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For this driveway in 1 minute and there to spend 10 minutes outside in 40 degrees is too expensive in my opinion. I found the view from the top to be good.

Ildiko · 11/07/2021

Chose off-peak hour and it was pleasant. I can freely walk. Nice experience. The only down side is there’s nothing much to do at the top. But the view is spectacular!

JINISA · 02/07/2021

It was my third time at the top and this place never fails to mesmerise me. I was very happy I went post 18:00 there this time. However, I would prefer to go during the day time than at night.

Bhawna · 21/06/2021

Beautiful view, possibility to watch fountains from the top. The entrance is from Dubai mall only, level LG, near food court. Territory around tower is private and not allowed do go there.

Viktoriia · 26/05/2021

It was an awesome experience to visit the Burj khalifa, astonishing and mesmerizing view from the 124 and 125 floor. Visited at around 1300 hrs when it was not too crowded. Saw long queues in the afternoon though. The walk to burj khalifa from metro station through dubai mall was a long one (around 15-20 mins). Overall a very good experience.

BELAL · 21/05/2021

Highly recommend this company, they make it so easy for you to get your tickets. I found their website easy to use. This building is amazing, a must visit in Dubai. An exciting adventure just to say that you have been up. Loved the elevator show and view all around.

Csaba · 22/04/2021

Best thing in dubai to watch is burj khalifa.Its truly awesome.Go for the deck view with cafe so that you can enjoy coffee and muffins as well.Service from klook was fantastic and best time to go to burj khalifa is during sunset.Dont miss the fountain and laser show.

Prakhar · 06/04/2021

Its a must visit when you come to dubai. Who would not want to go to the world’s largest building. Its a symbol of hope, progress and power. The views are spectacular. The whole tour takes around a hour. Make sure you visit around 6pm so you get to see both daylight and the night views.

Rahul · 01/04/2021

It was an amazing experience, no que for buying tickets, just scan and go, worthy and at discounted rates with Klook, love the experience, Klook helped me in saving time and money

Ajay · 28/03/2021

Absolutely loved it ? The view of the whole city from the 124th & 125th floor❤️ was just adorable. It was like a once in a life time view from the top of the world. Amazing one, we spent around 5-6 hours there in the evening with sunset and the city lights. Just phenomenal ♥️

Belmani Raj · 08/03/2021

Very easy to book tickets with klook and at discounted rate. Highly recommended.............................................................................................................................................

Mustafa · 28/02/2021

Burj Khalifa is one of the 8th wonders of the world. I am thankful to for arranging tickets at such a low price. Being a tourist, It was a great experience. I compared the activity prices on all the platforms and found to be the lowest on just klook.

Gurdeep · 27/02/2021

Booking online is highly recommended when you decided to go at Burj Khalifa as the queue gets busy. View at the top was spectacular as we went to visit at night when the city lights were all out. I believe it’s also great to see it in day time.

Margaret · 17/02/2021

Thanks to Klook for making Ticketing process so smooth and best part is you can book tickets in your local currency without giving any extra charges. This is the best you get tickets confirmation with in second. Overall it was great experience.

Sourav · 17/02/2021

I had pretty much used Klook during our days in Singapore, HK, Malaysia and so on.. This time it was absolutely spot on too! Perhaps this was the best Burj Khalifa offer available on the internet. Combined package costed us(Burj Khalifa + Underwater Aquarium + Zoo) - 2818 INR per pax. I have always loved Klook and their brilliant customer support team. This time it wasn't any different. Please feel free to save your time and money with Klook. Cheers ?

Sayan · 16/02/2021

This is a truly mesmerising experience from the moment you step into the lift. Try and spend a little extra and purchase the prime time slot as you will get better lighting in the evening sunset and a little less crowd.

Rishabh · 16/02/2021

This trip is really worth, you really feel the you standing in the tallest building in the world. That was really fantastic experience. Everybody will try is in once in your life. This is life time experience.

Noise · 07/02/2021

Burj Khalifa, the then tallest building in the world. The view on top is beyond spectacular, the day view gives you a clear skyline across Dubai and the Jumeirah Beach. Direct above the biggest fountain in the world. I look forward for a revisit with the night view.

Ashrael Soo Yang · 31/01/2021

We highly recommend this one it's nice experience but you should get 5:00 or 5:30 pm we think it will be nice to see the sunset there but we booked early so we cannot wait until sunset because it's too cold and no place to sit down at the top but Indeed nice view it's different how you can see dubai up there ?

Patricia · 13/01/2021

worth visiting at the top. direct entry through voucher. I would suggest all to visit the top of burj khalifa specially in the dark, the view is awesome. you will skyscrapers lighting all around.

Sudhakar · 08/01/2021

Not very crowded, even though right after New Year's. We went with 5 o'clock tour, sun is setting at 5:45 and we caught daylight, sunset and night lights. We had more than enough time and space to look and take good pictures. Masks are mandatory. 2 levels to explore and an affordable giftshop on both of them. The professional photos, you'll see, are not of very good quality, although the camera guy is fun.

