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First time to shanghai and visit this observatory deck. Eye opening especially for first timer. You can get a good view of Shanghai scenery.

LILIAN · 19/05/2021

no hassle even though the lines were long as it to be expected. claim the ticket on the ticket office itself. worth trip to see the vibrant city of shanghai. the view is great and there a lots of photo opportunities especially in the night. the best place to see how endless shanghai is.

Noor Alina · 21/04/2021

Its the highest observation lookout building in Shanghai. It will be great to go during sunset timing as you can catch both the day and night scene.

Kang · 14/04/2021

I had some issues using the voucher by Klook. It wasted at least an hour of mine and partner's time. However, the people at the observation tower was very helpful in trying to help me resolve the issue. But I cannot imagine the trouble, if I wasn't able to speak mandarin. I used Klook many times b4, 1st time ever for such an issue. Otherwise, the place is good ? as a 1st time tourist to Shanghai. Beautiful scenery!

Jiaw Yoong · 13/04/2021

Good view from the observation deck. Got to see the entire river and other famous buildings. Went during evening to sunset timing to watch the night view too. But it was quite cloudy that day.

Shi Hui · 11/12/2020

Good as we got to avoid queue lines and scams. Good as we got to avoid queue lines and scams. Good as we got to avoid queue lines and Good as we got to avoid queue lines and Good as we got to avoid queue lines and scams.

John Jeremy · 16/05/2020

Tallest building in Asia - definitely one of the must-go places in Shanghai! The redemption was easy and fast! Just exchange the mobile voucher to the ticket before you enter the observatory! The view was magnificent — totally worth the expensive fee.

Hillary · 02/03/2020

Great sight from the top of 2nd highest world's building.

Dziugas · 04/02/2020

Shanghai Tower is an amazing building. Currently the second tallest building in the world, has the highest or second-highest observation deck, and has two neighboring skyscrapers that are not too shabby by themselves.

KENTARO · 02/02/2020

A good way to see the city with the colorful lights.. very stunning

khent · 29/01/2020

Convenience of purchasing ticket in advance however, it depends on whether or not you can have the best view once you redeem the pass at a designated date. Unfortunately, the view was not so clear though I still enjoyed it.

Christian · 26/01/2020

It was a nice experience! It took me some time to find the redemption booth haha but turned out okay. Note that there is an underground mall connected to this. We walked outside and it was very cold

Kym Gretl · 25/01/2020

Shanghai Tower observation deck is one of the best view I ever seen. Using this app you can book the activity and just directly go to the ticket counter and they will give you a ticket. Very easy, satisfied and happy to use this application.


Great view. But walk finish very fast. May get boring overtime

Tan · 21/01/2020

Was the tallest but now the second tallest building in the world. For 180RMB you get to use the fastest elevator in the work to get to the observation deck on the 118 floor in seconds as it travels at 18m/s. Prepare to blow your ears out a few times in the few seconds it takes to get there. Views are amazing and when you are looking down to skyscrapers you get a feel for how high this building actually is. There is a bar on the observation deck and you do not have access to go outside but walk around and see the Shanghai city to its limits.

Mari Rose · 10/01/2020


It went smoothly. Also, the night view was beautiful.

KKday Member · 06/01/2020

Just present voucher/QR to the customer service counter to exchange physical ticket. Hassle free

Jobelito · 04/01/2020

The Shanghai Tower was really great it had some fun indoor activities like VR (virtual reality) and the view from up there was really nice and I highly advise you to go there

Ira · 04/01/2020

After all night

Shanghai seen from above was also wonderful. You will need to show your passport, so be careful not to forget it. I am very satisfied because I had a great time at a great price!

KKday Member · 03/01/2020

Got a chance to go around the views from the tower

Dianne Marie · 03/01/2020

Easy to redeem the voucher but it's so crowded because I went shanghai tower on weeked. The view of 118 floor is beautiful. I can see all the towers.

JURIYA · 03/01/2020

Great view of the bund and oriental pearl tower, especially after the light up at 6pm!

Jie Xi · 01/01/2020

Great experience to view Shanghai from the top! Though it was a rainy night, we still managed to see the beautiful lighting from above

Ei Wei · 30/12/2019

Visit during noon time to get a chance of clear view. Dont forget to send a postcard dispatch from the world's second tallest!

SIN CHIEN · 28/12/2019

Went there around 5pm and able to witness the light up of the Shanghai city from the top view of the tallest building in Shanghai. Very easy entry with just exchange the ticket by showing the QR code at the entrance.

