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Purchase was hassle-free on the day of entry. Easy to access with the entry ticket on the app. Would definitely buy tickets with Klook again!

Zen Hui Wen · 05/04/2021

Yuan Garden was nice, it was a solemn place, there was not much too see. When we came there were lots of people so I'm not sure if the ticket was that convenient but you also had to line up to redeem your tickets, the only difference was no payment should be done.

James Eliseo Lemuel · 14/02/2021

Beautiful Chinese garden located at the Old City of Shanghai.

jennifer · 06/03/2020

LOL Hilarious. We didn't go because of the virus outbreak. Shanghai is a ghost town right now. I've been requesting to cancel this booking but nobody even replied not even once. Very poor service.

Teddy · 15/02/2020

Wasn’t able to use this voucher because the rain poured so hard during our scheduled visit. So we went the next day. I’m not sure where yo can use this voucher since Yu Garden basically doesn’t have any entrance fee. I was able to find a sign that has temple in it but did not bother to go inside.

Nikka Angela · 06/02/2020

A must place to visit when you are in Shanghai. A beautiful garden with many photo spot that you shouldn't missed out. Even though there are crowds at some point inside the garden, it still worth it to visit. Very easy to redeem the ticket. Just show the voucher at ticket counter, and they will give you the entrance ticket.

ZATI AMNI · 27/01/2020

nice garden with lovely view, y should go there in Spring time, more beautiful and greener. but it's worth for the price, the most thing you should come to visit if your are in shanghai

Ngoc Anh · 23/01/2020

Nice garden which you can enjoy either in morning or afternoon. you can also explore the traditional market and restraurant outside or garden complex.

Rita · 20/01/2020

fast exchange of ticket! ? ????????????

Maybelline Joy · 16/01/2020

Just an FYI, it’s quite hard to look for your way around the whole place. It’s very crowded. You reaally need to look for the garden since the entrance is very complicated to get to, but just ask around. Anyway, you still need to line up the cashier to get your ticket.


We really love Yu Garden. We didn’t expect its beauty. Worth the visit. We love also the stores and their products.

Arleen Victoria · 15/01/2020

Beautiful exotic garden that is insta worthy at every angle. Rich in history and well maintained.

JIN KEAT · 14/01/2020

We had to pass alleys of interesting small shops before we managed to find the ticketing booth for Yu Garden. (Initially, we got lost as we walked outside..) In Yu Garden itself, they have small houses where they show the antique furniture and how they are layout. Unique Chinese architecture.

HARTINI · 13/01/2020

Beautiful Chinese architecture and garden amongst the newness of Shanghai.

Phakhwan · 12/01/2020

this is a must visit when in Shanghai, especially the shanghai old street beside it. there are a lot of stores and don't forget to try the nanxiang XLB after visit to Yu Garden.

Ruby Angelica · 12/01/2020

The Garden was very nice, but a bit crowded so it’s a bit hard to take a decent picture, but overall a good experience.

Genoveva Lynetta · 11/01/2020

Definitely worth a visit. Beautiful scenery. The garden is so relaxing and brings you back to old china. I recommend to visit Yu Garden during weekdays.

Mari Rose · 10/01/2020

the old architecture in yu garden was pretty, ambiance perse is like in the prehistoric era, we went there early in the morning so it is not that crowded.. with the Klook voucher just present them in the ticketing office on the right side before the entrance.

Maricel Jane · 08/01/2020

Very nice garden though a little crowded but it's worth the visit for your instagram worthy photos. Highly recommended.

Jennifer · 07/01/2020

Very convenient. Just show the QR code at the ticketing booth and the tickets will be issued.

Ryan Felipe · 06/01/2020

easy to redeem.. there is a huge garden, located near public market (there are so many shops and temple near the garden) you can enjoy the food and buy some souvenir too.

Antonius Christopher · 06/01/2020

Easy redeem with klook. Good garden and go early to avoid crowd

Mawar · 06/01/2020

we were not able to use the voucher. the ticket office said that the voucher number is incorrect. we ended up buying tickets onsite.

manuelle felagia · 05/01/2020

Same queue as instant buying from the ticket office. And not much discounted. The garden was supposed to be historical, but been renovated too modern..

yee Ling elaine · 04/01/2020

Beautiful interior garden away from the bustling crowd on the outside. Some level of historical significance. Not entirely engaging though. Perhaps time is better spent on the outside.

MOK · 04/01/2020

Easy to redeem a ticket Nice scenery though it is crowded Nice surroundings and shops outside yu garden

Charlene · 02/01/2020

Very beautiful garden in Shanghai. Must visit place while visiting Shanghai. Purchase tickets from Klook is very simple. Just direct to the ticket counter to exchange the voucher to the ticket. No need to print the voucher, they will scan the barcode from our phone.

Zeffrey Ali Musa · 28/12/2019

Nice experience. theres many places to explore. the area has many food stalls to eat and dine.

Kim Martin · 27/12/2019

ticket easy to redeem just scan qr code at tiket store thank klook

Silvia Trisnawati · 27/12/2019

Very fast and efficient to redeem the ticket. Recommended!

WENG CHOON · 26/12/2019

Beautiful garden and thanks to Klook the entrance ticket purchase was a breeze

Nikki Yu Leng · 16/12/2019

Is a best place to visit in shanghai , the staff are friendly will tell you how to get the ticket before intering the park

Mong Quynh · 03/12/2019

fast and easy entry to the park. we enjoyed the scenery.