Jana · 05/01/2021

Best pricing by klook. Definitely recommend. Booking Confirmation was instant and easy. But a bit sad though was unable to get tickets for dubai underwater zoo and aquarium as I tried to book on the same day. And had to pay hefty amount when bought tickets in person at the counter. The price offered by klook for aquarium nd underwater zoo is very very less compared to direct booking in person. Book through klook and save money

Asif Imran · 25/12/2020

A tour to The Top of Burj-khalifa is a Must Do thing when in Dubai. Your trip to Dubai is incomplete if you Don't Get to the observation deck (124th,125th floor) of the World's Tallest Building. Klook is the best platform to book your tickets for it, it's very convenient, you get Instant confirmation of tickets, and also recieve your tickets on your G-mail. I would suggest to choose timings between 4-5 pm coz then you will be able to see the view during light, Sunset as well as when Dubai get's completely Lit Up✨ at around 7-8 pm


This building is amazing and views are breath taking .... a must do for anyone visiting Dubai.... Make sure you buy your own self press coin as a memory of your visit .... also book in advance if your wanting sunset views etc as it can get very busy... also the elevator ride is very fast ... Enjoy!!!

kaysherry mae · 01/12/2020

Great experience at the top, thanks to Klook. We booked the 2pm non prime time, but we were excited so we went earlier and there was no queue so we got in earlier. We spent our time taking photos and enjoyed the view. Safety measures is observed. The staff are very accommodating. We booked with treats at cafe. We had croissants and ice coffee. Lots of selection to choose from.

Ailene · 08/11/2020

The best view of Dubai. The cheapest observation tickets I found were on this platform. I highly recommend this activity for a bird's eye view of Dubai

Bhuvana · 20/09/2020

Thank klook its been a wonderful adventure. great way to spend your long weekends. klook gave us no hustle and easy access to the ticket entrance. thanks again keep it up.

Christian Ali · 19/09/2020

The view in Burj Khalifa is very stunning. Had also a great experience in Dubai Aquarium, Underwater Zoo and the glass boat ride. Will definitely come back soon.

Dean Marc · 11/09/2020

Because of Covid there were some extra precautions they implemented which was good such as social distancing and sanitizers. We booked an afternoon visit, I think less people are visiting during afternoon 1 to 3 PM. The place was cool. Observation places were clean and sanitized. I really appreciate the effort they made of not having a lot of visitors at a given time. Now is the time to visit At The Top!

Tee Jay · 18/07/2020

The redemption of the ticket is very fast, no need for the long qeue. All in all we enjoyed the view of sunset and the skyline of Downtown and Sheikh Zayed Road. It’s worth it! ?

Trischa · 30/06/2020

This is the first time I used a Klook voucher and it couldn't get more smooth that this. They scanned the code in the voucher and gave me my pass. Everything was smooth after that.

Ron · 23/06/2020

Incredible experience, great service. A bit disappointing that the haze limited the visibility, but still a crazy experience looking down on all the other buildings from a building.

Adrian · 16/03/2020

Fantastic experience with amazing views of Dubai! Went straight to the ticket counter where we exchanged our tickets and went straight through. No queueing!

Jessica · 09/03/2020

Booking with Klook made our At the Top experience hassle free! If you are in Dubai, this is a must activity. We really enjoyed the tour and sight seeing with our friends. Truly a memorable experience. Thanks klook!

Edherlyn · 08/03/2020

When you visit Dubai, you really need to visit this place Burj Khalifa, before this is the tallest building in the world. You can see the view from the top, And if you like to send postcard, they have postcard box at the top, just try it like I did. After you done explore the top you can do shopping in the mall. Don’t forget to buy some souvenir here coz if buy it from outside some more expensive and have bad quality.

Shella · 26/02/2020

Amazing experience and good price on KLOOK also make sure you buy the photo on KLOOK they charge you 315 Dirham there it’s only 6 dollars on here make sure you buy it!!! Great day and great views thanks

Charlotte · 20/02/2020

It was unforgettable moment for me and my lover. Wonderful view and we have chance to see Dubai Fountain from At the top as well. It was soooooooo beautiful. Hope we could come back next year.

Phutsadee · 15/02/2020

How many people can say they have been on top of the World’s Tallest Building?! Not many! So i really tried to maximize my time up there. I stayed long enough to see both day and night views and photos came out great. I appreciated learning about the engineering work that went into constructing the building. Love how Klook makes it so easy to book activities through the app!

Charissa Mae · 14/02/2020

Its always convenient to book on KLOOK. All thanks to there app, its quite easy to book any activity. Also, you get good discount. sometime you more discount sometime less but its good even if we save 1 AED. You will get instant vouchers with contact details. Worth visiting Burj Khalifa top. you need to simply show your voucher at the ticket counter and they will give you the tickets. 