YE HAN · 28/12/2019

This is one of the best places to visit when going to Shanghai. The view from top is exactly what i saw in the pictures here. Note: when getting the tickets, you have to go to the lower ground level, enter the building ang there is a small kiosk to exchange the voucher.

Laurenz · 28/12/2019

Just go directly to ticket counter and present the voucher. No need to queue the lines.

Ginnie Grace · 27/12/2019

This place has a magnificent view. I suggest you visit this place at sunset and wait for all the buildings to light up. Check the weather before booking because you will not have any view when it's cloudy.

Gian Carlo · 26/12/2019

We enjoyed the amazing view of Shanghai City. Redemption is very easy.

MARIA SOCORRO · 24/12/2019

Good to go before sunset so you can see the view from the top during the day time and at night with all lights on the buildings and streets lighted up.You will need to redeem your tickets at the counter.Children ticket is half the price of an adult .The elevator up is super fast.Wonderful view of the city from the was a bit foggy when we went .Hence ,do check the weather before you purchase the tickets .

Ronnie · 24/12/2019

Very good view of Shanghai city but I thought it will be open area unfortunately it’s an indoor area

Boon Hui · 23/12/2019

Awesome experience...Easy to redeem just show the code in the ticketing booth...and your all good to go

Arnold · 23/12/2019

Have to key in the code provided at the machines at the entrance to retrieve our tickets. Lift was really quite. Amazing view of the city!

Hui Sian Clare · 20/12/2019

fast and easy transaction

no hassle. claim the ticket on the ticket office itself. worth the trip to see the vibrant city of Shanghai

Eureka Justine Reyes · 20/12/2019

View was spectacular.. recommended. There’s no queue when we went the collect the tickets at the kiosk at the basement. Some difficulty using the machine the first time but there was someone to assist us and we got the tickets easily. Was evening when we reached the tower. There were 2 levels 118th and 119th.

Iv · 20/12/2019

Shanghai tower

Unfortunately, it was cloudy and I couldn't see anything from the observatory. The weather is inevitable, the height when I looked up from the outside was really amazing (^^)

有佳里 深蔵 · 19/12/2019

Recommended if you see the night view

I thought about it among the towers and chose the tallest Shanghai tower. Oriental Pearl and other towers were better at a glance.

HYE LIN PARK · 19/12/2019

Checked one of my bucket list in Shanghai! Deal on KLOOK is better than buying it at ticket office onsite ? But the experience was underwhelming as the glass windows were super dirty in my opinion.

Pearlyn · 17/12/2019

Very easy to redeem. Just show your printed voucher or from your mobile and they will give you the entrance ticket. Super easy... A must activity when you are here in Shanghai

Nor Feiruz · 16/12/2019

Good view. However do be aware that it gets foggy in the afternoon with very limited view. So do check the weather when booking.

Jaren · 15/12/2019

Breathtaking and magnificent 360 degree view of Huangpu River, the Bund and surrounding skyscrapers from Shanghai Tower 118th Floor Observation Deck.

Liew · 15/12/2019

breathtaking, the cafe on top was a nice place to enjoy the view too. however theres also an option for you to go up all the way to the rooftop and klook doesn't seem to provide that option, so if you wanna go all the way to the top, it'll be better to buy your ticket on the spot.

HUI EN SERENE · 14/12/2019

Went with my best friend yesterday. Quick access with the QR code! Loved it!

Chantal · 14/12/2019

Good place for you to enjoy Shanghai as an eagle ?

Prasetyo Nur · 13/12/2019

This is a must try activity when in Shanghai. Plus, Shanghai Tower is right next to a metro station. The views are spectacular. A bit foggy during my visut but still was able to capture the views from the top. The elevator to the 118th floor observatory is the world's fastest one. Anazing!!!

Ramil · 12/12/2019

The view from the top was breathtaking. This worth both your time and your money.

Lloyd Martin · 12/12/2019

I would say , must go ! You can view the whole city from this Tower, provided it is good weather. We stay from 3.30pm to 6pm. But most of the building start lighting at 7pm, so we missed some of it. The crowd start at 5pm (we went on weekday), so you may need to arrange your time.

Hoi Ying · 11/12/2019

It is the 2nd highest building in the world but you go up with the fastest elevator in the world! Thank you KLOOK for the hassle-free and quick ticket redemption to go in.

Beh · 11/12/2019

Shanghai Tower is the 3rd tallest skyscraper in the world. You can enjoy a unique panoramic view of the Huangpu River, the Bund on the west, and several other skyscrapers. You have to redeem your tickets at the tickets office before take express elevator to 118th floor within only 55 seconds.

Thanyawan · 11/12/2019

Superb view from the top! Can see beautiful buildings of the bund

Yap · 11/12/2019

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