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Highly recommend for family and friends who want to experience the Steam Train with the mountain views village and stop at McKenzee Creek for Train Museum and have some lunch or breakfast ( must add in your ticket ).

MOHD S · 12/07/2021

Hassle free! A awesome experience! It was fun to experience the puffing billy steam train.

YUEH SHYUAN · 08/07/2021

Cheaper to get than getting on site plus skip the queue. Great experience sitting the puffing train. My daughter love it.

Shiao Cheng · 25/06/2021

So nice experience awesome views. Recommended go there in autumn can see a lot of colorful forest and got a lot of great photo. If you after that train guide you can walk around town centre have a good lunch at The blacksmith cafe bakery. What a beautiful day ;))

Zhou · 08/05/2021

Very special experience

The retro steam train, the cute captains, and the beautiful scenery are a very special experience. Coupled with KKday’s caring and professional services, I am very satisfied.

WEI-LI CHEN · 08/05/2021

Puffing billy is totally incredible. It feels like Harry Potter wannabes ! It’s the closest you can get definitely! Loving the whole ambience and family feel. Kids totally loving it. Adults too! Watching the area from the view from the train is mesmerising too! You should give it a try too!

Nurul Huda · 11/04/2021

Highly recommended! Best way to distress! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

shayne lyrrie · 09/04/2021

The staff were pro and polite. The train ride is very long, so might get a bit boring on the return trip. Had a nice picnic and stroll b4 heading back

Ivonne · 03/04/2021

It’s a must go when you are in Melbourne. Nice experience for the kids and the adults too!

Woei Chun · 17/12/2020

A good day out on Puffing Billy which chugs away and take you in the spectacular scenery of the beautiful Sherbrooke Forest. Enjoyed the spectacular view of the iconic Monbulk Creek trestle bridge. Overall another memorable trip which you and your family must try if you come to Melbourne. Thanks to Klook for the convenient of getting the booking and cheaper tickets via online.

Yong Keng · 29/11/2020

Via klook, everything was hassle-free. We just need to be there on time. Fun train ride. My son loves it so much. Dont mind doing this again for our next trip to Melbourne.

Azharuddin · 13/09/2020

Book through Klook as there are limited ticket for each time slots. If you are lucky you can even board the train ahead of the boarding time, if you arrive early and there are still space on the train. Choose the Belgrave station if you are not driving as you can take their subway and buses to Belgrave.

XiaoFen · 31/07/2020

I missed the train by 2 minutes and a kind volunteer drove me to the next station to board the train. It is amazing to see the steam train in real life and to experience the train ride. Enjoyed my time there!

Shi Han jessica · 10/05/2020

It was amazing vintage ride to Lakeside since to Belgrave was close for maintenance. Will definitely recommend my friends to grab this deal when they’re planning to visit Melbourne. Puffing Billy is an amazing place to be.

Nur Amelia · 08/04/2020

It’s a pleasant and enjoyable ride! You can actually see how the steam train runs. It’s amazing

Sue Zan · 04/04/2020

Easy and pleasant journey

The railway station is conveniently located and the scenery along the way is beautiful. People on the car road will wave to the train passengers, and they will stay for a while along the station to make people take pictures. Overall, the locals and staff are very kind and friendly. During driving, coal particles will be scattered, which is a very nostalgic experience.

Carman Lam · 20/03/2020

Puffing Billy is a great experience! Booking via Klook is easy and great thanks to Klook staff for fast response to my queries. Only gripe is voucher was initially not successfully emailed to me. Redemption of train ticket is smooth too - just need the operator to improve on the booking voucher. Departure time was omitted on the original voucher and they resent amended voucher only upon my query. Caused me some anxiety not knowing exact departure ticket time slot

Hui Ting · 13/03/2020

We had such a great time on the Puffing Billy!!! It is well maintained and it's good for both families and couples/friends! The stop at Lakeside and the model train exhibition were very interesting! Best to have a picnic there! There are seats available and there's a nice lake!!!