Sudhakar · 06/02/2020

Firstly you are visiting the tallest tower of the world. Secondly you will be going in fastest elevator in the world. And this building is located in the biggest mall of the world. One place but you get to do so many. View up there is really amazing.

Manoj Kumar · 02/02/2020

far walk to go to the top quick 1 min elevator ride awesome view from the top we saw the fountain show at 8pm which ended in about 3 min fountain show was definitelt better from the ground floor than from the top pretty night sight many tall bright buildings

hyerim · 29/01/2020

Convenience and fast redemption. World tallest building in the world. There are 2 floors that you can visit. Highly recommended for those who come to travel in Dubai.

Tan · 27/01/2020

Simply Awesome!!!! A great opportunity to see how a city looks like from the top of 125th floor. Don't miss this if you are in Dubai. Just go there and enjoy the views of the city's roads, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Frame, emaar buildings, etc. Must visit!!!

Gauresh · 23/01/2020

I had a wonderful experience. If you want the best experience visit in the evening just before sunset. so that u can see both the sun and the night view of the mesmerizing city.

Alamgir · 18/01/2020

Easy access as we bought the tickets online through Klook. Brought my mum who was on wheel chair as well..Was a breeze and friendly access for people on wheel chair. Great experience.

Naleen · 13/01/2020

Insane view of Dubai from the top! Glad that we bought the tickets in advance so we skipped the queue, but the queue for the elevator to get to the top is still long though. But it's worth it to be able to see the magnificent Dubai from 125 floors above! A must do when in Dubai!

Mindy · 06/01/2020

Amazing experience to visit the worlds tallest building. Professional and courteous staff who guide you all the way....but great queues so plan ur trip early. A great place to see the vast expanse of Dubai and watch the sun set.

Utpal Shridhar · 04/01/2020

amazing at top of the burj Khalifa..they r 2 top and one is is expensive but It gives VIP experience and separate lifts..I choose top option..I stood more than 1 hour in line but the view is amazing during sunset..

saravana jagan · 27/12/2019

Very good experience indeed, picked up the tickets very quickly by showing the voucher and started the experience without much delay. The transition from sunlight filled afternoon to evening glittering with all buildings lights was mesmerising. Getting down took more time than we wished due to fast track visitors, but cannot forget the delight of watching over from 124 and 125 floors

Venkata Srikiran · 27/12/2019

We took the premium 125th floor but we decided to upgrade to the sky lounge. It is the top deck view of the burj khalifa. We skipped the very long lines and waiting. It was an overall experience of a kind. The elevator was really fast! 4 levels in a second! Amazing! We stayed there from 4:30pm till 7pm, we saw the whole dubai, from sundown to night time. We even watched the fountain show. It was really great.

Halima · 25/12/2019

Product information

Insider Tips:
  • General Health & Safety Measures:
  • Temperature checks are required prior to entry
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory
  • Sanitize your hands using the sanitizers provided
  • Buying tickets online is required
  • Keep a social distance of 2 meters apart
  • Contactless payments are required
  • Social distancing will be maintained inside the floors
  • Please stand on the sticker placed on the ground when queuing
  • Age limits stated by authorities will be applied, and our staff may need to verify the age by seeing your Emirates ID card
  • Compliance with the stated safety measures is legally required in all areas within At the Top
  • At the Top, Burj Khalifa Precautionary Measures:
  • Rigorous sanitization routines will be implemented at all touchpoints
  • For sanitization and cleaning we are strictly using materials which are approved by Dubai Municipality
  • Touchless sanitizers are placed in different location
  • Staff will be wearing masks and gloves at all times
  • Staff temperature will be checked regularly
  • Staff will maintain high level of personal hygiene
  • At the Top, Burj Khalifa and its subsidiaries follow strict guidelines and rules of social distancing imposed by the Authorities in Dubai and the UAE, and have actively taken reasonable measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19
  • You are kindly requested to follow all these rules and guidelines diligently to sustain a healthy and safe place in this unique environment
  • Your participation as well as the participation your family members in the attractions will be at your own risk and liability
  • At the top, Burj Khalifa and its subsidiaries assume no responsibility and disclaim all liability for any personal injury, illness, death, damages or losses whatsoever resulting from your participation in the attractions
  • **The above precautions will be changed in case of any new requirements from relevant authorities
  • Guests should book in advance to secure a slot as there are a limited number of slots per day
  • Check the weather forecast beforehand to ensure that your views won't be obstructed
  • Be sure to book the At The Top Sky packages for a more luxurious experience, as it includes access to the Sky Lounge waiting area, priority elevator queue, snacks, one beverage, and a view that's out of this world
  • While in Dubai Mall, try other fun things to do like VR Park, Kidzania, and the Dubai Ice Rink Ticket