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The whole experience at Spring City Resort Hot Spring was so enjoyable. We got there by cab straight to the hotel and hotel staff guided us to the spa place. Robes, caps, slippers were provided at the spa. A good place to go!

Rachel · 04/03/2021


I was very impressed with this resort and the value of this experience. I was also thankful for a complimentary shuttle back to the train station. The staff is very kind, and they have good English.

Kerri Raia · 08/11/2020


Nice place!I will go again with my family, next time! Complete with toiletries ,towels,shower cap and even slippers!

Yalin Kaw · 27/10/2020

Great place for family!

Great place to relax, they’ll give you a basket with 2 towels a key to your locker and a shower/swimming cap you can use if you forgot to bring yours.

Hsiu mei Chen · 25/10/2020

A very good location for this hotel since it is just in front of New Beitou MRT station. You can find convenient stores or restaurants easily around it. The hotel is not very big but delicate and well organized. The room we pick up is big with hot spring and steam facilities inside. Kids love to enjoy the hot spring like playing in pools. You can enjoy all the facilities to relax and refresh yourself on weekends or holidays. Enjoy it.

Leow · 11/10/2020

Very nice hot spring experience. We used the shuttle to get to the hotel. Private room for the bath and convenient with towels robes and slippers. Clean and well organized place. Definitely recommended!

Chai Sheng · 19/08/2020

hot bath

Great experience nice place

· 05/04/2020

Good time

Very relaxing and fun. Child friendly.

Harry Lupis · 01/04/2020

Worth a visit for the hot spring. To top it off- the gym n Swimming pool with inclusive for usage

Yuhui · 21/03/2020

I booked this activity last minute (on the same day) but I can easily redeem the voucher and get the private bad time slot after lunch. I chose the Japanese meal set and it was delicious. After a week of traveling around, the hot spring water helped me to relax and reduce the pain on my strained knees.

Lusia · 20/03/2020

Very accomodating staff. ? Shuttle service is on time. I enjoyed the private spa. The Japanese meal I availed is really good! ?? The young lady server is very kind and polite. Definitely enjoyed the experience ?

Katrina · 15/03/2020

Private hot spring

Chose the private hot spring sessions for an hour. Location is a bit of a trek if you choose to walk from the station (uphill) but great for a relaxing hour. Took the hotel shuttle back to MRT Beitou. Overall, good bang for the buck.

Shirley Zheng · 15/03/2020

Super relaxing experience. Hassle free transportation with the provided free bus service. They provided a kit which includes slippers, shower caps, towels, and a robe. the shower room is equipped with clothes dryer machine, lockers, basic toiletries. place is not super crowded and is perfect for relaxing after days of touring. Food provided was great too!

Marasigan · 14/03/2020

We enjoyed 9 pools with varying temperature. Laying at the warm stone was great and beautiful surrounding view. Nice and complete bathroom commodities! Truly we had a blastful hot spring experience! ❤️

Maria Luisa · 07/03/2020

Superb! This was absolutely amazing! I loved the place. The shuttle going up was super helpful and my partner and I enjoyed our leisurely walk back to the station. I would book it again for today if I had time. Refreshing, clean, and comfortable.

Marino II Yabut · 02/03/2020

we opted for the outdoor spring bath and japanese meal package. staff were very welcoming and helpful, we were also provided with a basket of essentials such as shower cap, slippers, towel. there were also free lockers to place our belongings. overall very relaxing in a beautiful place (:

Li Ching Vanessa · 27/02/2020

The resort is quite convenient as there was shuttle bus at specific timing to fetch us. As stated, walk out on the right of the train station to wait for the shuttle bus. The shuttle bus would have the logo Spring City Resort printed one the side if you’re worried you have boarded the wrong bus. As we went during the wuhan virus period, the staff made sure to take our temperature and provided free sanitizers. We informed the counter that we wanted have our Japanese set meal for dinner as we didn’t make reservation. The hot spring was great if it wasn’t for the slightly dirty water. If you’re fine with a bit of dead tiny insect and leaves in the water, then u should be fine. After all, the whole place felt like nature. My mum and I praised highly of the Japanese set meal and you won’t have to worry about not eating raw food as they have other options. The Japanese set meal was very worth it in my opinion and it consisted of a chosen main dish, food salad, sashimi/sushi, favoured rice, miso soup, fruits and dessert.

Weixian · 26/02/2020

Very relaxing and easy to redeem we went last jan 28 and because its holiday we need to wait for more than 4hrs to use public spa they offer us add 700ntd to upgrade private bath spa so we avail the said promo and only wait few minutes bath towels shampoo lotion etc are also included they also offer free shuttle from mrt station to hotel vice versa. Over all recommended.

MARIEL · 25/02/2020

Upon arriving, staff at the lobby immediately gave the hot spring and food vouchers. There were changing room with locker and dryer to dry our swimsuit. Free shuttle bus were punctually arrived. Nice hotspring place with reasonable price.

siow li · 24/02/2020

I went during winter so it was not crowded. very lovely surrounding and the restaurant was very very good. food was high quality and the hot soup was perfect for after hot spring spring facilities very clean. highly recommended will be back when I come to Taiwan again.