Faizul · 12/03/2020

Awesome experience even though few family members missed the train but we still can take the train at the next station. It’s indeed a wonderful trip and we had a great time with this steam locomotive. Overall it’s really amazing experience. Worth to go.

Hizwani Izzah · 05/03/2020

Authentic classic ride with nice sceneries of mountains and rivers

Cheng Hock · 05/03/2020

Quite convenient

Print the relevant voucher after purchasing online, and you can change the official ticket at the local ticket sales office. If time permits, you can take it slowly. At Lakeside Station, you can stay for nearly an hour and walk around. You can walk around Lakeside for about 10-15 minutes, and you can stroll slowly

君瑋 張 · 29/02/2020

It was a nice experience to go back to the historical time and to travel on a steam engine train. It’s good for the ones who loves heritage and tradition.

Abhilash · 25/02/2020

Retro steam train + forest bath

We chose to board to the lakeside station, about 1 hour. Lakeside Station is perfect for Picnics! It is recommended to bring light food and drinks! Although the scenery is beautiful, but I think the most attractive scenery is half an hour ahead! No wonder the general package itinerary arrangement, passengers get off at the first stop! It would be better if you could choose a station with less than 1 hour!

文玲 王 · 17/02/2020

Fun experience. It was a long ride with nice view. However the smell of coal is a bit unpleasant. You get some coal dust on your clothes too.

MELISSA HUI CHING · 14/02/2020

Great experience. More flexibility if you get on in early time slots so you can stay and spend some time outdoor in the lakeside before returning. The staff there seem to enjoy their work there which makes the exp even better for us visitors.

Sze Chai · 08/02/2020

The scenery was awesome. Even it was rain all day but you can enjoy the the views from a train.

Vasu · 07/02/2020

Amazing experience in Melbourne. The location is quite far from the city center with 1 hour driving. The train itself is the greatest experience. Stopping at Lakeside for nearly 1 hour to have a snack at the platform. The staff is friendly. The ticketing process is quick. It is quite hard to find a parking place, recommended to ask the staff in advance.

DUC TRUNG · 02/02/2020

Really recommend this trip for a person who like to travel for nature, also there’s a historical side about the train

Olivia · 31/01/2020

Took train to the lakeside. A very wonderful experience!!

Candice Ik Hui · 29/01/2020

it’s a good experience

When other travel agencies had no tickets,KKday still have tickets?? It’s convenient to book tickets online and get tickets on the counter

侑純 韓 · 28/01/2020


Great journey. Smokey train shuttles through the forest. Very comfortable trip.

善苡 林 · 26/01/2020


Very suitable for venting Very suitable for venting Very suitable for venting Very suitable for venting

靜 李 · 26/01/2020

We were quite behind the schedule which means we were late for the scheduled train. However we Were very lucky to get onto the one afterwards. it was a good deal to purchase tickets from Klook.

Tik Kar · 26/01/2020

Small train

It takes three hours to go back and forth. If you are in a hurry, it is recommended to get off at Emerald and take the 695 bus to Belgrave, which can save about one hour.

Chi Chen · 20/01/2020

Fantastic experience and feel relaxing at lakeside. All conductors are old Australian who are working with passion.

SIU LING MELODY · 16/01/2020

G o o d t o j o I n t h i s~ so f u n n y o m g u g o n n a t r y

tsz wai · 15/01/2020

We really enjoyed the railway :) it was amazing . We had a wonderful day there. Love Puffing Billy Railway

Ka yi · 13/01/2020

Definitely worth the try. The route was scenic and the trails and entertainment at the station were amazing.

Negin · 08/01/2020

Little one enjoyed the ride & water activities @ Lakeside. We want to come back again & do the ”Murder on Putting Billy” Dinner special We booked 12:30 PM train departing from Belgrave. PreBooking via Klook made easy to pick tickets start to a fun filled family day out. Many folks in queue were dejected as all Train’s for day were already sold out. Guard “Micheal“ was knowledgeable & jolly good fella. TIP - take your bathers for Lakeside activists - Arrive early at Belgrave (30-40 mins) as Car Parking nearby gets full. - Best seats (with views) are on platform facing when departing Belgrave.