Wynnie Wen Yee · 25/11/2019

Ticket easy to redeem and garden was very beautiful although is very crowded, but still, definitely worth a visit.

CHI KIEN · 25/11/2019

Very nice and beautiful place, We arrive at 4.15 pm and We got the ticket without any problem. It is a must at Shanghai !

FELIPE · 21/11/2019

Too crowded when we went there but still the ambiance did not disappoint! By doing this activity, one can have a total experience of Chinese culture, from food to architecture to souvenirs... everything is here! Just bring bottled water because it’s really exhausting checking out the enormous place. You may also find local and international establishments in the area like Starbucks

GABRIEL MARK · 15/11/2019

Nice place to have shopping for a cheap price you can also do bargaining it’s fun a must when you go to Shanghai.

Herbert · 23/09/2019

I actually did not think I would enjoy Yu Garden this much. I had read that it’s usually very crowded so I was hesitant to visit. But we had some spare time before leaving Shanghai, so I booked Yu Garden. Since I also have available credits in Klook for my past reviews, it seemed like I got more than 50% discount after applying those credits. Yay! If you want to avoid the crowd, go there early in the morning. We arrived before 9am and there were not a lot of people yet. Maybe it also helped that it’s rainy season in Shanghai and it was drizzling a bit. Ha-ha! We got a lot of photos where it seemed like we were the only people in the garden. Of course, after an hour or so, the crowd started coming in. But it’s okay. I still enjoyed it. I wanted to stay longer but my husband was already hungry, so we left at noon. It would have been awesome to spend more time there, just taking in the beauty of the garden.

Jorezza · 05/09/2019

Very easy to redeem. Just drop by the main entrance gate (after the zig zag bridge). Near the entrance gate you will find the admission ticket counter. Show the QR code embedded on the booking confirmation & the ticket officer will give you the hard paper ticket. It's easy & fast. The garden itself is a sweet place. It's not super big garden but entering the garden will bring you back to ancient China. Every details on the building & all the architecture stuff is just amazing. I agree that you will be officially visit Shanghai after visiting this garden only. From my perspective this is a must visited place.

Anjarino · 05/09/2019

Nice offer from Klook, But you still have to que in the line to redeem actual ticket. Place is very crowded, not so beautiful, but still ok. You have to pass through market like alleys, just follow the sign. Bring water or drinks, no available stores inside.

jeremiah · 31/08/2019

They say you haven’t visited Shanghai if you haven’t visited the Yu Garden. Allot more than half day, as there are nearby temples, garden, food halls, tea houses and a number of souvenir shops. Visit the Yu garden during weekdays for better chances of fewer tourists.

Gerly Anne · 27/08/2019

It was nice to experience the "nature" and "cultural" side of Shanghai at the same time. My only suggestion is to have a separate line for klook and other e-ticket bookings from those who will buy tickets in cash. This is to have some sort of difference between buying e-ticket from buying in cash. :)

John Allen · 18/08/2019

Lots of pavilions and rocky features, plus a pond full of koi fishes and turtles. Photo worthy place with ancient Chinese backdrop. However, you may require a guide in order to understand the features and the use of each room and garden. Nonetheless, it’s still worth a visit. Also, drop by for lunch at the nearby Nanxiang Steamed Dumpling Restaurant. It’s yummy!

PUAY SHAN · 15/08/2019

Beautiful place! The area was overly packed with tourists and locals. We went there during the Chinese Public Holiday so it was really crowded. We were we lost at first on how to get to the Yu Yuan garden entrance. Apparently you need to cross the bridge. After crossing the bridge you will see a ticket counter, went pass that and just go straight to the entrance (people dress in blue shirts) to scan the qr code. You will be given the ticket there. Take lots of photos!!

Zalifah Aswana · 10/06/2019

Did not confirm within 20 minutes. People come in early to Yu Garden so before we got the confirmation, place was already crowded. Better to but tickets there! Also bring valid student ID to avail 50% discount on their tickets. We didn't push through with it because there were already many people.

Jasmine Lorraine · 07/06/2019

Beautiful chilling place in shanghai city area. Go in via Yu Yuan Gate 1, straight and turn left to see the ticket booth. After visit Yuyuan garden you can visit Chen Huang temple and shopping area within walking distance.

CHIN YEE · 21/05/2019

Beautiful garden inside. Still needs to queue to get it. the Architecture is nice and the landscaping is beautiful.

Je Shern · 06/05/2019

The tickets had the same price as at the counter. You did not have to stat at two cues, though. Thus I recommend klook for this matter

Vasile Daniel · 05/05/2019

It is a must to visit Yu garden when you are in Shanghai. Beautiful landscapes and chinese art design can be seen in the buildings and garden which is well-perserved for the tourist. Remember to take Line 10 to yuyuan garden exit 1. The ticket can be redeemed (scan QR code) at the ticket counter. After that, you can Yuyuan Bazar and enjoy the famous steambun. Muslims can eat Halal food especially the lamb dish at Yinlanlou Northwest Style Restaurant.

Amirah · 27/04/2019

Redemption of ticket was very convenient. After showing the voucher to the ticket office, we were given the actual tickets. I loved the zen atmosphere inside the garden. A very tranquil place inside the bustling city.

Michelle · 13/03/2019

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