Belle Lin Nai · 23/02/2020

Great experience and good service upon arrival at Spring City Resort via their shuttle service at Beitou Station. The pick up is easily spotted upon exiting the station. The Japanese Meal Set is good as well with nice and friendly staffs.

Yong Hong Alston · 22/02/2020

when I visited there where few people around so it made my experience relaxing and enjoyable. to get to the location then you go to Beitou MRT and when you exit you turn right and go to the bus stop and take their shuttle . the Japanese set lunch was great too.

Jane Mae · 18/02/2020


affordable private hot spring, the free mini bus shuttle makes it very convenient also


Highly recommended for hot spring resort fay trip. This option is much cheaper than other resorts in Beitou. The Japanese Set Meal is tasty and filling. Over all a good buy!

Geomilie · 13/02/2020

We had the best time here. You can stay as long as you want and get a shuttle bus back to either Xinbeitou or Beitou station. We weren't sure how to get the shuttle bus to Spring City Resort so we opted to walk there. The place itself provides everything you need: a basket with a Japanese-style robe, towel, flip flops, a locker key, and a face towel. There are 9 pools to choose from with each of them having various benefits for your body/skin. I would definitely come here again!

Bao Gia · 12/02/2020

Worth it! It is so relaxing after try all the pools ranging from different temperature! Tower n robe is provided and the eis locker for u to keep ur belongings too. Travel to the resott is easy from beitou mrt as the shuttle bus is always punctual. Better book the shuttle bus to drop u back to mrt when reach due to it can be quite crowded.

King Chung · 10/02/2020

I went there in Lunar NY so there was a little crowded. However, we didnt wait for long time. Staffs were very friendly. Highly recommend when you travel to Taiwan

THI LUOM · 07/02/2020

Beitou hot spring

Shuttle service was very good between MRT station and return. Outdoor hot spring with different pool was good as we can choose different pool to dip into as temperature varies is each type.


Brilliant Experience!

This is my first experience with a Beitou hot spring after always missing out on family vacations where everyone goes BUT me! Likewise this was my first experience with KKday. Both were smooth and the Ishikari hotpot was EXACTLY what I was hoping to have as a meal after lounging in the private hot spring. I'm not a terribly picky eater, but I know quality when I have it and this is THE meal to get compared to all the other offerings. Don't miss this opportunity as it is the BEST BANG for your Beitou BUCK.

William Hwang · 05/02/2020

highly recommend. nice view, friendy staff and great service.

HENG · 02/02/2020

Beautiful hot spring

The private Indoor hot spring experience is just lovely. It’s a very calm, soothing atmosphere with a high standard of service.

Lisa Wright · 01/02/2020

Cheaper than retail price! Highly recommended for big groups especially as you will save quite a big sum of money by buying klook vouchers. Redemption was a breeze and no hassle at all. Enjoyed the hotspring day with family and no regrets for purchasing the tickets from klook. Will definitely repurchase other deals on klook when i go overseas. Thank you

Chua · 31/01/2020

Staff was very accommodating and organized despite the Lunar New Year rush. Had no trouble redeeming my package, which is unlimited time at the public bath house with afternoon meal buffet. I suggest visiting this time of the year because of the nice weather (13°-15°!), where groundwaters heat up to 39°. The food was great too; dined in solo and the staff got me my own table, something I did not expect. Will definitely book again! Thanks Klook ??

Jeanne Paulin · 28/01/2020

I’ve gotten the hot spring experience along with lunch/tea. We went there for lunch and they serve good authentic Japanese food. Getting the voucher from Klook is very worth indeed. After meal, need to wait at least 30 mins before dipping the hot pool. Very relaxing experience to soak your body at hot spring especially a long tiring day. They also provide shuttle bus service to and flo to the resort which is very convenient

Eu Gene · 25/01/2020

From Beitou Station, there's a 15 min. shuttle bus ride to Sprill Hill Resort (4-star hotel resort). Check in at the front desk. Choose your options: Public Bath/Private Room. I chose the private one. If possible, reserve ahead of time. I got lucky on a weekday without reservations. 1 hour is more than enough for private bath. Also, I missed the afternoon tea, but the awesome staff members made a dinner reservation for me as well. Dinner menu: light meal. Overall, great experience!

Jake · 22/01/2020

Relaxing place, food was nice. Shuttle service was on time. Good value for money $$$

Jehnnette Lega · 17/01/2020

convenient and free shuttle transfer to hotel. the meal set included has 5 main course option to choose and it's delicious. private hot spring room is spacious for single use. great experience. Only that the usage of 60mins is a bit short as you need time to fill the water and get your body use to the hot spring temperature. 90mins use would be perfect!

