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Great thing to have to get around in Hongkong. Can be used to get to the airport.Recommended!

PIYACHAT · 18/11/2020

Good services. Easy to pick up. Nice employee. I’ll reuse this service again if I have chance ❤️

Hoang Lien · 30/10/2020

3 Day MTR Airport Express Travel Pass exclusively for tourists visiting Hong Kong. Get a HKD50 deposit cash back when you return your card to an MTR customer service center at the airport.

Utt · 17/10/2020

Its really worthwhile to get this train pass, it doesnt include disney trains for me but i was able to make full use of the 72h journey! Hassle free collection as well everything is clear with instructions! Thanks

Joanne · 14/07/2020

this combo is value for money! I forgot to return the travel pass, so I didn't get the deposit back, but I still saved a lot with this travel pass.

Kirsty · 23/04/2020

great value for exploring Hong Kong on their renowned and super reliable MTR network.

Daniel · 23/04/2020

In all our klook purchase during our Hongkong trip, this MTR travel pass really is a Must! Hongkong has this very convenient MTR transport and we are blessed since during our stay, there are no MTR interruptions so we don’t need to use other transport or to load the card for the bus fare. 72hrs unlimited pass is just enough for 5 days stay. We never used any physical cash nor load the card for transportation. Highly recommended!

Romary · 02/03/2020

Get this you won’t regret it. Easily worth the money because you will be travelling on the subway a lot. It also means you don’t have to be afraId of taking the wrong trains lol. Easy redemption at counter 13 just follow the signs. We took the train to far end to climb Dragons peak and also to catch the Disney train.

Yin Peng · 01/03/2020

Quick and easy pick up for the airport arrivals terminal, grabbed it and headed straight to the MTR airport station for a quick tip to Hong Kong station and a transfer to a line that had an exit one block from our hotel.

Johannes Frederukus · 24/02/2020

Very useful and they have efficient trains! Recommend to use this for hassle free transportation!

MARIBEL · 11/02/2020

It was a nice ride from the airport to downtown Kowloon. It's very clean and the ride was fast.

MARY HAYDEE · 02/02/2020

The whole experience was really nice. Hassle free and can get the ticket instantly from the counter. The staff is friendly and helpful. Exploring the Hong Kong with train is amazing!

KHENG HUI · 02/02/2020

Very useful! easy access to all MTR stations. we enjoyed using it and we maximized the 3 day travel.

Rachelle · 30/01/2020

This pass is the ultimate way to see Hong Kong! Pickup at A13 counter in the airport was a breeze and within 30 mins you are in the city with the Airport Express train. The train route is very scenic. A free hotel shuttle is also included with the transfer and you simply line up from K1 to K5 based on the hotel or location you are staying. My hotel wasnt included but the Dorsett was the closest dropoff point and took less than 5 mins to get there on foot. MTR unlimited is a huge bonus with this combination ticket. The 72-hr unlimited time does not kickoff until you swipe at your 1st ride. I waited a few hours after arriving at hotel to use the MTR to ensure I had ample time to get to my final destination on day 4. Overall a great value!!!!

Angela · 28/01/2020

Hassle free travel with this travel pass! Good for 4D3N stay in HK! :) We highly recommended it!

Sheena · 27/01/2020

This is highly recommended purchase when you're visiting Hong Kong. No worries of getting lost. We were able to visit other tourist spots that aren't usually visited like Choing Hung Estate and Nan Lian Garden.

Angienina · 26/01/2020

Enjoyed the ride! My first time to ride HK Airport Express coz I usually take the airport bus. Very nice experience, get to the city in 20 mins. The free shuttle was also easy to locate.

Celeste · 24/01/2020

Hassle-Free transfer at any point in Hongkong! You can directly go to places in Hongkong without lining up at the ticket counters. You can just go directly at the emtrance to each train station and wait for the train to arrive with just 2 mins interval on each train arrival.

