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Overall great experience.. ambience and food was too good!!! We definitely recommend everyone . Staff was very friendly.

Anubhuti · 15/04/2021

Overall great experience.. ambience and food was too good!!! We definitely recommend everyone . Staff was very friendly.

Anubhuti · 15/04/2021

Amazing view, the food was really good, and the restaurant is revolving! absolutely would recommend at least once !

Ishpreet · 02/04/2021

What a fantastic experience, from first entering the lift and then exiting into the best views of Sydney CBD, Harbour & Bridge and inner Suburbs. My visit was breathtaking...

Siti Nur Shahirah · 18/03/2021

Brilliant views, incredible food and wonderfully friendly staff

Steven · 04/03/2021

i Love everything about the place food service value for money atmosphere it changed though maybe because of the pandemic. before was a buffet you get your own plate and get your own food. but now iy is still a buffet but you are ordering from the menu and the serving is limited.

Rogelio Jr · 22/02/2021

Booked a table with window views. The customer service experience was great! The waiter kept asking us is there any problem with the food and if we wanted any top up for the food. Food was good and the views from our table was amazing! Would love to try again for sunset views!

Jennifer · 20/02/2021

Eye opener

Kenneth · 07/01/2021

Celebrated my birthday and my momma’s here! Food was great. We had a 360 view of sydney!

Anne Nicole · 01/11/2020

Not expensive and very convenient. This is a great experience to travel.

KIT YI · 09/09/2020

Highly recommeded. Worth the money and most importantly we get to enjoy a 360 degree views of Sydney. Varieties of food with wonderful services. With klook’s ticket, it was very easy and fast to get into.

SHANGKAREE · 20/08/2020

very good experience. the food is also good. I really love the place and the experience is once in a lifetime experience. Thank you sydney tower and thank you klook for the discount.

Andrea Tania · 29/07/2020

view was superb from above. it was revolving so you get to take in entire sydney (and not just a particular spot) while eating and chatting with friends/ family. food was not that excellent (7/10), limited array of choices for diff cuisines and fruit selection but it was generally delicious. good value for money :)

Maydee · 02/03/2020

The food quality is not bad. The smallest oysters I’ve ever had but they are still fresh and tasty. We started at 19:15 so we could enjoy the sunset and also the night view. It was fabulous with a clear sky.

Sally · 28/02/2020

Good food, good view. It rotates slowly 360 degree so about one hour, it reaches to 360 degree.

Hyejung · 28/02/2020

much better than I thought it would be. fantastic views, good buffet which suited us fine.

Auld · 27/02/2020

The service in the Rotating Restaurant was excellent and our meal choices from the Buffet was superior. We enjoyed going back several times for 2nds and 3rds. Beverages were delicious. With the view, as cloudy/foggy as it was, we still thoroughly enjoyed being on top of the world, with a full circle view of Sydney and beyond. It actually helped us to orientate us to where we were and where we needed to go.

Sandie · 24/02/2020

2nd time - we love the food and the customer service 100% 3rd time will be coming soon 10/10

Amber · 18/02/2020

Amazing place. The seating floot area rotates 360° making the views different at all times, also around he food buffeet...Aamazing... I'll deffinatly love to go again. Food was great and so was the staff. Itd a nive place to be in and its a great feeling to dress up for dinner. We also had our photo taken by a professional :D highly recommemd it. Go check it out, it's a must!!

vanessa · 17/02/2020

We arrived earlier that our reservation but they let us in and dine early. I must say It is a nice view of Sydney up on the Sydney tower. It is our first time in a revolving restaurant and I didn't enjoy the feeling of dizziness while dining lol! Nothing stand out for the food that they serve.

Kristine · 16/02/2020

The view is the highlight! Food is average, staff are attentive. Paid for guaranteed window seats but it was very quiet at 1pm

Justine · 12/02/2020

Food was average, but the desserts were Devine. Got the free wine option, wines took about 10-15 mins to come out which is probably how they cap it.

Dylan · 07/02/2020

Views are good. But food is not quite good as seafood is limited and not fresh.

Yim Ching · 27/01/2020

The view was amazing from the top. The food was great! I highly recommend this experience

Ilyn Lois · 26/01/2020

Great experience. Amazing views. Good food. Whole family enjoyed it

Mariska · 24/01/2020

got this as a present for parents, they enjoyed there time and said the food was beautiful, sounded like they had a great experience

kyah · 24/01/2020

Good atmosphere and service, the food was good enjoy staying there withe my girlfriend.

