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Convenient location to access this attraction, there was not too many peoples while our visit. It is really our first and wonderful time to enjoy tanking photos with famous persons in on place. We have taken a lots of photos and spent a wonderful time, it is really worthy to experience. Digital photo pass is really cool as well.

Frank · 28/06/2021

Thoroughly enjoyed Madame Tussauds Sydney and recommend viewing to all.

Brian · 27/06/2021

Easy to utilise, as advertised, I didn't have to pay a cent, great job, Klook.

Sukanya · 26/06/2021

A great place to visit and to stand up close to some of your favourite people whether they be actors, sports people, politicians or famous in some other way. I thought it was on par with the wax museums in London and New York. Jane

Brian · 23/06/2021

Got a better discount. Highly recommended. Very easy to book.

NABILA · 21/06/2021

It was very easy to book through klook. Better discount.

NABILA · 21/06/2021

We got a big family group to visit MT. Loads of fun!

Amy · 20/06/2021

Our family had a great time, specially the adult kids?

Amy · 20/06/2021

Some statues are very real but some aren't. Still very interesting experience. We went early during a weekday so there was only a few other visitors. We were able to take as many pictures as we wanted.

Stella · 20/06/2021

Fun 90mins spent with the queen, singers, actors and super heros.Perfect attraction for a wintery day in Sydney. Enjoyed by both dults and kids. Easy to book and best prices found on Klook. Highly recommended.

ROUVIERE · 19/06/2021

Klook has given us the chance to see the show with best price ticket. Thank you

NGUYEN BUU TUYEN · 15/06/2021

We enjoy the show with a fantastic time and thanks Klook for a special price

NGUYEN BUU TUYEN · 15/06/2021

Thanks Klook for special price ticket so we have had a wonderful time

NGUYEN BUU TUYEN · 15/06/2021

Fantastic, we have really fun time, we explore and took a lot of photos with the Aussie which you can not find anywhere in the world I.e Tim Cahill or Thorpe we came pretty close with the Queen on her birthday (Queen birthday holiday). What a wonderful display we will comeback if we have time in the future.

NGUYEN BUU TUYEN · 15/06/2021

It took us around an hour. It was interesting and educational about the various celebrities.

Concordio · 14/06/2021

So easy to book on Klook with the best prices around. Visited on Sunday with family of 4. Was so much fun snapping pics with our favourite stars. A must see in Sydney.

ROUVIERE · 14/06/2021

Lots of interactive activities to enjoy aside from taking photos with the stars.

Jean Karla · 14/06/2021

Had fun taking photos with the figures and some interactive activities.

Jean Karla · 14/06/2021

Great experience and easily set up with the tickets online which made the trip a relaxing adventure

Angela · 13/06/2021

Good experience. Easy to book. Value for money. Highly recommended.

Arsalan · 11/06/2021

It is convenient to use the voucher redemption with Klook, we enjoyed our time taking photos with the wax figures.

William · 10/06/2021

i just say amazing.. amazing...its all amazing.... indian statue are too too much nice.

Narender · 07/06/2021

i think we all going this place with family to spend more valuable time.

Narender · 07/06/2021

its very nice place... family fun too much...its real statue.

Narender · 07/06/2021

i highly recommend book the tickets with klook . Amazing place

Narender · 07/06/2021

No hassle when booking in Klook. Everything is straight forward, quick and so easy. Deals are crazy! Highly recommended.

Shiela Marie · 07/06/2021

it was amazing, we really enjoyed it! My wife and I loves it so much.

Elmer · 07/06/2021

Took the whole family to this and it was great! We got some awesome pictures, and it was fun with all the themes. The super hero section was awesome but the little kids ran out as it was too scary for them! Great experience if you haven't been there before.

Shu Tung · 29/05/2021

great and fund experience .. especially when you go with family or friends

Aeselynne · 24/05/2021

great and fun experience... especially when you're with your friends or family.

Aeselynne · 24/05/2021

Didn't manage to go at first due to Covid, I repurchased again after the restriction lifted. Great experience, interesting and fun for photo taking and create some good memories!

Wen Wen · 19/05/2021

Nice experience, seems like they are all real people loll!

Elvis · 17/05/2021

Gave ourselves 2 hrs to go through the museum but only needed an hour. Glad we went but certainly no reason to go back.

Yasmin · 15/05/2021

When there appeared problems, Klook was easy to contact and follow up was great. Information forwarded was good and timely.

Jerome · 15/05/2021

Easy to contact and follow up. All information was very good and timely

Jerome · 15/05/2021

awesome activities with mocked dancing and fashion show

Janti · 10/05/2021

awesome activities with mocked live dancing and fashion show

Janti · 02/05/2021

It was a quick enjoyable visit! It was great to snap lots of photos as memories. Highly recommended for a quick visit.

Ly Wen · 25/04/2021

We visited on Friday of school holidays, took the train to Townhall Station on, walked 12min to find Madame Tussauds. The entrance is a little hidden, so the little signs helped. Most wax figures were great, really life like, including the Superheroes section. The loud music/sound effects in the Superheros section (Wonder Woman, Superman) made it difficult to talk/take photos. And the lights kept dimming and relighting for special effect, but made it hard to take well lit photos. I suggest lowering the volume and keeping the lighting a bit brighter and steadier for photos.

Ying Yu · 17/04/2021

My wife & daughter had a good experience at Madam Tussauds. No better way to spend school holidays for my daughter than with the wax models of famous celebs!

Mahesh · 13/04/2021

we enjoy and have fun taking up photo of the celebrity's at Madame Tussauds. Thanks KLOOK for the free tickets using the DINE AND DISCOVER VOUCHER.

jennifer · 08/04/2021

We chose a weekday - Monday - to see the museum, and the kids had a great time. With hardly anybody about, the girls were able to take their time and see what they wanted to, with umpteen different poses for photographs. Our eldest had a ball with the magazine cover and virtual makeup. Overall, very glad we went

Luke · 10/03/2021

Recommended. The museum included historical, film stars sports stars and historical. Amazing experience.

Yan Foon · 27/12/2020

Was good been past many times but was our first visit unfortunately we couldn’t book the package deals as it was to busy so had to pay twice as much

luke · 18/10/2020

Amazing experience with Klook. No waiting in the queue for tickets just go straight through. There is a lot to see.

Mercy · 11/02/2020

If you love DC, this is the place to go!Only available at Syney!

Shu Li · 09/02/2020

Paperless voucher made it easy and convenient. I had a great time inside even tho I went visited alone ?

Sy Tuan · 14/01/2020

i diD book my ticket its very easy to acces in the web pAGE NOT COMPLCATED TO DO BOOK I LIVE THE WAY YOU SET UP THE WEBISTE FOR PEOPLE ACCESS

gangadhar · 06/01/2020

Did not have to stand in the queue which made the experience so much better! The staff were friendly and quickly scanned the QR code and let us in. Totally worth the money!

Ishita · 02/01/2020

The customer service is very professional! It's fun inside!

But hope to change to scan the qr code to enter the venue, do not have to wait in line to change tickets, on holiday is equal to line up 2 times! There are also professional photo services!

weijane wang · 01/01/2020

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