are open-air audiences, but playing for 8 minutes is enough.

Ka Lo · 01/02/2020

8 minutes is less, it seems to be finished soon, but the fun cars are clean

Ka Lo · 01/02/2020

All the staff are very accommodating and understanding.

Lyza Kristine · 29/01/2020

First taste of kart driving and wind tunnel experience at the International Circuit. It's fresh and fun.

YEE YIB · 29/01/2020

Taiwan's first certified car factory with professional and friendly commentators

MINGSIAN · 18/01/2020

It was very fun. The day I went there was no one, so I took the whole track with my friends and probably played 3,4 ,. I rented gopro, 450TWD, there are a total of 2 cameras, he will send you 2 memory cards directly after the end, there are complete 2 clips, you can go home and watch slowly. It will be more troublesome to go out by car there. It is best to check the time after the event and then go around, because it takes 1 hour to wait for a bus. You can also take a taxi.

WING YAN · 15/01/2020

If you are visiting Lihpao Land in Taichung, and you like to drive, you must drop by to Lihpao International Circuit. You can use klook to predict the value for money and ensure that you have a place to play. Enjoy the karting pleasure.

Sui Lan · 10/01/2020

Very safe and professionally managed. The karts are very well maintained and the track was challenging.

JEE KAI · 04/01/2020

8 minutes is really too short. But the speed is good!

Kit Ping · 02/01/2020

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