Rian Nino · 24/01/2020

Very easy to use. Hassle free no need to load unless you need to use bus. You can also use airport express shuttle bus.

JOHN NINO · 20/01/2020

fast and convenient

store is just in front of HALL A

YAP KAH BOON · 18/01/2020

I was able to go in a lot of places in Hong Kong using this Airport Expess & 72-hour Unlimited MTR Travel Pass. Will definitely purchase again on my next travel on Feb 2020! Thanks Klook!

Marian Del · 17/01/2020

For convenience

Highly recommended for those will full itinerary!

· 17/01/2020

Collection and returning was very easy . All the counters were next to each other after exiting the arrival hall. Didn’t had much chance to use the unlimited MTR as it was pretty far from our Airbnb, but overall it was good to have it as can be used as octopus card to top up too!

Rachel · 16/01/2020

Most convenient way to travel from the airport to the city centre. It took us less than 30mins to arrived. There weren’t as many people when we arrived as we arrived after rush hour and it was also on weekdays. But the train was comfortable and they also had USB plugs for you to charge while waiting. The best part is we get to use it as a MTR card right away. We opted for 3 days unlimited and boy it was the best decision we made as we were struggling to get a grasp travelling using the MTR but since it’s unlimited we get to fully use of it even though we got a bit lost on our first day. Redemption was easy as well, so as returning the cards for the refund. Definitely recommend!

Nurfitrah binti · 16/01/2020

Its great of you have jampacked trips. As for us, we werent totally able to utilize mtr as we went on other ride experiences like bus, peak tram... Just a good thing that there is airport express thats open til 12 midnight. It is only open till 11pm so another options are bus.

MARIA RAIZA · 15/01/2020

very convenient. no more lining up. for fast transportation.

ANTHONY · 14/01/2020

This one helps me to explore all places in Hong Kong. It is very convenient. First, once arriving in the airport you can locate the pick-up counter easily. You don’t need to worry going from the airport to the city, in just a few minutes you’re already there. The shuttle bus are also very helpful in transferring to your hotel. Unlimited pass helps me to travel in comfort and no hassle to fall in line just to take the tickets. It is highly recommended if you are traveling in Hong Kong.

Khrizel · 13/01/2020

If you plan to explore Hong Kong by MTR, the one way Hong Kong Airport Express ride plus 72 hours unlimited MTR is super value for money. When purchased from Klook, you get an additional ~4% (HKD 10) discount. The redemption was super simple, and we had no problem at all using the pass. will buy again.

Loretta · 13/01/2020

Very easy to redeemed!! just present your voucher and that's it! best option to get one if you will stay in HK for 3 days. you'll get the value of your money especially with a few rides. You can also top up the card if you need to use the buses, just go to convenient stores and load it up!. If you got one way Airport Express, I suggest to use it coming back as you can check in your bag at the terminal in HK or Kowloon. ?

Nestle · 11/01/2020

The deal was super convinient its just very limited, we are staying for 5 days and the deal was only for 3 days there should be flexible option depending on the traveler. The card was also old and used up.

Nico Luis · 09/01/2020

Very convenient! We do not have to worry if we would take the wrong line and had to pay extra cash. the journey from the airport took approximately 45 mins depending on which station you decided to get off. It was very convenient having this pass as we get to travel to almost all places in Hong Kong. We even went to lantau and Disneyland

SIEW KHIEN FIONA · 07/01/2020

Very convenient and a must when travelling to Hong Kong. The MTR unli 3 pass is worth the price plus the big bonus of Airport Express card which transfers from airport to your destination and vice versa!