Siau Fang · 16/01/2020

This is a must place to go in Taipei. Imagine the cold weather and you are soaking in 38- 40 degree hot spring water! It was extremely easy to get to Spring City Resort, take a MRT to Beitou station and they will be a free shuttle to take you straight to the resort. Show your Klook QR code for admission. You will be given a basket (with rope and towels). Changing room is well equipped with lockers and other neccessity like shower gel, shampoo, hairdryer and clothes dryer. Good point is its well maintained and clean! Its a requirement to wear your shower cap at hot spring due to hygienic purposes. The family pool was closed during our visit but it was OK as there are few others more to try on with different temperature at each pool. Worth the price and visit. Such a unique experience.

Wendy Mei Ling · 14/01/2020

Redemption is a breeze. But It was quite crowded in the public pools, so we opted for the one-hour private room. Dinner is super, great deal!

PUI YEE · 13/01/2020

pretty good hot spring experience at beitou! took free shuttle service from xinbeitou (located on the left side upon exiting the station) and bus came on time. easy redemption at the counter and almost everything was provided (slippers, towels, plastic swimming cap, bath robe). have to bring your own swimming suit!

Sze Jia · 12/01/2020

Super worth it! Very relaxing and therapeutic hot spring experience. Easy to follow instructions, accessible. Shuttle service always on time. The resort offers conveniences such as lockers, towels, robe, slippers, shower, vanity and changing areas, a spin dryer for your wet swimsuits. The area is very clean and organized. Definitely recommended! Check out Thermal Valley, Hot Spring Museum and Historic Xinbeitou Station while you are in the area.

Denise Meryl · 12/01/2020

hotel provide shuttle bus but have to wait very long if you miss the bus... easy to redeem at reception

xiao peng · 01/01/2020

We loved enjoying the hot spring in here. It was so relaxing. Also did we enjoy the Japanese meal, it was so fulfilling and scrumptious!! We went there on Christmas Day and the hotel surprised us with a Santa lady giving out gingerbread biscuits haha! Nice! Last but not least, the staff was welcoming and helpful!

Wing Yau · 01/01/2020

Easy redemption......we take shuttle bus from Beitou.....we chose to use private room... spring water is very hot and we can’t soak for very long . Overall a good experience

Michelle · 01/01/2020

Good thing I chose the private spa because there’s influx of travellers before Christmas. The water itself was so relaxing.

JAYVEE · 30/12/2019

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed this activity! We took the MRT from our hotel to Beitou Station. It was raining the whole day so we decided to take an Uber from Beitou Station to the resort (around NT$ 130) because the waiting area for the resort shuttle didn’t have any cover and we didn’t have umbrellas. When we arrived in the resort, it was full! Maybe because we went on a Sunday. Initially we wanted to get a private room but the available time is hours later, so we opted for the public pools instead, which turned out to be a good decision because we got to enjoy the different pools with varying temperatures. I’ve read here that the Japanese Meal Set is highly recommended so that’s what we also got. It was really good. I recommend it too.

Katherine Rose · 30/12/2019

It was a WONDERFUL hot spring resort! Highly recommend if you want to relax yourself after a hectic but fun journey in Taipei. The staff was friendly and it's easy to redeem the ticket where you just need to show the staff the e-voucher/hard copy voucher. There's also free shuttle bus to the hot spring resort. It's so worthy.

Sook Fun · 26/12/2019

Not all the pools are same good. Most are boring except the waterfall pool You should book the restaurant especially on weekends because it may be full

Huy · 24/12/2019

A very relaxing activity on our last trip in Taipei. Very suitable activity for winter season. The sumptuous hot pot included in this deal makes it even greater.

Ma Ruth · 23/12/2019

V good experience and a wonderful treat. Punctual bus and service in both directions. Bath was clean and comfortable. time allocated was sufficient for private bath. Recommended. Afternoon tea set was a delight

BEE HUI · 21/12/2019

Product information

Beitou Hot Spring Resort is located beside the Beitou park. The spacious 1320 square meters public pool which is seperated by male and female(totally naked) is equipped with hot spring pool, cold water bath, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, shower facilities, resting area and lockers. If you want some privacy ,there is also a private bath room for you to bath with families or friends!

  • 使用期限:自開票日算起 6 月之內使用有效,逾優惠期限使用以票面價 NT$ 499 補足現場定價之差額方可使用。
  • On-site reservation is required. Reservations through telephone are not available
  • 票券使用時請務必告知店家是購買「星全安票券」,使用憑證上的合作店家確認號,就能於現場核銷使用,訂購幾組就會在憑證上獲得幾組核銷確認碼。
  • Package A: additional $200 will be charged during holiday. ( peak/low season )
  • Package B :additional $100 will be charged during holiday (peak season)
  • Peak season:10/16~3/15
  • Holiday :sartuday、sunday and public holiday.
  • Additional fees will apply to visits on special days such as Chinese New Year, 12/24, 12/31, 1/1 .
  • 加價部份請於會館現場付清。
  • 票券為折扣後之優惠價使用,恕不得與其他優惠活動合併使用。
Purchasing notice
  • 商品金額為折扣後的優惠價格,恕無法與其他優惠活動合併使用 
  • 商品(服務)禮券銷售所收取之金額,已存入發行人於第一商業銀行之信託專戶,專款專用:所稱專用,係指供發行人履行交付商品或提供服務義務使用。第一銀行信託查詢平台