Calven · 23/01/2020

Really great food and atmosphere. Particularly loved the desserts and the food seemed quite fresh.

Nawar · 20/01/2020

As Always.. Klook delivers! My go-to app for travel and international dining needs. Very easy to redeem. Food is delicious and many options.

DANILO · 19/01/2020

The servers were really warm and courteous. Food was alright but the view made up for it all. Would recommend it if you have time to spare when visiting Sydney.

Yi Qin Charlene · 18/01/2020

Worth to try out the buffet. It was a bit disappointing not to get the seat beside the window. Dont have much variety of food selection

Kai Chin · 17/01/2020

Amazing night out with the family :) food was so delicious and the views.... I’m speechless

Amber · 14/01/2020

The company that this trip was booked through I couldn’t fault would have given 5 stars to that company, we booked to go early evening then you get the best of both worlds you can see it in the light and then when it’s lit up as well, the food was nice but my girls really struggled to find something other than what I call kids food to eat that they liked and they are not fussy eaters

Gillian · 12/01/2020

Excellent food with different dishes. Great atmosphere and friendly staff service

Jayanthy · 10/01/2020

Good location but the food is not so good. Friendly staff, fun. If you want to sit outside to watch the scenery, you have to add money !

TA · 03/01/2020

The night view is amazing! Will suggest to have your buffet after 730 pm so that you could set the sunset and night view. Food is OK, only the small oyster and prawn is worth to eat

JAU LOONG · 02/01/2020

Though seating space is a little bit tight, this Sydney Tower Buffet has a great view and friendly staff! Will definitely recommend to other travelers.

Wai sze · 02/01/2020

the view is superb, can see the whole view of sydney. hv oysters too, but cooked food is so so only

Chi In · 02/01/2020

would definitely recommend, food was lovely, so many different choices and the views were incredible

annie · 02/01/2020

Amazing Place with an awesome Sydney View. The menu is totally recommended. In general, the Sydney Tower Buffet is an unforgettable experience.

Julian · 31/12/2019

The views were fantastic, we had a table right next to the window. The food was really good. Lots of variety and constantly being topped up. I booked for when sunset was due but weather/smoke didn’t allow. I hope the fires are under control soon so people’s lives can go back to normal. A couple little negatives; checking in in the reception was a little disorganised and you felt a little herded which wasn’t a great way to start the experience. The toilets in the restaurant were limited and smelled bad. It was a little busy. One to watch for, we paid for drinks to be included. The staff tried to charge us and we had to prove in writing from the Klook booking that there should be no additional charge.

Benjamin · 31/12/2019

We enjoyed the stunning view and the seafood from the restaurant. We luckily selected the right session so that we could enjoy both sunset and night views.

WAI CHING · 30/12/2019

Very good views! We are able to see the whole of sydney while enjoying our meals. All the seats are arranged in a way that allows you to look at the windows. The seafood is fresh, even for oysters. Other food are just normal, but the great scenary already worth the price of admission.

Kwok Wang · 29/12/2019

The view is great and food is good. no oysters this time but the spread is wide and you would have your choices. Finding the place requires you to go to the westfield centre (a shopping mall) and go to level 4 (as stated in the address given in your voucher).

W H · 28/12/2019

Slightly cheaper when booked via Klook. Redemption was easy. Just go to the fourth floor and you’ll be assisted to the special elevator that’ll take you to the top. The tower has a great view of the city. Best to book the time slot during sunset so you also get to view the city at night time while enjoying your dinner. Only downside is the limited variety of food. Good food nonetheless.

Jennifer · 28/12/2019

The view is fabulous. Food is good. But do not expect expensive foods. Ice cream is way too soft like it wil melt in a minute but it lasts long enough. The table rocks and wobbles all along. The waiter can only improve but not fix it.

Po Man · 25/12/2019

The food was great. Some highlights: DIY nachos, churros with caramel and buttermilk, and even the fries were tasty. The view was amazing!

Rachel · 22/12/2019

Many choice for Foods. The view is good. My family members like the place. Highly recommended.

Hau Yee · 16/12/2019

Absolutely stunning views with great food and a very good atmosphere. Would definitely say to try it out!

Madeline · 16/12/2019

The food was amazing, we did not see much of Sydney though due to the haze but we still enjoyed the buffet experience. We also get a complimentary cake for my mom’s bday celebration (upon request). Staff were friendly and kind. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Sheena Marie France · 12/12/2019

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