Alexson · 04/01/2020

This is very useful to DIY Travelers! MTR is the easiest mode of transpo in HK. From airport to the city and vice versa, it took only less than 25 mins travel time. Using the 72 hour pass is hassle free - you dont need to reload cards. If we will go back to HK, will surely avail this again ♥️

Danilo Jr · 04/01/2020

We bought 6 tickets for the stay in Hong Kong. It's the simplest and most convenient way of travelling and getting around in Hong Kong. Topped up some credits in the cards and then we can almost hop-on-hop-off with the buses so saving us some walking muscles. (still there will be a lot of walking in HK) Great deal! We still get HKD 50 back on the deposits value after returning the cards. Highly recommended!

CHIA HUUNG · 04/01/2020

highly recommend. easy to redeem. 3 days pass is very worth for travel in Hong Kong, because most of the tourist spot can go by MTR.

Yoke Huey · 04/01/2020

Easy to claim, and great overall experience. I sometimes just use the card to walk within the subway from one exit to the next, I didn't have to worry about spending extra money just be able to do that.

Samuel · 03/01/2020

Very convenient activity from klook and the most affordavle way of travelling in the city for 3 days. imagine you have 3 days unlimited use it mtr we got to enjoy and been to almost all places in hong kong just for 3 days. it will allow you to go all places in our jampacked itineraru without a hassle also you can get 50hkd refund if you return tge card to any mtr or airpory customer service centers

Ricky · 31/12/2019


Suitable for 3days visit. City tram bus cannot use this card btw.

Heng Hang Cheng · 22/12/2019

veey convenient and reliable. surely enjoyed the perks and no hassle. THANK YOU SO MUCH KLOOK YOU NEVER FAILED ME AS ALWAYS?

Evalyn Joy · 22/12/2019

This Hong Kong airport express ticket is a very fast and easy way to get to the city center from the airport without any hassle.. :) The train is very convenient.

RICHARD BRIAN · 21/12/2019

Best purchase for the Hong Kong trip! Very very very useful and convenient. Allows us to go to all places in our jam packed itinerary without hassle!

Erika Joy · 18/12/2019

We collected our MTR cards once arrived in Hongkong airport. Easy redemption and convenient ride of Airport train express to our hotel in Mongkok with free shuttle buses. With the unlimited MTR cards, we can travel to a lot of places without need to top up. Don’t forget to get the refund of HKD 50 before departure once we return our cards.

Tong Shu · 17/12/2019

This is by far the best purchased I had in Klook. Very convenient to use and it saves so much time for our travel. No need to line up and tap everytime you need to get in the train. Plus the Airport Express is absolutely comfortable - no need to interchange lines and get off the train from time to time. Thr shuttle bus is an advantage coz we were alighted almost in the front door of our hotel.

Jayne · 15/12/2019

Very convinient!Best decision ever.Going to the center of HK is hassle free and in less than 30 mins compared to going with the bus or taxi which is very expensive.

April · 13/12/2019

This is a must-buy when touring around hk. No need to worry of getting lost in the city because you have unli pass to mtr. This a good deal especially for those who are staying in hk for 3-4 days.

Noreen Joyce · 11/12/2019

We explore Hongkong by using MTR. it is the fastest way to visit the whole city. We also availed the one way transfer from airport to city centre. Thanks Klook!

Esther · 10/12/2019

I loved this card. The most convenient and affordable way of traveling in the city. Imagine for 3 days unlimited use we get to enjoy almost all places in HK. Suits us most since we stayed only for 3 days! Highly recommended.

Dale John · 10/12/2019

Using MTR is the fastest way to roam around Hobg Kong. We availed the Airport express as well and it was very smooth to trabsfer from airport to the city centre. We will use it again next time we com back to Hongkong.

Jung Hwa · 10/12/2019

Great savings with this travel pass! A must have when travelling to HK. Very convenient and no hassle with this pass .

Robime Dianmella · 10/12/2019

Easy to redeem as the counter is really just after the arrival gate. Great for if you’re staying in HK for 72 hours and can go anywhere unlimited on the mtr. The airport transit is really a good buy if you’re on a rush or wants to get to the airport fast

Aalyaa · 09/12/2019

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