Gaurav · 03/01/2020

The redemption process was fast and easy. The view alongside was wonderful and definitely worth to pay a visit to take this train. All volunteers there were friendly and helpful, 5 stars for sure :)

Yik Yiu · 01/01/2020

Very interesting experience. And scenery along the way is beautiful. It was rainy day during our ride but we still like it very much. Suggest to take the right hand seats as the view is better. The ticket collection is seamless.

Tan · 31/12/2019

Need to redeem ticket at ticket office. Arrived an hour before the schedule time, and found there are lots of last minute passengers. Nothing much to do in lakeside and no restaurant there. Will be great if bring some food for picnic or even bbq.

Carson · 30/12/2019

Luckily i booked online through Klook, if not i will be unable to get a ticket on that day at the counter because of summer & school holiday. The ride is fantastic & so unique go through the forest. The scenery was so amazing & so lovely. Great experience!!!!

Chong · 28/12/2019

Unforgettable. Will definitely visit again for my next trip to Melbourne

Ahmad Nabil · 27/12/2019

very nice experience on the train with nice sceneries. try to get on the train early to get a good seat else u might have to squeeze or get seated separately with ur companies of u are late. took the train to lakeside... nth much to see there. just a river.. forest and duck boat paddle activity. sells station food there like fish and chips, nuggets, chicken leg, pizza piece. or u can bring own food for picnic there. more of a stopover to relax.

Jin Feng · 25/12/2019

Very nice experience this train we are enjoy kids are so excited

saranya · 25/12/2019

Puffing Billy is a fantastic attraction and the views along the route are amazing. I have been before and really enjoyed the experience, this time however it was really over crowded otherwise it would have 5 stars. Get there as early as possible to avoid the coach loads of people. The 12:30 was packed. Last time I caught a 10:30 train and it made all the difference. Too many selfish sticks and selfies rather than taking in the atmosphere and the views. Maybe I’m getting old...

Benjamin · 22/12/2019

An enjoyable ride on a historic steam train. When there, make sure you sit on the right side of the train (from Belgrave to Lakeside). The scenery is much better on that side.

Mun Hong · 21/12/2019

I've booked the Puffing Billy Steam Train Ticket from KLOOK for our holiday in Melbourne. Great discount (cheaper than buying at the entrance) and this is a mobile ticket with instant confirmation. Highly recommended.

XIN XIAN JULIE · 16/12/2019

It is a great experience to go on this train ride! Go towards Belgrade and sit on the right side for better view. Only thing is, exchanging the tickets was not as smooth and they also got the name wrong printed on my ticket which I can’t keep as souvenir. I believe they probably messed up the other tickets too.

May rong nancy · 15/12/2019

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Insider Tips
  • Everyone in the booking is required to have a ticket before visiting, including toddlers and babies. Tickets will not be available on the day from the Belgrave booking office. Tickets must pre-booked
  • Puffing Billy Railway is required to record the contact details for all guests to ensure contact tracing can be conducted in the event of a coronavirus case being detected. Records are kept electronically for 28 days, before being destroyed
  • If you are feeling unwell or displaying symptoms that include fever, shortness of breath, we kindly ask you to refrain from visiting the Railway and seek immediate medical help
  • Social distancing requirements must be adhered to, ensuring all visitors, staff and volunteers are kept safe
  • Puffing Billy has gone cashless. Visitors must bring their bank card on the day to make contactless payments.
  • You must wear a fitted face mask covering your nose and mouth as a passenger on Puffing Billy or in any areas where you cannot maintain a 1.5 m distance from others
  • Please note, the mandatory wearing of masks is subject to change by the Victorian Government and visitors will be expected to adhere to the rules that are in place at the time. Visitors are required to have a mask with them at all times